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though. I make no profit from this.

September's Story (For Lack of a Better Title)

An Autobiography written and Illustrated by September

Copyright September, 1999

I was born on Mars around 35 years ago. I'm not exactly sure how
old I am, but 34-35 is a good estimate. My parents were Pepsodent and
QuickSilver. I had an older brother named August, a younger sister named
Black Widow, and a twin brother named Riley. Right from the start I was a
friendly and curious child. I have cream/white marbled fur, brown hair cut
to just below my shoulder blades, and hazelnut colored eyes. Well, to
tell you what is between my first and fifth years of life wouldn't be much
to tell, since I cannot remember much about that part of my life. The
earliest thing I remember is loosing my oldest brother, August, to a forest
fire during the Plutarkian strip-mining. I was about four years old at the
time. We were on a camping trip, when my father sensed that something was
wrong. He scouted a few meters into the forest and ran back to the camp.
He gathered me and my siblings and mother, but could not find my oldest
brother. August had gone hiking, and did not realize what was happening.
By the time he realized that there was fire in the woods, it was too late.
See, August had lost his sense of smell and sight. He also was not
telepathic or have any other special abilities. He ran to the edge of the
woods. But his clothes and fur were already on fire. I watched helplessly
as my brother burnt up int he flames. Flames brought on by the hatred and
cruelty of the Plutarkians. Shortly after that incident, my mother,
QuickSivler, disappeared. We never found out where she had gone, or what
had happened to her. I always believed that the loss of her oldest, and
first bron child was just too much for her. A few months later, my father
and I were walking together inthe park. He was explaining to me all the
things you need to know in order to be a wise and noble leader. It was
then, that it happened. We were captured by Karbunkle, and taken to the
labs. The Plutarkian high chairman took an interest in me, and kept me a
prisoner for his more "personal" business. This went on for several years.
My father died in the labs.

About the age of fifteen, I escaped. Though I was seriously
injured by a large piece of wire sticking out of the fence, I didn't stop
running. By the time I stopped, I was in a very unfamiliar part of town.
Breathing heavily, I sat down slowly and pulled the left side of my shirt
up. Taking my hand away form my ribs, I realized I was losing a lot of
blood and fast. Several minutes later, I passed out. I awoke at the home
of a very friendly group of Maritan mice. The Freedom Fighters. There, I
recieved proper medical attention and care. When the leader of the Freedom
FIghters, Stoker, realized that I was the daughter of Pepsodent, and the
chosen future ruler to take Pepsodent's place, he began training me. In
less than a year, I was a trained killer. My strength was fueled by my
anger and hatred for the Plutarkian race for everything they had done to me
and to my family. Though a few months later, during a battle against the
Sandraiders, I was cornered and a noble young male came to my rescue. He
had sparkling white fur and silvery hair. However, I knew he was not a
full blood martian mouse, because he had no antennae and no tail. After
forcing the Sandraiders away with amazing speed and strength, I realized
that he was a Plutarkian/Martian hybrid. I snarled and backed away. It
was several weeks before he was able to earn my trust. But eventually, we
became very close friends, almost like brother and sister. Several years
later, I left the fReedom Fighters and joined the Biker Mice. But I only
stayed in Chicago for a short time, and left quickly, without saying
goodbye. I hated saying goodbye, because it seemed like the end. I
couldn't say farewell, because it sounded like we'd never see eachother
again. I have kept the memory of my rides and adventures with the Biker
Mice in my heart. Several years later, I befriended Karbunkle, though I
had a hard time trusting him at first. I later bore a son to the
Plutarkian High Chairman, though he never found out. See, he had kidnapped
me a few months before I befriended Karbunkle. My son's name is Torch. He
has dark, rich chocolate colored fur, short blonde hair and deep green
eyes. So far, that is all I can tell you about my history.


The End...For Now.