A Sudden Intrusion of Vermin



copyright 1998

Inferno, closing the door behind her, walks into her practically empty room. Her eyes go from object to object, wall to wall, seeing only a hammock, closet, a chest at one end of the room with a large lock on the lid, no windows, no electric lights or outlets, no books, no pictures on the walls, 3 candles, of which only 1 is lit, sitting on the chest brings the only light to the room.
She takes off her boots and puts them down under the hammock, then her gloves which she sets down on the chest as she lights the other two candles which cast an eire glow on her face. Silently she walks to her hammock and sits in it as she takes off her leather jacket with a silver hawk on the back instead of an eagle. She folds it and sets it on the floor.
After unbuttoning her pants and shirt, she lays down on the hammock, as it rocks softly back and forth. Her tail hangs over the edge as the tip flicks uneasily, as if she knows something is not right. Inferno tries to figure out what it is then is suddenly struck with the realization....The candles, she had lit all three before she left, and there was no way they could have been blown out when she had closed the door for two of them had been only a little bit less melted then the one that was still lit, and it couldn't have happened when she opened the door for the same resin....Some one had been, or was still, in her room.
She sits up and glances around uneasily then leans over the side of the hammock and takes her blaster out of the inside of her jacket and takes off the safety. Standing she walks soundlessly to her closet, blaster on its lowest setting, her shirt and pants still unbuttoned so her black silk underwear and bra are in full view of any would be intruder.
Holding the blaster in one hand, her finger on the trigger. She puts her other hand on the door knob of the closet and aims the blaster at approximately where some ones head would be. Slowly she turns the knob then suddenly bursts open the door. "Freeze!!" She holds the blaster at the figure hidden in the shadows head. " Put your hands behind your head and enter lace your fingers now or I'll mess that little face of yours up so bad your mother wont recognize you!" The figure doesn't move. "Do it! Now!" She motions with the gun for the figure to come out.
There is a sudden movement in the corner of her eye and before she realizes what is happening, the intruder has taken the gun out of Inferno's hands and has kicked her legs out from under her so she lays on the ground on her back, looking up at the barrel of her gun, amid at her head. The intruder chuckles darkly and puts his foot on Inferno's chest, holding her down to the ground as he slowly puts more and more of his weight down on it.
Inferno ponders what to do, would I rather be shot in the head or have my heart crushed beneath this guys boot.....Damn this guy is heavy! She tries to sit up but he only presses down harder. She closes her eyes trying to make her brain work even though her ribs feel like they will snap at any moment. Come on! Think genius.... Inferno feels her ribs start to creak under the pressure. "OW! Stop it!"
The intruder steps off of her. Still pointing the gun at her head. He speaks in a low cruel tone. "Stand up female. Let me take a look at ya."
Inferno stands slowly and looks up at the intruders eyes, trying to see his face in the dim light. "What are you doing here."
"I came for some information, but sense you are here," The intruder smiles evilly and runs his tong slowly along his lips. "We can have some fun...all kinds of fun."
Inferno steps back from him but he puts his tail around her waist and pulls her to him. "You aint goin' nowhere little missy. Not unless some knight in shining armor comes to rescue you." He chuckles darkly and puts his hands on her hips and pulls her into a deep kiss.
From the size of his hands and muzzle she figures out what he is and shivers. She pushes him back. "Don't touch me you flea infested, pointy eared, disgusting RAT!" She runs for the door only to find it locked from the other side. "Oh no.." She turns around, her back to the door facing the advancing male. "How many of you guys are here?"
"About 7, and by the way you little white furred, puny, female. The name is Midway, not "Rat" And what should I call you?" He puts away Inferno's blaster then puts his hands on Inferno's shoulders and runs his fingers along her shirt collar.
"It's Inferno, not "puny female", now that we are even, you can stop feeling me up with your tail." She looks up at him, hiding all of her fear, knowing that that is what he wants her to do, be scared to death of him.
Midway moves his eyes from her breasts to the door behind her as he hears a knock. "YO! Midway! Did you find Stoker?"
Midway pulls Inferno to his chest away from the door, one hand on her back holding her tightly against him as the door is opened. "No, Turbo, but I did find his female." Midway chuckles darkly and takes Inferno's blaster out of his belt and hands it to Turbo. "She is quite the feisty one."
Turbo looks at the blaster for a moment then at Inferno. "She is an FF. That or this is Stoker's gun. Only F.F.s are allowed to carry this model of blaster." He tucks it away into his vest. "Let me take a look at her."
Midway turns Inferno around holding her roughly around her trim tummy. "What I want to know is if she is as feisty under the sheets."
Inferno growls softly at the abuse being dealt to her for being female. Don't do that you idiot! They might get the wrong idea! You know how stupid rats are! They may take that as an invitation to wrestle under the sheets!! Oh Stoker, Where are you!?! If only you were here, this might not be happening.
Turbo looks at Inferno's clothes and whistles. "Don't tell me you are gonna keep her in all of that heavy clothing on such a nice warm evening?! Give her to me, my good rat, and I'll see that she gets the treatment such a tasty, er I mean, lovely woman, deserves."
Turbo chuckles darkly as Midway hesitantly lets go of Inferno. "Sure thing boss. Heh heh, I'll leave you two alone now." Midway winks and leaves Turbo and Inferno alone in her room. Shutting the door behind him.
Inferno stands a few steps away from Turbo. Glaring silently at him as he motions for her to come closer. I can either go to him and get this over with, or he can come to me and smack me for not doing as he asks, or he can make me come to him and smack me for not doing as he asks. She stands her ground and begins to button up her shirt as if he wasn't there.
Turbo chuckles softly and grabs her around the neck with one hand. "I could kill you right now, or I could let you live. It is up to you." He loosens his grip a little.
Inferno growls and kicks him hard in the groin. "You would kill me anyway, and besides why wouldn't you?"
Turbo growls and grabs her by the arms and lifts her up off the ground. "He is right, you are a feisty one." He throws her hard against a wall. Knocking her uncontios.


Stoker, Modo, Vennie and Throttle are walking out of a female exotic dancing bar, with a little less money then when they went in.(hint, hint)
Stoker chuckles softly as he gets onto his bike. "Modo, that was a good idea you had. We should come here more often. You seem to be quite well known here, if you know what I mean."
Vennie starts laughing his tail off. "Yeah man! You got some fine looking chicks in there! But I am sure you all noticed that all of them were looking at me all night!" His ego bigger then normal due to the fact that he had an almost totally nude woman sitting in his lap practically all night.
Throttle chuckles. "Maybe so. But I still think Carbine is a wild thing in the bed room. She is just crazy with the stuff she does!"
Vennie, Modo, and Throttle all ride off with one female passenger each to the hotel and Stoker rides off in the other direction heading towards home, and Inferno. Not knowing what awaits him at the end of his journey.


Inferno slowly awakens and finds herself looking up at Turbo. The rat was know only in his boxers and is running his fingers along her bra strap. She looks at herself, no shirt, no pants, only her black silk underwear and bra. "owie.." She rubs her sore head. "eep... Do you realize that if Stoker came in here he would kill you?!"
Turbo shakes his head no "No, he would kill you too for having another lover behind his back." He puts on a mask that makes him look like a mouse. "See, he would be too mad to worry about the possibility of me being a rat. Know, lets see where were we? Oh yes...." He holds her hands down on either side of her head and kisses her neck then French kisses her. Keeping her pined down beneath him so as she can not get up or struggle....


Stoker arrives at his house. "What the....?!?" He looks at the dune buggies next to his house. He draws his blaster and puts it on it's highest strength. He looks at the door. Jimmied... damn. He notices several rats threw his kitchen window, all chowing down on his food. Counting them he sees only 6. Good, only 6, this isn't going to be as hard as you thou...oh my god's...Inferno.....if they have gone any where near her I will kill them all. So as not to be detected he puts a silencer on the blaster and puts it up to a crack where the door wasn't closed all the way.....
Looking down at the 6 dead rats at his feet he kicks the one closest to him to make sure it was dead. It isn't likely that anything could survive 4 shots to the head. He leaves the bodies on the floor of his kitchen and walks silently down the hall, checking every room. Eventually he gets to Inferno's room. He tries the door knob. Locked...dear god's let her be all right. He puts the blaster to the door knob and shoots several times, the door knob falls to the floor and the door opens. "Babe? You in here?"
Inferno hears the door open "Stoker! Hel..merph!" She struggles to get out from under Turbo.
Turbo holds one hand over Inferno's mouth and grabs her blaster with the other. He moves so that Inferno is in front of him, a gun to her head, facing Stoker. "One move, Stoker. And your female gets it. Now put your gun down." When Stoker keeps his gun amid at Turbo, he puts a little bit of pressure on the trigger, not enough to set it off, "If I press any harder, your female will die. Now, put the gun down."
Stoker, not wanting to let Inferno die. Starts to put the gun down but suddenly pulls the trigger and Turbo falls down on top of Inferno, blood running out of the 3 holes in his skull.
Inferno shoves the dead body off of her and lays on the ground, catching her breath as the pool of rat blood grows around her. "We really need to do something about all the rats around here, maybe some really big rat traps would work..."
Stoker chuckles. "I know just what kind of bait will work too.." He motions to Inferno, who lays existed on the floor, her own blood entwining with the rats as she passes out for a good nights rest.