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Soon As I Get Home

By Morning

March 1999

Title and Lyrics from a song by
Faith Evan (I don't own that either)

Sarni sat quietly coming home from their mission. Holding onto Vinnie's back as she road behind him, her minds still at home and she was thinking of the reception she would get.

She had to go, it was her job and he should have realized that. And why would he ever think she would be interested in anyone else but him, especially Vinnie of all people.
He was just like a crazy kid brother and defiantly nothing more.

She knew that wasn't it really, it was just somewhere to put his insecurities.
It hadn't been easy for Modo to adjust to being back among friends and family, her especially.
She wasn't the seemingly helpless female he had left; not that she was ever exactly helpless in the first place. But he could only see that side of her and for that time it was okay.
But once he was gone she had to do what ever it took to keep her family together.
Alone she had to survive, help her children survive. Of course she had to change. Change or die.

The argument was brutal for lack of another word. How could he have said all those horrible things to her? This was the woman that had waited all those years for him, never once losing hope of his return. Staying faithful, loving him.
"Modo are you the stupidest mouse on Mars or what? Yeah you are, on Mars, the universe, and the entire galaxy." He said to himself as he stares out at nothing.

The base was only minutes away. What was she going to do? She had said that she was never coming back, that she never wanted to see his face again, that she had wished he never came back at all. Of course she didn't mean it. He had just hurt her so badly and upset the kids so much. She would go to Charlie's first to see if they were okay. Then she would try andand she had no idea.

He had sat in their small place the whole time she had been gone on her mission.
He called Charley to check on the kids but thought it would be better for them to stay with her family. At least until he knew what was going to happen between he and his wife?

Once back at the base they had reported the needed information to Stoker, Sarni made her way to see about her children. As she got to the Davidson quarters her mind didn't stop thinking about him for one second.

Charley was alone in the kitchen finishing up the dinner dishes when she heard Sarni at the door.
"Hi Charley I came for the kids," Sarni said in a low sadden voice.

"Why don't you come in and sit for a few. The kids aren't here anyway. Throttle took them all out to a movie. They needed it and so did I," Charley insisted.

Charley pulled Sarni in and sat her down at the kitchen table.
"You want to talk about it, might help?" Charley said putting a sisterly hand on Sarni shoulder.

Sarni needed a friend at that moment and Charley had proven herself to be a very good one many times. She buried her head in her hand and let the past few days of hurt just pour out.

"It was bad Charley. We said some really horrible thing to each other. He has just been so unsure of himself, of me, of everything and everyone. He even accused me of wanting to be with Vinnie. I mean Vinnie how crazy is that," Sarni gave a frustrated chuckle.

Charley didn't say anything she only put a supporting arm around the crying mouse.

"You know I love him and there never has been or will ever be anyone else, but I can't seem to convince him of that. That he is every bit the mouse he ever was. That things will just take a little time."

"Sarni I don't know what to say. I have always known Modo to be sweet and gentle caring for his love ones, maybe too much. I think you both will work it out.
Why don't you sit here for awhile I have to meet Throttle in a little while anyway?
Those four can be a handful."

Charley smiled and went into her room to get herself ready to go. Sarni moved her self to the living room and sat staring at the vid phone.
As Charley was about to leave see looked back at Sarni," He's there, has been since you left."

With that Charley left out leaving Sarni to do what she had to, what her heart ached for her to do.

The room was silent and still, she fingered the phone. She picked it up and put it down again. Then and idea hit her, one that made her smile. Yes that is what she would do.

Modo sat alone in the small apartment he knew she had been back for awhile.
Stoker had called asking for some additional information about their mission.
But she hadn't come home. What was he going to do without her? How could he fix the mess he had made of their lives? How

Just then the phone rang, his heart stopped. His hand shook afraid to answer and just as afraid not too.
As he turned it on and looked at the screen he saw the face of his beautiful wife and before he could say a word he heard the silky sound of her voice floating into his ears.
She coos the song sweetly

Your love is wonderful
And I don't want to lose you

So baby

Soon as I get home
I'll make it up to you
Baby I'll do what I gotta do
Soon as I get home
I'll make it up to you
Baby I'll do what I gotta do

Sleepless nights
And lonely days
Are all that fill my head
All the time
O Babe

But all I do
Is think about the way you make me feel
Cause babe this love is so real

Soon as I get home
I'll make it up to you
Babe I'll do what I gotta do
Soon as I get home
I'll make it up to you
I'll do what I gotta do

If I try
To spend some time with you
to make you happy
Would you feel better

And if I could
With you I would
Be forever
Forever in love

We could love all through the night
We could hold each other tight
I can take away the pain
If you would only let me

Her voice was soft and sultry, she sang with all that her heart could put into it.

Just forget about the past
Cause I want to make it last
Baby I apologize
Cause boy I really need you in my life

Soon as I get home
I'll make it up to you
Baby I'll do what I gotta do
Soon as I get home
I'll make it up to you
Baby I'll do what I gotta do

Baby if you give me just another chance
I can show you love
Promise I'll be true to you
You don't ever have to worry
Cause I'm gonna treat you right
Baby I miss you
Just wanna kiss you
Hold you in my arms to night

Modo stared at the screen touching it like she was in his arms

Soon as I get home
Baby I know what I gotta do
Cause I don't need no one but you
I need ya baby
I'll get down on my knees
Begging you please
I'm so sorry
Oh yeah baby

What ever you want
What ever you need

She ended with blowing him a soft loving kiss.

Modo was overwhelmed he hadn't excepted anything like this.
He knew she was more woman than he could ever have wished, dream, or ever hoped for.
He had been beyond a fool and he wanted to tell her, show her in every way possible.

Sarni smiled to her self and turned off the vid phone, left for home as quickly as she could get there. Walking at first, then a trot, then a full out run.

Modo stood in their doorway watching, it seemed like forever before he saw her.
She bolted into his arms and he held her up off the floor.
She held him in the embrace that said everything that could have been said.
They stayed there holding onto each other not caring whom else was around because at that moment there wasn't anyone else in the universe.

Charley and Throttle had left the kids at home finding Sarni gone. They walked over to Modo and Sarni's quarters in time to see the two reconciling. They watch as Modo picked his wife up and carried her inside.

They looked at each other and Charley sighing with relief saying, "Well I guess the kids can stay over one more night"
Throttle just smiled put his arm around her shoulders and walker her back to her quarters.

The end