Chapter 2


October 9, 1998

Misty looked around the area where the fight had taken place. She looked at Charley for moment.

"This happened because of that secret of Vinnie's. At least Charley injuries are only miner. "Misty thought feeling a bit relieved."I'm so tired of these secrets! Well, I won't let secrets ruin my life!"

The owner of the mall walked up to Misty and informed her that he called for an ambulance 10 minutes ago. He then walked away so he determine how damage had done.

"Misty I'm sorry for not trusting you!"Charley said feeling a bit stronger

"It's okay. The owner just called for an ambulance 10 minutes ago. The hospital isn't far from here."Misty said as she stood up "I'd better call the guy and tell them what happened."

Misty's house.


Throttle in the kitchen and answers the phone.

"Hello...Hey,don't take that tone of voice. You know that I'm here. I'm sorry."Throttle says starting to feel frustrated "What?! Where are you now? Okay I'll meet you at the hospital "Throttle says. He then takes receiver away from his ear, hangs it back up and decides that if he ever touches his sister's phone again it'll be too soon.

The ambulance had arrived at the mall. The paramedics quickly took charley to the ambulance outside. They opened the back door and put her inside the ambulance. Misty decide to go to the hospital in her car. The paramedics closed the door to the ambulance. The ambulance left the mall parking lot and went on the highway. Misty tried to start her car but it wouldn't start.

"Oh no. This is just great!"Misty thought frustrated

Some guy came by. He had sandy blonde hair, wore sunglasses, a blue t- shirt,anoher shirt tied his around waist and blue jeans. Misty look at him for moment not knowing what to say.

"Hi, need some help?"He asked

"Uh yeah sure. My car won't start. Can you help?"Misty asked "Sure. My name is Bends."He said

Misty presses a button on the dashboard and the hood car rises up. Bends looks at the engine for a moment.

"Your battery cable just came off."Bends says

He quickly attaches the battery cable. He starts to shut the hood when suddenly the car hood gently bumps him on the head he jump back out of the way of the car hood.

Misty got in her car and started the engine. Luckily she had enough left to hospital and back to her house. She looked at Bends and thought to herself this must very good at car.

"Would you like a ride? To the hospital with me?"Misty asked

"Sure, but I have to part for car."Bends says"It's at my repiar/garage."

"Sure, but I don't much. Just enough to make the hospital and to make it about 10 miles."Misty says

To be continued.....