Say What?


by: KLH Maine

July 21, 1997

Copyright 1997 KLH Maine, all rights reserved

The Biker Mice From Mars characters are the property of the companies that produce and distribute them. I make no profit off this piece of writing. It is written and posted for reading enjoyment only.

8:00 PM
(The scene is in the garage. Charley is under a truck, doing repairs. Various sounds of her repairs can be heard, metal clinking and even some grunting. The guys are watching a football game nearby.)
Vinnie (jumps up): Yeah, touch down!!!
Modo: Way to go.
Throttle: The extra point!!
Charley: Hey, one of you football-crazed mice want to bring my tool box over here?
Vinnie: Sure thing, sweetheart.
(Vinnie grabs Charley's tool box, laying a few feet away at the other end of the truck. He brings it to where she is and bends down to peer under the truck.)
Vinnie: So, sweetheart, havin' fun yet?
Charley: Somethin' like that. Open the box and grab me a number four wrench.
(Vinnie opens the box and finds a wrench with a black number four written on it. He grabs it and places it in Charley's outstretched hand.)
Vinnie: Here ya' go, Charley-girl.
Charley: Thanks.
Vinnie: Hey, Charley-girl, why the rush to get this done? Why don't you relax and watch some football with us? You can finish this up tomorrow or somethin'.
(Modo and Throttle, hearing Vinnie, take interest in what is going on. They turn around to watch, abandoning the football game.)
Charley: No I can't. The owner of this truck will be here first thing tomorrow morning to pick it up and I promised her I'd have it finished and ready to go. With Limburger up to something just about every day it's hard to keep up with the workload sometimes, and Mrs. Dandyl needs her truck for tomorrow. As it is I had to work on it late last night and I may have to do the same tonight. Seems to be the usual way work gets done around here lately, with no end in sight. Darn, I have the wrong part.
(Charley scoots out from under the truck and goes to a nearby shelf to grab a small part. As she does Vinnie takes a good look at her and notices that she has dark circles under her eyes and she seems very tired, exhausted almost. A look of concern crosses his face as he watches Charley scoot back under the truck, a determined and resigned look on her face.)
Vinnie: You mean you might stay up late just to work on the truck?
Charley: Yup. How perceptive of you.
Throttle (looking a little concerned): So when do you sleep?
Charley (almost evasively): When I can. Now if you muscle-brained mice don't mind, I need to concentrate on this truck and get it finished.
(Vinnie looks at her feet for a couple of minutes, then shrugs his shoulders and joins Modo and Throttle in watching the rest of the game.)

A Few Hours Later
(Vinnie, Throttle, and Modo are sleeping on the couch, the TV is showing a late night sports report. Charley is still under the truck working. She can be heard occasionally mumbling to herself. Outside we hear a motor pull up to the garage and turn off. The sound wakes all three mice up. They all stretch and rub their eyes. Vinnie looks over at Charley and looks quite concerned when he sees that she is still working. However, the turning of the door knob grabs his attention. Instantly they are all alert, wondering who could possibly be visiting the Last Chance Garage so late at night. The door opens and a young girl walks in. She is in her early teens, athletically built with dark blue eyes and medium gold-brown hair. She is wearing blue jeans and a short sleeve shirt. She looks at the guys and gives a little start at seeing them there.)
Girl: Um, hi. Could you tell me where I can find Charlene Davidson?
Vinnie: Over there, under that truck.
Girl: Working on it?
Modo: Yep.
Girl: Humph.
(At that moment Charley gets out from under the truck and walks over to her work bench, her back to the guys and the girl. The girl frowns slightly.)
Girl (mocking and teasing): I had no idea that garages were open at this time of night. Could you work on my bike?
(Charley turns around, a look of pure surprise and joy on her face, but also one of disbelief.)
Charley: Airik? (Charley looks at the girl.) (joyfully) Airik!!
Airik: Hi mom.....
Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie (with very confused looks on their faces, not believing what they just heard): Mom?
Airik (not aware of the guys surprise and confusion):... thought I'd stop in for a visit. (She runs to Charley and the two embrace while three very confused Biker Mice watch the apparent reunion of mother and child.)

Charley (holding Airik at arms length and looking at her): Airik, wow, is it good to see you. How have you been doin'? How are things for you at the academy? Keeping up with your studies?
Airik (laughing and holding up a hand): Woah, woah, one at a time mom, please. I'm fine, everything is going great, and A's, as always.
(Charley and Airik smile at each other, obviously sharing some private joke.)
Airik: Now, mom, would you care to introduce me to your, uh, guests. They seem very surprised.
Vinnie: Now there is an understatement.
Modo: Yeah, Charley-darlin'. Who is this girl?
Charley (grinning with pleasure and amusement at the guys bewilderment): Airik, I'd like you to meet the Biker Mice From Mars, Modo, Throttle, and Vinnie. (Charley gestures to each one as she says his name.)
Vinnie (flexing his arms): Vinnie Van Wham, the Velocity Atrocity. Greatest Biker in the Universe.
Charley (smiling because even in his confusion Vinnie still must please his ego): Guys, meet Airik, my daughter.
(All three mice's mouths drop in amazement.)
Vinnie: Say what?
Modo: Your daughter?
Throttle: Come again.
Charley (a wry smile on her face): Yes, my daughter.
Throttle: Charley-girl, I think you've got some explainin' to do.
Airik: Am I to take it that you didn't tell them about me, mom?
Charley (evasively): Yeah, you could. The way things are around here there never was a time or chance to bring it up. Any way, I would prefer to tell them about you when they meet you, in person. (To the guys.) Take a seat, this is quite a story.
(The guys take a seat on the couch, Charley and Airik take seats in nearby chairs.)
Charley: To start with, Airik is my adopted daughter.
(Throttle and Modo look a little less confused, and Vinnie looks relieved.)
Charley: I found her when I was about her age.
(We begin to see a flashback. As Charley tells the story to the guys we see the related events in the flashback. We see a young Charley, in her early teens, walking along the street at night.)
Charley: One night I was walking home and I heard something, so I investigated.

(Young Charley walks off the street into an alley. There she sees a young child, about four years old or so, huddling against a dumpster.)
Charley: Hi, my name's Charley. What's your name?
Little girl: Airik.
Charley: Hey Airik, what's wrong? Are you ok?
Airik: I can't find my mommy. She told me to wait here for her and she hasn't come back. (Tears start to stream down young Airik's face.) I'm scared.
(Charley kneels down beside the young girl, concern and pity for her showing on her face, and puts an arm around her shoulders.)
Charley: You can come home with me tonight. My mom won't mind.
Airik (her face brightening a little): Can I?
Charley: Sure.
(The two get up and walk onto the street, Airik holding Charley's hand.)

(The next scene is in the Last Chance Garage. Charley and Airik walk up to the door. Charley turns to Airik, who looks scared.)
Charley: This is where my mom is.
Airik: You live in a garage?
Charley: No, my mom owns this garage, and we have a room and kitchen, but we live in a real house.
Airik (starting to cry): I'm scared. Where's my mommy?
Charley (picks Airik up and hugs her): Shhh, it's okay. Come on inside.
(Charley walks inside where her mother is working on a truck. There are a couple cans of soda on a table and some snacks. As Charley enters her mother hears Airik's soft crying and stands up to face her daughter.)
Mrs. Davidson (raising an eyebrow in question): A new friend, Charlene?
(She gestures to the table. Charley walks over to the table and sets Airik down on a chair.
Charley: Are you hungry?
(Airik nods her head.)
Charley: Here, you can eat some of this, and you can have a can of soda.
(As Airik starts on the makeshift supper Charley walks over to where her mother is patiently sitting and waiting and takes a seat.)
Mrs. Davidson: I'm sure there is a very good reason why you are bringing a crying, four year old girl to the garage at this time of night, and I'm sure you are just dying to tell the reason.
Charley: Yes, there is. I found her in an alley. I think her mother abandoned her. She said her mother told her to wait at a dumpster, and then never came back. (Looks at her mother, who shows no sign of approval or disapproval.) (in a worried voice) I couldn't just leave her there. It gets real cold at night this time of year.
Mrs. Davidson (putting a hand on her daughter's arm, a look of concern on her face): You did the right thing, Charlene, but we will need to see if we can find her parents.
Charley (looking at her mother): Yes, I know. But what if we can't find them.
Mrs. Davidson: I don't know, but we'll figure that out if it comes to be.

(Charley, Mrs. Davidson, and Airik are in a building. There is a woman at a desk and they are sitting on a bench, waiting. Airik is between Charley and Mrs. Davidson and she is holding Charley's hand.)
Receptionist: Mrs. Davidson?
(Mrs. Davidson gets up and walks over to the receptionist.)
Mrs. Davidson: Yes?
Receptionist: We have been unable to locate any family or the parents of Airik. At this point the Department of Human Services has classified her as an abandoned orphan up for adoption. As she has been living with you for several months now there are two possible courses of action. She can be placed in the local orphanage until she is adopted or placed with a foster family, or you can continue to watch after her and take care of her as a foster family. (Looks at Mrs. Davidson) And should you wish, you may even adopt her.
Mrs. Davidson: Thank you. I would like to continue to watch after Airik.
Receptionist: Very well. (Pulls out several papers.) Please fill out these forms so that you may be listed as Airik's foster family, and this one to become her legal guardian.
(Mrs. Davidson fills the forms out and hands them to the receptionist.)
Receptionist: Thank you. These forms will be processed and you will be informed of the Department of Human Service's decision. (She smiles at Mrs. Davidson.) Don't worry, with your situation this is more of a formality than anything else. Chances are good that she won't be removed from your home.
Mrs. Davidson: Thank you.
(Mrs. Davidson turns and begins walking towards Charley, who has a sleeping Airik leaning against her. Charley looks at her with a question written on her face. Mrs. Davidson closes her eyes and shakes her head for an answer. Charley looks both sad and relieved. She picks Airik up and follows her mother out of the DHS building.)

(The scene is back in the garage and all the guys are looking at Charley.)
Throttle: That doesn't explain the part about her being your daughter.
Charley (smiles): No, is doesn't. Don't worry, I was just getting to that part. My mother let me do as much of the caring for Airik as I wanted and it shortly got to the point that, short of signing permission slips, I was fully caring for Airik. my mother realized this and decided that I could handle the responsibility, so she let me be Airik's legal guardian in all but name. By then Airik had been calling me mom for quite some time. When I turned eighteen I went to the Department of Human Services and asked to adopt Airik. The adoption went through two weeks later and I was legally and officially Airik's mother.
Vinnie: So why doesn't she live with ya, sweetheart?
Charley: well, Airik is an incredible acrobat. A couple of years ago Airik was given a chance to join the Acrobatic Academy. I knew she wanted it very much, so I let her go. All the students of the Academy live there.
Modo: Yeah, but Charley-darlin', why haven't we seen her yet.
Charley: Since you guys came to earth she hasn't had a chance to visit. (looks at Airik and smiles) That is, until tonight.
Airik: We all got a couple of days off from training at an exercise facility, so I biked over here and figured I'd visit for a day.
Charley: Well, it's getting late. Why don't we all go to bed.
Airik: Sounds like a good idea, mom.
(The guys get up and walk towards the door.)
Vinnie: 'Night, sweetheart.
Charley: 'Night, Vinnie.
Vinnie (walking out the door): Talk about interesting.