Title: "Jellicle Cats Come out Tonight"

Description: A rountine Goon bashing goes very wrong
when a small black Cat, Sapphire, gets involved. She
and Throttle end up captured and stuck in a virtually
anything proof bomb shelter.Does Sapphire care about
anything other then herself to get help? Will her
tragic past be revealed?

Boring legal bit: This story is copyrighted to
Sapphire Jellicle 2000. The names and characters of
the BMFM are copyright to New World entertainment. The
extract from the song Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats
as is the title of this story is taken from Andrew
Lloyd Webber's musical Cats and is copyright to the
Really Useful Group. This story is not written for any
financal gain. It was written by a fan for other fans
to enjoy.

WARNING: this story contains some swearing, all by
Sapphire, what can i say?! Shes got a self proclaimed
attiude problem!


----------"Jellicle Cats Come Out Tonight"------------

By Sapphire Jellicle

Sapphire pricked up her ears, the sound of motorbikes
was getting louder and they were nearing HER alley,
she went to investigate. Her paws made next to no
sound as she padded down the dark street. The sound
was really loud now and lights were skirting the wall.
In possibly one of the stupidest things she could do,
she stepped into the middle of the alley. Almost at
once three motorbikes roared into view. The centre one
was heading straight for her.
In yet another increbibly stupid move she froze, then
jumped, the wrong way. She lept up and landed on the
motorbike of the centre rider.
The rider exclamed loudly, suprised and careered to
the left.
'Watch it Throttle!' yelled another rider.
'Can't help it Modo, we got an unexpected passenger!'
shouted Throttle back.
Sapphire held on for dear life, her claws aking small
grooves in the metal work of Throttle's bike.
'Split up!' barked Throttle suddenly, as he veered off
to the right. Sapphire finally realised she was
involved in some sort of chase. Her first clue was
when the third rider, in a hpyer sort of way, yelled
'Yes! there is nothing like a good old fashioned bike
chase!' as he rode off down the centre alley, knocking
over dustbins and rubbish with careless disabandon.
Throttle and Sapphire rode at high speed down a wide
varity of back alleys with various artilleries fireing
over head. Suddenly, noe hit just under the back wheel
of Throttle's bike and he swerved sharply, right into
a dead end wall.
Dazed, Sapphire staggered up right.
'Well thank you for a simply divine trip, but next
time I think I'll stay and wait for the bus' she said
'Hey! Any landing yo can walk away from!' said
Throttle, on the denfensive.
'Sorry, did you day walking?' asked Sapphire as she
tripped ove her own tail. Throttle stared at her as if
seeing her the first time.
'A talking cat?' he said in wonder and suprise.
'Figured that out on your own huh?'.
He looked at her and then removed his helmet,she
didn't notice as she was in the middle of a rant.
'......well done pal. You've discovered the freak of
Chi-town and ..... oh bloody hell' She sat down in
shock, looking at her was a giant mouse. She recovered
magnificently. 'Oh yeah. nice one, you just HAD to go
one better. I'm a talking Cat, so you couldn't just be
a talking mouse, you had to be a GIANT talking mouse,
with a motorbike. And then you just swoop in and take
my crown as "Freak of Chicago",Although, she addes
retrospectively, 'that sort of happened the first time
I saw The Jerry Springer Show.'
He let her have her say, not sure what else to do. She
was quite a small cat, with semi-long pitch black fur
and startingly large, slanting exotic bule eyes and
she spoke with a fairly strong English accent.
'OK, chill out cat' he said, putting his hands on her
'Excuse me?' she snapped, shaking him off, 'first
thing, its capitial C, thanks sweetie, and second
thing I have a name, Sapphire', she said by way of
introduction, 'So please to meet you' she said, in a
voice dripping with sarcasm.
'Yeah, Charmed' he said dryly, 'Well, I'm Throttle'
She snorted softly 'yeah, theres a name you want to
bless a child with'.
'What?, growled Throttle, 'is wrong with my name? And
what is so perfect about Sapphire?'
'Hmmmm, would I rather be named after a pretty, shiney
jewel, or a method of killing someone? Maybe I'll
change my name to garote, whatdoyathink?', she smirked
arrogantly at him. They glared at each other.
They were still glaring at each other when the thugs
that had been chasing Throttle skidded up. One lauched
a small missile at them. Sapphire turned her head
'Er, hello?', she caught the missille with her tail.
'We were arguing', she threw it straight back at them.
As the explosion ecohed around she finished, 'get ing
'Pretty good', he said grudgingly.
'See, I'm not just a pretty face', she said
'No, youre just a face', he retorted.
'I'll let that suprisingly good comeback slide and
make way for the slow surge of panic that is engulfing
my spine', she said, indicating the thugs who has
reassembled and were revving up.
'Not a problem', said Throttle confidently. He
whistled and his bike, which has been lying under
various bricks and other assorted rubbish jumped up of
its own accord. Sapphire looked on in mild suprise,
'does it beg and roll over too?', she enquired.
He jumped on his bike and revved it up. 'Want to trt
this a little more formal this time?, he asked, 'need
a ride?'.
Sapphire considered her options. They weren't very
promising, still she really, really didn't want to
give Throttle the satisfaction of her saying yes.
Luckily it was a decision she didn't have to make.
One of the goons lauched another missile at them, it
hit the wall, which crumbled, a hard chunk knocked
Throttle out and he slumped to the ground,
unconscious. Sapphire was pinned down by a lump of
rock that has landed on her back. The weight was
unbearable and the pain was rising, her vision
unfocused and everything went black.


Groggily Sapphire opened her eyes, and waited until
everything swam back into focus. She sat up quickly.
'Oooo bad idea', she muttered as she flopped back
down. Lying on her back, as she waited for her
thumping head ache to subside into a dull murmur, she
took in her surroundings. A ceiling, how informative.
Slowly, she turned her head to the left, rubbisha dn
ore rubbish, then to the right and saw Throttle, still
out for the count. Despite herself, she felt a gush of
concern for him and she staggered up right and crept
across to him, ignoring the jolting pain in her back.
'Throttle?', she shook him gently. He groaned but
didn't wake up. Sighing, she looked around their cell.
Ah yes, she recognised this place alright. It was a
disused bomb shelter, in the basement of an old
factory, on the outskirts of Chicago. She sometimes
used it as a winter shelter, now she was trapped in
it. She was interrupted in her chain of thought by
Throttle's groaning. As she looked round he got up,
holding his head.
'Are you OK?', asked Sapphire.
He looked at her. 'Concern, thats a new one', he
remarked as he stood up. Sapphire considered all the
dignified, mature comebacks, gave up and stuck her
tounge out at him. He looked around their prison.
'Limburger', he growled.
'Who?', asked Sapphire, 'The rich, enterprises
'Not a bloke, a Plutarkian'.
'Again, I come back to, who?'.
'Long story'.
'We're not going anywhere'.
Within the next 20 minutes Sapphire knew all ahe
wanted, and all she didn't about the Biker Mice From
'Sooooo', she concluded, 'Youre three rouge bikers
from Mars trying to stop Limburger from doing the same
to Chicago what he did to Mars, i.e. virtually
destroying it, along the way having lots of buddy
adventures and being the very definition of bad puns.
Meanwhile one of the aforementioned heros realises for
will realise that he has fallen in love with the trios
token fiestly female, who helps them all in the
aforementioned adventures, but only after lots of back
biting and 'we really can't stand each other convos,
Am I right?'.
She chuckled, 'Yeah I'm right, its Cat thing', she
said, preening
'And how very impressive it it too', drawled an
unfamiliar voice. They turned round
'Limburger', snarled Throttle, automatically reaching
for his gun. but, of course, it had been confiscated.
'Ah yes, my revolting rodent, it is I', smirked
Limburger, 'And I hope you're enjoying your stay in
what will soon be your tomb'.
'Yeah,er,whatever', interrupted Sapphire, Clueless
style, 'wheres the jacuzzi and the mini-bar?'.
'Ah, the talking feline my esteamed employees informed
me about, and what should we do with you?'
'Well, I would suggest a battle of wits, but your only
half prepared', said Sapphire, smiling at him.
'And for that remark, my feline friend, you will share
the same fate as this Biker Mouse you unwisely decided
to side with'.
'Really?', said Sapphire in bored tones, 'Wont that be
fun', she smiled brightly at him, but her eyes held a
dangerous glint he didn't like the look of.
'Oh it will', he assured her,'well i just came for one
of my god given rights as a villian, the oblitiary
gloating scene, and now i must depart, but i will be
back for my ringside seat at the demiss of one of my
arch nemisis', you needn't worry about that' he
finished, as he walked out the huge, heavy door slaed
shut behind him.
Sapphire wrinkled her nose, 'ugh, all that money and
he can't afford a decent deodourent?' Or a decent
suit?', she added as an afterthought.
Throttle smiled, although there was no humour in it.
'thats Plutarkians for you, allround stinkfishes'.
'Got that right....er, what are you doing?', asked
Sapphire in astonishment, Throttle had settled himself
down comfortably against the wall.
'Waiting. Vinnie and Modo'll turn up soon. We'll trash
Limburger Towers, save the day and be back at
Charley's garage before the rock hour on the radio
comes on'.
'Uh-huh? Well I got news for you Braintrust, we aren't
in Limburger Towers. We're in an abandoned bomb
shelter, under an old factory, behind a solid steel
dorr that only opens from the outside, and the only
thing between us and freedom is 4ft of solid steel and
then the tiny matter or burrowing upwards through the
earth and then cracking through the pavement. Yeah,
lets take a nap shall we?'.
'Point', he finally conceeded, getting up again. 'so,
what do we do then?'
She shrugged, 'We? As in plural? Weeeell, I plan to
leave via that air vent over there, the same way I do
when ever I come here, I don't know about you'. she
made off towards the vent.
'Now hold on a minute Sapphire', he started, grabbing
her tail and swinging her back round to face him,
'don't you care about anyone but yourself? Don't you
believe in helping your friends?'.
She glowered at him, 'first of all, no! I'am a Cat,
get a clue! And second of all, when did we make the
transition from two persons who would normally be
natural enemies and who survive on a hate-hate
relationship consisting of sarcasm, bitterness and
cynicism to friends?'.
'I don't believe you?'. yelled Throttle back.
'Oh, get over yourself Throttle! And get another clue,
lifes a bitch and you can't trust nobody but yourself,
you let people get close to you and all sorts of
nastyness ensues and its really not worth it in the
long run, so why bother?'.
'I got my Bros!'snarled Throttle.
'I'm so happy for you! Me? i got noone and i like it
that way! Yeah, you got your infamous Bros, but for
how long? People are fickle, Throttle, and friends are
worse. Whats the point? How far can you trust your
Bros Throttle? They'll turn on you sooner or later,
everyone does!', Sapphire was nearly crying now, as
she shouted.
'I trust my Bros with my life!' Yelled Throttle back.
'And thus stooping to new depths of stupidity!'.
He hit her, it wasn't very hard, for Throttle, but
Sapphire was quite a small animal. She was bowled over
backwards. Throttle immediatly regretted it, and
looked at Sapphire in shock and shame.
She sprang back up and fixed him with a long, hard,
icy glare. It prenatrated right through his shades and
to the very centre of his being, he shivered.
'Ow', she said in annoyed tones. She turned away
brusquely. 'So, I'll get out through the air vent and
find Vinnie and Modo shall I? They'll be where? Last
Chance Garage?', she said, suddenly buisness like.
'Er.....well....that is...', said Throttle, at a lose
for words. She was acting like the heated argument
just then hadn't happened, and he didn't know to find
this ore disturbing, or what she had actually said
during the fight.
'Yes?', she asked, a little impatiently,'or do we have
anything else resembling a plan?'.
'Splendid', she trotted over to the air vent and
hooked her claws under the wire near the bottom of the
vent and pulled it up. She removed the screws there so
it worked like a Cat flap. She jumped in and the wire
coating slammed shut behind her.
'Sapphire?', called Throttle.
'Be careful'.
She snorted, 'yeah, whatver', and stalked away,
leaving Throttle to wait.
The vent sloped up after a while and was soon almost
a sheer drop but Sapphire,with grim determination, dug
her claws in and clawwed her way up, almost plummeting
to a certain death on more than one ocassion.
She soon reached the top and jumped out into the dark
street and headed towards The Last Chance Garage.


Charley looked up, concern written all over her face.
'Have you found him?', she asked anxiously.
Modo shook his head. 'No', he said shortly, 'we found
his bike, but no sign of Throttle'.
'People, people, chill, this is Throttle', said
Vinnie, sounding more confident than he felt. 'Even if
he doesn't escape on his own, a goon'll soon turn up
with his Boss' hostage demands. So, we just turn out
the lights and jump 'em when they come in'.
They did just this. As they waited in silence Vinnie
couln'd resist saying to Charley, 'Well, isn;t this
cosy sweetheart? Fancy snuggling up with the
'Oh please', she retorted, pushing him away.
'Shhhhh!', that was Modo, glareing intently into the
gloom of the garage, his eye flashing red, 'I think I
hear something'.
They all listened intently. What they heard was
Sapphire scrabbling up the wall next to the garage.
The next thing they heard was 'Shit!' in exaperated
and annoyed tones.
Sapphire shook herself. She had fallen off the other
side of the wall, and thus probably alerted anyone to
her presence. Fabulous. She composed herself and
padded towards the darkened buildig that was the Last
Chance Garage.
She popped her head round the open doors.
'Er....helloooo?', she called, questionaly and
uncertainly. It looked deserted. On the alert, with
every sense tingling, she silently unsheathed her
claws and padded into the seemly empty building. Her
muscles tensed, ready to fight.
She hadn't got more than about 10 paces when someone
yelled 'GOTTYA!! and bouned out from behind a work
Then he threw a small device at Sapphire. She did her
tail trick again and threw the implinment away, where
it promptly smashed the light.
'Vinnie!, cried Charley in exasperation as she
scrabbled her a torch.
'Wasn't me darling!' Vinnie defended himself.
Sapphire saw she had the advantage in that she was the
only person present who could see in the dark. She
quickly dodged out of Vinnie's range, and ran right
into Modo's.
As she saw his cybernetic eye flashing at her she
realised her advantage was no more. She hissed
defiently at him and lept right over him. She lande on
an shelf behind him. He swund round and used to guns
on his cybernetic arm to shoot at her. He hit the
hinge of the shelf and it broke. Sapphire wasn't
prepared for this and she fell. Naturally she landed
on her feet, but the board of the shelf landed on her
alreay aching back, She yelped in pain.
'What are you?', yelled Modo looking at the small mass
of black fur.
'Pissed off is what I am!', she retorted, shoving the
shelf off her. 'I come here to tell you where Throttle
is and I get attacked! I hate to think what you do to
door-to-door salesmen!'. Charley finally found the
flash-light and turned it on. Sapphire was bathed in a
pool of light.
'A talking cat!',they all said in unison.
'Uh-huh, figured that out - damn!', she stopped,
remembering she had already used that retort on
Throttle. So, instead she retaliated with, 'to quote a
popular American phrase; du'h!', and a brief glare to
make up for it.
'A talking cat', said Modo again
'Yes! There is intelligent life on other planets!'.
'A cat'. said Vinnie
Sapphire sighed, 'some of us seem to be having trouble
just grasping the whole "Cat" concept though'.
'But I'm allergic to cats'.
Sapphire gave him a pointed, bored look, 'And....?'
'Well, i'm not sneezing'.
'Well done, and what can we take away from todays
'That.....youre not a cat?'.
'I despair, just in general really', said Sapphire
exasperated tones.
'You explain it then!', said Vinnie, starting to get
'Well...its obviously something to do with the fact
that I'm a Jellicle and we have certain aspects that
differ to regular Cats which could very well include
the whole "allergy" thing, plus I wear purfume and I
don't moult...much'. They stared at her. 'Look! Lets
just go with the Jellicle theory! Its a theory, it
could happen!'.
Modo said thoughfully, 'I thought all cats were
'Well, yes, generally, collectively all Cats are in
spirit Jellicles, but actual Jellicles are....how the
hell do you know what a Jellicle is?'.
Modo chuckled, 'My Mama used to say if we didn't do
what we were told Macavity would get us'.
Sapphire looked vaguely amused, 'Can't imagine even
Macavity getting you now'.
Modo smiled, 'yeah, and she used to tell us about a
cat who taught mice to sew and cook and dance....'.
'The Gumbie', said Sapphire knowingly.
'I hate to interrupt this fascinating dicussion, but
haven't we got a tiny, little detail called rescue
Throttle to sort out', said Charley smoothly.
'Oh, yeah, I was in the middle of a rant wasn't I?
Until someone butted in with his stupid "allergy"
thing. Now, where was I?....er.....to quote a popular,
no that wasn't it.....ah! Yes it was!'
'Weird', breathed Vinnie.
'Excuse me? Can you say hypocrite?'.
Modo interrupted, 'You know where Throttle is?'.
'Yes, and i'm guessing you want me to take you to
'Get the cat a medal!', barged in Vinnie.
Sapphire gazed at him cooly, and Modo, sensing another
argument intervined.
'Right! Lets go!', he said, taking action. He jumped
on his bike and whistled for Throttle's,
'Sapphire actually sweetie, and its capital bloody
well C!'.
'Yeah, Sapphire, sorry, you can ride with me'.
'Oh joy, oh rapture', she muttered as she jumped on
Modo's bike. Vinnie lept on his bike and they rode out
of the garage.
'Lets Rock......and Ride!', they yelled together.
Sapphire's words, 'they got a catchphrase, oh dear
god.....' were lost as they rode away into the night.
Soon they sped up to the abandoned factory. They
stopped near Sapphire's air vent.
'What are we waiting for?', said Vinnie impatiently,
'lets blast our way in and get Throttle!'.
'hold on there John Wayne!' adminished Sapphire,
'Limburger may be many things, including greedy, ugly,
foul, fat, odorous',she checked off, noting with some
satisfaction that Vinnie and Modo were nodding
agreement with her, '....but hes not stupid. Hes
chosen a pretty secure place to hold Throttle. Look at
the facts: The bomb shelter hes in is holding up a
bearly stable building, you blast your way through
that you bring the whole thing down aroung your furry,
over-sized ears'.
'She got a point', conceeded Modo.
'Thank you. Ok, so heres what we do, I, using my own
private enterance, will get in and keep an eye on
things. You have to find another way in, and then, you
can do the rescue stuff you are apparently so good
'And then we bast our way out!', finished Vinnie.
'What is it with you and blasting Vinnie? Find a new
theme. Right, now Limburger will undoubtdly have the
place swarming with hench-men, so you have got to be
quiet, sutble and inconspicuous and get in without hem
noticing. Vinnie, you look like I just suggest you
shoot yourself in the foot, whats wrong?'.
'Its the whole quiet thing, Vinnie can't handle it',
supplied Modo helpfully.
Sapphire sighed, 'when this is over, i'm going to
introduce you to the wonders of de-cafe', she said to
Vinnie. She jumped off Modo's bike and made her way
towards her air vent, 'ok? You got that? Do something
they wont suspect'.
'Like what?'.
'oh, I don't know, use a door?', she said with a tiny
smile as she entered the vent.
They looked at each other.
'She knows us so well', warbled Vinnie. 'I can't
believe we're taking orders froma Cat', he said, just
remembering to add the capital letter.
'I wont tell, if you don't', said Modo.


Sapphire trotted along the small, metal tunnel, her
claws making small noises on the surface. Soon she
reached the almost sheer drop. She scrabbled at the
top for a while, paced herself, and slid off. The
walls whoosed by at a lightening fast speed aa she
skated down this shiney slide, she knew she was
nearing the end so she put her front paws out in front
of her to open the vent with. Nearer, nearer, she
readied herself.....and smashed right into the wire
'OH BLOODY BUGGERING HELL!!!! OW OW!!', she yelled
loudly. She wriggled her nose, 'Christ Almighty! Ow,
ow!!, god, i think i'm bleeding', she wiped her nose
with her paw, 'Damn! Ow! Throttle!!'.
He came over, 'calm down Sapphire, you'll have a whole
battilion of goons down here'.
'Yeah, with their one collective brain-cell', OW!'. He
grabbed the wire coating and pulled it away with ease.
She clasped in a heap in front of it, blood streaming
from her nose. 'What, you couldn't of done that
earlier?'. He shrugged. 'Great, terrific', she felt
her nose tenderly and sniffed.
'Oh, come here', he said, taking the red bandana from
around his neck and dabbing her nose with it.
'Thanks', she said, 'what happened?'.
'Limburger came back, saw you were gone and found your
emergency exit, so he ordered it to be resealed'.
'Git', she said feelingly. The flow of blood was
beginning to subside.
'Thats the truth'.
They froze as the door began to open. Sapphire quickly
ducked behind some boxes. 'They don't know i'm here
and lets keep it that way', she whispered as she
vanished out of sight. Throttle turned to see
Limburger descending down the stone steps with
Greasepit and about 7 goons in tow. Behind them 2 othe
goons carried some of Karbunkle's equipment, with the
deranged doctor fussing all the while.
'As you can see, my Dear Biker Mouse, your time has
well and truly come. Your feline friend has bolted',
he smirked, not noticing the open vent, which Throttle
was conviently standing in front of. 'And in this
sound proof prison, no one will hear you scream. You
see, I decided that we might as well let Dr Karbunkle
continue with his experiments he started on Mars'.
Throttle was bound to a chair with chains and he
watched in horror as Karbunkle displayed his deadly
looking equipment.
'Unfortunatly our costs don't cover anestectic, I'm
sure you understand', he hissed evily. He took off
Throttle's shades and discarded them. 'I like to look
in to my victims, i mean, patients eyes', he stated.
As soon as Sapphire heard that slimy, serpintine voice
she shivered. She peered round the boxes and stared in
abject shock. She wasn't sure what colour she'd
expected Throttle's eyes to be. A deep reddy-brown
hadn't been one of her choices. Modo's eye was red
too, but in a cybernetic way. Vinnie's were in a
crazed, perminent sugar rush kind of way. Throttle's
were a lot softer and without his shades he looked a
lot ore vunerable, more easily hurt, which hasn't
going to be much of a problem in a minute. Suddenly
something kicked at her brain, she ignored the
niggling feeling and turned back to the matter in
hand. Luckily she had more time than she thought as
Karbunkle, in thetime honored tradition of villians,
was showing off his instruments of torture, describing
in detail what eact one did.
Whatever it was that was trying to get her attention
was really annoying her now, running around inside her
head yelling "wake up you dozy cow!". She massaged her
temples, she starting to get another headache and her
back was killing her.
Suddenly it hit her like a lightening bolt. 'Jesus,
Mary and Joseph', she breathed. Muddy half memories
swam back to her as she stared at the shocking display
before her. Narrowing her eyes, anger starting to
build up inside her, she stepped out of she hiding
'Oh dear', she said with flase concern,'fashion feau
pax alert! My dear doctor, were you doing something
illegal when they were handing out dress sense? I
mean, purrrlease, youre wearing a dress, accept it.
And your shoes? I don't think they were ever anywhere
near being 'in'. And don't get me started on the
goggles......what? Well fine, Ok, don't let a sense on
style ruin your "thang"'. They were all staring at
her. 'What? Ah yes, me. Just in general I suppose, I'm
a freak', she said matter of factly, 'As is my comrade
Throttle and his Bros as he is so fond of calling
them. You know, I've often wondered, who did this to
me? What would i do if i met them?'. She stared
intently around the room, 'Anyone up for finding
out?'. She suprised them all by suddenly leaping
through the air, she hit Karbunkle on the chest, and
down he went, Sapphire standing on his chest.
Breathing hard, she continued, 'Hi doc, remember me?
Well, the bitch is back'.
'Proud of me are you? One of your many creations no
doubt, so i doubt so remember. Hell, i didn't even
remember until just now, but thats what tortuous
experiments will do to a Cat, you know? Well no, i
don't suppose you do, seeing as you were always the
one holding the instruments. So, you gave me the power
of speech and human, i mean, above human intelligence,
why? Casual interest?'.
'Just some pilimary experiments for research
purposes', said Limburger before he could stop
'What?', said Sapphire dangerously, turning her head
sharply, 'You as well? Why did i even bother with that
hint of suprise in my voice? Is the truth really out
there?'. She lept again, this time landing on
Limburgers ample frame.
'Ok,', she said. 'I take what I said to Vinnie and
Modo back, you are stupid. Capturing Throttle was, I'm
afraid, Officially a Bloody Stupid Idea, Why? Because
I got invloved, thats why?'.
She stopped and stared at him intently, her sapphire
blue eyes flashing in anger, she lent in close to
him.'Well, first of all i'm a Jellicle Cat, second of
all, i'm a Jellicle Cat with one hell of an attitude
problem, third of all, i'm a Jellicle Cat with one
hell of an attitude problem whos exstreamly angry at
this precise moment in time. So', she cut off
suddenly,'Any questions?'.
'One actually', said Limburger nervously, 'whats a
Jellicle Cat?'. You could of cut diamond in the
silence that followed that one simple question,
Sapphire broke it.
'Whats a Jellicle Cat?', she said the question in
puzzlement and wonder, as if she couldn't see how
anyone could NOT know what a Jellicle Cat is.
'Whats a Jellicle Cat?', she repeated, her voice
getting a dangerous edge.
'Whats a Jellicle Cat?', she said a third time, she
reared her head suddenly and started to sing, it was a
captivating sound.
'Are you blind when your born?
Can you see in the dark?
Could you look at a king?
Would you sit on his thrown?
Can you say of your bite, thats its worse than your
Are you cock of the walk, when your walking alone?'
'Because Jellicles are, and Jellicles do, Jellicles do
and Jellicles would', at this point she was darting
her head in time with the music which had mysteriously
started up when she had started singing.
'Jellicles would and Jellicles can', she was getting
closer and closer to Limburger's face, so they were
eyeball to eyeball, nose to nose, 'Jellicles....can',
her voice was slowing down now, '...and
Jellicles.....', she stopped and then raised her paw
and slashed her claws across Limburger's face.
'......do', she finished simply, as she stared
non-commitedly at the shreds of mask and trails of
blood that were starting to form on Limburger's face.
'You see', she said softly, 'I have emotional scars
but no physical ones and now you have physical scars,
and no emotional ones. As far as justice gose, its not
A heavy, tense silence settled on the room, no one was
hardly daring to breath.
Suddenly and without warning a low humming started up,
it got louder and louder. Throttle turned his head
towards the door, he knew who it was.
The door burst open, nearly off its hinges, and
various goons were thrown down the stairs onto their
suprised comardes.
'Its raining men!', sang two loud, but incredibly out
of tune, voices. Vinnie and Modo.
'Hey Sapph! We tried that "quiet" thing you were
talking about, wasn't really us!', shouted Vinnie.
'And in times of trouble you got to go with what you
know', added Modo, the small guns on his arm still
They looked around, 'who died?', asked Vinnie. As one,
everyone in the room turned to look at him. 'What?'.
'Way to spoil the mood Vinncent', called Throttle,
'now, er, little help?'. A quick blast from Modo soon
freed Throttle and he stood up, rubbing his arms
gladly to get the circulation back.
Limburger finally snapped out of trance he seemed to
of lasped into, he stood up suddenly and Sapphire,
caught unawares, fell to the ground and stood there,
looking dazed and confused.
'Right', he said, kill him, him and him and espeically
HER', he spat, jabbing his finger at Sapphire, who
narrowed she eyes cooly at him, he hastily with drew
the finger.

The goon snapped in to action, as did the Biker Mice.
Throttle jumpes on his bike and got to work with a
great will.
'So what was going on when we made our spectacular
enterance?', enquired Modo as he and Throttle fought
side by side.
'Turns outs our new feline pal Sapphire was one of
Karbunkle's early experiments, funded by Limburger,
she shared her feelings'.
'Obviously', said Modo as he noted Limburger trying to
clear up the blood and fix the mask at the same time.
He dealt one goon with a kick one-two punch and a well
placed round-house kick,'poor Sapph', he said.
Vinnie, who had been causing his trade-mark disaray,
overheard, 'hardly Bro! Sapph is working out her anger
pretty effectively, shes firey aint she?'.
Sapphire was proving herself to be a formidable
fighter, her main trick, as well as using her claws,
teeth and now infamous glares, seemd to consist of
rebounding off walls onto the back of Thug's necks and
pushing them to the ground, where they were knocked
out cold.
'And that, Sweetheart,' she said, 'goes next to "i
like a girl with spirit" in the top 5 things men
always say when a female shows her fighting proess'.
As she stalked towards another hoard of goons,
glowering fiercely at them when she was suddenly
grabbed by Greasepit.
'Hey Boss! I gots the cat!', he called proudly.
'Ugh! And i just had this coat cleaned!', cried
Sapphire in anguish.
'Excellent', leered Limburger, picking up a gun,
'alright you vile vermin, 'I think you know tha rules,
surrender and your feline friend wont come to any
harm, blah, blah, blah'.
The Biker Mice looked at each other, just as they
started to lower their weapons Sapphire interrupted
with 'yeah, like thay care'. She gave Throttle a
'look' and he nodded ever so slightly back. 'They
couldn't give a stuff about me, i mean hello? we ARE
natural enemies you know?'.
'As if i'm dumb enough to fall for that, why were you
helping them?'.
'Helping the to help my self, it hurt me to do it'.
'you referred to them as your comrades'.
'for the look of the thing'.
'oh please'
'ask them'.
'Its true', called out Throttle, 'shes a Cat, why
would we side ourselves with that?'.
'It doesn't really matter because i'm still going to
kill you', said Limburger to Sapphire as he turned
towards her, gun pointed at her head, this move meant
he now had his back to the Biker Mice, this proved to
be a pivotal mistake.
Modo lept in an impressive rugby tackle and sent
Limburger flying, Sapphire bit hard into Greasepit's
hand and he dropped her, crying out in pain. Vinnie
and Throttle effortly handled the rest of the goons.
'Now, THAT was fun',announced Vinnie.
'No, that was vile', muttered Sapphire, wiping her
paws across her mouth and coughing in an effort to get
rid of the taste of Greaspit, 'i'll never stop
brushing my teeth'.
'I think we outstayed out welcome Bros', said Modo
'Agreed', said Throttle. He picked Sapphire and
carefully placed he in front of him on his bike, 'lets
get out of here!'. They raced up the steps and through
the door, 'quick! shut the door!', ordered Throttle as
he saw Limburger climbing the stairs, gun in hand.
Vinne and Modo, with little effort, did so.
Limburger reached the door as it slammed shut.
'Karbunkle, wheres the door handle?', he asked.
The Biker Mice and Sapphire stared at the door, Vinnie
started fidgeting and looking around, he coughed.
'Oh, for Hades sake Vinnie, you can trash the damn
building!' said Sapphire irritably.
'ALRIGHT!', shouted Vinnie, punching the air in
triumph, 'we broke her! Lets waste this dump!'.
'ARGHHHH! Have you ever heard of silence!' cried
Sapphire suddenly, clutching her trobbing head in her
'Better put this one on the back burner Bros'. said
Throttle in a matter of fact way, 'lets go'.
Ignoring Vinnie's "look" he rode of the building. Modo
and a disappointed Vinnie followed suit.
Once they had all reassembled outside the building
there was an awkard silence.
'Well, THAT was a pleasant interlude', stated Sapphire
flatly, 'okbye', she said all in one breath as she
jumped down off Throttle's bike and started to stalk
'Wait!', called Throttle.
'Yeeeees?', she drawled, turning her head slowly.
'Well, er, that is....', started Throttle, one way or
another at a lose for words, 'well, we could always
use someone of your....size around....for small
holes....and stuff'.
'And your claws can open.....things', put in Modo, he
looked at Vinnie encourageingly
'Yeah, all that stuff and.........spying!', he said in
a moment of inspiration.
'Could i wear a wire?', asked Sapphire,with sudden
interest, then she shook her head, 'sutble guys,
really', she said, too sincerely for it to be taken
seriously, 'but i wouldn't hold your breath...on
second thoughts......'.
'C'mon Sapphire, I know you've had some bad
experiences in the past....', interrupted Throttle.
She laughed bitterly,'Past? What past? Throttle, i
barely have a past. You know what my first memory is?
White walls, the stench of disinfectant, and pain, oh
abundence of that, before that, a blur. I don't know
where i grew up, if i had any siblings, I don't know
who my parents are, I know you wouldn't think a Cat
would care about things like that, but then again you
wouldn't think a mouse would either......', she gave
them all a hard stare.
They looked at her, Modo espeically felt a pang of
sympathy for her, he couldn't even imagine not knowing
his parents. 'I'm sorry Sapph', he said ernestly.
She swung round to face him, but her eyes softened
when she saw Modo's genuine face. 'Thanks Modo', she
said off-handedly. She sighed heavily, 'Look, you guys
are all incredibly funky and all that, but after the
whole New York incident----'.
'What happened in New York?', asked Vinnie
'Personal!', snapped Sapphire sharply, she saw his
hurt look, 'Look, sorry Vinnie, but i' not a big
secret sharer, i like my secrets, they're secret'.
'fair enough'.
She smiled slightly, 'yeah, unlike life....after New
York, i swore to myself i wouldn't bother with friends
again, its like, an unwritten rule of me. Well, see
ya!', she said with fake cheefulness as she turned
away, she felt the disappointment in the air. She
stopped, and thought deeply,and made a decision. 'But,
'she started, 'what are rules if they're not meant to
be broken?'.
They looked at her, 'Really?', asked Throttle in
She bounded up to him, despite the large amount of
pain she was in and jumped back on his bike, she
rolled her eyes, 'Yes, what the hell, its not like
things could actually get any worse is it?'.
'Beside', said Vinnie, 'what a great gimick! a Cat
(capital C) hanging out with Mice (capital M)!'.
'Actually, I think you'll find its Mice hanging out
with a Cat', said Sapphire playfully, suddenly
feeling,well, happy,'woah, new emotion', she muttered.
'I think not Sapphi baby', hooted Vinnie.
'Oh i think so Vinnie Sweetheart. I mean, have you
ever had a musical written about you?'.
'Give it time Sweetheart, we're still working on the
T-shirt empire'.
Sapphire smiled at him, then she stopped, 'Hades! Did
i really say "the bitch is back"?, they nodded,'damn!
I swore i'd never say anything that corny!'.
'Well, thsi is your day for breaking the rules babe',
pointed out Vinnie.
'Good point, maybe i'll launch into a heart-warming,
moralising song then?'.
'Lets not go overboard Sapph', warned Modo.
'Ok, lets do something else', said Sapphire, in that
hyper way, only the over exhausted can,'Hey! Whos up
for trashing Limburger Towers for the pure,
unadulterated fun of it?!'
'Gets my vote', said Modo.
'Seconded', said Vinnie.
'Carried unanamously', said Throttle, turning on his
engine, 'Sapph, are you OK?', he asked suddenly
concerned, she looked terrible.
'I don't know, why didn't you tell me you had a
twin?', she slurred, she blinked and collasped in a
small, black furred heap.
'Awwww man! She seems determined to spoil our fun
'Vincent, not is NOT the time, we gotta get her to a


'This poor animal has been mistreated dreadfully',
said the vet snobbily, 'she gave Throttle a hard
accusing stare.
'Not us mam, we found her in an alley and brought her
straight here'.
'Hmmmm', said the vet, unconvinced, 'Well, her back is
certainly in bad shape, her nose isn't looking too
good, and she seems to have a metal plate in her
head', she said, scrutinising the X-Rays. 'Do you know
who the cat did belong to?'.
'Yes I do,'said Throttle, with a sudden flash of
inspiration, 'One Lawrence Limburger'.


'"Local buisnessman and entrapernaire Lawrence
Limburger has been convicted on 5 accounts of animal
cruelty. The victim, a small black cat, was found by
three kindly Bikers who took her directly to a vet
where it was discovered, that, as well as having a
badly bruised spinal cord and nose, a metal plate had
been placed in her head. When questioned, Limburger
admitted to carrying out experiments on the
unfortunate feline and has sicnce been charged with
$900 fees and has been banned from keeping animals for
four years. The cat, named Sapphire, has since found a
new home with the three Bikers who originally found
the lucky feline"', finished Throttle, reading from
the newspaper.
'Ha! Good one Throttle!', said Modo, 'Limburger wasn't
going to deny it....'
'....cos Sapph would tell all, literally', interrupted
Vinnie, looking gleeful.
Sapphire, from her place on a large, fluffy cushion
where she was lying on her back to rest it, smiled at
him, 'yeah i would! Fancy him, a fish no less,
thinking he could get away with doing this to me, a
Cat, what a moron!'.
'You got that right Sapph',remarked Charley, 'you
'Fine thanks, smiled Sapphire, streching, it was one
of those speical feline streches which made any
humans, or in this case mice, feel pain in muscles
they didn't even know they had, to her faint amusement
to saw Vinnie wince and look away.
'So, Sapph',started Throttle, 'are you happy?'.
Sapphire turned her head on one side, thinking,'Well,
yes, i suppose i must be,i haven't smiled this much in
like forever, but its hard to describe really, i mean,
for so long i was on my own, and i've always been on
my own, no matter who i was with, cos i was so
different, so unique, not unique in ths sense that
everyone is, but in a different sense, in that i knew
there was absolutley no one like me, i mean humans
know there are other humans, but me? a talking Cat
with an english accent, hardly a dime a dozen. I
did'nt fit into ANY catorgries society split us in to,
i was, am and always will be, a freak.
Throttle looked at her, 'but not the only freak'.
'No, not any more'


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~