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On a Wing and a Prayer

By ShimmerWing

(C) 4-15-1999

All Rights Reserved

Morning rose lazily over the quiet streets of Chicago. Shadows clung to the dark recesses of the alleyways, refusing to yield to the piercing rays of the sun.
In the shadows sat three figures, hunched over an object, arguing as to what to do about it. The general consensus had been what to do to get rid of it. The question of how lingered on.
"I tell ya," Vinnie began. "Let's take this thing back to Limburger Tower and destroy it there. Wipe out the big cheese and this gizmo once and for all."
"But what if it has more kick in it then we think?" Modo asked. "What if we nuke Chi-town with Limburger?"
Throttle paused, scanning the object with his eyes. He had never seen anything like it in his life. "We have to do something." Vinnie reached out to grab the device when a hand shot out to prevent him. "Throttle," he said impatiently.
"Remember how Carbunkle accidentally transported us to Plutark when we were in that junkyard?" Throttle asked.
"But we got to do something," Vinnie said defeatedly, sitting back on his haunches.
But what? The thought ran through their minds as the suns warming rays beat back the last of the night time shadows. Something indeed had to be done.
In the dark recesses of the sewers of New York City sat a lone figure staring long and hard into the darkness on the other side. He could just barely make out the silhouettes of several Foot soldiers as they tried, once more to find their lair.
Leo did not move, not even breathe as one of the Foot soldiers stopped, looking directly at him. Had his lingering there revealed his position? With so many opponents, could he beat them all? Could he escape into the sewers? Could he manage a call for help from his brothers?
When the Foot soldier tapped his buddy on the shoulder, Leo's heart skipped a beat. But when they headed off away from the lair and Leo's current position he dared breathe a sigh of relief.
Once he could no longer spot them, he rose and with the silent stealth of a ninja, headed off for their lair.
Leo entered the tunnel that led to the ladder down to the Turtles lair. He looked around to make sure none of the Foot had followed him before ducking down the hole.
He scaled the ladder, landing with a soft thud to the ground below. He watched the commotion before him before walking down the short flight of stairs.
"Mikey, one of these days you're going to break something," Don half shouted, pulling at some new device, something he must have created.
"But I wanna see," Mike wailed, pulling with all his might. He lost his grip, falling backwards.
Leo only shook his head in dismay, noticing Raph standing in the corner, arms folded across his chest, leaning against one of the old rail cars. Obviously something bothered the most volatile member of the group, and Leo was not about to get involved, not with the Foot still in the sewers.
"Where's Master Splinter?" Leo asked in general.
Don looked up from the object he had wrestled away from Mike. "He got a call from Japan. Something about urgent business for Hamato Yoshi. He left about ten minutes ago," Don paused. "You should have ran into him in the sewers."
Leo stood in shock. "The sewers are crawling with Foot soldiers."
"Then what are we waiting for?" Raph asked, pushing himself up off the rail car. "Let's kick some shell."
Leo held up his hands. "Now wait a minute, we got to have a plan."
"Plan, shman," Raph said pushing his way past Leo. "We gotta make sure Splinter's ok."
"Raph's right," Don said, next in line to scale the ladder.
Leo only sighed, turning to follow Mike up to the tunnel above. He could not shake the feeling that things could only get worse from here on.
"Alright," Throttle said at last. "Stand away while I pick this thing up. If it goes off, I don't want any of you near it."
"And let you have all the fun?" Vinnie nearly cried. "No way, bro."
Modo shook his head. "We aint gonna let ya do this alone."
Throttle only sighed, carefully picking the device up. He let out a pent-up breath when nothing happened. He carefully walked to his bike, securing the device to the front.
"Alright, to Limburger Tower," Throttle said. "Let's rock,"
"And ride," they all said in unison.
They rode fast, soon reaching Limburger Tower. They raced up the side of the building, crashing through the window to Limburger's office.
Limburger looked up at the intrusion and slammed his fist on the desk before him. "What are you rodent's doing in my Tower?"
"Just returning a little present of yours" Throttle said, removing the device from his bike and tossing it to Limburger.
Limburger caught the device, fumbling for a few seconds, before setting it down on his desk. "Where ever did you get this?"
"In the alley your goons put it in," Vinnie said.
"Quite the contrary my hyperactive hamster," Limburger said puzzled. "But I have never seen this device before. Carbunkle!" he roared.
"Yes, my dairy freshness?" Carbunkle began then he noticed the Biker Mice. "Ah, some rodent removal is needed I see."
Limburger silenced him with a wave of the hand. "Have you seen this type of device before?"
Carbunkle examined the device, shaking his head. "Never, your fragrant fulsomeness. Where on Earth did you get this?"
Limburger indicated the Biker Mice. "They brought it to me thinking in error that this came from your lab."
"If the demented doc over there didn't make this, then who did?" Vinnie asked.
"For once," Limburger said. "You have a valid point. Who indeed."
Throttle did not trust Limburger but the Plutarkian seemed genuinely honest when he denied any knowledge of the device.
"Bro," Vinnie said in a whisper. "We cant let ol' cheddar face have that. Carbunkle could turn it into a weapon. We gotta get it back."
"We will, Vincent," Throttle said, edging his bike forward. He snaked out his tail grabbing the device from Carbunkles hands.
What Throttle did not count on was the quick reflexes of the doc, and soon a struggle ensued as to who would claim the device. Limburger called for his goons and Vinnie and Modo aimed their lasers.
"Give it up, doc," Throttle said through clenched teeth, pulling with all his might.
"Never," Carbunkle shouted. "It's mine."
Greasepit just stood in the doorway, flanked by several of his goons watching the tug-of-war. "Duh, youse called, Mister Limboiger?"
"Greasepit, you oily oaf, do something," Limburger yelled.
Greasepit paused for a second, scratching his head. He hauled out a laser cannon and aimed it towards the doc and Throttle.
"Not at me," Limburger yelled. "Aim it at those rodents."
"Goons, attack those mouseys," Greasepit said.
Suddenly the device began to glow a bright blue. Throttle quickly unwound his tail from the device, edging his bike back. "Time to bail, bro's," he said, gunning his bike's engines.
Before anyone could move, a blinding blue light engulfed them all, turning to solid black as the world seemed to end.
Leo led the procession, katana's in his hands. He had a sinking feeling that something soon would go wrong. He rarely had such feelings, and knew this one should not be ignored.
They rounded a corner, running smack dab into a Foot soldier. The soldier seemed confused then let out a cry of alarm, scrambling backwards.
"Seems like ol' we've run into a buncha kids," Raph said a gleam in his eye. "Let's waste them before they can find the lair."
"Raph, how many times have I told you, violence only begets violence," Leo said.
Raph only shook his head, pushing past his leader. "I say we go get them."
Leo sighed. "Alright," he said to the Foot in general. "What say you leave these sewers and never come back?"

One of the Foot soldiers, a tall, stocky man walked forward. "I didn't believe our Master when he said you existed. Now that I see you and hear you speak, I believe he is right. You are an abomination that should be exterminated."
"Leo, talkin's never gonna work," Raph said impatiently. "The only way their gonna listen is with these." And he flashed his sais before him.
"Foot, attack," the one who had addressed them yelled.
"Turtles, let's go," Leo shouted, rushing into the melee. He would not kill, only stun his opponents. He used the flat of his blades to strike, not once drawing blood.
The Foot, on the other hand, had no qualms about drawing blood and when the Turtles attacked with fists and feet, the Foot drew out swords and polearms.
"Leo," Don shouted over the din. "We can't get past their naginata's."
"I hate to say it," Mike began, yelping in pain as a katana sliced into his arm. "But we gotta retreat."
Leo hesitated, ducking his head into his shell to avoid a lethal blow. He popped his head back up, slapping the Foot soldier with the flat of his katana. "We can't lead them back to the lair, and we can't go above ground in the daylight."
"Leo's right," Don added. "And we can't endanger April, either."
"Were we gonna go?" Raph asked, kicking a Foot soldier into a wall.
Suddenly, to the side, there came a great blue glow. Everyone was forced to shield their eyes and when they could look, they saw a tangled pile of bodies, some human and some not.
"Foot, vanish," the apparent leader called out.
Leo only stood in confusion. He looked to his brothers then back to the strangers who had appeared in their sewers. He took one glance at the retreating Foot soldiers then sheathed his Katana's.
"Whoever they are, they need help," Leo said.
"What if the Shredder has tapped some mystical source?" Don asked, a hand stopping Leo.
Leo turned. "We have to help them, it's our duty."
"And if they work for the Shredder, do we just invite them in?" Raph turned. "Count me out."
"Hey," Mike called, holding onto his bleeding arm.. "Some of these are giant mutant mice."
Don went over, cautiously. "Not all mutants are friendly, remember that."
"Just like not all humans are," Raph finished.
Leo went to Don and Mike. "Looks like they're about ready to come to," he added as someone near the bottom of the pile began to stir.
"Someone get this a rancid piece of cheese off of me," the white-furred mouse grunted, trying to free himself.
"Let me lend you a hand," Leo said, reaching down.
The mouse grabbed his hand, heaving with all his might. "Thanks," he began, his eyes going wide when he noticed who had helped him up. "A turtle?"
"So," Raph said, leaning against a wall. "Yer a mouse, no difference."
"Whoa, big difference," the mouse said. "And who are you. No. Where are we?"
Leo extended his hand once more. "I am Leonardo, leader of the Turtles, and you are in our sewers."
"I thought this place reeked worse than Limburger." the mouse turned. "I gotta get my bro's out of there."
"Let us help," Leo said. "I assume you mean the other two mice."
The white mouse nodded. "Yeah."
Once the Turtles had helped free the two mice, they turned to help the others. Leo wondered why the mouse seemed so adamant that they not help. When Leo tried to reason with him that it was only through courtesy that they help those in need, the mouse seemed passionately against it.
"Limburger, Carbunkle and their goons are our enemies," the mouse cried. "Why help them."
"How do we know you don't work for the Shredder?" Raph asked, suspicion lacing his words.
The white mouse quirked a brow. "Never heard of him? Is he some new Plutarkian in town? We haven't heard of any in..where did you say we were?"
"New York City," Mike said.
"How in the name of Mars did we get to New York?" the mouse said, genuinely confused. "Last thing we were fighting Carbunkle for a strange device them wham, were here."
"What city are you supposed to be in?" Don asked. "And who are the Plutarkians?"
The mouse paused as if not believing what he heard. "Chicago. Haven't you heard of the Biker Mice?"
Leo shook his head. "Sorry, but no."
"Wonderful." the mouse looked around. "Where are our bikes?"
"I don't see any bikes here," Don said, poking one of the larger humans with the end of his bo staff, grimacing as the end became coated in grease. "I think they might be coming around."
With a sigh, Leo looked to the mouse. "When they come to, we'll get their version of the story, them we'll decide what to do." He looked towards Raph. "Ok?"
Raph said nothing.
Leo watched as the first human seemed to stir. The mice seemed to be coming around as well. "This should prove to be interesting," he mumbled to himself and waited with trained patience for the accusations to start flying, if what the white mouse said was true.
"Why did you call a retreat?" one of the Foot soldiers asked.
"Our Master won't be pleased," said another.
Their leader silenced them with a point. "Never question my motives."
"Not even when they are not correct?" a dark voice said from the shadows.
The Foot soldiers looked around, finally spotting the voice's owner as they walked from the shadows before them. They all dropped to one knee in humble, if fearful respect for their Master.
"The Turtles have employed other strange creatures. We felt it best to reconvene elsewhere and discuss the matter," their leader said, trying to keep his voice level.
"You ran because you were afraid," the Shredder said.
Shredder backhanded the Foot's leader, the blades on his glove slicing deeply into the man's flesh. The Foot soldier fell, dead.
"Remove him," Shredder said. "The rest of you return, and do not come back without those Turtles...or these new creatures."
"Yes Master," the remaining Foot said in unison.
They rose, silently slipping into the shadows, not a one forgetting that their leader's fate could be their own should they fail his commands.
When light returned to their world, Throttle groaned, and tried to sit. He found himself flat on his back, a dampness seeping through his vest. He tried once more to sit, succeeding. He looked around, noticing Vinnie talking with what appeared to be a large humanoid turtle.
He looked down at his side. Modo seemed to be coming to. He glanced over and saw Limburger and Carbunkle looking around confused. Greasepit seemed unconscious still as well as those of Limburger's goons that apparently had been transported with them.
Throttle rose, walking stiffly to Vinnie. "Where are we?"
The turtle turned to Throttle. "New York City, where else?"
"Uh, Chicago?" Throttle said, noticing that the turtles, all four of them, while looking alike, had different colored headbands and knee and elbow pads. The one before him wore blue and two who watched Limburger had purple and yellow and a fourth, leaning against a wall wore red.
"That's what he said." the turtle with the blue headband said. "But how did you get here? I know he said that you had some sort of device that must have transported you here, but we have no transporter capabilities."
"Yeah," the turtle with yellow added. "That's for sci-fi."
Throttle half shrugged. "The Plutarkians have transporters. Carbunkle must have found a way to make a portable one. I knew he had made that device."
Vinnie turned, elbowing Throttle. "Modo's awake I see, and it looks like ol' grease-gusher is up and about too."
"I think introductions are in order," the turtle with blue said. "I am Leonardo and these are my brothers, Donatello," he indicated the turtle in purple, "Michaelangelo," the one in yellow, "and over in the corner is Raphael."
Raph did not acknowledge the introductions, his dark eyes only staring at them all.
"Throttle, leader of the Biker Mice. This here's Vinnie and the big fella is Modo," Throttle said. He jerked his thumb towards Limburger. "And they are Limburger, Carbunkle, Greasepit and their goons."
"My dear rodents," Limburger said casually as if nothing seemed amiss. "It seems that little device you brought me was indeed a miniature transporter."
Throttle turned towards Limburger, hand going towards his laser. He stopped when he saw Leo flash a blade in his direction. Throttle backed off. "Whatever Carbunkle did, he sure did it good."
"Oh, mamma," Modo said, looking around. "Where are we?"
"New York City," Vinnie said, folding his arms across his chest. "Somehow they've never heard of us, or of the Plutarkians."
Leo lowered his katana, looking back and forth between Limburger's forces and the mice. Apparently neither side had a love for the other, and deciding who to trust. And their arguing was starting to make even a trained ninja break discipline.
"At least we didn't end up on Plutark," Vinnie said, a half smile on his face. "Though ya gotta admit it. Now that you're not in Chi-town, Brie'll be over there faster than ya can shake a tail at."
Limburger's brows shot up. "Why the nerve of that little... Well, never mind. New York will do just as nicely. It doesn't really matter where it comes from, just so long as Lord Camembert is happy."
"'Just so long as' what?" Leo asked.
"Plutarkians steal the land right out from under you if given a chance," Throttle said. "That's how they destroyed Mars, and that's why we're fighting ol' cheddar breath to save Chicago."
Leo only nodded.
"Besides," Vinnie added. "Charlie'll start getting worried when we don't return."
"Leo, we can't leave them here," Don whispered in his ear.
"But we also can't send them topside. Friend or foe, it wouldn't be right to leave them at the mercy of the humans," Leo said crossing his arms.
Don turned to Limburger who stood with his goons, guns pointed at both the Turtles and mice. "I guess we can now tell who the good guys are."
"If there are good guys," Leo said, reaching for his katanas.
"Freeze toitle," Greasepit shouted. "None of youse makes a move an' none of youse'll get hoit."
Mike chuckled. "Guy sounds worse'n Rocksteady and Bebop."
Modo raised his arm cannon, aiming it at Greasepit. "You're not the only one with firepower."
"Enough with the guns already," Leo said forcefully. "Man, I hate guns."
"How do you expect to win?" Vinnie asked, his laser aimed at Carbunkle.
Leo sighed, shaking his head. "Stealth and cunning. Outwit your opponent using their own strengths against him. Not brute force."
"Now, Leo," Raph said, sais in hand. "Whoever said brute force couldn't work sometime?"
"This is getting us nowhere," Limburger said. "Goons, waste them."
Before anyone had a chance to react, several Foot soldiers ran into the tunnel, weapons bared. They stopped, looking quizzically between the mice and Limburger's forces.
"Great, now we've attracted the Foot," Leo groaned. "As if things weren't bad enough."
"Face it, Leo," Raph said, slowly walking towards his brother. "At least they haven't fired yet."
Leo did have to admit Raph was right. "But Master Splinter could be out here still. We have to find him."
"We have to take the mice with us. They seem to be on our side," Don said.
"How do you know they aren't faking it?" Raph asked.
Leo only shrugged. "We can't tell, but they seem friendly enough." Leo edged closer to the nearest mouse. "When I give the word, run for it. Make sure you follow us."
Vinnie nodded, passing the word on to his bros.
"You've got a plan, oh fearless leader?" Raph asked sarcastically. "Just make sure you don't get our shells shot off."
Leo glared at Raph for only a brief moment before hauling a small sphere out from behind a pocket in his belt. He lobbed the sphere towards the Foot and Limburger. "Run," he shouted.
When the sphere broke, out poured white smoke, choking and blinding all in it's path, including the mice. They followed the hasty retreat of the Turtles as best they could, eventually catching up.
"Where to now?" Throttle asked.
"To our lair. We'll be safe there for the moment. Then we can talk," Leo said. "And no complaints."
Raph only growled, taking the lead from Leo. Today seemed not to be one of his better days and Leo would continue to stay out of his brother's problems.
"Nice," Vinnie said, admiring the Turtle's lair. "Though not as good as our scoreboard hideout."
"So the humans here really hate you guys," Throttle said, dipping his shades for a better look at Leo.
Leo nodded slowly. "They hate all mutants. Don't they you?"
"Nah," Modo said, looking around. "Only some of 'em freak out. Charlie-ma'am is our best friend."
"Then she must be human like April," Mike said wincing as Don cleaned the wound in his arm.
"Must be," Throttle said. "So what are we gonna do now? Limburger still has to be taken down no matter where we are."
Leo sat on a nearby stool. "And if he is as bad as you say, no telling what will happen if he teams with the Shredder."
"Shredder?" Modo asked. "Sounds like someone out of a slasher movie."
"He is the leader of the Foot clan and once went by the name Oroko Saki," Leo paused. "He has always had plans of revenge against our sensei Master Splinter, and thus carried it down towards us. He considers us all freaks of nature and wishes us dead."
Throttle sat himself near Leo. "Is Splinter a turtle like you?"
"Nah," Mike piped up. "He's a rat."
"Rat?" Modo said, turning. "Did someone say rat?" His one good eye began to glow.
Raph pushed himself from the car he once more leaned against. "Yeah he's a rat, wanna make something out of it?"
"Cool it you two," both Throttle and Leo said nearly in unison.
"Splinter is our honorable sensei," Raph said defensively.
"I've never met a rat I didn't hate," Modo growled.
Leo looked towards Throttle. "You have rat mutants as well as mice?"
"The rat's were supposed to be our allied during the war on Mars. They turned out to be traitors and one of them was responsible for kidnapping one of us," Throttle said, glancing to Vinnie. "Mace was the rat who kidnapped Harley, Vinnie's flame."
Leo nodded in understanding. "I see. Well, I hope, Modo right?" When Throttle nodded, Leo continued. "When we find Master Splinter that he can see our sensei in a different light."
"I see we have some guests," a gravelly voice said from the stairway. "Shall you introduce them to me my sons?"
"Master," Leo leapt to his feet. "We were worried about you. With the Foot and all."
Master Splinter slowly descended the stairway, looking to the mice. "And I see they are also of the same genera as I,"
"You? A rat?" Modo asked incredulously. "I see some resemblance, but you're WAY too short."
When Splinter looked to Leo, Leo bowed deeply. "Modo has had some rather tenuous moments with rat mutants where they come from, as they all have."
"I see," Splinter said, looking up at Throttle. "And where exactly do you originate from?"
"Chicago," Throttle said, looking down to Splinter. "But apparently we not only were transported in space, but somehow to another dimension."
Splinter raised a brow. "Indeed. Travel to another dimension is possible, but not without great training. How is it you achieved this feat?"
"Some device went off and boom, here we were," Vinnie said, sighing. "Now all we gotta do is find our bikes and that device and get back."
"No," Throttle corrected him. "We need to get Limburger and his goons. Take them with us. I don't want the Plutarkians messing up any more cities then they already have, even if this dimension don't have Plutarkians."
"And who are they?" Splinter asked.
Throttle hesitated. "Humanoid fish. You can tell them by their stench."
"Though in the sewers, I don't think that'd be too easy," Vinnie said, wrinkling his nose.
"Before you search for these Plutarkians or any device, you must partake our hospitality and eat." Splinter turned to Leo. "I returned as soon as I saw the first Foot soldier. I would not take the chance of being caught once again. I shall call Musashi and let him know I will be unavoidably late."
Leo smiled, turning to the mice, though he aimed his question to Splinter. "What are we going to do about them, sensei?"
"We shall help them, of course." Splinter laid a hand on Leo's shoulder. "Sometimes our enemies can appear our friends, and sometimes as they are. This case, I believe that they are not our enemies, but allies."
"And if they can help us to defeat the Shredder and the Foot, then so be it," Don added.
"But what about this one's hatred of rats?" Raph asked in a low, menacing growl. He placed one hand casually on the hilt of his sai when Modo looked in their direction.
Splinter laid a reassuring hand on Raph's arm. "We can come to an agreement over out differences without violence. Or haven't I taught you better?"
Raph only turned with a 'humph' and walked away, glaring at Modo who continually stared at his Master with cold eyes. If there was one thing Raph was sure, this mouse wasn't going to hurt his Master in any way, or he'd have to answer to him, personally. Even if it meant taking on all of the mice by himself.

---to be continued---