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Shoot Me!

By: Redspot

Feb 24, 1998

Copyright 1998, Redspot, all rights reserved

One afternoon the Biker Mice came back to the garage after beating Limberger's goons for the second time that week.
"Charley!" Vinnie yelled as they arrived.
No one answered and they went looking for her.
"I wonder where she went?" Throttle asked, coming into the garage.
"I don't know," Modo said.
"Hey, in here," Vinnie said from the kitchen.
They found Vinnie sitting at the table reading a piece of paper.
"It's a note from Charley," Vinnie said. "She says she went to the doctors and will be back in a while."
"I wonder why she went to the doctor's office?" Throttle asked Vinnie.
"It doesn't say," Vinnie said.
"Hey," Vinnie said, "why don't we start dinner and have it ready for her."
"Sounds good to me." Modo said. "Beating Limberger always makes me hungry."
Throttle chuckled and said, "All right." Just then the telephone rang and he went to answer it. "Hello?" he asked.
"Hello, is Charlene there?" a woman's voice asked.
Throttle recognized the voice belonging to Charley's mom. "Oh hi, Mrs. Davidson. No, Charley's not here right now. She went to her doctor's office."
"She did?" Mrs. Davidson said. "Well she said she wasn't feeling well last night when we talked. I'll come over in a little while to see how she's doing."
"Sounds good to me," Throttle told her. "We'll see you then."
They hung up and he went back into the kitchen. About 15 minutes later they heard Charley's truck come back and they went to meet her. She was leaning her head on the steering wheel when they came out.
"Hey, Charley-girl, aren't you glad to see I'm all right?" Vinnie asked when he opened the truck door, smiling.
"What?" Charley asked looking up. "Oh, hi guys."
"What's wrong Charley-mam," Modo asked her from the other side of the truck.
"Not much," Charley said, quietly. She stood up out of the truck and started coughing.
Another car came into the garage and a woman came out of it.
Charley finished coughing and looked at her. "Mom, what are you doing here?"
"Where else would I be when my child is sick?" she asked in return coming towards them. "Now let's get you into bed." She put her arm around Charley and they went up to her bedroom. The Mice followed them and stopped outside Charley's door.
Charley's mom came out and Throttle asked her, "What's wrong with Charley?"
"She's just has the Flu," she said.
"Will she be all right?" Modo asked.
"Oh, my, yes," she told them. "She'll just feel miserable for a few days but she will be fine."
They walked back out to the garage to her car. She leaned in and pulled the handle that opens the trunk. "Here," she said and went to the trunk, "help me with this, if you would please."
They came around and saw a TV and two bags of stuff in there.
"Do you always ride around with a TV in your trunk?" Throttle asked her, lifting it out. Modo and Vinnie brought the food out and they went into the kitchen.
"No," she said, "it's for Charley while she's sick." She started putting the food in the refrigerator and cupboards.
"How did it get in there," Vinnie asked her.
She turned to look at him and said, "How do you think I put it in there? I may be old but I can still lift a TV to my car."
Vinnie blushed and mumbled, "Sorry."
"You're not old," Modo said, punching Vinnie in the arm.
"Thank you, Modo," she said, "but I am. But that doesn't mean I'm weak as a kitten." She came over to Vinnie and patted his cheek. "But when I have young, strong, handsome Mice about I will use them to my advantage."
Vinnie smiled and stood up. He picked her up and swung her around.
"Now stop that," she said, then giggled. Vinnie put her down and she said, "There's some stuff I need to get for Charlene and while I'm gone you three need to be quiet as mice."
"How do you do that?" Throttle asked with a smile.
"Oh, you," she said and smiled back. She went to the car and left. The Mice went to the other room and turned the TV on.

A little while later they heard Charley moving around in her room. They knocked on her door and she said, "Come in." They opened the door and brought the TV into the room.
"Hi Charley-mam," Modo said. "How are you feeling?"
"Not good," she said then sneezed.
"Your mom brought this for you," Throttle said while Modo put the TV on the table next to her bed.
"Thanks guys," she said.
They started to leave when Vinnie said, "If you need anything call us."
"Oh, Vinnie, could you do one thing for me?" she asked him.
"Anything babe," he said coming back into the room.
"Will you shoot me," she asked him, groaning.
"Will you shoot me?" she said again, "Please?"
Vinnie's jaw dropped and he ran out of the room.
"Oh, well, I tried," she said to herself. She sneezed again, groaned and turned the TV on.

Throttle looked up from the kitchen table when he heard Vinnie come in. "Hey Vinnie, what's wrong?"
"Yeah, you look pale," Modo said.
"Well he's white," Throttle said. "He's always looks pale." They laughed and Vinnie sat down.
"Oh man," Vinnie said.
"What's wrong?" Throttle asked again.
"Man, Charley just asked me to do something that I could never do," he said shuddering.
"Shoot her," Vinnie said.
"What!?" Modo and Throttle said together.
"I said `Shoot her'. She asked me to shoot her," he said and began shaking.
"I'm not surprised," said a woman's voice behind him.
"What!?" they all said in unison and saw Mrs. Davidson.
"I'm not surprised I said," she told them. "With being as sick as she is." She put a small bag on the table and went to get a pitcher of water. She brought that down with a glass and picked up the bag. "I'll be right back to explain," she said and went into Charley's room. Vinnie had stopped shaking by the time she came out. She went to the refrigerator and brought out some rootbeer. She put a can in front of Vinnie and the others then sat down.
"Now where to begin," she said.
"Why did she ask me to shoot her?" Vinnie asked her.
"Because she is feeling very bad," she said.
"ButbutI couldnever," he started to say.
"I know that and she knows that."
"Then why did she ask Vinnie that?" Throttle said.
"Let me start at the very beginning," she said. "You may or may not know this bet in Pioneer Time, aka The Old West, people would shoot their horses if they became hurt or sick. This was done in order to put them out of their misery."
"Why would they do that?" Modo asked.
"Well they didn't have enough veterinarians out there like they do now. It was a matter of the horse or the man. Especially when they were far from the cities. They would then use the animal for food."
"Ugh!" Vinnie said, grimacing.
"I agree," she said. "That is partly what Charlene was asking you to do, Vinnie. She is feeling miserable right now and would like to be put out of her misery. The glands in her throat," and she put her hands to her neck, "are swollen and I think she feels like her head will explode."
"Oh," Vinnie said.
"Don't be too worried about her," she told them. "She'll feel better in a few days." She stood up and so did they. "Well, it's time for me to go. When she gets hungry later on, there's some soup in the cupboard and juice in the fridge. She'll be drinking lots of water but there's also some ginger ale in the fridge for her." After a pause, she said, "Okay, I think you boys should be able to handle this. If you need anything just call me." She went into Charley's room to tell her goodbye. When she came out Throttle offered her his arm and she took it. They escorted her to her car and she drove off. They went back to the kitchen and saw Charley fixing herself some soup.
"Charley, what are you doing?" Throttle asked her.
"Yeah Charley, you should be in bed," Modo said.
"I'm hungry," she told them, leaning against the counter.
"Let us take care of that," Throttle said. "You just need to go back to bed." He waved her away from the counter and towards her room.
"Thanks, guys," she said, grateful. She turned to go but Vinnie picked her up in his arms. "Vinnie!" she exclaimed, surprised.
"Hey, just think of me as your knight in white fur," he said with a smile.
"Oh, you," she said then snuggled closer, leaning her head against his chest. He carried her to the room and put her on the bed. She moved to the top of her bed and sat with her back against the wall. Vinnie sat next to her and she put her head on his shoulder. A few minutes later, Throttle and Modo came in with the soup. They snickered when they saw Vinnie and Charley sitting there.
"Oh, stop that," she said, lifting her head up.
Vinnie stood up and brought over a table. Throttle put the soup on and Modo brought some root beer and ginger ale.
"How are you feeling?" Throttle asked her.
"A little better now that the aspirin is working," she said, waiting for the soup to cool down. "Guys, I'm really sorry I scared you when I asked Vinnie to shoot me. I wasn't thinking when I asked that."
"It's okay, now that your mom explained it to us," Throttle said, sitting at the end of the bed. Vinnie and Modo were sitting in chairs next to the bed.
"Mom gave me a small lecture because I had scared you so bad," she said. "It's just that Dad and I would play this game when I was younger. When I would hurt myself he would offer to cut the offending limb off. If my head was hurting he'd offer to stomp on my toe."
"Why would he say that?" Modo asked, his eye glowing with anger.
"Oh, no Modo," she said quickly, "he would never actually do something like that to me. It was just a way to get my mind off of the pain. When I was in my late teens, I started asking him if he would shoot me. The first time I asked him he looked startled that left the room. I was about to go after him and apologize when he came back. He asked me if I still wanted to be shot. I said yes and he pulled out a cap gun. He pulled the trigger and I fell onto the bed, acting like he shot me, and started to laugh. I told him thank you and he started to laugh." She smiled, remembering, then started eating her soup.
"Well, that was an interesting story," Throttle said, then looked at Modo and Vinnie. "If you need anything call us." Modo and Throttle stood up.
"Thanks," she said. "I am really sorry that I scared you three."
"No lasting harm," Throttle said, pausing at the door then they left.
Vinnie was still sitting there when Charley finished eating. She put the bowl down, leaned lead against the wall and sighed.
"Is there something I can do now, babe?" Vinnie asked.
"No, not really," she said without opening her eyes. "It just has to run its course. The medicine I'm taking will start to help as soon as it gets into my system." She stretched out and he pulled the cover over her. "Thank you, Vinnie," she said.
"Anything for you, babe," he said and kissed her on her forehead. He left then.

The fourth morning after she went to the doctor, she felt well enough to make her own breakfast. She headed downstairs and went into the kitchen. While she was toasting some bread she heard strange noises coming from the garage. She went there and then groaned when she saw what was wrong. The Mice were sitting in front of the TV and they all sounded as sick as she felt a couple of days ago.
"I was hoping this wouldn't happen," she said.
"Charley, what are you doing out of bed?" Throttle asked her sounding stuffed up.
"The question should be why aren't you guys in bed?" she asked in return. She walked in front of them and pulled Throttle up. "Come on," she told them, "or do I have to carry you guys to your rooms?"
They stood up and walked to their rooms. "But we need to take care of you," Modo said as they went into their rooms.
"I'm feeling better now so it's my turn," she told him.
She came into Modo's room and he said, "Sorry Charley-mam." He was lying on his bed.
"That's all right Modo," she told him. "I was half expecting this." She put her hand to his cheek and caressed him. "Just get some rest."
She entered Throttle's room and he said, "I hate being sick."
"I know how you feel," she told him, walking to his bed.
"Your medicines won't work for us," he said, sitting up.
"I know," she said, gently pushing him back down, "that's why I had Rimfire bring some the last time he visited Modo."
"That was smart of you," he said, then groaned.
"Now rest quietly and I'll be back," she said. She bent over and kissed his cheek. She left his room and went to hers. She called her mom and asked her, "Hi, Mom. Would you mind picking up some stuff for me? The Mice caught my cold."
"Of course, Charlene," she said. "Don't worry about a thing, I'll be over in a while." "Thanks Mom," she said. She hung the phone up and headed for Vinnie's room.
"Hey, hot shot," she said as she entered.
Vinnie groaned loudly and asked, "Were you feeling like this the first day?"
"Yes," she said, sitting next to him.
"I've never felt this bad before," he said and groaned again.
She stood up and asked, "Is there anything I can do for you?"
"Yes," he said with his eyes closed. "Shoot me, quick."
She smiled, pulled out a cap gun and pulled the trigger.

The End