The BMFM are property of whatever company founded them, no copyright infringement was intended. Forgive me if there are some inconsistences in this I haven't watched the BMFM in a long time.

(this story is rated PG-14 for some vulgar laugage and sexula tension, yada yada yada...)

A Shadow At High Noon

Part IV:

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

(Creshendo 1)

By Tek

copyrighted 1997-1998 to Tek and TEK Productions


Damnit is she crazy! That phrase rang out in Vinnie's head before
he jerked his bike out of the way of an on coming truck.
He slamed on his brakes and came to a skiding halt as the truck
lumbered out of the ally, Teresa's bike simply acselrated towards the ally,
and the truck.
Sudenly she jerked the left side onto the ground, sparks flew, the
sound and smell of burning rubber filled the air. Sending her bike, into a
slide, sparkes skidding, as the side of her bike, skidded under the truck,
Teresa crowched down low to the handel bars and seat, and even as for that
second time stoped, the moment was over and she was on the other side of
the truck, and Vinnie was sitting bewildered on one side, she was on the
other side.
"Damn!, I mist!" He swore smackeing the handel bar of the bike. It
revved in anoyence. "Awwww shatup!" he stuck his tounge out at it, while
he waited for the truck to pass, revving it, again to continue the persute.
He could still pick up the exauste trail from her bike with one of
the visual finters in his helmet, but her bike was incredably fast, the
trail hadn't disapated and she was no where in sight.
Wait! What was that?! His mind screamed at him as he caught a
slight movment along the sides of the road in the corrner of his eye.
He swirved into an ally, where her exause trail lead, stoping his
bike he got off and looked around in the darkness, the lights from the main
street not flitering back into the deserted ally.
Well maybe not so deserted, he switched his helmet to an infred
scanner, he saw the movment of some one, right before, a pair of Brights
headlights burst his vision.
"Oh fu...!" he never managed to finish the curse as a fast form ran
past his left side, and jumped up, grabbing onto a fire escape.
Vinnie stagered a second, and then upon hearing the sound of more
bikes aprocing, he lept affter the form.
Teresa was half up the fire escape, the buckels on her boots
clanging loudly on the old rusty metal.
She glansed over her shoulder, Vinnie had just lept onto the the
bottome of the fire escape.
She mentaly cursed and continued up, scrabeling over the top of the
lader and the ledge onto the roof.
He came over almost a second later, still aparently seeing sparkes
from his encouter with Teresa's bike's Brights.
"Ok, lady, come quitly, and I wont hurt you" he recalibrated the
infred filter in his helmet and looked around.
"You remember what happened last time don't you?" her voice said
from some where behind him he spun around "I kicked your sorry little ass"
a crule cuckeled echoed from a little farther away.
Teresa, sighed, she didn't want to do that to him, she knew how it
would affrect his already, diapated ego affter his last ancounter with her
She backed farther into the shadows, some how glad her light thin
form could be bent into a poition that in the past would be rather
unconforteble. She squesed herself between a roof exit and a water tank,
with plenty of room to spare.
She could see Vinnie moving around out of the correners of her eyes.
She continued to use the taunts and threts to direct him away from
her hideing place.
But Vinnie had stoping moving, he stood, stock still in the middle
of the roof, to hear where the slightly husky female voice was coming from,
for a normal human such a feat would have been quite impossible, but to a
Martain mouse, it was a slight strain on the ears, but otherwise no great
Finaly affter about a minet he managed ot find where the voice was
coming from, he started move slowly and as quitly as he could to the roof


Throttle made one last attemt to catch up with Smith, but he had
gotten to much of a head start for him to catch up.
He stoped in the middle of the road ttrying to catch his breath,
gasping he turned back to the bar, to get his bike, which he had left
Modo ran up, gasping, out of breath.
"Wheres Vinnie?" he asked bending over to catch his breath.
"Affter that woman" Throttle answered.
"Smith?" Modo stood up.
"Got away" Throttle motioned vaugly behind him.
"Great, just great" Modo turned back towards the bar. "Lets get our
bikes, and follow Vinnie" he started to jog back, Throttle folloerd.


Vinnie tryed to move silently through the misty rooftops. Teresa's
taunts continued. They were really starting to bruise his ego, but he
closed his head to them and slowly, made his way over towards where he
could hear the voice from some where near the exit into the building.
Teresa faintly sensed Vinnie's aproch, tapping of boots on roofing,
steady breathing, the faint smell of cheap colone. She had to stop herself
from laughing at that one.
But unfortenetly her seses, as good as they were, wasn't good
enough to tell from which direction he was comming from, even though he
could only be coming from four diffrent directions, she seriosly doubted
he'd come from above, she diddn't like her chances of that.
She was going to rely on the fact, that he would be a little
hesitent to hit anything that could potentaly wear a dress.
Vinnie could hear her breathing, she didn't seen to be afreid, just
tense, her breathing was steady, but rather fast paced,telling his
sensitive ears, she was trying to hide. He finaly pin pointed her
location, pulling his blaster out of it's holster he pointed it down the
space inbetween the roof door and the water tank.
"Hands away from the gun sweet heart, or I'll be forced to ruin
that pretty face of yours" he pulled the hammer back with a very audible
click, Teresa's hands jerked away from the gun at her side.
"Your not seriosly gonna shoot me bro are ya?" She asked, buying
time. "I've had my nose reconsturcted three times already, I don't think
once more'll hurt" she smiled, and slowly moved her hands behind her head.
And was silently wishing there was some way she could hide a blaster in her
hair, but that's too cliche.
"Believe me sweet heart, I could shoot you pretty head off where
you stand" Vinnie trained hi gun on Teresa's forhead "now come out slowly"
"Yes sir" Teresa took one slow step forward, the buckels on her
boots clacking on the roof top.
Vinnie remaned tense on her, Teresa remained calm, she could smell
his fear.
"Your not going to shot me with that are?" Teresa repeated, raising
her eye brows over her glasses. Her hands still behind her head.
"Yes" Vinnie said matter-of-factly "I would shoot you" he tensed
even more as she took another few steps towards him, untill she was
standing right eye to eye with him.
"I doubt it" she said, smiling, aparently unconcirned that he was
pointing a gun at her forhead, Teresa could still feel the wip on her hip,
she knew she had to get at it to take him down, her mind reeled in anoyence
at that.
Before she wouldn't have had to bother even with the wip, mentaly
pushing the thought away, she smiled again "I think you consider yourself
too much of a ladys man to shoot me" she continued.
She knew there was only one way she could distrct him to let her
get at her wip.
"Riiight" Vinnie could feel a static buzzing in the back of his
head, the same static buzzing he felt when some one with an Outside
telepathic link would try to meet his mind, but he really doubted that, he
had an internal link, and the only person he knew with an outside link was
Throttle who he had no idea where he was. The buzzing grew stronger,
clearing into images.
"Can you hear me?" Teresa said slowly, a bead of sweat trickeled
out from her hairline. "Can you hear me" she repeated.
"No" Vinnie lied "I can't hear you" he held the gun to her forhead.
A drop of clear fluid dribeled out from under Teresa's glasses,
sweat was still beading on her forhead. "I know you can hear me Vinnie" she
"Who are you, and whats your conection to the Plutarkians?" Vinnie
stedyed himself.
"Who am I?" Teresa stoped, thinking "I'm the future" another drop
trickeled out from under her glasses. "I'm here to protect us" she
strighted up.
The buzzing in Vinnie's head incresed, images no starting to form,
images, horrible images.
Images of death, images of a world in ruins. And then sudenly they
desolved into static, Teresa stumbeled backwards, holding her head.
An instent later the trigger on Vinnie's gun sliped, a spark of
white hot light flashed in the muzzel and sped towards Teresa.
She shreiked as it plowed into her shoulder, a small gyser of blood
eroupted from her wound. Stagering back towards the roof door's side
holding her shoulder, she pulled the wip out with her good arm, and quicker
then Vinnie could react to it, flicked it out at him, knocking the gun out
of his hand.
"You could hear me couldn't you?" Teresa faltered, gasping to move
air in and out of her lungs. Her hand clasped around the wound on her
shoulder, blood pouring out of it over her gloved hand.
"I could" Vinnie confermed, pulling the hammer back again "I told
you I would shoot" he droped the hammer back, and lowered the gun to his
side. "Terrans shouldn't have outside links" he said looking at her.
"What do you think that was?" Teresa stumbeled back to her feet,
wip still clasped in her hand, " I got in didn' I?" she asked, her face
twisted as the builit dug deeper into her shoulder blade.
"Vinnie, hey what happened?!!"
Vinnie turned his head as Throttle vaulted over the side of the
"She happened" Vinnie made a motion towards Teresa, who had gotten
to her feet.
"I happened, thats a laugh" she smiled at Throttle.
"Shes got an outside link" Vinnie finished.
"An outside in a Terran?" Modo pulled himself over the edge of the roof.
"What took you two?" Vinnie asked, twisting around. Still keeping
an eye on the recovering Teresa.
"Her boyfreind" Throttle noded towards Teresa.
Teresa was getting to her feet, hot slickey blood was pouring out
of her shoulder, she was starting to get a little light headed. She scaaned
the rooftop for her gun.
There! The modifyed auto lay half in a puddel of rain water, unharmed.
Grimicing in pain she quickly flicked the wip out towards it,
hoping to snag the wepon in the end.
Throttle, noticing her, dove for the wip, as it left her hand. His
hand closed around the end of it, he pulled it away from Teresa's target.
Wraping it around his wrist, he gave it a sharp tug, to his
suprise, Teresa, even ijured, pulled back with quite a hefty amout of
force, of he was a bit stronger then her, and her arm was driping blood,
affter about fifteen seconds he managed to pull it away and toss it a good
distence away, he kicked her gun near the wip.
"Alright, lets see if you can handel me now" Vinnie took a step
forward, cacking his wrist.
"I could still take your ass out Vinnie" Teresa leaned her head to
one side, looking at her gun and wip on the other side of Throttle.
"Alright then, bring it on!" he lunged towards the woman.
Trying to garb her shoulder, and fling her aside He took a round
house puch towards her face, quickly following with another from his other
Teresa leaned back, stedying herself with her fet for the first
one, and stoped his arm short with her good arm as it swung dangarusly
close to her face, she jumped backwards, then she lunged forward, her fist
conected right under his chin sending him reeling backwards.
Teresa's face twisted as she grabed for her injured shoulder
again. Stifiling the blood in her jacket.
"Thats it, picking on the weaker sex, you should be ashamed of
yourself" she snared, clearly insulted. "Uhhh" she stoped swaying
Now Throttle seing her weakened state, dove to catch her.


Smith raised a suprised eye brow at the vidscrean of Limburger.
"Miss Teresa, I assure you is.." He stoped checking somthing "
Taking care of the mouse problem as we speak." He smiled, flicking through
records with his thin deft fingers.
"She struck me as some one whos goes out half cocked" Limburger was
saying. Smith 'hurmped' shrugging his shoulders.
He absintmindedly tugged at his gottee, thought about hom much his
dad hated it.
Wait, my dads a robot now!
He stoped himself short on the thought. He had more improtent
things to wrap his mind around then his family.
Like the fact that Teresa had left half cocked.
He mentaly shrugged, and waved a disk at the Limburger on the vid
"Have you considered my proposel for the faults?" he asked,
flicking through some papers, he sudely pulled his right hand back sucking
on a paper cut on his ring finger. A bulb of pale green formed on his
finger. Silently cursing he shook his hand trying to take his mind off the
flinch of pain.
Oh how un-carismatic.
He hated papers, give Smith a good vidbox anyday and he'll be happy.
Oh all this inane chatter in here. He told his brain to let him focase.
"I have considered it, actuly Mr Smith, about your price?" The
vidscrean Limburger leaned forward on his vidscrean desk. " how much money
do you want for this?" Limburger's face was blank.
"We don't want money" Smith examined his finger "We want
information" he finished, smiling "Information about the HK Project." he
said silently.


Teresa stagered backwards, the lose of blood shouldn't have been
more then a minor inconveice, but it was affecting her body so badly,
somthing was wrong there she knew, she had so little blood now, she
couldn't go for so long with so little anymore.
Cursing she strightened up, dispite the pounding pain thundering
through her body. She flicked her head back, her glasses at sliped down her
nose, as she did that, they landed back over her eyes and she cleared back
to her targets.
Diffrent possible methods of escape and victory ran through the
back of her head like a computor subroutine.
Outside in reality, Throttle's quick brain was also thinking
through all the diffrent ways to capture her with least harm to her and
them, which he took into contemplation. Smiling he directed Vinnie, being
the fastest runner of them to dash behind her, while him and Modo took her
on from the front, he doubted that she could handel all three of them
attacking her simutaniosly.
A shandoff insuded. Teresa knew she had the worse hand, she was
injured and she knew that she couldn't defence what they were going to use
until they started, even though she knew one of the best, in a situation
like this, she knew was also one of the simplest.
One of the three attackers was to run behind the injered other
party, while the remaining two would take the them from the front, and
relying on the fact that a singel injured being tended not to put up that
good of fight in such a situation.
She shrugged and prepared for their attack, blood thumping through
her temples, hot and furios.
"Alright, now!" Throttle sudenly yelled, his voice sounded tierd
and strained.
Teresa stagered back, unable to keep her balance, Vinnie launched
himself behind her, catching her by the shoulders. Teresa strougeled
forward, wrenching one shoulder out of his grip, she strougeled to pull her
other shoulder away from him.
Throttle sudely lunged forward grabing her free arm, pinning it
towards th wall , Modo taking her by the waist pinning her backwards.
Pain riped through Teresa's shoulders and back as she was forcfuly
shoved backwards towards the wall, her head cracking againced it.
Throttle was as he was before, starteled by her strength as she
strougeled forward. It wasn't like fighting a woman, it was more like
fighting himself or one of his bros. A hand flashed across his face and a
streak of blood ran down his forhead.
As Modo pinned her by the waist, he gasped as a powerful arm
slamed into his stomach, forcing the air out of his lungs.
Vinnie had her one arm, holding as tight as he possibly could, and
still he was hading trouble as she fought him. Sudenly he felt a strong
hand grab one of the granades staped to his back.
Teresa, lost in her blind fury had grasped it, she flicked it with
practiced ease with her wrist and hurled it towards the wall behind her,
which promply exploded outwards hurly our heros and their agitator across
the roof.
Shrapnel and debries sprinkeled down on the roof like rain, larg
clumps of brik andd metal thumping through the building below them.
Down on the lower flores of the building some one screamed at them
to cut the noise.
Throttle was thrown backwards away from Teresa, shrapnel flying
away from the explosion.
A chunk came hurtaling towards his face, the left side of his
vision burst into static and he colapsed backwards holding his face. He
could feel hot blood flowing across the side of his face, pain thumped
through his body as he stagered further away from ground zero. He stagered
back over a lump in the roof, falling back he cracked his head on the
roof. Pain needeled through the back of his skull and then blackness
enveloped him.
Vinnie was thrown forward on top of Teresa, she grunted as his
wight was thrown on top of her. Shrapnel riped through his shoulder as
he fell, cracking his knees on the hard roof.
"Ahh!" he winced as he felt blood erupt from his shoulder as the
shrapnel dug in to his flesh. He rolled off to the side holding his
shoulders, blood flowed out over his hands, running down his chest,
staining his white fur a pale green.
"Awww, shit!" Modo wan't hurled as far back as his companions
becase of his wight, but he did have the luck to be struck in the knee with
a very large spar of window frame which flew away from the explosion and
burowed into his kneecap. Cursing in pain he sunk to to ground, unable to
stand, he grasped his injured knee, blood ripeling through his fingers.
And then it was still as the dust seteled over the sean, the wall
had been blown outwards and the remnents lay scattered across the room,
blood stains on some.
Teresa lay on her face, out cold, unlike our heros, her endurence
wasn' what it should have been, blood was matting her brown hair from where
shrapnel had ripped the skin raw, her red blood was starting to dry into
her scalp.
Throttle lay a little farther back, also unconsciance, blood
pouring from a angry gash running from his forhead down to his jawline,
slashing right through his left eye, sparkes jumped out of the damaged
eye, sizeleing out as they hit the pool of blood starting to form around
the left side of his head.
Modo looked in slightly better condition, blood was seeping from
what seemed to be a broken kneecap, and he was clasping the wound in an
attemt to stop the blood from flowing down al over his leg, and not to
mention he had one hellova headach.
"Aww Cheese!" Vinnie looked like he was in the best condition if
all present, mentaly at least. He rolled over, frowned as he looked at the
bloody gash in his shoulder, the ivory of bone showing through his flayed
flesh. He winced as he stagered to his feet as started to look around. "
Your out cold sweetheart" he pointed out to Teresa's unconsciance form.
Turning away from her, he looked around for his bros.
Modo came to Vinnie's attention first, firstly becase he was
closer, and secondly becase he was still conscaice, and making his
discomfort plainly known.
He saw Throttle a little further off, unconciance, and blood
pooling in a halo around his head.
"Double Cheese!" Vinnie murmered, kneeling down by Modo " hey bro,
hang in there" he patted the gray mouse, gently on the shoulder.
Modo gave a grunt of recognision, looking up at his freind, face
drawn with pain " Yeah, yeah did you get the number of that truck?" he
closed his eyes, as he clasped his hands over his wounded leg, and
staggered to his feet.
"Okayyy, you better stay put bro" Vinnie looked over at Throttle,
who still hadn't moved. "Watch her, ok?" he asked Modo, who dulfly nodded,
and swaying slightly, he walked over to Teresa's still body.
Vinnie moved back to Throttle who was lying still on his back,
blood pouring out of his face. Vinnie knelt by him, "This is bad" he said
matter of-factly to himself. "Hey bro, hey!" he continued, patting Throttle
on the shoulder, Throttle groaned slightly, his right eye fluttering open.
"Re..remind me noo..not to do that in the future" he mumbeled,
turning over. " every one else in one piece?" he finished, touching
his damaged face, he drew his fingers back, looking at the blood covering
"Yeah, pretty much" Vinnie noded, "shes out for the count though"
Vinnie started to help Throttle to his feet, suporting his bro with his
good shoulder.
"I...I think thats good" Throttle leaned heavely on Vinnie, using
the white mouse to suport most of his pain wraked wight.
On the other side of the rooof, Modo had managed to get his balance
back, and he stood, swaying and in pain, on the roof, a thin line of green
blood tracing it's way down from his knee, his dark face a mask of
repressed pain.
He moved slowly over to the unconscainc woman, scooping her up, he
was momentalry strteled by how heavy she was. Dismissing it, he slung her
over his shoulder, he felt her arms thumping on his back as he limped over
to where Vinnie was suporting Throttle.
Vinnie eye'ed the unconscaince woman over Modo's shoulder.
"Vincent!" Throttle chastised him. Vinnie looked injured, but
continued walking, and suporting Throttle on his shoulder.
In this manner they made it over to the fire escape they had
origanaly come up by. Getting down proved to be a tougher chalage then
first anticapated, Vinnie had throuble walking down stairs with Throttle's
wight on his shoulder, and Modo, was having no trouble with the woman's
wight, he was having trouble with his knee, he couldn't bend it properly to
go down stairs. But some how, and with alot of pain, they made it down to
where their bike's were waiting peaintly in the ally.
The three bikes had formed a defencive/aufencive circal around the
black Susikilike bike that belonged to Teresa. The bike lay on it's side,
oviosly having lost the fight with the mice's rides.
"Now how are we going to do this?" Vinnie asked, his brow furrowed.
"I don't think any of us are in any kind of condition to ride" his face
Throttle frowned "Good question."


Smith watched as the three bikes, with one in tow roared (though
rather unstably) away from the fight seane, he leaned back on the roof of
his limo and strightened his tie.
"Damn, she did go out half cocked!" He cursed, twisting the words
out of his mouth as he spat them onto the asfault.
He turned back the the limo, patting the ridiculasly long car's
roof, he pulled open the door and steped inside it, it's plush dark
interior greeting him. He frowned and brushed a noexistent speck of dust of
his left knee. Pulling the door closed behind him he leaned forward and
tapped on the plastic sheet seprating him from the driver.
"Driver, home" he said, leaning back he momentarly glansed out the
window at the Limburger tower needeling into the sky next to the Sears
tower. His face darkened, then he turned away, closing his eyes he tryed to
just think about nothing, to leave the stress and pain of the real world in
the road behind him.

The BMFM are property of whatever company founded them, no copyright infringement was intended.

Forgive me if there are some inconsistences in this I haven't watched the BMFM in a long time.

(this story is rated PG-14 for some vulgar laugage and sexulal tension, yada yada yada...)

A Shadow At High Noon

Part V:

Ye Of Little Faith

(Creshendo 2)

By Tek

copyrighted 1998 to Tek and TEK Productions

The building looked quite in place in the night, Hyde Park being the slightly interlctul district it was, wouldn't notice a run down garage with poster for the therter and rap ambums pasted all over it's sides, the windows were fillmed up, preventing any prying eyes from venturing into the interior, a crooked sign hung on the padlocked door, Condemed by Council" was writen in large scragily letters on the splint of wood.
Across the street three youths stood staring at the building, it's pockmarkeed red brik walls towering over them.
I heard that its a governmet coverup, they've got aleins in there" the tallest one said, strightening his White Sox hat on his head.
But why here?" The second one frowned, looking up at the first.
I donno Jamie" the first replided and tiped the bill of his hat up a little bit. The trio had been out all night, and the first golden rays of dawn were already starting to creep across the sky, shimering up from the watters of Lake Michigan, creating a shimering haze across the estern sky.
The theird remained silent, not staring at the building, but insted was gazing distractadly at a wall mural in an nearby underpass, the lights gleemed in an allnight second hand bookstore a little further away.
Hey its The Car'!" he sudenly jumped back from the curb, as a ridiculesly long limo squealed by and stoped abruptly a little further down the road, exaust trailing up from it's twin tail pipes.
Almost every kid around had heard about The Car' a huge limo that drove around at night, it's mighty engeind roaring akin to a wild beast.
The limo was indeed huge, and it's motor groweled menicingly, the lights of a train passing above it seemed to shy away from it's growling fury.
One of the doors slamed, and a man steped out into the chilly night, he was as un-ordinary as the car was menicing.
Tall, maybe 6'1"- 6'2", broad shouldered, brown hair cut ragged over his face, a small gottee on his chin, his deep emeraled green eyes seemed to bore right back at the trio of boys on the other side of the road. He snaped his fingers and muttered somthing that sounded like a curse upon spying them, but in some strange other lauguage that sounded like nothing they had ever heard.
Houw-Ab, buzz off! Punks!" he yelled finaly, waving one hand, indecating that if they wanted to keep breathing they'd better get their asses out of there.
Smith turned as he watched the three high tail it away. He grinned I hate kids!" His grin was strained. The driver chuckeled as he steped out of the car.
May I remind you comander..." the driver started, shaking his long hair zebra striped hair out from under his hat, he yanked the coil of hair from around his neck and twisted it stright muttering aboout how hard it would be to get stright again.
Don't remind me Raymond" Smith's face droped, the driver shruged and yanked at the top of his head, pulling the disguise off and droped it on the roof of the car.
Have you ever worn one of thoes for five hours stright?" the mouse gave his long zebra striped hair a final pull, then, tossed it over his shoulder.
No" Smith edmited. You sure no ones around?" Smith's right eye brow finaly shot up realising that the mouse was standing there with out his mask or a helmet. Thats againced regulations...." he finaly finished with out thinking.
And since when did the son of the great Vincent VanCharon care about regulations?" Raymond's snicker bounded aronded the deserted street.
Thats insobordenation Sargent Clamor" Smith chided the zebra mouse as he stretched a little, stoping Raymond's snicker. Come on, put yer face back on and lets go" he patted his limo on the hood and began to walk slowly towards the building.
Raymon looked distanfuly at Smith and pulled the mask back over his face, picking up his driver's hat he followed Smith's figure into the building wisteling merrily,much to Smith's anoyence.
The front door of the building rolled open, it's hinges creaking and weining from lack of antention, it's runners scraping along the pitted cement floor.
The car rolled in affter them, engin groweling and reving them to move.
Darkness surounded them, apart from the small patch of flithy streetlight from the doorway.. the rest of the interior of the building was swathed in a suffocating blanket of impenatable darkness.
Comander Davidson Metalsmith serial number 22198, identify?" Smith said, his voice ehoeing across th seemingly vast expence of darkness.
Comander Davidson, Metalsmith, V, serial number 22198.." a female voice from the suroundign shadows droned Voice patterns identifyed, lights on" it finished, the voice grew silent, the door rolling closed on it's own accord and hot white electric light flooded the room in front of Smith and sergent Raymond Clamor.
The vast silver bay interior of the timeship Vega sudenly clicked into life. Noises and smells sudenly permeated the air, alive with life, martains, terrans, Venuseans, and many other spices. Smith blinked furiosly in the suden flare of white hot electric light.
Raymond had abandoned him, dashing across the bay towards the faar side, his steel toed boots still audible over the buzz of activity.
Cindy, give me visual" Smith instinctivly looked up at the ceiling as the paper thin sheet of titanium slid down in front of his face.
A blockish computor genared female face stared him eye to eye, her rediculesly huge blue irises took up most of the rest of her face.
Visual mode sir, you have two incoming messages" The computors face said blankly, her monotone voice swirling around Smith Scout Fragor, Axe and General VanCharon,Vincent, shall I process?" the computor continued, it's huge eyes staring out to the space right above Smith's right shoulder.
Smith winced, not in the mood to talk to either of them, fine process, spit screen" he surendered, he could feel a headach comming on, wishing that supra-prin had been invented some twenty years erlyer he took the calls.
The static that had enveloped the screen sudenly blinked free, giviing way to two faces, the right side occupide by a red brown mouse, her yellow hair pulled back into a tight french braid, her blank obsidian eyes were dark and blind.
Fragor, Axe, comander" she identyfied herslef, a wry smile spreading across her face as she saw Smith's strained forhead She ran off, for soem crazy vengence thing didn't she?" her chuckel stung Smith.
Yeah" he noded, making a vain attempt not to show how irritated he was.
Momentarly the left side of the screen sceared into a broken transmission, the image of the metalic white mouse, flickering back and waving back and forth across the screen as if he was reaching out across vast distence to be there.
Comander Davidson, Vincent VanCharon from the distroyer Argo I need your report son" the metalic mouse looked back and forth across the flickering screen. He thumped the receiver at his end with his fist, the metalic CLANG reching even Smith, who blinked.
General, we've made contact, though I beleive not under the best of curcumstances" he mused a moment to consider how to put the phrase Your freind just ran out on some crazy vengence quest, I've got technicians looking for her bioreadings right now" Smith steped back slightly from the screen, his eyes turning to the other mouse, his face pleading. Axe mearly shook her head and mouthed hes your dad, you handel him" and then winking she leaned back in the chair she was sitting in and began to read the latest issue of Vouge, waiting for the ordeal between Smith and Generel VanCharon to be over.
In other words, the time streem is screwed?" VanCharon raised an eye brow, his droning synthisised voice was reserved and, demure, but his pale sly eyes, flicking back and forth drinking every ounce of information that surounded him gave hints to the anger bubbling below his cool exterior.
I don't think it's because of her intervension" Smith strightened up attampting to look like he acctuly knew what he was saying, of which the most of he didn't we encountered a fight, she didn't remember ever taking part in, so the tech's theory is that, our arivel in this 96-99 timeline was in it's self the catalist for the change in the time stream?" Smith stoped, finaly managed o make heads or tails of what he had just said Are you having problems in 2022?" He fianly finished.
No, we'r not" VanCharon trailed off Yet, but some of our techs have picked up strange temporel readings" the generel frowened, his brow creacing. The screen flickered once more, and VanCharon cursed. I'll contact you later, we've got a window comming up" and the screen whent dead. SMith jumped backwards, from the abruptness of the cutline, almost barreling into a blond venusian who was standing behind him, taking a transcript of the conversatin.
Axe's transmission filled the screen. Well that whent better then I expected" She arched her eye brows, antini pricking up as Smith returned his attention to her.
I'm not going to dignify that with a responce" SMith snaped back, Axe some how managed to look inocent of all wrong doing and incredebly dirty at the some time.
Well hows are you doing in motown?" SMith finaly recompossed himself.
Fine, fine, me and Turbo just caught at hockey game" She gave a dry chuckel.
Great, just great, I send two of my best undercover opratives to cover a dangaros felon, and they go catch a hockey game!" Smith smacked his forhead with the palm of his hand. I should have known" He cursed in english bringing sevrel raised eyebrows from passing terrans.
No, Brie was at the came, stunk as all get out, so we disisded we'd follow him" Axe's race remaned blank at Smith's string of cuss words. Finally she stoped.
DO you mind comander? Some races find the Treaaazzzzzk! Curse word offending to their mother!" Axe managed to convay her distain over the screen.
Treaaax-dava!" Smith snaped back I just insulted some poor Arean's brother!" The hafbreen ran a shaking hand through his hair I am not in a good mood now! DO NOT make it worse!" Smith spat on the floor and continued cursing.
Finally he stoped affter about a minet Ok, now, get your tail and Turbo back to bug city, somthing big is going down."
Axe nodded, and the screen blinked off, Smith spun around from it as the blocky fce of the mainframe came up, he cursed, and then again, his slured, twining grasp of Martain profanitys was imence. He groweled, some of the instincts dwelling lower receses of his mind were bursting to the surfice with renewd vigor.
His face was red and a trickel of sweat from his hairline gave no seacrets about his demenor at the moment. He would have dug the palms of his hands into the consule below them and ripped it out with all the force that a halfbreed could muster, his corded arms tightened.
~What have I gotten myself into?~
It was mainly pain that brought Teresa back to some semblence of sanity, and conscianess. Her head hurt real, frickin' bad, so did the rest of her body for that matter.
She had the metalic tast of blood in her mouth, and she could feel the sticky fluid on her shoulder and arm.
She could feel a trickel of blood creeping down from her hairline, running by her nose, frowning she licked the blood off her face as it trickeld by her mouth.
Her eyes flickered open to the fuzzy interior of what she thought she recognised as the scoreboard.
Hey sleeping beutys awake!" A voice she clearly recognised as Vinnie's, his footsteps aproched her, she looked up blindly, straining on the newly discovered bonds around her chest and legs.
Uhhh, don't flater me" She looked up at Vinnie, pushing herself into a sitting position from where she'd been lying on the floor.
Vinnie knelt down in front of her, he was near enough to her, for her to see him modretly clearly.
You, sweetheart, have alot of explaining to do" his kneepad's clinked on the floor as he knelt in front of her. Teresa eye'd him, her face darkening, she strougeled into a sitting position to face him.
I don't think you'd understand anything I explained" she spat at him, her forarms tightening out of reflex, ready to pulled the bonds apart, her mind tightening ready to send Vinnie reeeling with a metal blast of images.
Vinnie frowned at her Come on, try me" his contemt creeping into his voice.
Well I'm from the future, here to save some one ,who happens to be rather importent to my cause from dying" she frowned, thinking of what she could add to it.
Vinnie's face remained blank, impossible to say weather he had understood or not, finaly he sighed like Terminator, right?" He asked.
Yeah like Terminator" Teresa's eyebrows shot up her forhead Yeahh..."
Then I understand perfectly" Vinnie stood up, making as f he was going to walk away. Teresa remained silent. Her mind wandering.
~Never realised what a jerk he was!~
Throttle lay on his back on a makeshift couch a wad of stained cloth held up to the side of his face, blood still poured down the sides of it, cracking and drying dark green in his fur.
His left eye had been blasted out, all that was left was the metal plate surounding the socket that had held the optic in place, the silver metal gleeming through his torn fur, blood tracing over it in thin emereled lines. He groaned slightly and sat up, he slowly worked his fingers through his hair pulling any tangels of hair stright, drying blood was caking dark into it. He moved unstedely over to where Teresa had worked hersle into a sitting position, her back to the wall, her red eyes narowed.
A momentary grimice of pain caught him off guard as she stared back at him.
Can you untie me, so I can see to my arm?" She managed to pop her shoulders into a position that allowed her to sit up and face him, her legs were twisted at a rather painful looking angel beneath her body.
Why would I want to do that?" Throttle moved the cloth on his face a little so it could soak up more blood and it would cover up the shimering metalic under his fur.
Because unlike you I only have nine pints of blood, I need to dress it or I'll die of blood loss" Teresa exagarated a little on the die of blood loss part, but her shoulder was starting to swell and it the wound kept rubbing onto the leining of her jacket it would surely begin to fester, and cutting it was not a fevrable idea for her.
She knew full well that Throttle knew that Martains had more blood then Terrans, and she was going to use that to her advantage.
The pinprick of red light in the center of Throttle's right pupile brightened breifly, but he knelt down, his strong deft winger working on the knots.
Vinnie, if she moves wrong, shoot her" he said in Vinnie's direction, he could sense his freind nod in agreement and Throttle worked the last of the knots free, his hand straying to his blasters. He heard Vinnie mumble somthing snide and slightly dirty about her not being able to move wrong' he waved him into silence.
Teresa pulled the finaly bond off her ankels and rubbed them, stretching her feet out, Throttle heard the click of bone through the creak of the boot's leather.
Clasping her ankels shebent forward, grunting as she sudenly jerked her shoulders up violently and back into place, a sharp POP caught his ears.
She sat up looking up at him and rolling her neck around. She momentrly looked suspicsly at Throttle's twitching trigger finger, but finaly seeing it harmless she strightened up and got labrsly to her feet.
Vinnie's blaster remained trained on her. Teresa slowly backed againced the wall and unziped the jacket, pealing it off her shoulders she droped it onto the floor. The leining was dark with dreyed blood.
Underneath she just had a white sleivles shirt, which on one side already had a red stain slowly crawling across it.
Grimicing she touched the rough cracking scab that had built it's self over the wound. Blood was dreid along her lower biceps and arms. Teresa's suden shoulder movments caused the scab to crack open, and thin rivulet of blood trickeled across her neckline and disapeared down her shirt.
I hadn't realised we gave you such a nasty cut there" throttle reachedd out to help her. Her strong hand slaped it away.
I've been through worse, much worse" she said slowly, the hint of a sneer creeping into her voice, but some how as if disproving her point, she stagered back, as more blood trickeled out. Damnit! I'm overdue!" She colapsed back to her knees with a painful sounding them, her face made ugly by the grimce of pain masking it.
So much for the tough kid reoutine" Throttle knelt by her side, he gently sliped one of his corded arms around her back hefting her to her feet. Gez how much do you whigh?" she was much hevyer then she looked.
Its not nice to ask a lady's whight" That all came out in one shuddering breath But for the record, about two hundred and fifteen pounds" came the second, she strightened up, shuddering as she pulled some whigh off of Throttle's shoulder.
He still managed to set her down gently on one of their rickity folding chairs, Teresa brushed some hair out of her face, and for a moment fumbeled blindly around in the seeming infenet number of pockets insude her jacket, untill she produced the pair of wire framed glasses, they had seen her wearing earlyer, The red pigments in my eyes mess up my deapth perception" she informed them, as she pushed the glasses further up the brige of her nose.
So.." Throttle had retreived what resembeled a first aid kit from some where Ready for the Q and A sassion?" He pushed it over to her.
Shoot" She heafted the now dead whigght of her arm onto her lap and opened the box No pun intended." A smile twitched over her mouth for a second then vanished.
Hurmph." Vinnie watched as with a few lightning quick flicks of her fingers, Teresa had pulled anasthedic, and gause out and was aplying it just as quickly to her blood caked arm. Her fingers currled in an involentery spasem as the anasceptic hit the raw flesh.
What, exactly is going on? Throttle threw the first question down as he pulled another folding chair out from under a heap of laundry and unfolding it he sat opaset to Teresa.
Are you sure you can handel it?" she asked leaning forward untill her nose was mere inches away from the tip of Throttl's snout.
Just tell us" he said softly, all beligerence leaving his voice.
Teresa shrugged then noded in a vauge way this is a highly classifyed, covert op mission from the United TMV Millitery."Teresa's voice broke on the last word as the sting of the wound broke through her ability to control it.
Well that really means somthing to us sweet heart" Vinnie broke in, but was silenced from both Teresa's and Throttle's withering gaze.
The tall woman frowned, the picked up her story again. In the year 2009 the plutarkians will mount a full frontel aussault on Terra, distroying every thing" Teresa stoped analysing the mixing expresion of awe, disbeleife anger and fear on the faces of her martain captors. Then she continued but in 2011, the Venusian millitery will come out of hiding and assist the now united Martian and Terran forces in driving the plutarkian fleet back to the astroid belt." She stoped her monolauge staring at the positions of Throttle, Modo and Vinnie's jaw bones.
Go on.." Throttle managed.
Teresa visibly relaxed from 2011 to 2015 the united inner planets attempted to rebuildd their ecosystems while the plutarkian forces lurked at the astroid belt, esstablishing bases all along them." She grimaced, her for head wrinkeling as she tryed to remember the details. And in 2016 they attacked Tranquility II on the far side of mars, they called it Third Enitial'" she let the deapth of her words sink in then proceed, The fighting raged untill early in the year 2021 when a metapysisist named Jolo Decarvara stumbeled on the princibles of time travel, the TMV will unnanamosly agree to send a strike force back to the last four years of the twenteth century as stop the Second Enitial" she concluded and the trio seemed to come out from under a spell of silence.
History repeats it's self" Modo said slowly, his face lax talk about doomed to repeat the past." His face was compleatly blank, but the dull glow of his eye signeled the restrained rage.
Whoa" was all Vinnie had to say.
Now my head hurts" Throtle gave a dry chuckel that roatteled through the interior of the score board And what exactly are you, if you don't mide me asking, because your oviosly not a normal human" he scracked the back of his head Some kind of gene-soldier?" Throttle pulled of his shades, wiping the lenses on the corner of his vest.
Teresa leaned over again, but this time leaning her elbows on her knees and cuping her chin in her hands You might say so, I'm whats called a shell, some one else's mind in a vat grown body" she sighed, rolling her head to the side. I tottaly lost you on that shell bit didn't I?" she sighed, her thin mouth tilting down wards in a pouty frown.
You should write for the movies" Vinnie chorteled, his crack breaking the veil of dispair hanging over the group.
Throttle laughed dryly again It dose all sound a little far fetched, but we've all seen what you and your boyfreind are capable of" his eye brows slowly slauntered up above the rims of his shades I have this nausating feeling your telling the truth" he flashed her a tight forced smile.
Teresa returned the smile, then her face fell hes not my boyfreind, hes the mission director, we just work as a pair" Teresa had finished bandaging her arm, she leaned back, cracking her shoulders. She traced her left hand through her short brown hair. Unsure weather she should contiue her tale.
Go on" Modo finally prompted her.
Teresa sighed one again, and resumed we came back in 1996, but had to lay low untill early 1998, we have agents watching all suspects that might have somthing to do with sending the comand for second enitial, but every one thinks its gonna come from here, from Chicago, thats why, me and Smith are here insted of in Washington" Teresa's glasses sliped down her nose again, and she quickly pushed the wire frames back up with a singel thin finger.
OK, I get the whole distopia thing, but could you run the shell thing by me again" Vinnie intrupted That would make my day just peachy."
Teresa glared at the sulking white mouse, her eyes narowing to a slit I died in the year 1999, but my brain and consciance memorys were preserved, as a binery code, and I was resurected in the year 2017, in an experimental procedure called Grafting.' Make sense?" Her left eye brow arched to an alarming hight.
Throttle hurmphed' at Vinnie who hurmphed back, Modo remained silent digesting the information. Teresa closed her eyes, her lashes gently playing across her cheek bones, she seemed to be waiting for somthing.
And just as Throttle was about to start grilling her again, a buzzing hum sudenly begane to pulse through the room, shaking their sensitive earns to the center, strobe lights begane to play down from above the scoreboard in a disidedly x-files-ish way.
A dull huming sound soon began to shake the score board, as the small ship lowerd it's self towards the front of the score board untill it's tinted view port was even with Throttle Modo and Vinnie's flabergasted faces.
It just gets weirder and weirder..." Vinnie managed to say as the seach lights becane sweeping the interoir of their dwelling.
You know, you gave us quite a scare when your tyraxasine levels spiked like that" an acid voice driffted out from behind the lights and the hum was replased with a metalic swishhssss' as a gangplank extended form the ship and landed almost at Throttle's feet in the score board.
The clank of steel toed millitery bootes sounded off the aluminem plank as two androgenosly dressed beings in hardsuits, three mice in millitery uniform and a familer braudshouldered human in a blast suit slowly, but confidently disimbarked.
You again?!" Vinnie mymbeled, only to have the biz end of a harsuit shoulder riifle waved under his nose.
Smith waved for the harsuit to back off the white mouse, the halfbreed had traded his steel shaded armane suit for gray and black light whight battle armore.
Yes me again, I just pop up in the most inconvinent of places" Smith shruged in a way that told the bros that he might do this kind of thing every singel day of his existence. Kinna makes you wonder..." He flashed them all a suave smile that looked frighteningly like Vinnie's, Teresa mearly raised an eyebrow.
Your aware that your full of it, arn't you?" Teresa stood falteringly up, one hand clasped over her freshly dressed wound, the other clenched around the side of her head, as if keeping it together.
Every day you make that painfuly clear to me" Smith's demure exterior was instently shattered. He caughed regaining his composure, for a full five minets silence ruled the scoreboard.
Smith finally restored sound to bros abode hardsuits wait by the door, Mr De'Saint make sure our chummers exubrence over there dosn't get out of hand" he stoped, one of the two remaining mice cocked his head to the side, still awaiting orders Mizz Fragor, Mr Clamor, make sure that her tyraxasine levels stay even" Smith winced at the crossive glare Teresa shot him. We don't want to lose our sardonic freind to a psi chemical embalance" Smith's tone was still acidic, he looked much more in control then he had for quite a while.
The two hardsuit clad mice backed up to the doors their armos creaking and clanking as they moved.
The bigest of the three mice in army fateuges, aparently De'Saint quickly shifted his position, suprisinggly fast for a mouse his size, was standing mere inches away from Throttle, with what looked like a very advanced arm canon trained on a point just above the mouse's right eye brow.
Don't move, all three" he said slowly in a grinding metalic voice.
Teresa seemed to have recovered as Smith finished, she had strightened up to her full hight of 5'11", her crimson eyes blazing. Whats going on Smith, whys the Goon Squad here insted of motown?" her voice was driping with somthing inbetween unter indignence and hatred. All the mice and Smith winced, as tyraxasine levels spiked on her biomonitor again.
Smith turned to her, all the confidence washed from his grass green eyes Its starting, and it's happening here" he stoped regaining his shaking breath The Argos is on it's way and the Ursa Minor is taking up the Dee position in it's place"
The smallest of Smith's three mouse goon squad' the one with a long mop of ebony and ivory hair noded to Teresa We just received transmission from General VanCharon, the final stage of Backstep is go" he pocked the middle sized female mouse in the shoulder me n Fragor just landed in bugcity."
Teresa's eye's sudenly widened, God, no, not yet" she stiffened, throwing off the suport of Clamor and Fragor, and the HK project?" she cocked her head to the side, her brown hair falling around her face, in a thuraly feminen gesture she flicked it back.
Oviosly anxios, she gathered up her arms from where Throttle had layn them on a neaarby table earlyer, she sliped the blaster's back into their holsters by her side, and the wip, into it's clasp at the base of her spine.
Your gung-ho all of a suden" Smith tilted his head back towards her for a moment then returned his attention to the bros.
Teresa, didn't reply, her face was readiating urgencey.
De'Saint was still watching them. Like a cat watches an injured mouse, Throttle mused on the irony of the moment, reajusted the blood soaked rag on his face and disided if he ever wanted to know what the f*** was going on he was going to half to ask now.
Before we go a step further, could you please explain what the f*** is going on?!" His usaly ristrained temper almost comming to an explosive boil.
Smith flinched again, shaking his hand as if he had touched some incredebly hot saucepan and burnt his fingers on it sounds like some things never change" he muttered, to no one, and every one in particular.
Just what is going on? Please, I am sick of having apsolutly no idea why some jerks from the twenty first century are blowing up my turf?!" Throttle threw all caution to the wind as he shoved De'Saint to the side, the big mouse, grunted and sprung forward to ristrain Throttle.
Fragor and Clamor starteled by the suden movment, jumped at the chance to get some grotuitas violence in, so did Vinnie and Modo.
An all out brawl insued, both contenders evenly matched, fur and fists flew as the the writhing mound of bodys, wreaked havok on the surounding furniture.
Both the hardsuits leapt to interveen, Smith held them back. Let them fight it out" he shruged I think both partys are really need to let off some stress, anyway, the goon squad knows they can't kill them." Smith backed away from the tussel.
Teresa made another hurphing' sound.
You guys were pathetic, you know that?" Smith looked over at Teresa, who had a look of compleat indignation stamped on her face.
I am painfuly aware of that fact Smith" she raised her sardonic eye brow again now shove it."
Smith gave her look of inocence, then beckoned to the hardsuit towering over him.
On second thought, pull them out of it" he pointed to the ball of limbs and ducked as a cracked lamp shade spun past him, a mere inches from where his chin had been second before.
The hardsuit saluted, and the two shambeled over to the cause of the havok, pulling the contenders free.
I'm gonna rip you ears our for that comment about my mother!" Modo made a swing at the blond female mouse, as the hardsuits hauled them apart.
No one calles me blondie!" her obsidian eyes flaring to life, elecrisity crackeling out of her body, the repugnant sent of singed fur and burning porcalin sudenly permeated the air.
I didn't call you blondie!" Modo yelled back, strougeling againced the litrely steel grip of the hardsuit. He called you blondie!" a flaling hand pointed to Vinnie.
Ghad! Put a damper on that Cornel Fragor!" The hardsuit, yellled as he felt his suit shortcircit, from Fragor's unusal electrical powers.
Eeeek! An elemage!" Was all Vinnie had to say about the situation.
Jesus! Ground her!" The other hardsuit who had Vinnie, Modo, and De'Saint restrained shouted at his partner in arms.
All the mice present sudenly stoped what ever belligerent activitys they were engaged in to cluch their heads in pain as the mental shockwave thundered through their heads.
Axe your blond, get over it!" Teresa stagered backwards, trembeling again, every one stop it, I know we'r both very belligrent speciese, but for once, please, who cares what some one called Modo's old grey fured mother, please, I want to live!" She sunk to her knees, a small river of scarlet blood trickeled from the right side of her nose, and from the edge of her right eye lid. Her teeth grited into a line, she strougeled to remain consciance, her brow furrowed, as the battle lines fused, and her shockwave continued to thunder through their minds.
Finally she colapsed, face down on the floor, unconsciane.
Axe Fragor let forth a furiose string of less then sanitery cursing, causing every one to wince again
My, my, and you blame me about my launguage" Smith looked up at her, his grass colored eyes, glaring, he knelt by Teresa's still quivering body. Her psi chemical levels just droped into the red zone" he looked up Damnit this is not Chicago Hope' I don't want people dieing, with out good reason!" He strightened up, his back still, he seemed to ignore all ofther action around him.
De'Saint, take her to the medbay, see that the dorctor keeps her alive, or you have my permission to shoot him!" Smith snaped, he,again could feel the building cloud of a migrane.
Axe, Raymond, report to dicipnary when we get back!" He surned as De'Saint collected Teresa's limp body over his shoulder. To bare his anger at the two hardsuits and their capives.
Yes sir" Axe and Raymond Clamor, seemed to resign themselves, neither one wanting to deal with SMith's temper.
The hardsuits droped them and followed them back into the lighted interior of the ship.
Smith turned to the bros.
Please, don't get involved, it is imperative that all three of you remain alive" and he turned and reentered the ship before any one could react to their departure.
Silence once again decended.
Alright I'm calling Charlie, then Chris Carter!" Throttle draged himself to his feet, brushing dust particals and fragments of wood out of his fur, and affter shifting through some pile of debries, located their radio.
Charlie bumbed her head on the top of the truck's hood, as the radio screemed at her, botteling down a less then sanitery curse, she stumbeled out of her little pool of tools to where the radio sat under a tarp, she pushed the crinkeling gray blue sheet of plastic off onto the pock parked, oil stained floor.
Hullo? Davidson residence, how may I help you?" she smiled half jokinly, her women's intuition telling her that her rodent chumms would probably need some cheering up.
Oh" Throttle's voice on the other end sounded a trifle starteled, but he quickly recovered ..mizz Davidson, do you by chance know a mister Chris Carter, we here at the biker mice dwelling, just came into posesion of some rather disturbing information" Throttle continued in the calm cool voice he was so famed for, but frequest pauses hinted at exactly how twitchy he was.
Charlie imedeatly droped her rouse when she heard the word DISTURBING' what do you mean?" Charlie's voice had also taken the twinge of anxity.
Throttle took a deep and labored breath, in the background some one attemped to hide a groan of pain and Throttle slowly exhaled Ok, turnes out shes from the year 2022 and in an backstep' project their here to stop some terrible disaster" Charlie could almost visulise the brown mouse wrinkeling his brow and frowning there from some distopia future....some thing really messed up is gonna happen real soon...and I think we might die" Throttle's voice had almost cracked a few times during that speach.
Ok.." Throttle heard a slightly skeptical gulp from the other end.
And the bike?" Throttle's voice ground back to Charlie.
Just finished looking at it, like nothing I've ever seen before, its prolly been running on the same tank of gas for five years" Charlie waved a distracted hand at Teresa's black susuki that lay forlorn on it's side next to the chassie of a large car. Modifyed steering, hidden weapons, speed bosters" Charlie heard Throttle wistel as she continued her monolauge and somthing I think might be an AI" she finished, and started to wipe a streak of grease from the front of her shirt.
Great..great..gre...." Throttle's murmered lament was introupted by a scalding string of unsanitery cursing, and the sound of motors reving from Charlie's end of the line.
Uh Charlie..? You ok? Charlie?" Throttle's voice sudenly rose in pitch with worry, but to is relefe, the sound of a shaky hand picking up the recceiver clatered over the line, followed by Charlie's voice.
Yeah, it most defenetly has an AI..."
Were comming over there!"
Smith found the man he was looking for walking quickly down one of the Vega's many rusty hallways.
Mumbeling curses to himself he joged to catch up with the lapcoat clad man.
The lapcoat was suprisingly tall, but waiflike and extreemly thin, the wite linin hang on his gaunt shoulder, and he walked with a slight limp, his face was gentel and rounded, quite out of character with hs body, his skin seemed to have all the color drained out, his eyes too, they were a wattery squimish yellow, slited pupils constently contracting and expanding, only his shaggy mop of hay yellow hair stood out from his pale face.
Hey, Doc!"
He spun calmly arouns as Smith's yell pealed over the scilence of the rusted hallway.
Well? What do you want?" His voice voice was impossibly reedy from his full mouth, he regarded Smith with a slight air of distain. The man oviosly a doctor smiled tothily at Smith, who flinched at the impossibly large set of sharp flawless white teeth.
Don't do that" Smith reprimanded him, as he regained his composure, and arched one fine eye brow as the doctor's toothy grin faded.
I'm sure you want to know how shes doing?" Doctor Jolo Decarvara turned away and returned to walking down the hallway, his shoes ringing on the aluminem floor You warmbloods, don't see how you do it..." he muttered, half to himself, half too Smith who had to jog to catch up with the doctor.
She'll be fine, your mister De'Saint got her to the med bay in time for me to dampen her psi feild" the doctor watched Smith pacing beside hom from one gold rimed eye.
Good" he heard the hybrid say.
Though I'll be damned if I'll ever figure out why her body even produces psi chemicals" the doctor stoped, next to a flecking bulkhead door, as he ran a thin hand through his yellow mop of hair, his eyes sliting again.
She'll have to recoperate, the project will have to be delayed" and doctor turned his back disisivly to Smith and opened the door, leaving Smith standing alone in the middle of the hallway.
I'm screwed"
You got a tracker on the bike" Throttle blinked incredisly at Charlie's wide grin.
Yep" she waved a small component box at him, he wiped at it, but she pulled it away before he could get at it sensitive matreal, you might break it" she shrugged, Throttl mearly looked vexed at her, but the stuborn expresion on her face remained in place.
Tracker" Vinnie sudenly looked up, his shoulder was bandaged, and he had put a blue jean jacket on over it to hide the green stain in his fur, for fear that the blood stain would ruin his image. Tracker?" He repeaded, grining You go sweetheart!" he declared.

To Be continued.....