Authors note: Hi! Just stating the obvious, I don't own the BMFM but I do own my own characters AND the plot of this story. One thing I've neglected to mention that might make my stories make more sense. I never saw the majority of the Biker Mice shows in the second or third season. My mom moved me out into the country and was too cheap to get cable. Oh well, enough of my complaining, on with the story. And look at this! I finally figured out how to put up accents! Enjoy.

The Biker Mice from Mars



Written by Skylark.

? Skylark, May 13, '98.

"Here's your stop," Said Stoker, "Ride Free, citizens."
Everyone got off the ship and waved good-bye to Stoke as he headed back to Mars, then they all walked into the Last Chance Garage.
"Wulf! We're home!" Called Skylark. "How'd things go?" Asked Wulf, coming out into the main room. Everyone else had returned to their own dimension.
"Things went fine, did ya find the stone?" Asked Sky. "Yup. Limburger had it, but I convinced him that I should have it." Answered Wulf with a sly smile.
Gyro walked in, carrying a small case that Liz had given him before he had left Mars. "What's in that thing?" Asked Casta±o. Gyro opened the case. "For this to make sense, I should explain why Wildfire was after me." He pulled out a short-sleeved brown leather jacket. On one side was a gold star and on the other, a silver one. Then he pulled out a tan scarf.
Cassie giggled. "I remember when I gave that to you," She said, "It was suppose to be a gag gift." "Ya, but I guess I took it a little too seriously." Replied Gyro. But all of the triplets recognized the outfit. It was Gyro's pilot uniform.
Gy slipped on the jacket and threw the scarf around his neck. "Gy, the contacts." Reminded Cassie. "Oh, ya!" Exclaimed Gyro, and he removed the contacts, revealing his blue eyes.
"Your eyes are blue?" Asked everyone but the triplets. "Ya. Why, what colour did ya think they were? Red?" Asked Gyro, momentarily forgetting that the contacts had changed his eye colour. Everyone exchanged looks, and Throttle said, "Well, ya."
"Well, maybe I should start my story now." Said Gyro. "Go for it." Said Charley. Everyone gave Gyro his or her undivided attention. "Ok," Said Gyro, then he began, "This story starts a couple of years after the triplets and I were...I guess you could say recruited, into Liz's base. I had become a pilot, and at that time I also had a different girlfriend." "Who?" Asked the ever-nosey Vincent VanWham.
"WHAT!??!" Exclaimed everyone but the triplets. "Well, at that time, we were younger, and she was a lot nicer. But she turned away from me after unfortunate incident. But if you'll stop asking questions, I'm sure I'll answer them all, starting with how I got these two stars..."
* * *
Gyro piloted his Silver Sabre M-14 (It looks like a MiG-28 on Top Gun.) in the lead of the rest of the Gold Squadron, about twenty other pilots. The Gold and Silver Squadrons were the best, and Gyro, being the leader of the Gold Squadron, was the best of the best.
But he was reckless, earning himself the Call Sign Maverick. (No, I'm not a Top Gun freak-in fact I hate that movie, but that might change in the near future-it just fit.) The Twilight Triplets called him Peligroso. (Dangerous in Spanish.)
Gyro broke off from the group and soared down lower in his craft, Alastair. (Meaning 'Mans-Or in this case, Martians-Defender.')
"GYRO," A voice crackled over his radio, "WHAT IN THE NAME OF MARS DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" "Lon, would get off my back," Replied Gyro, "I know what I'm doing, and you have your orders!" Gyro could hear Alonso mutter something under his breath as he hung back with the rest of the Gold Squad. He flew ahead, scouting for Plutarkians, and spotted some off in the distance. He flew in for a closer look.
"HOLY S***!" He exclaimed. "Gyro, what's wrong!?" Asked Alonso. Gyro ignored him. "Nyx! I need your squad over here NOW!" He yelped. "Why, what's up?" Came a female voice. "Don't ask question, just DO it!" Gyro yelped back, trying not to engage the Plutarkians 'till he had back up. "Roger that." Replied Nyx.
"Gold Squad! Get your tails over here! We've got bogeys! And lots of 'em!" Gyro addressed the squad as the Plutarkians finally spotted him and gave chase. Gyro dodged the Plutarkian fire until he saw the rest of the Gold Squad heading his way.
He dropped altitude then pulled up, going into a loop. He came down out of it in front of the Gold Squad. He smiled.
"I told ya I knew what I was doing, Lon." He said. All he heard in reply was a mutter of discontentment. Laughing loudly, Gyro belted out a, "YAHOO!" and flew into the fray. Tapping frantically at the keyboard on the instrument panel of his plane, getting the guns to come out, he began to fire random shots at the Plutarkians.
He clipped the wing of one, sending it crashing to the ground. The Gold Squad engaged the Plutarkians, but without the help of the Silver Squad, they weren't doing too good. "Whoa," Yelped Gyro, as another Martian craft went up in a ball of flame beside him, "Nyx! Where on Mars are ya!?"
"Coming, Gy," Snapped Nyx, "Coming! We'll be there in a minute!" "Well, hurry up! We really need ya!" Answered Gyro, blowing another Plutarkian outta the sky.
The battle wasn't going well for either side, but the Martians were getting the worst of it. Taking a glance off to the side, Gyro whooped in joy.
"Glad ya could join the fun, Nyx!" He said as 15 more Martian planes joined in the fray, turning the tide of the battle.
In a couple of minutes, the remaining Plutarkians bugged out. "Yeah! Come on, flyers! Let's go home!" Exclaimed Gyro.
* * *
Hopping out of his plane, Gyro removed his helmet and shook out his hair. Wildfire ran over to him and gave him a big hug. "Hey, honey," She said, "How ya doing?" "Fine," Replied Gyro, "But I gotta find Nyx." Wildfire nodded, and Gyro walked over to Nyx's plane. She hopped out, removed her helmet and fixed Gyro with a look.
"What?" She asked. "Nothing," Said Gyro, "Just wanted ta thank ya for your help. By the way, what was keepin' ya so occupied?" "Don't worry about the Plutarkians. I live for kicking their stinkin' little hides." Said Nyx. She had lost her left eye during the Plutarkian occupation of Mars. She looked like a cross between Carbine and G.I. Jane.
"And as for what kept us so occupied," Continued Nyx, "You have Carbine to thank for that. She wanted to talk with you, but since you weren't here, I took the call. It seems she doesn't appreciate your flying style. We couldn't get in the air 'till a little before I received your distress call."
Gyro laughed. "And Carbine can keep on not liking my flying style. It works, don't it?" He said. Nyx gave a little laugh. "That it does," She said, "That it does. I'll see you at the meeting tomorrow?" "You can count on it." Replied Gyro, and the two went their separate ways.
Gyro walked back over to Wildfire. "Come on," He said, "Let's go."
* * *
The next day found the Gold and Silver Squads in the little conference room reserved for the Martian Fighter Pilots. Gyro and Nyx stood at the head of the room.
"LISTEN UP!" Bellowed Gyro. The room quieted. "Okay, I have some startling news for you," Said Nyx, "But we, right here, are the only remaining fighter pilots an Mars."
There was a collective, "WHAT!??!" from the crowd. "I know this is a shock," Said Gyro, "But it's true."
"So what's the problem?" Asked a mouse a couple years older than Gyro. "The problem is, Ulric, that the Plutarkians have more pilots than us." Replied Gyro.
"Who cares," Said Alonso, "We can still kick their scaly hides!!" There was a cheer from the group. "Thanks for the help, Lon, but Nyx and I can handle this." Said Gyro sourly. Alonso shot Gyro a steely look. "You may be my transcendent in rank, but not in age." He snapped. "That may be so," Said Gyro, "But here, RANK IS ALL THAT COUNTS!!"
"Um, ma'am," Started Ulric, "Can't they just train more pilots?" Nyx shook her head. "These are also the last planes." "Couldn't you build more?" Asked Ulric.
Nyx laughed. "It's about time we had someone actually CARE about what's going on here," She said, giving Gyro and Alonso a meaningful glare, "No, we can't build anymore. The Plutarkians destroyed the factories. Every time we try to rebuild, they destroy them again."
Ulric nodded. "We're telling you this as a warning. We can still beat the Plutarkians. They may have the numbers, but we have the skill. We CAN do it!!" Said Gyro. His statement was met with a rousing cheer.
"Good. Just don't lose that determination, and we'll have 'em right were we want 'em." Said Gyro.
* * *
Four mice, Casta±o, Estrella and two others, Edric and Raven, rode back to base after they had taken care of a small Plutarkian threat. They were suddenly attacked from above. "Plutarkian fighter pilots," Exclaimed Ella, "Take cover!"
The four drove into a cave. The Plutarkians passed them by. "They're heading to the base," Exclaimed Raven, "We have to alert General Esm_!" She picked up her COM and called in.
* * *
General Esm_ received the message and relayed it to Gyro and Nyx. Gyro took the 13 remaining pilots in the Gold Squad as Nyx took the 7 remaining Silver Squad pilots, and they all ran to their planes.
Nyx took off first in her plane, Destin_e. Then Gyro in Alastair, then the rest of the Gold and Silver squads. They met a small group of Plutarkians, about 10 planes. The Martians pushed the Plutarkians back very quickly, but they still managed to shoot down Ulric and...
"NYX!" Cried Gyro as Destin_e went up like a bomb. He circled around and blasted the offending Plutarkian outta the sky. The remaining 3 Plutarkians bugged out.
"Let's go home." Said Gyro in monotone.
* * *
Gyro hopped out if his plane, his face a grim mask. Wildfire ran over to him. "What happened," She asked, "What's wrong?" Gyro ignored her and stalked out of the hanger, a mouse on a mission. Wildfire stared after him, worried.
* * *
Casta±o and Estrella watched as Gyro stalked by. Raven and Edric saw him, too, and asked, "What's eating him?" Cassie shook her head. "I don't know," She said, "Do you think he'll tell me?" "You could try." Said Estrella.
Cassie followed Gyro. He stopped outside of General Esm_'s door and leaned against the wall, breathing heavily. Cassie walked over as he sank to the floor.
"Hey Gyro," She said, "What's the matter?" Gyro looked at Cassie with haunted eyes, a look that scared Cassie. "We lost...I lost...Nyx," He started, "I gotta tell the general."
"Tell me what?" Asked General Esm_, looking out his door. Gyro quickly jumped off the floor and he and Casta±o saluted. Esm_ laughed. "You don't have to salute. I questioned you. Now, tell me, what have you got to tell me?" He said.
Esm_ was always a gentle and caring mouse, and even though he was a general, he didn't care much about protocols.
"Well sir, we've lost the leader of the Silver Squadron." Said Gyro, staring at the floor. He thought it was his fault and that Esm_ would blow a gasket at him. He didn't.
"Nyx? We've lost her?" Asked Esm_. Gyro just nodded. "Who's going to become the new leader?" Asked Cassie. "I don't know," Answered Esm_, "We'll have to see about that." He walked away, leaving Gyro and Cassie staring curiously after him.
* * *
The next day found the 20 remaining fighter pilots assembled in their conference room. General Esm_ stood at the front and addressed the crowd.
"Pilots, we all know that Nyx was a tragic loss," He started, "But we still need a new leader for the Silver Squadron. Now, instead of me choosing, I'm gonna let the Silver Squad take a vote. Phobos' knows you'll work better under someone you trust. But anyway, anyone is eligible, and it's closed ballots."
Esm_ started to pass out paper and pencils to the 7 Silver Squad pilots. "Write who you want to lead on this paper, fold it and hand it to me." He said.
In a couple minutes, everyone was finished. Esm_ took the papers and looked at them. After counting the votes, Esm_ said, "I guess I didn't make myself too clear, I wanted you to choose someone form the Silver Squad, but anyway, that's my fault. Your new leader is Gyro. Seems to me you think he's a good one." He laughed. Gyro shrugged modestly. "" He said.
Esm_ smiled. "Come over here." He said, so Gyro walked over to him. Esm_ took out a Silver Star, the symbol of a fighter pilot leader, and pinned it to Gyro's jacket. "Now you've got a Gold AND Silver Star." Grinned Esm_.
Alonso stood up. "Sir, I beg to differ. He's only 17. He's the youngest pilot amongst us, and you're trusting him to lead us all!?" He asked. "What's age got to do with it?" Snapped Esm_, silencing Alonso, who quickly sat down. He shot Gyro a steely look, which Gyro answered with one of his own.
"Come on Gy," Said Esm_, "Let's go repaint your plane."
* * *
Gyro put down the silver paint to admire Alastair. The plane was now a very light shade of blue with two stars on it, a gold one slightly on top of a silver one. The name Alastair was written on the side in black.
General Esm_, still holding a paintbrush dripping with black paint, stepped back to admire his handy work. "What do ya think, Gy?" He asked. "She's never looked better." Replied Gyro, smiling.
The two were so obsessed with Gyro's plane that they failed to notice Alonso sneak into the hanger and hop into his own. They turned in surprise as they heard the engine start.
"It's Lon! What on Mars does he think he's doing!?" Exclaimed Gyro. "I don't know," Said Esm_, "But we've gotta stop him!" "How," Asked Gyro, "I can't fly Alastair 'till her paint is dry!"
Gyro and Esm_ watched helplessly as Alonso taxied out of the hanger and took off.
* * *
Alonso grinned evilly. "I'll show General Esm_ who should lead the Silver Squad." He saw a lone Plutarkian Fighter Plane heading his way, and grinned wider. "You're toast, buddy." He said, and tapped at his instrument panel.
Alonso looked down when he heard beeping, and read the panel. "C***! The guns are locked!! D*** it!" He exclaimed and hit the panel. He looked up and saw the Plutarkian fire at him...
* * *
"D*** it!" Exclaimed Gyro as Alonso's plane went up in a ball of flame. Esm_ stared at the ground, shaking his head.
Wildfire ran out to the two, calling, "Gyro! There's a call for you from General Carbine..." She stopped, noticing the look on the two men's faces. "What happened?" She asked.
Gyro was immediately struck mute. Esm_ looked at the floor, scratching the back of his head slowly. He never liked to be the bearer of bad news.
"Come on, don't keep me in the dark." Said Wildfire. "Okay," Said Gyro, "But you might want to sit down first." Wildfire grew frightened but remained standing. "What happened?" She asked.
"Lon, um, your father...was...he was killed." Whispered Gyro. Wildfire felt he knees weaken as she fell to the floor. "No..." She whispered, "When did it happen?" "Just a minute ago," Answered Gyro, "He snuck out. I can't figure out why."
Wildfire's eyes narrowed in anger. "Weren't you in the hanger? Didn't you see him?!" She asked angrily. "We were busy. We didn't notice." Replied Gyro. "Didn't notice? Or how about 'didn't care'," Snapped Wildfire, "I know you and dad didn't get along well!" She ran out of the hanger, crying.
"Wildfire, wait!" Called Gyro, but she was gone. Esm_ walked up behind him. "She's just hurt. She'll be back." He said, putting his hand on Gyro's shoulder.
* * *
After a month, Wildfire still hadn't returned. No one on base had seen her since she had left.
"You lied, Esm_." Said Gyro, but there was no malice in his voice. "I'm sorry, Gyro." Said Esm_. "It's not your fault," Said Gyro, "It's nobody's fault, really."
Flor and Wheeler ran over to Esm_ and Gyro. "Sir, there's been some Plutarkian Fighter Pilots spotted heading this way!" Exclaimed Wheeler.
"Go, go!" Exclaimed Esm_, and Gyro ran off to collect the Silver and Gold Squadrons.
* * *
"But that still doesn't explain why you didn't want us to know this before." Said Throttle.
"I'm getting to that," Said Gyro, "But I still don't understand what happened. But anyway, I was off to gather the other pilots..."
* * *
The 20 Gold and Silver Squad pilots found themselves facing 15 Plutarkians.
"Okay," Exclaimed Gyro, "When I say go, Batya, you take Ince, Larry, Ginger and Ronson and break left. Xeno, you take Wynn, Sheena, Yolanda and Zena and break right. Misha, you take Juno, Birkett, Ellaina and Kit and go around behind them. The rest of ya, come with me and we charge 'em head one! GO!"
All of the pilots did as Gyro had instructed, and he and his four others fired at the Plutarkians head on, taking out two. The Plutarkians fired back, blasting 3 Martian planes.
Misha's group came up behind the Plutarkians and shot down another two planes before they turned around and shot him and three others down.
"Come on, everyone," Said Gyro, "We can do this!" He turned around and blasted another Plutarkian.
But things happened so fast that soon only Gyro and one Plutarkian remained. After a few minutes of intense dog fighting, Gyro blew up the Plutarkian. Unbeknownst to him, it had been the last Plutarkian Fighter Pilot on Mars. He also didn't realize that he was the only remaining Martian Fighter Pilot on Mars.
"Hey, we won! How 'bout that!" He exclaimed. He was answered by static. "Uh, guys?" He asked. More static.
His eyes widened. "I'm the only one. I'm the only remaining fighter pilot on Mars. I lost everyone..." He ended in a whisper. He piloted Alastair back to base.
* * *
"An after that, I refused to admit that I was a pilot. I wouldn't fly and I hid my uniform. But there weren't anymore air attacks anyway." Finished Gyro.
"Are you still the only remaining Martian fighter pilot?" Asked Charley. "As far as I know." Answered Gyro.
Wulf looked at Sky. "What about the stone?" He asked. Sky grinned. "Who wants ta visit Wulf's and my dimension?" She asked. The mice exchanged looked and Vinnie asked, "What about Stinkburger?" "I could keep him busy for a while." Answered Sky.
"How?" Asked Throttle. "Easy," Answered Sky, "I could send him to another dimension. It would take him a while to find his way back."
The mice exchanged grins. "Do it!" Said Casta±o. Sky waved her hand in the air. "Done." She said, grinning. "That's it?" Asked Flor. "Yup," Answered Sky, "Well, let's go."
She opened a portal and the mice stepped through, and to Sky's dimension.

The end.