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By Jessi

April 25,1998

Readonna Ross pushed a stray lock of her long, dark brown hair out of her face nervously as she walked into the large glass building. "FISH DEVELOPING" was printed in large gold letters on one of the black
marble walls. Looking around the spacious lobby, past the overstuffed couch and chairs, she finally located the receptin desk.

"Uh,hi,I'm here to see Mr. Plankton," she timidly told the preaty, pencil thin, blonde behind the desk.

"Do you have an appointment?" she asked briskly.

"Uh, well,not exactly. I called about doing a report,and was told to come in."

"Readonna Ross?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"One moment," she pressed a button on her desk. A barely audible buzz later, a male's voice came over the speaker.

"Yes, Ms. Silver?"

"Mr. Plankton, Readonna Ross is here."

"Thank you, Ms.Silver,send her up."

"Right away, sir," she said pressing the button to shut off the intercom system, she turned to Readonna.

"Go to the elevator and take it to the top floor, go down the hall directly in front of you, hang a right and third door to the right is Mr. Plankton's office. Got that?"

"Yeah. Thanks." Rea said heading for the elevator.

A little while later she hesitated outside Mr. Planktons office trying to decide if she should knock or just go in. She timidly rapped on the door.

"Come in, Miss. Ross."

"Thank you," she said walking in and looking around. The carpet was very thick and a sea green color, the two walls on either side of her were giant fish tanks with hundreds of multi-colored tropical fish
swiming to and fro, and the wall in front of her was composed entirely of windows. A desk sat in front of this far wall, a swievial turned to face her.

"Miss Ross! How nice to see you!" Mr. Planton stood and extended his hand. He had a pale, pasty complession, his head was crowned by a thatch of short, blonde hair. He had on a black suit which looked like it might pop with his enormous bulk. As she took his hand that it felt...rubbery, and she was begining to notice a smell.

"Please, have a seat," he said motioning toward two plush chairs in front of his desk. Rea sat down hesitantly.

"I hope you'll forgive the smell, we think there's a busted sewer line, but onto more pleasant subjects. You want to do a report on developing?"

"Yes, sir. I'm a sophmore at Rose County High," she said launching into her prepared "speech". "We're studing the ways different companies use different procedures to protect the enviroment."

"Ah, the enviroment, an interesting subject,indeed," he said with a smile.

"Um...yes, it is," she said nervously pushing her glasses back up. "Would you mind if I recorded our conversation?" she asked pulling a minature tape recorder out of her purse.

"No, of coarse not."

"Thank you," she said putting the recorder on his desk and turning it on. "Now, I need some background information, how did you get involved in developing?"

"Well...I suppose you could say it's the faimily buisness."


An hour later, Rea knew more about developing then she ever wanted to know, and Plankton had still managed to avoid anything to do with the enviroment.

"Good thing I've got a long tape," she thought just managing to keep from dozing off.

"So, I bought the factory and land and made a mint by..." A buzzer went off. "Yes, Ms. Silver?"

"Sorry to bother you, Sir, but there's a Dr.Black here who is insisting he see you."

"I see, tell him later. After this interview," he pressed a button to shut off the speaker.He turned back to her with a smile.
"Now, where were we?"

"Well, Mr.Plankton, honostly, 'we' need to get to the enviroment," she said forcing a slight smile.

"Oh...yes, well..." the speaker buzzed again. Plankton looked relieved "Yes, Ms. Silver?"

"Sir, Dr. Black came through anyway. Shall I call securaty?"

"No, Ms.Silver I'll handle it." Plankton had just turned off the speaker when a man burst in, he looked about thirty with short cut blond hair, his sky blue eyes were flashing.

"Plankton! You smelly..." He stopped when he spotted Rea.

"Doctor, Doctor, there's no need for name calling," Mr.Plankton purred with a smile. Rea was begining to think he smiled a little TOO much.

"Furthermore, Dr.Black, I see no reason to involve Miss. Ross in our little squable." he continued with yet another smile.

"School report?" Dr.Black asked turning his attention to Rea.

"Yeah," Rea said with a weak smile, she didn't know why but she liked him.

"You're right, Plankton, there's no need for her to get involved. I'll be in your conference room." he gave Rea a nod and a smile and walked out.

"Miss. Ross I hope you'll excuse me while I clear this up. If you need anything, press the third button the speaker and Ms.Silver will help you." He hurried away.

Rea stood and streached her stiff muscles. Wonder what that was all about? she thought shaking her head. She glanced down at her watch and groaned. Oh no,mom's supposed to be here in fifteen minutes,
and the way those guys were going I doubt I'll be done by then. She walked around the desk to look at the speaker. Half a dozon buttons went down the side.

"Well," she said aloud reaching for the speker "maybe Ms.Silver can call her for me." Mr.Plankton didn't seem to have a phone anywhere. She reached for the third button, and her hand slipped.

"...you have to eat those?" Dr.Blacks voice came over the speaker.

"YOU burst in on ME," Plankton's voice answered. "I'll eat my slime worms where I please." Rea felt slightly ill.

"You ARE slime fish face, I helped you trace those minerals because you said you needed them to build a weapon to DEFEND your planet. I got wind of your real plan though..."

"I assure you, Doctor, I had only the purest intentions."

"So you WEREN'T going to use it burn down millions of acres of forest, so you could ship it back to Plutark?" Plankton was silent.

"Shocked? I'm a computer expert too, remember? I was curious as to what was being done with my little `project', so I bypassed a few security lockouts. Guess
what I found."

"I'm sure..."

"You can't talk your way out of this one, I've already alerted the government to the weapon and they're going to hear the rest of it."

"Tell me Doctor, have I ever told you about the Plutarkian base on Pluto?"

"You told me nothing lived on Pluto." Black sounded cautious.

"Oh, nothing does, at least, not naturally."

"What do you mean?"

"We have a self contained lab there. Nobody thinks to look there because it's such an uninhabitable planet. The scientist there has experimented on most of the races we've invaded."

"Why are..." Dr. Black started.

"Except humans," Plankton said continuing as though he hadn't spoken. "He's sent word that he wants a few to experiment on. Somebody I need to disappear, I'm afraid you just fell into that category, Doctor."

Rea heard the sound of a drawer opening and then the sound of a gun firing. She jerked away from the speaker, and hit a glass of pens. She flinched at the resulting crash.

"Who...Ms. Silver is that you?" Rea was moving quietly to get her purse and tape recorder. "No...Ms. Silver wouldn't...the girl!" She needed no more encouragement, she ran for the elevator.

Pressing the button for the lobby she took a couple of deep breathes, trying to relax. She looked down at her tape recorder and realized with a start that it was still going. She stopped it and ejected it, realization dawning on her. She had proof. The doors opened she hurried out. Everything seemed normal enough, but why take chances?

"Miss. Ross!" Ms. Silver called from her desk. "Is your interview over?"

"Yes, ma'am." Rea answered hurring by. She walked into the sunshine, and slammed into a police officer.

"Excuse me, ma'am," he said grabbing her arm to steady her. Rea looked at his uniform,state police. She sighed with relief.

"Um...could I talk to you for a second?" She asked in a pleading voice.

"Sure. You alright? You look a little shakey."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Listen, take this." Rea shoved the cassette tape into his hand. "And I wouldn't go in there."

"I have to we had a complaint about..."

"Trust me. Don't go in there. The reason's on the tape."

"What? Do you have some kind of evidence against Fish Developing?"

"Well...yes, sir. I know it sounds crazy but..."

"Miss. Ross!" Ms. Silver's called from behind her. Rea spun. "You left something in the office." She flashed a million dollar smile. Rea didn't move.

"You've got something in your hair, Dear." Ms. Silver said reaching over to tug at the imaginary object she leaned down to whisper in Rea's ear. "I've got a gun, come with me or the officer dies."

"I...guess I better go...get what I left," she said swallowing hard, but knowing she couldn't risk the policemen's life, she walked back inside with Ms.Silver. She felt a cold knot of fear building in her stomach. As soon as they were inside Ms.Silver had the gun to her back.


"Miss. Ross, it's a shame you had to hear what you did," Mr. Plankton said from behind his desk. Ms.Silver had left them just seconds ago. "You see, now I have to eliminate you, too." He pulled out a gun.

"Don't worry, I'm not goin to kill you. These are strong tranquilizers."

"So, I'm going to Pluto?"

"You heard? Yes the good doctor will be delighted to have a young humman to experiment on." He fired. Rea saw the floor rush up to meet her. The darkness begain closing around her, her last sight was
Plankton's face above her, as he pulled it off. She looked into that green, scaly face and the darkness claimed her.


Rea woke up with an intense burning pain in her shoulder and her head was pounding. She could hear voices to her side.

"I think she's awake." The voice was right beside her. She opened her eyes and then closed them again as the light slashed into her brain.

"She's probably got a heck of a hangover." another voice said. "Can you sit up?"

"Maybe," she said sitting up carefully and forcing her eyes open she looked around. She as in a cell. There were four metal walls with bunks on each except for one which held a door. In the far corner
some sheets had been hung and she could just get a glimpse of a toilette and sink. The occupents were the interesting ones though. In front of her a humanoid mouse with coal black fur and two small, red antennae
on his head looked at her worriedly. Beside him was a grey being with a bulbous head and large, almond shaped all black eyes, he remined Rea of the aliens she'd seen on tee shirts and jewelry. He was better porptioned though. Leaning against the bunks across from the one she was currently was a lizard like ceature with an alligator like tail and head along with emerald green scales and clawed finger. Standing beside him was a brown hawk-humanoid with giant wings folded over his shoulders and his arms ended in talon like hands. Against the other wall Rea could just make out Dr.Black's unconcious form.

"Take it easy, Kid, we don't bite." The gray guy said with a grin. Rea forced herself to relax. They all looked a little intimidating but none of them looked like they were going to hurt her.

"I'm called Shadow," The mouse said. "This is Dillion." He pointed to the grey guy. "The one with feathers is Duke and the green one is Torga. And you are?"

"Readonna, but everyone calls me Rea," she said managing a weak smile.

"Who's the other guy?" Dillion asked motioning toward Dr. Black with a four fingered hand.

"Dr. Black," Rea said realizing she didn't know his first name. "We kinda just met," she said giving them a short version of what had happened.

"Sounds like a Plutarkian, sending a kid to a mad scientist," Shadow said angerly.

"At least we know where we are though," Duke said with a sigh. "Not that it'll do us much good."

"How's your shoulder, Rea?" Torga asked suddenly walking over to her. Shadow moved to let him past. Rea hadn't really been thinking about the pain in her shoulder, she was thinking more about the sick feeling in her stomach. Looking down she felt the pain intensify, and got a little sicker. Burnt into the skin of her left shoulder was a diamond just slightly larger then a playing card, inside were some weird symbols.

"They...branded me?" she asked weakly.

"At least they did while you were asleep," Torga said gently, rolling up the her sleeve to examine the brand. His cool hands helped the burning. "You humans are sure delicate," he said flashing his sharp teeth in a smile.

"What do those symbols mean?" Rea asked looking at her shoulder as close as possible considering it was her shoulder.

"It's your prison number," Duke said coming over to examine it. "You're 4416."

"That's what they'll call you from now on," Dillion told her.

"What kind of guys are these Plutarkians ?" Rea asked.

"Leave it to the fish-faces to kidnap a kid who barely knows what's going on." Shadow said. "The Plutarkians steal planets. They usually wear masks so they don't stand out in the local culture."

"Can't hide they smell though," Dillion said with a smile.

"They buy up land, strip it of trees, minerals,etc. and ship it back to Plutark." Shadow continued.

"This may sound stupid to you, but why?" Rea asked.

"They destroyed their planet," Duke explained, "used up all their natural resources and polluted everything."

"They seem to be just getting around to Earth," Torga said.

"What do you mean?" Rea asked.

"She's human, Torga, remember?" Dillion said, he sounded amused. "Mars and Venus have life too, Kid, in fact, I'm from Venus and Shadow there's from Mars. They've already paid us both a visit."

The sound of the door opening silenced everyone. Two Plutarkian guards walked in. One covered the others while the other one yanked Rea to her feet.

"March,human," the guard snarled. Rea barely managed to keep standing as the room spun, she guessed it was an after effect of the tranqualizers.

"Lay off, Stinky, she's just a kid," Shadow growled. He looked like he might jump the guard, despite the gun.

"I wouldn't mouse," the other guard said pointing his weapon at Shadow's chest.

Rea was marched out and down a metal hallway, turning every now and again they finally reached another doorway. The guard pressed his hand on a plate and the door slide open.

"Go inside. You'll find a change of clothes. Undress, use the sonic shower, and dress in them. You've got fifteen minutes, then I come in. Ready or not." Rea walked in and found a set of coveralls, a
brown tee shirt, socks, boots, and underwear.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she thought with a sigh. "A SONIC shower? I've only read about those in sci-fi novels and I'm supposed to know how to use one?" She undressed quickly and stepped into the shower. Luckily, as soon as she closed the door the shower came on.

"Weird," she thought stepping out and dressing. The clothes fit perfectly. She walked to the door and it opened. The guard had his gun pointed at her.

"March." With a sigh she marched.


Rea was taken to a lab. It was so white it practally hurt her eyes.

"Dr. Selva?" he called hesitantly.

"Yesssss, Comander?" A hissing voice questioned from the shadows.

"The human female, sir," he said addressing the shadows.

From the shadows emerged a creature who wore the same color of darkness. The black scaled creature looked like a cross between a human and a snake, every so often a forked tounge tasted the air.

"Ssssooo I see," he put a cold, scaly finger beneath her chin, forcing her eyes to meet his own gold,slited ones. Rea jerked away with a shrudder.

"Not sssssooo fast," his hand grabbed her right forearm in a lightining fast motion. Before she could struggle free he clipped a silver colored bracelet on her wrist.

"You, my Dear, are going to be very fun to exsssssperiment on," he said as she jerked her arm free.

"Thisssss is your new punishment bracelet. Let's tessssst it shall we?" he pressed a button on a control. An electric jolt slammed into her body. Once more the darkness closed it's arms around her.


Rea woke up back on her bunk. Torga was feeling her forehead.

"She's awake," Torga announced. She started to sit up and the room begain to spin. She laid back down.

"Gonna make a habit of this, Kid?" Dillion asked with a smile.

"Is it my fault everyone has a problem with me being concious?" Rea said with an answering smile.

"Are you okay?" Dr. Black came to stand by her bunk.

"Jerry just woke up." Torga said.


"Me," Dr. Black(Jerry) said with a slight smile. "I'm sorry I got you into this," he said his smile fading.

"She would've been pulled in eventually,anyway," Shadow said from the bunk above her. "It's a planet wide problem." Below him Rea was begining to notice something.

"My glasses are gone," she said surprised.

"The guards probably dropped 'em. Can you see okay?" Duke asked.

"That's just it! I see fine!"

"So...what's the problem?"

"I'm as blind as bat!"

"A what?" Dilion asked.

"Small, winged, mouse-like creatures comonly thoght not see well," Jerry responded.

"Oh," Dillion said with a half-smile.

"Can you sit up?" Torga asked suddenly.

"I think so," Rea said forcing herself into a sitting position.

"What color are your eyes?" he asked examining them.

"Real light brown. Why?"

"See for yourself." he said helping her to her feet he led Rea to the sheeted in "bathroom" and the mirror above the sink. Eyes that were so dark brown that they were barely distinguishable from pupil met her eyes.

"But...I...how..." Rea trailed off in confusion.

"What she said," Dillion said coming to stand beside her. "So, her eyes change color and now she can see better?"

"Not exactly," Torga said following Rea back to her bunk. "There's a Plutarkian drug that repair most eyesight problems, an after effect is the darkening of the eye color. Since the Plutarkians like nearly perfect test subjects..."

"They fixed my eyes." Rea finished for him. She hesitated for a second. "And that's why they gave me a punisment bracelet, right?"

"Yeah," Torga said hesitantly.

"What...what do they do to test subjects?" The aliens exchanged looks. Shadow jumped off the top bunk and sat beside her.

"Kid, I'll be straight with you. The Plutarkians, and most of the people who work for them, are cruel. They don't care who or what you are or how old you are. I've seen mice come back with bionic arms after having their real ones sawed off with no painkillers or sedatives. It's gonna be tough, Babe." He wrapped his tail around her waist. She'd deathly pale and felt light headed.

"Oh God," Jerry said leaning against leaning against his bunk. He was pale,too.

"Does wonders for your confedence, huh Kid?" Dillion said with a whisper of a smile. His lumonous black looked troubled, though. The lights suddenly dimmed.

"Lights out," Shadow said, giving Rea a final squeeze around the waist he stood. "I'd sleep in my boots if I were you, you never know when the guards might come for 'ya." Rea laid down with a sigh. Shadow
pulled the blanket around her while the others settled down. "Night, Kid."

"Night, Shadow."

A few minutes later on his own bunk, Shadow listened as her breathing deepened.

"She's only a couple of years younger then Vance," he thoght. It'd been a while since he'd thought of his nephew. "I just hope she doesn't end up as bitter."

Part II

"C'mon, Kid, breakfast." Dillon said shaking Rea awake the next morning. She was momentarily disoriented. Rea stood and streached, Torga walked over with a silver tray. Taking the tray she eyed it's contents doubtfully. There were four playing card sized gray, rectangular, waifers in the center, to the side a metal cup held a slimy looking yellowish liquid.

"It's not very tasty but it has all the nutrients you need to stay alive," Torga said at the look on her face. Rea sighed and forced the bland waifers and most of the slimy liquid, though she just barely kept it down. Jerry was having similar problems. The door was suddenly thrown open, three scaly guards walked in. Once again one covered the others in the cell while two got their targets, Rea and Jerry. Outside the cell they were taken in different directions. Rea swallowed hard as she found herself being led back to Dr. Selva's lab.


"What did they do to her?" The voice floated to Rea's foggy brain from seemingly far away. As he fog cleared she found she had other problems, she couldn't move. She could feel her arms and legs, she could hear the others talking around her but she couldn't move. Memories washed over her in a cold wave.

Dr. Selva had strapped her to a table, then injected her with something. Whatever it was had paralyzed her, like now. Then the real torture hade begun. Selva had operated on her. She felt the now dull throb in her body, and remembered the burning pain of the sharp knives slicing her muscles and things probing inside those wounds. When the pain had become too much she blacked out.

"Her heart barely beating," She felt Torga's cool hand on her neck. "This isn't normal for humans is it?"

"Not by a long shot," Jerry's voice sounded worried. Rea struggled to make her mucles move.

"The only thing I've seen that could do this is zombie juice, it paralyzes the subject but...leaves them with the ability to feel and hear." Torga's voice said quitely. Rea managed to move her frozen muscles and tried to sit up.

"Easy, Kid," Torga said holding her down. "You okay?"

"No," Rea said laying back against her pillow. "I feel like my muscles are on fire."

"Think you can sit up, Kid?" Torga asked. "I want to see what they did to you." Rea nodded and forced herself to sit up, gritting her teeth against the pain that seemed to rip into every muscle.

"That's our cue people," Dillion said, with a smile he turned his back to Rea. The others, except Torga, quickly did the same. Rea looked at Torga for a second, then raised an eyebrow. Torga gave her a gentle smile.

"I'm a doctor, I promise." he said at the look. Rea sighed and took off her coveralls. Their were long incision marks on her arms and legs. They'd been stitched closed. "By Lara! He didn't even use
surgical glue." Torga sounded disgusted. He felt along the incision marks.

"It feels like there's something under my skin," Rea said flinching.

"There is," Torga said quietly. "Bio implants, it hurts because they're working their way into your muscles. The implants are designed to make you stronger, but they hurt."

"No kidding," Rea said slipping the coveralls gingerly back on.

"Okay guys, coast is clear," she told the others, sitting down carefully on her bed and leaning back against the wall behind it.

"Well, on a bright note, maybe they'll leave ya alone for awhile, Kid." Dillion said giving her a half smile.

"They usually give you a few days to recouperate," Torga explained.

"Come get your food, scum." The harsh, cruel voice drew their attention to the door as the food was shoved under. Rea started to get up and her muscles exploded into new waves of intence pain, she flinched and sat back down.

"I got it, Kid." Shadow said handing her a tray. The same gray waifers stared at her.

"So," Rea said looking at the bland food. "How long have you guys been here?"

"About...five months I think." Shadow answered.

"We arrived about a day apart," Duke said.

"Why are you guys here? I mean, how did they get you?" Rea asked.

"I was the doctor on a ship the Plutarkians shot down, I was the only survivor." Torga looked into
space. "They captured me a few hours after the ship crashed."

"I was captured on T'kar, my home planet, while leading a revolt against the Plutarkians." Duke said quietly.

"And I was captured in a raid on one our bases." Dillion said with an ironic smile.

"I was captured by a group called Sand Raiders and sold to the Plutarkians," Shadow said. Everyone
was preaty quite, the rest of the meal. Afterwards Duke and Dillion got into a converstion on something that sounded very technical. Jerry had asked Shadow about his antennae and Rea listened as Shadow explained
that with skin to antenna contact he could actually transfer mental images. After that the conversation got a bit complicated so she went to talk to Torga, who was sitting off to himself.

"Penny for your thoughts," she said sitting down beside him.

"What?" Torga asked giving her a strange look.

"It's an old expression, basically just asking what you were thinking about so seriously." Rea said with a smile. He looked at her seriously for a moment.

"Do have any fighting skills, Kid?" he asked in a worried voice.

"Not unless you count what I've learned trying to get my three year old brother in the bath," she said with a smile, her smile faded at the serious look on his face. "Why?"

"The guards get...rough, sometimes. We can handle it, but we've all been...in battle situations before...."

"And I haven't." she said finishing his thought.

"Yeah." he said quietly, the lights dimmed into artificial night. "Listen, we'll talk tomorrow, okay?" Rea managed a nod and climbed into her bunk., but didn't sleep. She tossed and turned, every time she closed her eyes she saw the gold slitted eyes of Selva.

"What's wrong, Kid?" Shadow whispered so he wouldn't wake the others.

"I can't sleep," she said with a sigh. "Too many things on my mind I guess."

"I heard what Torga said, if it's about that, don't worry, we'll teach 'ya some moves."

"It's...it's not just that. I mean a couple of days ago my biggest problem was if I could get that stupid report typed up in a time to turn it in. Now, I'm trying to figure out how to keep from getting pounded by the guards and worrying what...Snake Eyes will do to his new lab rat."

"Don't call yourself that," Shadow said quietly. He jumped down without a sound. "Move over."
Shadow layed down beside her and wrapped his arms around her.

"I used to do this when my nephew had a bad dream," he said quietly hugging her close.

"Storms always scarred me," Rea said sleepily. "I used to get between my parents, and as long as I
was there I didn't think anything could hurt me..." Her voice trailed off into sleep. Shadow gently kissed her
forehead and silently prayed that her dreams at least would take her away from this place.

To be coninued......