By Hayden

Author's note: takes place December 25, 1999. Rimfire has been gone for four months after he and Hayden fought.
One by one they seemed to fall. Each one unique and perfectly formed. Cold, wet icy perfection. They look so beautiful falling. It made one want to curl up in front of a fire with the one they loved. Together they made Detroit into a winter wonderland. Just perfect for Christmas. It was hard not to like ever one that fell.
Hayden hated them.
She despised ever perfect stupid snowflake. Hayden Davidson, Charlene Davidson's little sister, hated those snowflakes. Every dumb little flake. She hated the cold. She hated the snow. And most of all she hated Christmas.
And every bit of it was a lie. Hayden stuck her tongue out, letting some snowflakes hit and melt on her tongue. She was getting cold, sitting on the roof in the snow, but she didn't care. She rather be sitting here in the cold wet snow, than be inside. Inside in her warm, comfortable.empty, lonely apartment. Looking out over the Detroit warehouse district where the warehouse she called home resided, she tried to pretend the cold wetness running down her face was a snowflake melting. And not a tear.
The fact was she loved snow. It marveled her how nature could make such things as snowflakes. The cold made her feel alive, helped clear her mind. And Christmas
Haydy adored Christmas. There was still joy and wonder in the holiday for her.
Or at least there usually was.
Another tear slipped down her check.
Pulling the worn leather fighter jacket she had 'borrowed' tighter around her, she titled her head back and stared at the sky. Even through the snow clouds she could see some stars. Straining her pale green eyes, she searched in vain for Mars. When she couldn't find it, she hung her head forward.
Another tear slipped down her face.
She was such an idiot.
And another tear.
How could she have been so stupid? Why did she flatter herself to think that?
Two tears in rapid succession rolled to her cold face. Green eyes shut tightly.
So dumb. So naïve. Probably had forgotten about her completely
Tears trickled forth from her tightly such eyes.
After all, it had only been sex
With a sob she buried her face in her hands and sobbed.
Pathetic and stupid. Sitting there in the snow. Cold and wet. Wishing for something that wasn't going to happen. Especial when she could be warm and dry. Far away from this fallen down old warehouse. With a man who loved her dearly and wanted to marry her
Instead of crying over the love who wasn't coming.
The sound of snow crunching under someone's foot made her raise her head a bit. Strands of blonde hair fell in her face.
Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
Amanda. It had to be. She was the only one in town tonight with a key. Everyone else was with family. The people they loved. Even Nirto was on Mars.
Crunch. Crunch. The foot steps grew closer till the person was standing right behind her. The faint buzz she felt in her head whenever another person was near filled her head.
"G-go a-a-away, 'Anda." She said in a shaky voice. Her vision was blurred with tears as she kept her back to the person. "I don--don't want com-p-pany tonight"
When the person didn't turn and leave. She let out a frustrated sob.
"Amanda, sav-save me you leutre."Her voice was steadier. "Just leave..ple-please."
The person just stood there.
Why wouldn't she just leave? Damit!
"Okay so maybe turning down Adam was stupid! So maybe a should have said yes. But Damit I don't love him! Not like that. So just save it Amanda. And don't give me your pity either I'll get over him" She clenched her fists as she grew angry.
"Yea I'll get over him. He obviously got over me pretty quickly." She gave a half laugh, half sob. "If I ever meant anything to him at all. Pretty stupid of me huh? Thinking maybe he loved me just because he made lov--had sex with me."
Hayden sobbed. Hanging her head again.
"Go on laugh at naïve little Haydy. Laugh at the stupid little girl who thought any guy would want more than a good time with her." Half angry with herself, half angry with Amanda she sobbed again. "Dumb Haydy who went and fell in love with someone who doesn't feel the same way back."
She sobbed for a minute rocking back and forth a little. Clutching the precious jacket tighter.
"NOW GO AWAY!! LEAVE ME BE!!" She screamed hoarsely. "Ju-just go the hell away!"
Hayden collapsed into sobs again. There was no movement. No sound. No answer. Then..
Hayden's head jerked up, her sobs dying in her throat, at the male voice. A voice that went straight into her heart and soul. She knew that voice. She knew that voice so well. God she loved that voice.
"No, Hayden. I won't go away." The voice continued softly. There was sadness in that voice. "I won't go. Not til you tell me something.""
Hayden slowly rose to her feet and turned to face him. Her green eyes squeezed shut.
She barley dared voice it. He couldn't be real. "R-Rim-Rimfire?"
"You were expecting someone else?" There was a cold jagged edge to Rimfire's voice. Angry and heartbreak.
Slowly opening her eyes Hayden saw the most wonderful sight ever. Standing there in the snow, still in his FF uniform and army boots. Stood Rimfire. His brown eyes met hers.
A faint blush rose to Haydy's cheeks as she realized what he had heard. God what he must think of her.
"I-I--Rimfire I--"She took a deep breath. "Not until I tell you what?" Her voice was barely a whisper.
Rimfire slowly walked closer. All the time holding her gaze. Looking straight into her soul. Rimfire kept moving closer until their bodies were almost touching. Almost.
She could feel it radiating from his powerful body. His breath hit her face lightly. So warm. His scent was intoxicating. Her breath quickened. Her heart raced.
"Tell me who the SOB is." The tone of his voice scared her. It was vicious and hard. For the first time she noticed a new formed scar above his left eye.
"Huh?" Was all she could get out.
"Tell me who the bastard is. I want to know who he is so I can beat the shit outta him for hurting you." He reached up with a gloved hand and stroked her wet cheek so gently. "I want to know who the man is that you were crying over..that you love so much even though he would let you spend Christmas alone. I wanna know so I can teach him a lesson. For hurting you. Making you cry." He was serious. Rimfire wanted to tear this guy limb from limb. This guy had the one thing Rimfire wanted more than life and he threw it away. Hayden, his sweet Haydy's love.
Hayden's eyes widened for a second. Then she began to giggle. She couldn't stop her self. Covering her mouth with her hand she tried not to laugh but it was too funny. The mental image was just too funny.
Rimfire frowned. His eyes grew cold and dark. "I was serious Hayden."
"I know you were Rim," She said still giggling. "It's just the thought of you trying to beat your self up." She broke into laughter.
It took her words a minute to sink into Rimfire. Then he started to laugh with her. He threw his head back and laughed. They were quite a sight standing there in the snow. A 5'11 Martian mouse and a small blonde human. Laughing.
Suddenly Rimfire's arms went around Hayden and he pulled her body to his. Her laughter slowly died as she looked into his eyes. Deep brown eyes, filled with love. Slowly he lowered his mouth to hers.
The kiss was passionate and tender all at the same time. Everything Rimfire and Hayden had never spoken, all the love-the doubts-the fears, were put into that kiss.
Rimfire never wanted to stop kissing her. He had gone four months with out seeing her, touching her, kissing her. And every second of those four month he had regretted not tell her. Not asking her before he left. And now on Christmas night he was going ask her for the one Christmas gift he could hardly hope to receive.
As Rimfire broke this kiss, Hayden smiled up at him. "I love you Rimfire." She whispered. "I never stopped loving you. Never. I've loved you since the moment I met you, I just didn't know it. And I love you even more now. I.."
Rimfire silenced her with a finger on her lips. "Haydy, I'm so sorry. For yelling at you like I did. For leaving without saying goodbye. For never writing, or radioing. For not letting you know I was okay and alive. For"
Hayden puts a finger to his lips, smiling sadly. "It's okay Rimfire. I understand"
Rimfire griped her shoulders tightly, holding her to him. Snow was melting in his fur. "No Haydy..let me finishI should have told you this a long time ago." He took a deep breath. "Hayden Davidson I love you. I love you more than anything in this universe. More than my bike. You're in my head all the time. Your touch, your smellthe more of you I have the more I want."
Rimfire took her hand and slowly kneeled. Hayden's green eyes widened. Fumbling in his jacket pocket he pulled out a small box. "Hayden will you to me the great honor of joining hands with and being my mate?" He opened the box to reveal a gold and sliver earring.
Rimfire looked into her eyes betting his heart on her answer.
Rimfire's face fell.
"Yes. Of course I will." She smiled at him.
Rimfire stood taking her into his arms. With a howl that would have made Vinnie proud Rimfire spun her around and carried her down off the roof.
A long time later the two lay in front of the fireplace with their arms around each other. Haydy rested her head on his strong furry chest. She smiled in contentment.
"I feel bad now. You've given me the best Christmas gift ever and I haven't given you anything," Hayden told him, snuggling next to him.
"Yes you have." Rim told her, his hand touching the gold and sliver earring in her left ear. "You've given me your love.your going to be my mateI don't think anything could beat this."
He leaned down and kissed her lightly.
She smiled, kissing him back. "Merry Christmas Rimmy."
Rimfire rolled his eyes. Hayden just smiled sweetly back.
"Merry Christmas Haydy."

The End

Merry Christmas