May 15, 1998

The mice and Misty had been riding for weeks but they finally made it to Kentucky. Misty had invited them to stay for three weeks at her house. Charley needed the time off to rest because she had been over worked and Throttle wanted see Misty's home. Modo and Vinnie were just as curious to know too. Misty's house was in a lovely meadow with a pond and a tree right by the pond with a branch that was just right for diving into the cool pond water. The house had a small kitchen,large living room,a middle room with couch bed two bath rooms and three bed rooms upstairs.

"Nice place. You got the country girl look down solid."Throttle teased

"You know I don't like country music. I'm glad you like the place."Misty said

"Hey,Vinnie wanna go upstairs with me?"Charley said as she winked at Vinnie

"Uh...not right. I'm a little busy sweet heart."Vinnie said nervously

Charley stared at him for a minute then went upstairs she went into one of the bed rooms and plopped down on the frustrated. Vinnie never passed up a chance to be romantic with her before. Misty came into the room.

"Don't worry Charley. I'll find out what he's up to."Misty promised

"Please do. He's been like that for the past week. You think he's losing interest in me?"Charley asked

"No way. Vinnie's crazy in love about you!"Misty said

Down stairs Vinnie decides to play chess with Modo. Throttle was outside swimming in the pond.

"How you passed up the chance to be with Charley? It's not like you."Modo asked

 Vinnie didn't answer Modo's question.

"Vinnie,did you hear me?"Modo asked

"I heard you! Look it's none of your business!"Vinnie shouted

Vinnie knocked the chess board off the table. Modo got up and was about to hit him when Throttle came in and stopped them from starting a fight.

"Just stay off my case!"Vinnie yelled as he turned and stormed out the door.

Throttle was about to go after him when Misty grabbed his arm.

"Throttle no! Let me go after Vinnie.He'll just start another fight."Misty said firmly

"Okay. Just be careful."Throttle said calmly

Misty smiled for a moment then went out after Vinnie.

"Are you sure you know what your doin'?"Modo asked

Throttle nodded.


Vinnie was sitting underneath a tree with a desperate look on his face. Misty walked up to him slowly. Vinnie was deep in thought when he noticed her standing by his side. He stood up silently and started to walk away from her. Misty rised her hand and made a waving motion. Suddenly Vinnie was floating in place. He couldn't run,walk or move from that spot.

"Hey put me down! Misty I'm serious."Vinnie said a bit angry and surprised at hte same time.

"So am I. I will not let you down until you tell what is wrong. Believe me Vincent,I can be just as stubborn and hard-headed as you. So start talking!"Misty said quite firmly.

"Oh all right. I want to give Charley a surprise. A token of my love. It's going to be a portrait of her. But theres one problem,I can't paint."Vinnie said sadly.

Misty rised her hand again made another waving motion and Vinnie was back on the ground again. She led him to a small shack. Inside was a desk,some paint and a large canvas.

"I have a friend who is an artist. He ows me a big favor for not telling his girlfriend that he was once a gambler. No more fighting."Misty said gently

Vinnie nodded.

They walked outside of the shack. Vinnie hugged her. They start back to the house. When they got to the door Vinnie gave kiss on the nose.

Inside the house: Charley's room.

Charley was looking out the window when she saw Vinnie kiss Throttle's sister. She couldn't believe it. He kissed Misty! She leaned out the window to hear better. She heard Vinnie saying something but couldn't figure it out. The only words that were unmistakle and crystal clear were"Remember,it has to be a secret!". She pulled herself back inside the room and closed the window.

"Some friend she turned out to be. No! It can't be true...can it?" Charley thought as tears started to roll down her face.

Charley sat on her bed shocked at what she had seen and heard. Her hands were in the form of fists for a few minutes. She felt herself shake rage,fear,sadness and began to cry. It started to rain 15 minutes later. Charley's weeping wasn't heard because of the thunder. Suddenly she heard a crack of thunder so loud she screamed. Throttle and Modo burst into the room and found Charley in tears.

"It's okay. I was just scared by th thunder."Charley explained

"I'm going down to make some cocoa. Anybody want to join me?"Modo said knowing that Charley needed someone to talk to.

"Sure."Charley said quietly

Throttle knew she was hiding something from them. He just didn't know what. But he was going to find out. They all went into the kitchen. Misty and Vinnie were there with worried looks on their faces.

"Charley,are you okay?"Vinnie asked

"I'm fine. The thunder just scared me. Thats all."Charley said a little coldly.

"I was just going upstairs to my room when I heard a scream. I'm glad your all right."Misty said relieved.

"I'll bet you are!"Charley says in a low whisper.

"Excuse me!?!"Misty said a little shocked.

Misty looked at Charley for a moment. Charley's face showed anger. The tone of her voice wasn't cheery as usual. But was cold,threatning and serious. Misty walked outside. Throttle quickly follwed her. He knew Misty was hiding something and he was going find what very soon. He followed her close on heels until he was close enough to grab her. He grabbed her by the arm before she could move out of his reach. Misty struggled to get free. But Throttle's grip on her was too strong.

"Throttle,let go! Your hurting me!"Misty winced

"Oh no you don't! That trick isn't going to work! Whats going on here? Why are you and Vinnie acting so strangely?"Throttle said as firmly as he held her.

"Throttle it not safe out here in this storm!"Misty begged

"You better talk fast then. Because out here or in there it isn't safe!"Throttle warned.

Throttle's tightened his grip a little and gave Misty that look she hated so much. Misty sighed. She knew telling him was unavoidable. She had no choice but to tell him.

"Vinnie's planning a surprise for Charley. A painting. He told me not to tell. I said I have an artist friend who would help. Throttle,your hurting me for real this time"Misty said beginning to lose her patience with Throttle.

Throttle eased his grip on Misty's arm a little.

"Who is the artist?"Throttle asked

"Release me first. Please?"Misty said gently

"Very well. After you tell me who the artist is!"Throttle said firmly

"Well...the artist!"Misty said with a hint of fear in her voice.

Throttle released her arm from his grip. The look of anger was clearly on his face.

"If you think for one moment that I'm going to allow this to lead to what almost happened he was here with you..."Throttle started

"Allow! This is my home your staying at not the scoreboard. And besides,I'm over him and he has a girlfriend who he is going to marry!"MIsty interrupted him

Throttle anger vanished as quickly as it had come. Thunder crashed,lightning flashed and the rain poured rigorously

"Please don't tell anyone yet. Just until the portrait is done. Please?"Misty asked

"I won't. Just keep him away from me!"Throttle ordered

Throttle and Misty walked back inside the house. Charley went back up to her room,Throttle went up to his room as well. Modo sat in the kitchen drinking his cocoa while Vinnie went up to his to get some rest.

"Modo,I've got talk with you. I have a problem."Misty said

"You can tell me anything. What's your problem?"Modo said kindly

" A friend of mine is coming in a few days and he and Throttle don't get along too well."Misty explained

"You need to get them to settle their problems. Throttle is a reasonable mouse."Modo said reassuringly

"Your right. I have to let settle the arguement. Besides,Daxel likes to keep his distance from Throttle."Misty said

Modo drank the rest of his cocoa and went up his room get some sleep. Misty and Modo had become very good friends over the time they had spent together traveling to Kentucky.

Misty and Modo had become good friends.

Morning: 7:30am

Misty hadn't slept much that night. She had been up most the night thinking about why Charley was suddenly so silent. Misty made blueberry pancakes and lemonade for breakfast. Throttle decided to skip breakfast and play a game solitaire. Vinnie was outside sitting in the shade of a tree and Charley decided to join Vinnie. Modo was watching the morning news.


"Vinnie, why are you so quiet?"Charley asked

"I'm just thinking about something."Vinnie responded

"Yo,is Misty in the house?"asked a young man.

The young man had long jet black hair spiked at the top and curly at the very bottom. He had on a long trench, a gray sweater and blue jeans. His eyes were hazel with gold flecks. He had kind face.

"Yeah. Who are you?"Vinnie asked

"I'm Daxel."He answered.

Misty came outside. She saw Daxel and smiled. It had a year since she last saw him. She knew him to a person liked to drift when summer came but only during the summer. Daxel had sent her post cards from place like France and China and other places. Throttle came outside and took one look at Daxel and went back inside.

"He's still mad at me I see."Daxel said

"why should Throttle be mad at you?"Modo asked

"Never mind. It's in the past."Daxel said

"I'm going inside to lemonade."Charley said

Misty handed Daxel a piece of paper telling him about the portrait.

Charley went upstairs to her room. Daxel came inside. Throttle looked at him for a moment then went in the living room. Modo went back to the news. Misty came inside. Daxel sat down at the table.

"Daxel,you will do the portrait won't you?"Misty asked

"Sure. No problem."Daxel said calmly

"Thanks. I'll tell Vinnie to come in now."Misty responded

Just as Misty was about to go to the door Vinnie came inside the kitchen. Misty sat down at the table.

"Vinnie about the portrait of Charley..."Misty start "I would like it to look very romantic. Nothing but the best."Vinnie interrupted

"Then that's what your gona get because I'm a first class artist."Daxel said calmly

Misty stood up and walk over to Vinnie. Vinnie looked at her for a moment then at Daxel.

"Sorry I interrupted you Misty."Vinnie said

Modo came into the kitchen to get lemonade.

"Why don't Daxel and Throttle get along."Modo asked seriously

"Daxel and I almost got into a real serious accident. I survived just fine. But Throttle was very mad when he found out. I don't want to talk about it now."Misty said explained.

2:30 P.M.

Misty decided to go the mall. Charley decided to go too still frustrated and confused. Charley decided that she should at least talk to Misty.

"Misty, How long have you known Daxel?"Charley asked

"Year and a half. He's getting married to some girl named Lily."Misty responed

"Have you ever met her? She sounds nice."Charley said curiously

"So her name is Lily. That's pretty. What's her full name?"Charley asked

"I don't know her last name. Daxel says she modeled for that poster of the Arabian fairy."Misty explains

"Misty I saw Vinnie kiss you the night of the storm!"Charley

Charley stood up. Misty stood up also. Suddenly it all became so clear. Charley was angry and jealous. She felt betrayed. Misty desperately wanted to tell her about the portrait. But she had to keep quiet just a little while longer. Misty decided to honor her promise to Vinnie.

"Charley I wish I could explain now. But it's not that easy yet."Misty tried to explain

"I've had it. I'm not going hear any more excuses from you!!"Charley shouted

Charley grabbed her cup of water and threw it in Misty's face. The water dripped from her face she dried her face. Misty threw her piece of pie at Charley. Charley managed to dodged it.

 Misty and Charley were both frustrated because of Vinnie's secret. Misty was sick of keeping secrets hidden from her friends and especially from Charley. Charley felt betrayed, hurt and confused. She barely knows Misty. Now she finds out that that Vinnie is keeping secrets from her and sneaking around in the shadows with Misty.

"You listen to me. I'm sick of you being so mysterious."Charley hissed

"Look here! There is a lot you don't know about me!"Misty shouted

Charley threw a right punch at Misty. Misty quickly dodged out the way. She slapped Charley on the face. Charley kick her to the ground. Misty quickly got to her feet. She tried to give Charley a left jab but missed and knocked over three tables. Charley grabbed Misty's wrists for a moment and then quickly let go of Misty's wrists. Charley was about to hit her but she backed off.

"What? Why aren't you attacking me?"Misty asked

"Because I'm sick of it!"Charley said frustrated

Suddenly there was a three goons coming. One of them looked at Charley for a moment. He tried to grabbed but Charley quickly moved out of the way. Then to make maters worse three of Limburger's goons appeared out of nowhere.

"Charley we have to get out of here. Now."Misty said starting to worry.

Charley and Misty quickly took cover behind some turned over tables. The goons started throw punches at each other. Chair were thrown across the room and tables were knocked over.

"What now?!? We have to get out of here! Fast!"Charley said in a low tone of voice. "I don't know. We're trapped. Maybe we can make it to the exit. Are you willing to try?"Misty asked

Charley nodded. Charley and Misty moved carefully. Two goons were knocked out cold. Limburger's last standing goon was knocked out cold. The last goon standing threw a chair at Misty. Misty quickly dodged it. Charley and Misty tried to make a run for the exit. The goon grabbed Charley by wrist. Charley slapped him in the face. He punched her in the gut three times real hard before he threw her to her to the ground. Charley held her stomach in pain. He kicked her five times. One soft kick to the head. Four to her knees. Misty grabbed a chair and was about throw it but dropped it deciding to punch him instead. She walk up to him and taps him on the shoulder then takes a few steps back. He turn around to look at her. She gives one fast jab to jaw knocking him out cold. Misty kneel down to see how badly Charley is hurt.

"Misty. Thanks so much."Charley says a bit weakly.


To be continued.....