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---------------- BIKER MICE GOES FANTASY ----------------


----------------------------- PROLOGUE ------------------------------

by DecemberGirl, © DecemberGirl 1998 all rights reserved

So, you want to hear a story? Well then, come closer. Closer my child. Yes, that's better. Why don't you sit down and make yourself comfortable, no stories in this place are ever simple and fast you see. But so is life, isn't it?
A tale... Well, I have only one to tell you my child. But it's a special one. It's another of those stories about bravery, love, bold hearts, light and darkness. Not so special there, but... Special because of the people in it. You know, they say for every human mind there's another way to view the world, and with that a whole new world in every man or woman. - That goes of course the same for any other species of man in our universe. It's quite a thrilling thought. What is real, and what is not?
Even if you choose not to believe in my story, it was most highly reality for the people within. The lands where their home, their reality, even though to you it's just another tale of magic. Want to listen still?

When mother Earth, Gaia, created the lands out of the chaos of origin, she shaped it into an structured world of high mountains to deep valleys, vast forests and dry deserts. All bound together in chains of order, and truth. The mother touched her creation with delight, and gave it the gift that was her, breath of life. This times was later by the monks named The Era Of Creation, - When mother Earth became one with her lands, and the lands began to live. Even today we do not stop to feel wonder over her creation, that is the world.
In the dawn of the creation, silence ruled the lands of the world and magic was not just a thing for wise men and gifted but an ever present and touchable element like water. The word was yet to be invented, and borders was a thing unknown. That's when the mother's first children stepped in.
Creatures born out of the origin as their mother, the children found a safe place away from chaos in their mother's lands. They grew, they learned, and they shaped the lands after their own liking. Some becoming one with the nature as their mother, other living in it as the creatures of it situating themselves as rulers. But rulers are known to argue, as well as brother and sister. Different interests and different goals. The world became for real The Lands, when the first land border was drawn.
When the leading Children of the Mother quarrelled, it's said the world froze. Perhaps it was the first iceage. Who knows? But when it was over, they settled down in each part of the lands. The creatures inside their borders became THEIR children. They grew fond of their different kingdoms, and watched endlessly over their folk. This was The Era Of The Gods, - when Gaia's Children settled themselves in the World(s).
But where are they now then, you ask? The Gods? They are still here, watching, and interfering. But now just as silent presences, just interfering now and then when it suits their purposes, or to make a statement or protect their children and right. `Cause this is The Era Of The People.
The lands are now criss-crossed from the rocky red mountains of Marsis in the North, to the mystical Dragon Range in the south and long beyond that, by people. Living their way, honouring their Gods, celebrating their ways. The rulers of the kingdoms are now people. No different if they're Human, Mouse, Elf, Dwarf, or whatever... The people now life in the lands that their fathers and mothers created and shaped for them. Most of them very little aware of the whole perspective of being, but still they are another irreplaceable link in the chain of creation and life. Though it just might be so that it's better they stay unknowing about that.

But this story isn't just about questions like - what's the meaning of life? And, - How come we exist? But about some certain events and people, taking place in the Lands. Of course.

You could say that the events that started the small movement in history, that later would cause a group of brave men and women to risk their lives and love to save their future, was set into action long before they even were born.
Long out in the dunes of the Milky Way, the waste and merciless sea that envelops the lands, a cold and rocky island kingdom rises above the waves. Once it was fertile like a paradise on earth, and it's people loved their country highly and with proud, and saw to that it was taken well cared of. That was before the sickness. Greed and hunger slowly consumed its people, and changed them. The before beautiful landscape turned cold and dead from it's inhabitants abusing ways. It was then the island kingdoms folk turned their hungry eyes towards the shores of the mainland and the riches within it, and reached out for it. Draining, abusing it, eating it. The old magic of life that flows in each being, each form in nature, winced and screamed in pain, but the greed and hunger was too great to resist. Too powerful. The Island kingdom's poison spread itself over the sea into the mainland, leaving death and corruption in it's tracks, turning the lands as cold and rotten as itself. It was by this means the people of the Lands come to fear and feel hatred for the Kingdom of Plutarkia, and the whole of its people.

Well then, the heroes, you ask? What about them?
Let's take it from the start

During The Era Of The Gods, the Lands was shaped, and with that, it's peoples. If you should travel through the land of Marsis, you'd be awed by the sights you'd encounter. The brick-red soil of the northen land is a most special sight in it's self. From the vast deserts and dry mountains by it's south borders, to the cold rocky ones in the north, Marsis are a land of life-passion. In the valleys and river fields, the earth is fertile, and the colours of nature are deep and many. Steady farmers work their fields, and raise their cattle in the shadow of the Marsian Highlands. If you ask someone to tell you about this red country in the north, you'll probably be told about the Highlands, 'cause it's the very centre of Marsian culture.
It's said that when Ares Mars, the God of War, death, and rebirth, found his home in the rocky mountains of the red land, he let his own blood give strength to it's evolving people. This might very well be the truth, because they say that what the true Marsis is, is all what the Highlands are.
If you ever come there, you'll be met by the strong handshake of one of it's shepherds, and he will gladly invite you to his often very simple, but high in life, home. There you will see why the Marsian Highland is said to be Marsis' clear blood, and the place to look for what the land really is. Beside shepherd and farmer equipment you'll find shields and a warrior's wardrobe hanging proudly on the wooden walls, and perhaps crown the house on a polished hook over the fireplace. Because underneath every Marsian's cheery and liveful outer, lies a warrior. Though peace-loving, the men and women sees life like a hot piece of fine metal in the smith's forge. Forge it well, and it will aid you like the well-forged blade of a sword. Don't forge it, and you'll find it useless. There's no hope in a weak life and thought, but in a one with strength is yours to use, and hopefully you'll use it well.
The Marsian warriors' reputation is wide spread. Steady, proud, and strong. Always ready for battle because they live for it. But do not get the impression that they are cruel men thirsty to feed their long swords and axes with blood. No. The red land has always had its share of war, and that's something they do not fancy, even though it's something their father, and high God stands for. Without death there's not birth, nor life. But slaying and murdering does not go under their codes of honour.
Perhaps just as famous as the Marsian warrior, is his mount. By the side of the shepherds' goats and sheeps, small herds of the famous highland breed of horses often are to be seen. These unusual large beasts are carved into perfection by the nature they live, just like their masters and riders. The vast hills and mountains, with its chilly moors and clear air, has made them strong and full of stamina. No horse breed has ever been known to be able to carry a warrior for so long, or to climb mountain-sides so easily. Many thieves has tried to steal one of these magnificent animals, by killing it's unlucky rider. But the only outcome is a raged horse, unable to mount. That's because these beasts are a one mans mount only. It cares for him as much as he cares for it. No one rides a Marsian's mount without his or hers permission and friendship truly, the bond between man and beast here are one of that kind seldom seen, but it's an important chain of tradition in the people's way of life.
"Ares gave the people life, so they could live their own. He then gave them honour, so they would not destroy it." - These are the common words of respect told by the men and women of Marsis, - the Highland's Clans, the lowland's farmers, the forest's hunters, and by the priestesses of Ares.
The people rules itself it's said, and so they do. The Highland is ruled by the Chieftain Council and the Chief of the leading clan. The lowland and the forests people rule themselves city by city, and village by village. But one thing stands above the common Marsian, and that's the priestesses.
On the slopes of Mountain Olympos Mons lies the impressive and as old as time, castle structure; Arsis Mons, and Arsis City. - The home of the Priestesses Of Ares. The high Priestess are regarded upon as the red land itself, because that's what she is. It's said that Ares himself are father to every high priestess, just like he was to the first that ever sat upon the throne of Arsis Mons. No true Marsian question this, just like he doesn't question the fact that the sky is blue. (which it IS)
Happy with their lives in their sealed land, the Marsians live in the shadow of the priests and priestesses who watch over them along with their God and father.

Another land important land in our story about the lands are Terra, the human name of the largest and most travelled of the countries in the Lands during this time period. Called so by the most, since Humans where the ruling species of it's dwellers. With its waste forests, grass lands, and farmer land, Terra was not only populated by humans, but also other folk lived and nursed on its soil. Too many to count here, but almost any of the known species of the world could be found in Terra.
Terra was a land without any specific capital. City-states ruled and fought. But the capital of ultimate trading, had since long times been rooted in Terra. The City of Brier-Rose lies in the Brier-Valley, a large canyon in the east of Terra's mapped land. A melting-pod of species and black markets, is the easiest way to describe it to an outsider.

Also... If you are a brave traveller, who dares to challenge the old powers, and the ancient mycths, you might travel even further than Terra.
Beyond the southern endless grasslands of the Human ruled world, the ancient skyline of the rocky and dark Dragon Range greets the wanderers with a cold welcome. In the mountains dwells the people that was long before any other, only beaten by the gods themselves, The Dragons.
Once in it's glory, the Dragon kingdom spanned vast and brilliant, but now, most of it is said to lay only in the mists of fairy tales. However, still, in the shadow of the Old centre of the mythful land - The Dragon Castle, the remains of the people once known as The Dragon Riders, still lives, and serves their call. - The call to serve the ancient creatures that lives hidden among the high dark peaks, that is so strong it calls for people from all The Lands to join the clan.
In this land, much forgotten by common people, and maybe just because of that, still holds the pure magic in it's soil, was also the land, that first was hit by the poison.
The filthy Plutarkian race climed the high coasts, and spread their poision over the land, forced the Dragon Riders away from the Great Castle, and settled within the powerful walls, making it thair home base on the Main Land.. And from there.. they spread onwards.. over the sea pass terra, to the shores of Marsis. Burning and scaling the proud land, then downwards towards Terra, and to seal their circle in the south again

Now, it was from and through these lands our heroes would struggle on their journeys. When they started their way on the highlands of Marsis, little did they know that it would take them into a quest to save the future of the whole of The Lands. Neither did they know, or could ever imagine what they would see and learn during it.

But of course, I think we've forgotten the story here, Child! The history of the Lands would not be complete if we did not tell the story of the the people.. the heroes


One stormy autumn night, when the thunder clouds hung so high and voilent over Olympos Mons, that the lightning could be seen all the way to the highlands, a child that was to become very special to it's land was born.
It was born to the chieftain of Marsis' strongest and most honoured Highland Clan, - The BlackRuby.
As leading clan of the highlands, and the oldest one, the Clan of BlackRuby was, in a way, the Royalty of Marsis. To this family, and to Chieftain Trendz and his wife Silverdawn, Throttlerian Of BlackRuby was born.

Growing up in Ae's village on the high shores of the Highlands only bigger lake, Lake Tharsis, Throttlerian, learnd his way just as all the proud chieftains before him. He learned to be swift and steel hard in battle, but also gentle as when the shepherd carries the newly born lamb into shelter. In Tharsis City, the Capital of the Highlands, he learnded the marketplace's trading, as well as religion, by the great Ares Temple that crowned the city. And at the council, and from his early betrothal with the chieftain daughter, Carbinly, he faced, and learned politics. - But he weren't sure he liked it.
But, of course, he was not alone. His adopted brother, Vincenzaro, and his bro Morcam of the Dorial family were always by his side.

When the Plutarkian poison began it's spreading and eating off the Red Land, the three were all in the upslope of their manhood.
Throttlerian were a grown warrior that served his father and his clan, huddling for the coming day of forced marriage with the by now Chieftess Carbinly of the Crowblade Clan. The 'forced' deal was not to his liking, - especially not in a tender subject as that.
Vinzencaro, the adopted son of Trendz BlackRuby, lived and feisted as only a free man couldn, using his skills in battle and horse riding to work all across the Marsian lands. And Morcam Dorial, the gentle giant of the three, found at a fairly young age his call far away from his birthplace, - the Highlands. He found it in the Knight leads of the Priestesses, in Arsis Mons. His loyal serve and talent took him all the way to be a most respected member and being dubbed to an Ares Knight of First rank.
Though, big hearted Morcam, who loyally served the Priestess, once lost an eye while saving her convoy. And during that incident he also got to do something that is sacred and forbidden to most common men, to see the Preistess, Sanriea, daughter of Ares, herself. And now, you wonder if it's just loyalty, or LOVE, that keeps him still guarding his post by the walls of her palace.

As the Marsian people carefully tried to keep the invadors and their poison back, the Plutarkians took a blow at the very source of the land.
During the Priestess' annual travel to Tharsis City, to the summer celebration there, the sacred convoy, guarded by many brave men, among them, Morcam Dorial, got turned down by one of the Dark Island kingdom's hired men, known to us as - Mace. In the same moment as the convoy got attacked by the brute force of the dark magic used by the Fish people, other dark troups raided Tharsis City, kidnapping Chieftain Trendz, leading chief of the Highlands.
After the attack against The Priestess' caravan, mace left his troups, heading for the highlands with the news of the deed. And well there, he blamed it all on the only survivor - Morcam Dorial.
The Highlands was in turmoil after the disappearance of their leader, so after having taken the necklace that carried the gem of the family, - the Black Ruby, Throttlerian took off to find his father, and try to make an understanding out of what was going on in his land. Also, this was a way to prove him suitable to sit on the throne after his father, and keep the BlackRuby Clan in it's old Royal honour. In his tracks his loyal and hot-blooded brother, Vince (Vincenzaro), followed. The younger mouse had always had a trouble saying 'No' to adventure.

As the two young men from the highlands stalked the kidnappers through their lands, they did little know about their childhood bro was doing the same, but for a whole different reason than saving Throttlerian's father. Morcam Dorial rode in hot pursuit to try and save the woman he had sworn on Knight's Honour to protect, and had failed to. Or so he thought. Little did he knew that among the nameless travellers that accompanied the convoy, were the most famous spellbinder and magician in whole of Marsis, - Terranceran Silvercley.
The old spellbinder that is said to have been granted the gift of being unaffected by time, by the high God of Ares Mars himself, was even he unprotected towards the black poison of the Plutarkians. And so, he also was taken away together with the Priestess.

The three men met up as they fled over the the red hot dunes of the Sand Raider controlled southern deserts of Marsis, that marks the border towards Terra. And they were to stay together form there on, to the next time they crossed those dunes.

In the savannahs , hills, vast forests, and farmer's lands of the huge land, the three bros made their way towards their goal as best they could, - trying not to make too much a fuzz around themselves. Though, three broad shouldered warriors on three equal impressing steeds, was hard not to notice. - Even more so since Marsian were a pretty closed people to their own land, and few of them travelled cross the deserts to Terra.

In a little village called Chivarro they stumbled across their first higher lord among the Plutarkians He was an undercover man, sent out to easy the population and make them easier to conqour, and he was called Stilton.
Our three heroes made no bigger effort in releasing the town of it's tyrant, and only accepting lodging for themselves and their mounts for a thank.
The local stable and Inn was owned by a gentle man named David Harley, and his half elfin daughter Charleylene (<Charl ' ey ' lene>). Charleylene who possessed the powers of a Beast healer, - the healer of animals and knower of nature, was greatly impressed by the strangers and saw good promises for the future in them. And the morning after she convinced them, in the way only a woman can convince a man, that she should accompany them. So, - so she did.

The three Marsian men and one Terran woman travelled through the land following the all the colder trail of the kidnappers. And it is here in the central parts of terra, where Throttlerian, Vince, Morcam Dorial, and Charleylene starts to understand th greater perspective of their situation. More, and higher persons and powers than the highland High Chieftain and the future of their homeland that is involved in this game
The whole of The Lands are at breaks point.

It is here, the adventure begins



This is the PROLOGUE of BMGF: Sons of Ares. The whole story is allready finished and outcarved from start to finnish by DecemberGirl/Me, and only lack of time prevents it from being written. All help is welcome! Anyone up for the challenge of a fantasy adventure in classic taste? Anyone with the courage to take on this brick to a story with everything from Gods, dragons, war, love, hate, magic, legendary heroes, and mythical lands. give a shout to decembergirl@rocketmail.com