"Stuck in the pits."

By: Jessica July 8,1997

Copyright @ Jessica. all rights reserved.

I do not own biker mice and are in no way related to the Biker Mice cartoon. I don't make any profit off this story!

(scene 1: the scene starts with a high view of Chicago. We can hear hard rock music blaring as we zoom in on the Last Chance Garage.)

Charley: (yelling) Turn that stuff off I'm trying to work!! (music stops)
Modo: (with his cute little guilty look) Sorry Charley-mam.
Throttle: (smiling) So, babe, whatcha working on?
Charley: (sighing and pulling a stray piece of hair out of her face.) Super Retro jet packs. With
these babys on your bikes Lindburger doesn't stand a chance.
Vinnie: Not that he ever did! (then picking up a blow torch) Need help??
Throttle, Modo, and Charley: (screaming) NO!!!!
Vinnie: you guys still sore over that little bitty mistake??
Charley: LITTLE BITTY!? you almost destroyed my garage and you left a crater in my floor
that's the last time I let you handle a highly explosive device!
Vinnie: how was I suppose to know that if I pressed the red button it would explode!?
Charley: Cause I told you!!
Vinnie: did not!!
Charley: did too!
Vinnie: did not!
Charley: did too!
Vinnie: DID NOT!
Throttle: (sigh) Okay Okay!!! now aren't we acting mature!?
Charley: Sure. Truce? (she says holding out her hand)
Vinnie: Truce. but you didn't tell me!
Charley: did too!
Vinnie: Did not!!!!
Modo: huh. does someone wanna look at the TV?? (still fighting) Hello?? (still going)
QUIET!!!! (silence) Thank you now will someone please take a look at the News?
Reporter on TV: This just in....The 1st bank of Chicago is being held up by what look like big
thugs with dunebuggies. Sources believe these people er..things come from
the pit. More on this story as it comes in.
Throttle: Well bros. what are we waiting for its time to whip some tail! Lets rock!....
Charley: Not so fast! I'm going too!
Vinnie: O.K. O.K. but will you hurry up sweetheart I have one major adrenaline rush!
Charley: Oh calm down you big over grown fur ball! (puts on helmet and gets on)
Vinnie: You sure know how to ruin a mouse's day!
Throttle: (smiling) O.K. children can we pick up from where we left off? Lets Rock!....
ALL: And ride!!!!!


(scene 2: The bank. bomb goes off just as the BMM arrive.)

Charley: There they go! (points at the thugs) Lets get `em!!
Throttle: Cancel that Charley girl we gotta put this fire out before innocent people get hurt!
Vinnie: you and the big guy take care of the fire me and Charley here will take care of them.
Throttle: sounds like a reasonable idea.
Charley: with Vinnie that doesn't come often!
Vinnie: hey!!!
Throttle: (smiling) Good Luck! your gonna need it!
Vinnie: who needs luck when you got me? The meanest mammajamma this side of mars!
Modo: and he's modest too! (smile)
(Throttle and Modo start to put the fire out. Vinnie and Charley ride off)


(Scene 3: Outside the pits-- some of the pit thugs are being lowered into the pit.)

Charley: (taking gun) O.K. lets whip tail!!
Vinnie: Charley you get off we'll do better if we split up. please be careful, sweetheart.
Charley: Why, Vinnie, I didn't know you cared! (smiles, then ducks behind a rock)
Vinnie: (whispering) yeah ya do. (coming to his senses he rides into the fight guns a blazing
a shot barely misses him.) Woah!!! this is one hot party! good thing you got the coolest mouse in the galaxy here to cool you off!
Charley: (coming from behind the rock) Hey lug head over here!!! (fires shot that blows up dune buggy)
(thugs line up in a perfectly straight line to form a barrier. This gives Vinnie an idea)
Vinnie: (smiling) hey thug breath! ever heard of the domino effect?
Thug: oh no!!!! retreat!
Vinnie: too late for that sweetheart! (fires torpedo. All the buggies blow up but the last blast knocks Charley over the edge of the pit!) Charley! (reaches down and catches her just in time)
Charley: Vinnie don't let me fall!
Vinnie: I won't just hold tight! (Vinnie slips)
Charley: VINNIE!
Vinnie: I gotcha don't worry. (wraps his tail around a rock)
Charley: Vinnie I'm slipping! Oh god don't let me fall Vinnie!
Vinnie: hold on charley girl hold on!
Charley: Vinnie.....I'm slipping!!!! (just then Vinnie's glove comes off and charley falls)
Vinnie: CHARLEY!!!! CHARLEY!!!!!!
Charley: AHHHHHHHHH! (fades out of sight) (Vinnie stands up and we see a tear roll down his cheek)


(Scene 4: Bank- the fire is put out and Modo and throttle are giving each other high-fives)

Throttle: (smiling) Well that takes care of that, bro. We better go help Vincent.
Modo: I don't think that's necessary.
Throttle: (confused) why not??
Modo: (smiling) Elementary my dear Throttle...... he's right behind you!
Throttle: (to Modo) we have got to cut back on your viewing time. ( to Vinnie) I take it you whooped the bad guys! (noticing Vinnie's look) What's wrong?
Modo: where's Charley?
Vinnie: (looking dazed) I had here she was right there and then....
Throttle: Vinnie where's Charley!!
Vinnie: then my glove slipped off and..... she fell into the pit.
Throttle: Charley. Oh-no Charley.
Modo: There's no way she survived that!
Vinnie: (angry) don't you think I know that!
Throttle: (putting arm around Vinnie) settle down bro he was just talking to himself. Lets just go home.



(Scene 5: Lindburger tower- Lindburger is in his chair staring out the window. Grease pit enters)

Greasepit: Uh ...Mr. Lindburger...sir...Uh.
Lindburger: Grease Pit! (stands up) how dare you interrupt me when I'm thinking!
Greasepit: Uh ... well I'm sorrys sir but ya see you didn't have your thanking faces on sos I didn'ts knows ya were thanking. see when I'm thanking I makes a face like this or maybe its like this or......(makes weird faces)
Lindburger: SHUT up you blundering idiot! (sits down) what is it!
Greasepit: Well yous sees Mr. Lindburger thes rumor on the street is that ....well..that pretty
biker mice chick is....well...dead, sir.
Lindburger: What!
Greasepit: I know its a shock, Mr. Lindburger and I's just want to lets you knows that its alrights
tos cry.
Lindburger: Oh shut up! with charley gone there will be nobody to stop me from taking over
that ridiculous run down garage! Plus while the biker mice are grieving over their
friend they will be vulnerable and vulnerability will get you killed! (evil smile) how
did it happen?
Greasepit: well rumor is that the Vinnie guy shot a missile and the explosion knocked her over
and he grabbed her but she slipped out of his hands.'
Lindburger: how devilishly splendid and how perfect! I finally have them biker mice cornered!



(scene 6 - the pits.-- Charley is alive!! she is lying on top of a box made up to be a bed. She has a bandage around her head and ankle)

Charley: (opens eyes) wh-where am I??
Young Girl: Your in the pits. Are you o-kay?
Charley: I feel terrible. who are you?
Young Girl: my names Rita but my friends call me Rei.
Charley: can you tell me something?
Rei: sure anything!
Charley: WHO AM I?
(scene 7: streets of Chicago- The BMM are just riding around they are all sad but Vinnie is really upset and the guys are trying to cheer him up.)

Modo: (looking back at Vinnie) (to throttle) Bro look at him. We gotta do something.
Throttle: (looks back at Vinnie) (to Modo) I know bro, but what exactly can I say?
Modo: (turning to Vinnie) Hey Vinnie wanna grab some dogs?
Vinnie: No thanks bro not hungry.
Throttle: (to Vinnie) Wanna get a root beer?
Vinnie: No thanks.
Modo: (looking ahead) Uh wanna bash some bad guys?
Vinnie: no.
Throttle: Well it seems to me we don't have a choice. (Lindburger's goons come over a hill in to
view) (to Modo) this is a sure fire way to cheer him up! Lets Rock!...
Vinnie: and ride yeah yeah wooptie doo. (Throttle and Modo shrug)
Modo: Nothing like a good goon bash to get a mouse feeling better! (punches goon)
Throttle: Yeah it sure relieves stress! (punches goon) (to goon) wouldn't you say so? (goon passes out) Vinnie should feel better now.
Modo: I don't think so. (looks at Vinnie) (Vinnie is just on his bike blasting everything but isn't having a good time at it)
Throttle: Now that is bad! (just when he says that he gets shot at by Vinnie!) hey Vincent you wanna watch where your aiming?!
Vinnie: (not even looking) sorry.
Throttle: I don't know who's more dangerous Lindburger or Vinnie!
Modo: (shot fires past Modo) VINNIE! They are all gone! You can stop firing!
Throttle: (looks at Vinnie) lets just go home! (they all ride off)


(scene 8: The pits- Same as scene 6.)

Rei: (astonished) You don't remember who you are??
Charley: no.
Rei: well does this remind you of anything? (pulls the glove out of a drawer) you had it clutched in your hand when I found you.
Charley: (puts it on) well it can't be mine it's too big.
Rei: well do you remember anything?
Charley: not really, all I remember is the name Charley
Rei: Well maybe thats your name! we'll call you that for now.
Charley: how did I get down here?
Rei: I think you fell. Its amazing that you survived.
Charley: how many days was I out?
Rei: I found you yesterday morning so probably around 24 hours.
Charley: How did you get down here?
Rei: I was born here my mom was a slave down here. and had me so now I'm a slave.
Charley: so will I be a slave now?
Rei: probably but its not real hard work for the women. we just give water to the guys who do all the hard work. of course we are the only women down here pretty much.
Charley: I have got to remember who I am.
Rei: It will come back to you just try to remember and when you do maybe you'll be able to get out. right now though we need to get to work.
Charley: O.K lets go.


(scene 9: Lindburger tower- Lindburger is on the link with lord Canonbar (whatever) )

Both: ....and stink to stink as plutark rules the galaxy shrinks woooh (squish squish)

Lord Canonbar: how very refreshing now Lindburger about that little run down garage....
Lindburger: Taken care of my liege. The owner of the garage was recently deceased leaving it to the highest buyer.
Canonbar: Very good Lindburger when will you have it?
Lindburger: By tomorrow evening.
Canonbar: I'll be expecting it, Lindburger, don't screw up!
Lindburger: there's no way this time sire.
Canonbar: see ya then. (out)
Lindburger: (picks up the phone) Karbunkle get me the best lawyer in the galaxy. I'm gonna steal that garage right out from them vermin's skinny little tails.


(scene 10: Pits same as scene 6: Charley and Rei are asleep after a long day of work. Charley is restless and is not sleeping well. She is having a nightmare.)

Charley: (in sleep) Vinnie....Vinnie....no.....VINNIE!
Rei: (shaking charley) wake up charley you were having a bad dream... wake up
Charley: (awake) HUH? wh-what?
Rei: You were screaming the name Vinnie over and over. Who's Vinnie?
Charley: Vinnie? I don't know a......(flash back of Biker mice and when she fell) Vinnie!
Rei: What Why are you smiling?
Charley: I remember who I am! I gotta get back to the guys they probably think I'm hurt!
Rei: Well there's only one real way out but I can show you a safer way. But it takes longer to get out.
Charley: I'll take the safe way. I'm in no big hurry.


(Scene 11: Garage- inside is a fancy dressed up lawyer, Lindburger, and the guys. they are all standing around a table with papers on it.)

Lawyer: (picks up papers) so you see here with out a real owner the Last Chance garage is up for sell to the highest bidder thus so far that being Mr. Lindburger.
Modo: Well we'll buy it!
Lawyer: can you beat 50,000?
Modo: well.......will you take a check?
Throttle: We don't have checks and for that matter that much money!
Modo: OH yeah! oops!
Vinnie: Your not getting this garage without a fight!
Lindburger: Now now my dear lad. No need for violence.
Lawyer: Now Mr. Lindburger if you'd just sign on the dotted line...(hands him pen)
Modo: You can't let him have it he's a........
Throttle: Modo no. He'd never believe you.
Vinnie: but bro what do we do we can't just let him have it!
Throttle: We have no choice Vincent.
Lindburger: Oh what I can do with this place......
Lawyer: can't wait to see the place but will you please sign.
Lindburger: Oh well yes I guess I should.....
??????: Not so fast Lindburger!
Lindburger: what in blazes!
Guys: Charley!!!!!!!!!!!
Lindburger: it can't be your.....
Charley: DEAD? Do I look dead? NO half way there but I'm still here!
Lawyer: which me the garage still is rightfully hers. (tears papers)
Lindburger: but I paid I almost signed.
Lawyer: but you didn't so here you go Miss Charley the deed to your garage have a nice day.
Lindburger: Oh you mettlesome mice....I'll get you for this!
Lawyer: Come on Mr. Lindburger. (lawyer and Lindburger leave)
Charley: Hi guys.
Throttle: She scares the daylights out of us comes back and says Hi guys???!!!!! (Picks her up and swings her around)
Charley: ow ow ow! Careful you big lug! I wasn't joking about being half way there!
Throttle: sorry. (smiles)
Charley: (looks at Vinnie) Hey you! you might want this back. (hands him his glove)
Vinnie: (takes the glove then looks at charley) Sweetheart I'm sorry.......
Modo: So how'd you survive....I mean ...... well....
Charley: I know what you mean. I'll tell you tomorrow. Right now I need some sleep. See you guys in the morning.
Vinnie: Charley, Like I said I'm sorry I .....(Charley puts a finger to his lips) Don't I already forgave you! (gives him kiss on the cheek and goes into her bedroom.
Throttle: Whew! Go Vincent! (Vinnie just stares at the door)

The End!!

More to come!

Stuck in the Pits