Secrets of the Past

Written by Kimberly & Bettie Land

June 19, 1998

Copyright 1998 Kimberly, all rights reserved

Throttle finds out some disturbing information about his parents and finds out more about his past than he is supposed to know. How will he deal with this?

It was about six-o-clock in the evening on Mars. Throttle was busy putting away Carbine's shopping bags. "Man," he thought,"
When Carbine goes shopping she goes SHOPPING!!" Carbine just watched and laughed. She and Throttle had made a bet that he couldn't go for an entire day without talking to Vinnie and/or Modo. Unfortunately, Vinnie had called Throttle to talk to him.
Now Throttle had to be Carbine's servant for an entire week!

The next day, Throttle and Stoker were at the Freedom Fighters Headquarters working on paper work. "So, I take it Carbine won the bet?" Stoker laughed. "Ha,ha,ha." mocked Throttle sarcastically. Then Stoker noticed a look on Throttle's face. A look that meant he was in deep thought. "Hello! Earth to Throttle!" called Stoker, waving his hand infront of him and snapping his fingers in Throttle's face. "Huh? Wha?" said Thorttle. "What were ou thinking about bro?" asked Stoker. "oh, I was just thinking about how I never really knew my father and mother never would tell me anything aout him. I don't know. I quess he doesn't really love me, Stoker. I mean, he never visited me when I was younger, or anything." "you know what I think? I think your father loved you so dang much that he ran away to protect you. I know our father. He just wanted to make sure that you would be safe. He is a freedom fighter and didn't want you to be puled into the line of fire. Your mother never said anything because she didn't want you to go off and get ourself killed." Stoker said. A few days later, Throttle was digging through some files and saw one with his first name on it. He opened the folder and on topwas a paper with his full name on it.

Throttle Sunny Macensue. "What?! It can't be! Stoker is my father?!"

Throttle rushed out to Stoker's bedroom. He lived behind the headquarters. 'Knock knock' "Come in,"moaned Stoker as he got up and held a gun up at the door. This was duringhte war, and he thought it was some one coming after him. "STOKER!" yelled Throttle angrily. "Oh, Throttle, its you. Man! what were you thinking waking me up like that! I could've killed you!" shouted Stoker. "Yeah, but you wouldn't shoot your son, would you? Stoker Macensue! yelled Throttle acusingly at Stoker. " What? How did you know about that?" asked Stoker, abit stunned by Throttle's reaction. "Please! My last name just happens to be macensue, which I had know idea about, and it just so happens that it is your last name too. and your certianly old enough to be my dad!"
shouted Throttle.

"Well, uh, you see, uhm, oh man! How do I put this? You see Thorttle, you weren't even supposed to be born when you were."
Stoker tried to explain. "Oh, so now our saying I was a mistake?"accused Throttle. "NO! No. that's not at all what I meant."
Shouted Stoker. "You see, as long as the war was going on, and still is, if a member of the freedom fighters has a baby boy, then he or she has to give him up to the freedom fighters or hte army. You weren't supposed to be born untilthe war was over! I gave you up to a lady whohad no kids and no husband, so I knew you were safe. I only did that to protect you. I didn't want you to get hurt. Possibly killed or kidnapped by the Plutarkians." said Stoker. YOu were very much planned and I really wanted to keep ou, but I couldn't. If I visited you when you were little, the army would've tracked you down and taken you away. I would've lost you! Only two martians knew about you besides me. Tarrence and Harley. YOu are well, Harley's son." said Stoker.
Thorttle was shocked and started chewing Stoker out for not telling him. "i need some time to clear my head. If you kept something like this from me, no telling what else youare lying ot me about." said Thorttle. "Actually, there is something you should know but I'm not sure you want to." added Stoker. Throttle turned to leave. "Vinnie is yoru cousin." whispered Stoker.
"Is this Friday the 13th or something? I etter not let a black cat cross my path." Moaned Throttle. " BOy Ill say. YOur llergic to cats." laughed Stoker. After Stoker explained everything, and Throttle understood, he Hugged Stoker until Stoker thought he was going to suffocate. " Waht? Now its cool to hug your old man?" asked Stoker. "Yeah. Just don't tell anyone." said Throttle. Stoker promised but had his fingers crossed behind his back. Just as Throttle was leaving, he Turned to Stoker."
Stoke, you know what?" "What" " Yellow with pink and red hearts ain't your color!" laughed Throttle. Stoker looked down at himself. He was still in his boxers. He looked embarassed. "YOu better not tell anyone?" groweled Stoker, good naturedly.
"Don't worry. I wont." Throttle smirked, his fingers crossed behind his back.

The end. for now.