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October 12, 1998

Setting: Office of L.L. Limburger, Limburger Towers

"That will be all Ms. Kincade." She smiles a petite professional smile, and leaves his office. Physically, she was a tall woman with dark brown complexion, well-built and very athletic in stature. Her face is more handsomely beautiful then pretty, with well -defined features and strong expression, She is never seen without the black sunglasses, but even they find it hard to conceal those strangely colored seeming brown eyes of hers.

As she approaches her own desk she wonders how long she'll be able to stomach her hygienically challenged employer. Not to mention the hatred she feels being in that building altogether, but there was a job that had to be done. Her obligation was to see it carried out. She sighs softly and shakes away those thoughts that would totally envelop her if she let them. She gathers her things (which includes the disk; containing the life and death information she was able to secretly gather) and walks out of the office building to her car, it was over for the day.

She didn't notice the eyes that watched her leave, as they kept their secret vigil on her. The eyes of someone who grew more and more protective as each day passed.

Setting: The apartment building

As she pulls into her parking spot her only thought is getting out if those clothes, clothes that reeked of smells that only pulled up anger and hatred she must keep in check. It was necessary because only by controlling her anger could she be of any use.

Finally home, she heads for the bedroom, the shower, time to clean the hatred out of her mind. So the ritual starts, the well tailored black suit slides of on to the floor; she can breathe again, well almost. As she removed the other parts of her female apparel she looks at the small device on her wrist. It resembles a watch, but has the workings of an alien design. Her hands moved across the face, she presses the appropriate code and the room is suddenly bathed in a glowing light.

As she stands in the mirror her true self appears, she smiles, at last, the face and figure of her birth, the form that resembles those who have suffered so many hardships. She sees, in that form, the links of all those of her kin, long gone and she feels the sorrow, too many to name. Her hands run through her jet- black hair that has fallen in tight ringlets down her shoulder to the middle of her back. Her tall muscular frame is covered with smoke gray fur that is as smooth as velvet. It runs from the top of her head to the tip of her long elegant tail. As she stares in the mirror she realizes the dark sunglasses she must wear are still on her face. As she lifts her hands to remove them the true color of her eyes flash in the mirror. Gold with slight flecks of emerald was the color that the dark glasses concealed.

As she set the dark glasses on the dresser the charm that hangs from the bracelet on her arm makes a small clinking sound as it hits an oddly shaped container.

Finally, she can step into the shower; the warm water rushes down the length of her body. She can now wash away the stench that clings to her. Freeing her mind, clearing her head so she can rest. Rest so she will be able to go back into the lair of her enemies. Go back to gather the rest of the vital information that could mean the salvation of her people, her planet, and her life.

Last Chance Garage:

It was late, nearly 1AM, and he was hoping the others were down for the night. They were staying at Charlie's until this mission was over. He sat quietly in the darken garage having coasted in so as not to let them know he was just getting there. Why had his life become so complicated as bad as things have been in the past these he hadn't allowed these emotional situations ever be a problem for him. Keep it light no attachment, the girls that hadn't met him yet. Yeah all that other junk he would spew out not have to deal with his fear of really caring for anyone. But then of course there is Charley, she is beautiful, tough, smart, everything that would make him at lest thinks about some sort of commitment. But now there was the mysterious lady at the Tower. He let his mind float back to the moment when his life start spinning out of control

{Last Chance Garage}
Throttle, Charley, Modo, and Vinnie are discussing the latest transmission from the freedom fighters back on Mars.
Information had been intercepted that from Plutark the fish heads were planning an all out offensive. Some how they had gotten information that could mean total destruction of what was left of Mars. For whatever reason they were sending all that info into a special computer that was constructed at Limburger Tower.
The work was complete and it was now the Biker Mice's job to make sure that the information was retrieved and then sent back to the Freedom Fighters.
" So what's the plan? Go in, blast the place, get the goods and trash the Tower! Yeah, it's been too quiet lately. There is only so much inactivity my manly Martian body can stand." Vinnie was as always ready to cause mass destruction on anything having to do with Limburger or Plutark.
Throttle of course had to bring him back down to earth. "Not this times Vincent. {Rolling his eyes and shaking his head} we have to work it from a whole different angle."
" Yeah Hot Shot we actually have to think about how to deal with this situation and as hard as that may be, that means you too." Modo added.
"And when did you become Mister look before you leap? The guy who blows it up first and asks questions later." Vinnie shot back.
Before it could get into a full fledge battle Charley stepped in.
" Look you two this no time to start one of your testosterone temper tantrums. This is much too important. Carbine said that we have to get that information as they're downloading it from their computer to the one at Limburger Tower. It doesn't give us time for you little boys to fight.
Throttle continues with the plan. "The freedom fighters have an operative working within the Tower our job is to keep an eye on her and see that she get what ever help she needs."
"She." Vinnie chimed in.
Before he could get another word out he felt Charley giving him that, go ahead say it so I can pop you in the head, look.
Vinnie thought it better to quit while he was ahead and still had one.
Someone had to be stationed close enough out side of the building to be able to watch her comings and goings. Then make contact so she can pass on all the information. And since Vinnie was so eager for some action he was elected
"Awe. Man all this wasted on playing babysitter for a female James Bomb wanna be"
Little did Vinnie know how much this " wanna be" was going to change his life?

As his mind floats back to the Garage:
Vinnie's head was bent over his handlebars resting on his crossed arms. His eyes were closed and his mind was filled with far too many questions.
" Why, from the moment he first saw her could she distrub him so? Why her, what did she have to be able to affect him so deeply?"
"What about Charley? Yeah what about Charley? He knew he felt something for her? No he was sure he cared loved.
Suddenly the silence and his thoughts were broke by the sound of quiet concerned voice.
" Vinnie, its kind of late, are you okay?"
" Yeah sweetheart nothing to worry about."
As she tried to look into his eyes he avoids looking straight at her, something that made her heart heavy and unsure.
" You'd better not stay out here too late you need to get some rest"
"Hey Charley girl. You know I. that I"
"That you what Vinnie?"
"Nothing. I won't be out here too much longer."
She gave him a sweet sad smile and closed the door.
As he sat there watching her leave he remember something Throttle had said "Life it ain't ever a straight road. Talk about understatements."
As Charley walked back to her room she laid down on her bed and stares at the ceiling, letting a single tear roll down her cheek. "Now what was that for?" She thinks to herself wiping it from her face.
I guess that old saying is right she thinks. "You never miss the water till the well runs dry."

It was finally timed to contact those who would help her. She had all but the very last figures needed to send the transmission. From the time Carbine had told her who was to be part of the group that would help her anticipating was almost unbearable.
Would he remember her it had been so long? Had time removed her from his memory?
Of course he wouldn't know her like she appeared now but what they had was so special.
Two children clinging on to life only having each other to depend on.
How many times had they promised that no matter what they would stay together?
She laughs to herself, " What children will think and say to make life bearable," but it wasn't just words then.
Well time would tell and it was running out. From what she had already been able to secure they would be making their move on Mars very shortly. If this information were going to be of any help it would have to be pasted on soon, real soon.
It had to be tonight for all their sakes it had to be tonight.

Back at the Garage:
Vinnie had been surprisingly quiet lately. Everyone noticed especially Charley but she along with the others just gave him his space.
Knowing Vinnie for the many years Throttle had rarely seen this side of his bro and it was not a time to question him.
"So it's tonight. We get in touch with the Lady after she get to her place and she passes on the information." Throttle started to tell them of the rest of his plan.
"Not we Throttle I do this alone." Vinnie said in a voice that let Throttle know he wasn't about to be reasoned out of this.
"Okay Vincent this is your call. Modo looks like we wait this one out"
Modo quietly agreed and looked at Charley to see how she was taking all this. Not very well from what he saw.
"Throttle I think we need to go and check to see if everything is ready for the transmission." Modo said giving a, we need to leave them time to talk look. Both mice got on their bikes and left.
Vinnie stood leaning against his bike, arms crossed, and looking at the floor.
He knew he should say something to Charley but he wasn't sure what. He didn't even know why he was acting like he was.
But he was sure he had to say something or their relationship was never going to be the same. Not that it might ever be the same after this anyway.
Charley was sitting on the stairs. Her arms wrapped around her legs, her chin resting on her knees. She was not sure she really wanted to hear what was possibly going to come next.
Vinnie walked over and sat down next to her looking into her right in the eyes.
In a voice she'd never heard come from him said, "Look Charley-girl I talk a lot of junk most of the time. It's my way of dealing with a lot of pain I have had to close up inside for a lot of years.
You do mean a lot to me. I guess I never would admit just how much before.
But something is going on in my head and heart. It has to do with that woman at Limburger's Tower. For some reason she has made me feel things I wouldn't allow myself to feel, too painful. You are there in my heart too. A special place it scares the life out of me." He gently touches her cheek. "Most of the people I have ever cared about have taken from me. I don't want to risk hurting any more. Then all this happens and I just don't know.
As Charley looked back into his eyes she saw for the first time a person who has seen a lot of pain. A person who was caring, loving and looking much like a frighten child.
Also a person she cared a great deal for. There are all types of love and whatever form this love was taking she knew she would be there to support him whatever way it went.
"You do what you have to. I will be here for you Vincent." She said smiling and putting her arms around him giving him a warm hug.
As he wrapped his arms around her. "Thanks Charley-girl I need all I can get." And kisses her on the forehead.

At the apartment:
It was getting late; she sat quietly in the dim light waiting. In her hand was the small oddly shaped box. It was opened and inside was a collection of childhood trinket.
Nothing of value to anyone but her and maybe him too.
As she heard the steps in the hallway she could hardly stop her heart from racing out of her chest. Then there was the signaled knocked on the door.
At first she couldn't move, then remembering she was still in her false image it gave her the courage to go to let him in.
Quietly she said in their native tongue, "
kj dsksde gek "
He answered her in like fashion and was allowed to enter.
"You speak Martian pretty good for a human," Vinnie said as he stared at her face, he immediately noticed her eyes. He knew those eyes from another time, another place.
She said nothing in replay only stared back at him.
"Okay Sweetheart let's have the info I gotta blow." Wanting to leave as soon as he could.
He felt like he was falling into a pit that was getting deeper and deeper every second that he stayed. "Why am I feeling like this?"
Very few things really scared Vincent Van Wham, but being here with this woman sent feelings through him that made him want to fall to his knees screaming.
I have the information you want; "Heart of my heart"
"What did you call me?" Vinnie knew of only one person who would ever call him that.
"Who are you?" He said as a cold chill ran through him.

There in the darken room Vinnie backed away from the strange human until the wall stopped his retreat.
"How did you know to call me that. This is some sick Plutarkian trap." Vinnie pulled out his weapon and made ready to fire.
The women not taking her eyes off him lifts her arm up for him to be able to see the small piece of jewelry that hung from it.
Vinnie's eyes grew large, "How did you get that?"
Not saying a word she then lifts up the box and pours out the contents on to the floor.
Among the items that fall is a shiny red stone shaped like a heart, it rolls out and lands at his feet. Vinnie picks it up as his hands tremble, hardly able to utter a sound and in disbelief he says,
Vinnie is overwhelmed with a thousand emotions all rushing into his head at once.
Not daring to believe what his heart tells him could be true he falls to the floor.
The first thing he realizes is the cool feeling on his head. She was placing cool water on it trying to revive him.
Then he sees the face of the human with the eyes that shimmer like golden stars with emerald lights dancing in them. Only one other person has he seen with eyes like that.
"Smoke, it's not possible? I saw them..I saw them drag you to the execution chamber.
I heard you scream. How could you have survived?
You're human? I don't understand."
As she smiles down at him she says, "All in good time Vincent."
She stands up and touches the device on her wrist her disguise falls away.
Vinnie sees that she has become a beautiful image of the females of his people.
To him more beautiful then any he'd ever seen.
She sits down close to him really looking at the handsome adult he has grown into.
"Do you remember our last night together in that horrible prison cell? You hand made this charm for me from that piece of metal we found.
Her voice is sad but steady as she continues.
"The Plutarkians had decided that there where too many of us to try and keep so we were given those numbers to see who would live and who would die."
I was to die and you begged them to let you take my place and how cruelly they laughed. You were so brave even at that young age of thirteen years.
I remember when they came to take me you fought them until they beat you almost unconscious, always my protector."
She reaches to touches the metal mask that covers half of Vinnie's face.
"Have they made you suffer even more my heart"
Vinnie gently takes her hand away, "No more than some. It's just mine is easier to see."
As much as he wanted to he couldn't change what happen back then but he could hold her now.
Right then he didn't care how she survived they both had and were in each other's arms. Whatever miracle had brought this about he wasn't going to question.
They sat there on the floor in the dim light. He wrapped his arms protectively around her and Smokes let years of hurt and despairs wash out of her.

Before they'd realized it morning had come. As Smoke awakened she raised her head and looks at Vinnie still with his arms around her.
She softly kissed his cheek to wake him, as wonderful as being there made her feel they still had a job to do.
Waking he smiled not wanting this time to end but also knowing what they were there for.
Smoke thought, " Maybe this time it would be enough to end this madness to stop their enemies once and for all."
The war had taken so much from them both. It had to end and the Plutarkian had to pay. Pay for all the tears her people had shed, all the lives that had been lost all the children that had suffered as they had.
Vinnie knowing what she was feeling placed a hand under her chin and lifted it slightly towards his face. "It will be over soon Heart of my Hearts." Then he smiled giving her a kiss that filled her with hope for their future.

Back at the Garage:
Throttle and Modo had come back early to see if Vinnie had gotten the information and to see how Charley had made out.
They pulled up and found Charley fixing them breakfast. Not knowing exactly what had happen Throttle cautiously asked. "Vinnie stay here last night? He never made it back to the scoreboard."
"It's okay Throttle, Vinnie and I are fine so relax. No, he didn't stay here. Charley said putting both of them at ease.
"Beside Vinnie is a big boy he can take care of his self. You don't give him nearly enough credit. He knows how important this is." Charley said not turning from what she was doing.
Both Mice looked at each other and decided not to say anything. What ever those two had talked about they could see it had changed how Charley viewed Vinnie.

The apartment:
Smoke had gotten up and got ready to go to the Tower this one last time. Even though she had gotten most of the information the last portion contained the most important tactical figures and without them transmission would be impossible. They were still in Limburger's personal files.
Vinnie sat waiting for her and not crazy about the idea of her having to go back into Limburger Tower, this time having to take such a big risk. But as she had said it was her job and they had to put personal feeling a side.
The last thing Smoke had to do was change into the human form. She was about to touch her devise when Vinnie stopped her. He kissed her one more time then stepped back and let her continue.
The transformation took only a few seconds but it was an amazing thing to see. As the glow lessened she stood once more the dark skin female she let this world see.
Vinnie still a bit awed finally said. "You know you are still one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and decided to kiss her again.
"What was that one for?" She said knowing why in spite of her question.
With a mischievous smile Vinnie said, "Just wondered if there was any difference."
"Well is there"
Vinnie still with that same smile said. "Honey is sweet no matter where it comes from."

Limburger Tower:
As Smoke walked into her office she noticed that things where unusually quiet for this time of the morning.
But not thinking much more about it she went on with what she had to do.
She sat at her desk for a few more moments to make sure it was clear for her to go into Limburger's private domain and retrieve the information from his private files.
She walked into the office and over the picture window. Located at the base of it was a small button when pushed revealed a small private computer terminal.
She had stayed longer one night and saw Limburger use the device to communicate with Plutark and receive some other information. If her information was to be anywhere she was hoping this was the place.
As she began to try and retrieve what she could, she felt herself being watch. Spinning around she saw Limburger and a number of his henchmen standing holding their weapons aimed directly at her.
"Well now my dearest Miss Kincade. I don't think that is part of your job description. Spying on one's employer doesn't look good on one's permanent work record.
Did you really think you could get away with this pitfall act of deception? Who do you think you are dealing with?
We knew something was just a little too odd about you. But after a little back checking here, cross check there and what is the term they use? Oh yes, YOU ARE BUSTED!!!!"

Vinnie went to the scoreboard first but finding it empty got right to
Charlie's. He knew instinctively that something had gone wrong.
As he pulled up into the garage both his bros where waiting for him along with Charley. The look on their faces immediately told him that something was very wrong.
"Look bro they caught her." Was all he heard.
Reason left with those words. Vinnie slammed his fist down hard on his handlebars.
And started to head for Limburger Tower.
Throttle stood in front of his bike trying to stop him from making the situation any worst then it already was.
"GET OUTTA MY WAY THROTTLE!" Vinnie growled. He wasn't going to let anyone stop him from getting to Smoke.
Look Vincent I don't know who this woman is or what happened last night but you can't just goThrottle holding his hands up saw that Vinnie was even trying to hear him.
I SAID GET OUT OF MY WAY! Vinnie screamed as he stared to run Thottle down.
Modo stepped in and grabbed Vinnie by his arms pulling him off his bike.
Vinnie struggled like a madman trying to break free from the large mouse's grasp.
He swung a wild punch knocking Modo down and then Throttle tried to help subdue the out of control Vinnie.
It took both of them to hold him down as he struggled and cursed them both.
Charley was crying never seeing Vinnie like this before standing out of the way not knowing what else to do.
"I CAN'T LOSE HER AGAIN I WON'T!" He continues to shout completely out of control by this time.
Not having any other choice Modo shot a small blast from his arm canon just enough to knock Vinnie unconscious, he went limp.
"What was all that about. Man, who was that woman anyway?" Modo said as he picked Vinnie up and carried him to the couch.
Charley ran over to him making sure he was really okay. "Who ever she is she's more then just a contact. You guys sure you don't know her?"
"I have only seen her once when I was with Vinnie. He acted a little funny but he said he did know her." Modo said trying to remember the woman's face.
"Well who ever she is he found out last night. I just hope we can get him to reason on waiting until we see what Limberger wants to let her go, as if we don't already know." Throttle said rubbing the back of his neck,

Limburger Tower:
Smoke had been strapped to a table in Karbunkles lab first having been sedated to keep her under control.
Karbunkle examining her saw the device on her arm and immediately knowing what it was.
He activated it and revealed the female Martian mouse.
"That is how she was able to fool us for as long as she had" said the demented scientist.
"Very clever of the Martian moles to be able get into my strong holds. I just wish we had caught her earlier before she was able to get all the information she was able to.
But that is of no consequence since we now have our little piece of merchandise to bargain with. This attractive young female will provide us with all we need to not only get our property but have done with those other annoyances as well." Limburger said smiling and feeling victory in his grasp.

The Garage:
Vinnie was starting to come around. He could over hear Throttle talking to someone on the phone.
"Yeah okay I understand. You just make sure nothing happens to her" Throttle hung up and ran his hands through his hair in frustration. "He said if we don't return all the info we got then he is going to kill her."
"But how does he know we haven't sent it to the freedom fighters already." Charley said in desperation.
"Because the way it is set up if you don't have those last figures all you get on the other end is a bunch of garbage." Vinnie said sitting up holding his head in both hands.
"Sorry I lost it bros."
"Look Vinnie if we are going to fiqure something out you have to tell us who this woman is and what you know about her." Throttle said knowing it wasn't going to be easy for him.
Charley sat beside Vinnie and held on to his arm for support. He looked at her gaining the courage to tell the story that dragged his soul through torture every time he though of it.
"First of all she isn't a human. There is this thing they gave her back on Mars that allows her to transform so she could go into Limburger Tower.
She's really one of us and we knew each other when we were kids. We were in one of those prison camps the Fishheads had set on Mars early in the war for slave labor.
It was pretty bad but we had each other and we survive for two years. I would have lost my mind if it weren't for her. Well they decided to kill half of us off and she was chosen to be one of those to die. I can still her hear her scream as they dragged her out, as they beat me to a bloody pulp for trying to stop them. I thought she was dead but she said one of the adults protected her with their body and before those murders could dispose of the evidence she was able to escape. When I got to her place last night that's when I found out what had happened."
When he had finished talking tears were running down his face and he didn't care who saw. Modo walked over to his friend and put an arm around his shoulder. "It's okay bro we have been there one way or the other." Understanding more about his friend then he had before.
"So what do we do now." Charley said as she wiped Vinnie's face.
"Limburger is going to be excepting us to try and get her out. So let's give the fish what he's waiting for." Throttle had thought of a way to get Smoke out but the information was probably lost.
Of course there were not guarantees but they had to try. Limburger would try and kill all of them if he could and they all knew it.
Vinne sat and listen to the details until Throttle said that Charley was going to be involved.
"No way Charley isn't going to even be there," Vinnie insisted
Charley looking at him wasn't about to be left out. "Hold up there Mister, I think I am a grown woman that will make my own decisions if you don't mind. My father's name is not Vincent Van Wham.Go ahead and finish Throttle."
Vinnie looked at the determined expression on Charlie's face and just sat back on the couch and finish listening to the details of Throttle's plan.

Limburger tower:
"Well doctor this time we don't set any traps. No schemes just when they come to make the exchange we blow them to bits clean simple easy.
Make sure there are enough henchmen in the surrounding buildings I don't want any mistakes." Limberger was drooling at the mouth with the thought of Three dead mice out of his life forever.
"Oh and doctor as soon as we kill of those three, dispose of our other house guest if you please."
Karbunkle had already combined a lethal injection to give Smoke as soon as she was no longer needed.
"I will take good care of her." Karbunkle smiled at Smoke as he picked up the syringe and fingered it slowly. Running his skinny wrinkled hand down her arm.

As they sped toward Limburger's Tower Vinnie had two very important women on his mind.
The friend he loved that was risking her life to save the other love of his life. He was not one to pray much but he did this time for help that this would not cost him what he treasured most in this life.
They stopped a few blocks short of the Tower then Throttle turns to Charley and said. "You sure about this Charley-girl?"
"Yes, you macho mice aren't the only ones who can do that hero thing you know."
Before leaving she smiled at Vinnie knowing his concerns. "Don't worry I `m a lot tougher than you want to give me credit for."
"Yeah I know woman of the 90's and all that just be careful Charlene." Vinnie wasn't in the mood for kidding and he wanted her to know it.
As Charley left to carry out her part of the plan the three Biker Mice looked at each other took a deep breath and said. "LET"S WHIP SOME TAIL!"
As they approached the tower they didn't give Limburger or his men a chance to say or do anything. They hit it with everything they had. Giving it the trashing of all time.
Limburger thinking that they would at least try and negotiate was taken completely off guard and was given no time to think.
As the explosions where going on out side Charley slipped into the Tower.
She knew where Karbunkle had kept his prisoners. Hoping that it was the same place she headed for it.
As she approached the room she was overjoyed to see she was right, but it didn't last long. Not only was Smoke lying unconscious but also Karbunkle was standing over her.
"Well Vinnie one thing I have learn from you is when you are faced with a situation you can't handle blow it up."
With that Charley took one of the grenades Vinnie had given her and throw it a few feet from where Karbunkle was standing.
The explosion was enough to send him flying across the room knocking him out cold.
Charley rushed in to the room and taking the straps off of Smoke grabbed her by both arms and shook her as hard as she could.
Smoke still very groggy tried to fight her unknown rescuer.
Charley trying to get some sense into her slapped Smoke hard across the face.
Listens to me I am a friend of Vinnie's I don't have time to explain we just have too get out of here NOW!
Half in a haze Smoke tried to make her mind clear enough to try and walk out.
But that wasn't happening as she stumbled to the floor. Charley grabbed her around the waist both made their way out of the lab.
As they struggled to make it out of the Tower Smoke insisted on trying to still get the information that was still in Limburgers files.
"Are you crazy, you can barely walk and will be a miracle if we just get out of here alive."
Charley was trying to reason with her.
"Look I really appreciate your help and you don't have to stay and help me but it I have to at least try. So many lives could be saved."
Smoke pushed away from Charley and struggled to work her way down the hall to Limburgers office
"Van Wham you owe me big time for this" Charley said to herself as she ran after Smoke and helped her get to that office.
"Smoke smiled saying, "Vincent really has chosen his friends well."
They got to Limburgers office to see three of his henchman inside guarding the computer.
"So what do we do now?"
"Smoke put both hands to her head trying to think of what to do. Then she noticed her wrist. They had not remembered to remove her transformer.
"Do you have any weapons?"
"Yes Vinnie gave me a blaster and I have one more grenade. But there are three of them, only two of us and you still don't look too good."
"I will be fine the drug has just about worn off."
"Let me have it" Smoke took the weapon changed back into a human. "We are only going to have one shot at this so we have to make it count."
Smoke told her what she planned to do and Charley agreed. They looked at each other and Smoke walked into the office.
The henchman turn around surprised, they had been watching the battle going on outside.
And the last thing they excepted to see was a beautiful woman walk in the door.
"So is our side winning?" She said flashing them her sweetest smile as she walked closer to the computer hiding the weapon behind her.
"That's close enough." One of the men warned her.
"Oh I am sure a big man like you isn't worried about a little thing like me. What's the matter don't you trust me."
The man smiled as she walked closer to him and ran her finger down his chin.
Before any of them knew what was happening she whipped out the weapon and fired it point blank at the guard knocking him down.
Charley seeing this burst into the room throwing the remaining grenade at the other two then rolling for cover.
Smoke also ducking out of the line of fire.
The guards out of the way Smoke runs to the computer trying desperately to remember the password she saw Limberger use. She tried a few times but knowing that the noise was going to soon bring more guards she couldn't get it just right.
"Come on we don't have much time." Charley said hearing the footsteps running down the hall toward them.
Take this and cover me I almost have it. Smoke tossed the blaster to Charley. She stationed herself by the door as Smoke tried one more time to get into the computer.
Charley fired at the guards as they tried to get into the office. She didn't know how long she could hold them off or how they were going to get out.
With one finally try Smoke was able to get into the computer and access the needed information. Downloading it to a disk she had what she came for. What could be the salvation of her planet, her life and the lives of so many.
Victory was short Charley was losing the battle and they were still trapped.
Smoke taking one of the weapons from the unconscious guard she joined Charley in trying to keep the enemy at bay.
"By the way I don't even know your name. It would be a shame to die strangers." Smoke's voice not showing the lease amount of fear.
"Charlene Davidson and you are Vinnie's Smoke that much I know."
"So you are the famous Charley. You are almost a legion among the freedom fighters,
I should have guessed."
Charley blushed at the whole legion idea.
"Yeah some legion I can't even pull off a rescue with getting us killed.
I have seen the guys get out of so many of these situations that you would think
Charley stopped and looked at the computer by the large window.
"I have an idea try and keep those fools busy."

Outside the guys were inflicting major damage on Limburger's troops.
"Charley said she would signal when they got out. I know something's gone wrong "
Vinnie was doing everything he could to keep from bursting into the Tower to find Charley and Smoke.

Back in the office Charley had taken one of the guns connected it to the computer.
"If this works not only will the guys know where to come to get us but any other information won't be any good to those slim feeders." Charley said trying to avoid getting shot.
"I hope you are good at using that thing," Charley told Smoke. "Because you have to hit the gun directly for it to cause a big enough explosion to do what we need to."
"We'll see," Smoke said also trying to avoid being hit by the rain of fire that was coming from the hall
Both of them moved away from the door and took cover behind the big desk that was at the other side of the room.
Once they stopped firing the goons in the hall burst into the room at that moment Smoke raised up and shot the weapon attached to the computer.
The Large picture window blow out and the battle on the outside stopped.
The guys looked out the gapping hole that was left. "I think we just got her signal"
Modo said as they headed for the opening.
They flew up the side of the building landing in the mist of the destroyed office.
"Where are they!" Vinnie was panicked beyond reason not knowing how any one could survive that big of an explosion.
Through the smoke and rubble they tried to find the two women.
The three heroes couldn't make themselves believe that both had been killed. Life just couldn't be that unfair.
Just then they heard the soft moaning of a female voice.
"Over there in the corner" Vinnie ran to the sound and pulling debris away saw both laying huddled together under what was left of the desk. Smoke still had the disk clutched in her hand.
Modo removed the rest of the larger pieces so they could free them.
"They are banged up but still breathing." Throttle said as he carried Charley to his bike.
Carefully situating her in front of him.
Vinnie had Smoke cradled in his arms placing her in front of him on his bike.
They flew out of the building wanting to get both to medical attention as soon as they could.
Limburger stood with his mouth open wondering what could have gone wrong.
Knowing that this defeat was going to cost him a lot more than a simple tongue lashing from his superiors.
He was thinking seriously about beating a hasty retreat to some unknown planet in another solar system

Stopping a mile away from danger they check the condition of both females.
Charley was still out but she seemed to be breathing steadier but they didn't know what her internal injuries might be.
Smoke was in a lot worse condition she was hardly breathing. Still in the form of a human. They didn't dare try and transform her back not knowing if her body could handle the change.
"Come on we are just going to have to risk it we have to get them to a hospital.
Maybe the transformation is so complete that no one will notice anything.
We don't have a choice" Throttle told his bros and they headed for the nearest emergency room.
As they rode up to the hospital Throttle said for them to keep the helmets on. The tails down and hope for the best.
Modo you stay out here we couldn't explain the arm.
Throttle carrying Charley and Vinnie with Smoke in his arms walked in calling for help.
The Medical personal rushed to there aid taking the women to be cared for.
Asking what had happen Throttle told them they where in the accidental explosion at Limburger Tower. Knowing that was what Limburger was going to say.
After awhile Modo walked in helmet on dressed in a long trench coat concealing most of what he needed to.
"Here bros Charley kept these at the garage just in case we ever needed them."
He handed them both a similar coat that worked very well in camouflaging their true selves.
"Leave it to Charley always thinking a head." Vinnie said softly
"Look Vinnie one of us has to get this information to Mars or all they have been through will have been for nothing. I gotta leave and send it to the freedom fighter base.
You stay with him big fella and Vinnie; they'll make it.
Throttle hugged his friend at left to do what he had to.
Both mice sat silently waiting as doctors, nurses and equipment went in and out of the rooms where Smoke and Charley lie.
Surprisingly Vinnie just sat every once in a while he would walk over to the door and stood there listening. But he was unnaturally calm for him.
This worried Modo because he saw it as the quite it before the tornado hit. If either of the women didn't pull through Vinnie was going to tear the place apart.
After what seemed like hours the doctor came out.
Modo braced himself for what the doctor would say and steadied his friend to help him deal with whatever the worst was.
"Are you friends or family?" He asked
They answered at the same time. "Both"
Well we have two very fortunate young women in there.
They have a few broken bones but for the most part with some time and rest they should be fine.
Except the one has the oddest heartbeat I have ever heard, oh and she said to give you this.
The doctor handed Vinnie the wrist device from Smoke's arm and the bracelet with the little metal charm on it.
When can we see them Doc? They both said anxiously.
Well we have given them something to help them sleep and they will be taken to their rooms but once the are settled in you can stay for a little while.
Modo slapped the doctor on the back almost knocking the poor man across the room.
" Thanks Doc we owe you one."
"Y-Y-Yes well you are more than welcome." The doctor said picking himself up off the floor.
Throttle had made it back by this time and finding out where his friend were he immediately went to their room.
Charley and Smoke looked weak and fragile but was resting comfortably.
"Hey bros so what did the Doc say?" Throttle asked walking into the room.
"They had a close call but in a couple of days they should be as good as new."Modo assured him.
"How is Vinnie taking all this?"
"He hasn't said much but I think he'll be okay" Modo said looking at Vinnie standing over Smoke holding her hand.
Just then Charley opened her eyes. "Hey guys" she said in a weak raspy voice.
Modo touching her face very gently smiled down at her. Hey Charley-girl how are you feeling.
"Well I have felt better but did Smoke make it okay?"
"Yeah she's okay thanks to you. Pretty impressive rescue Charley- girl" Throttle smiled bending over to kiss Charley on the forehead. "But now you better rest."
"Is Vinnie okay?" She tried raising her head a little.
Vinnie walking over to her bed held her face in his hands and said. "I'm just fine I can't thank you enough Charley."
"It's okay Vincent let's just say you owe me big time." She said smiling then falling asleep.
"So this is your lady friend huh Vinnie? She is quite a lady and beautiful too." Throttle walked over to her bedside. "She look as good as a mouse?"
Vinnie smiled taking her hand. "She'd look good as anything!!"

Sometime later:
Charley was still a little wobbly but she was mending nicely. Smoke also made a good recovery.
But the time had come for her to get back to Mars her job was far from over.
The information had been a big help in stopping the Plutarkians but they were not defeated yet.
Mars was sending a ship for her and she knew it would be hard leaving Vinnie again.
He knew she had decided to go back and continue her part in the regaining of their home.
His job on earth wasn't finished either so they would have to wait a little longer to be together.
Later that night they waited at a vacant lot a little ways from the city.
As they watched to see the ship landing Charley walked over to Smoke and giving her a big hug.
"Hey girlfriend don't let this be goodbye just see you later okay."
Thank you Charley. I don't mind leaving Vinnie here knowing that you will be here for him.
"Throttle, Modo you both are everything I was told and a little more. Keep him out of trouble as much as you can."
They both gave her a hug and promise to do the best they could. "Well you know your boy friend there is a little on the wild side but we'll try."
"Maybe we should go and let them have this time alone." Charley said being helped into Throttles sidecar.
"Ride free Smoke!" The said as they left Vinnie to spend time with his lost love.
Vinnie stood there looking at her holding her close wondering if he could really let her go.
She said to him looking lovingly into his eyes. " You know I have to go. We can't start a life together knowing that our people, our world is still in danger from those murders."
"Yeah I know but we have already sacrificed so much would it be so wrong to at least want to be with you. Spend my life with you."
"No Heart of my hearts and we will have that time but we have to finish this first you know that don't you?"
Vinnie looked at her again and taking hold of her hand placed the bracelet around her wrist.
This time along with the metal charm was another. He had gotten the little red heart shaped stone mounted and put on.
"This is my heart take it with you and come back to me or I will come to you. But we will be together after this is all over."
"Vincent you are my whole world nothing is going to stop me from being with you once this is over."
She touches her device and is changed into the beautiful gray mouse that she wants him to remember.
Then she kisses him slowly and deeply to make sure he remembers what they are fighting for.
Vinnie returns the kiss in like fashion. A kiss that will have to last him until he could see her again.
The ships door opens, she holds him for a second longer, smile and walks into it and then she is gone.
Vinnie leaves and heads back to the garage. Once he gets there he sees that Modo and Throttle have already left for the scoreboard.
He starts to leave when Charley comes out. "Hey hero need some company. Come on in I will make you a cheese sandwhich." She says smiling.
Vinnie looks at Charley and knew that they were now more than just friends.
Charley was closer than any sister could be and she would always be his soul mate.
"Well Charley-girl maybe we can skip the cheese." Giving her a sour expression but putting his arm around her shoulder. "But I could use the company."
They walked into the garage and spent time really talking getting to know each other seemingly for the first time.

The end of another beginning