To Dream is to Love

by DeTragedy

October 16, 1998

Biker Mice from Mars is the property of who ever created it. And I'm only writing this for fun, not for profit, so put those suing papers away! Back lawyers Back! This is my first attempt at Biker Mice fanfiction, so be gentle and any comments you may have will be a GREAT help. Thank you for reading my endless dribble..and on with the show

Charley woke up to the sound of birds chirping, the smell of dew, and Vinnie swearing because he dropped a wrench on his toe. She smiled to herself. *He is such a goofy ball sometimes, no correction ALL the time.* Charley turned over to look out the window. She was just getting over a bad cold so she still didn't feel like herself. The mice had offered to do all the shop work so she could rest and she was thankful for it. she was becoming intranced with the one tree outside her window that she barely heard the knock at the door. "come in."
Modo walked in, smiling when he saw Charley awake, carrying a tray of pancakes and orange juice. Charley sat up, "modo, you know you don't have to do this."
Modo placed the tray on Charley's lap, "My mamma always told me that breakfast in bed could chase away any illness."
Charley nodded and took a bite out of a pancake, "Hmm, Modo, you have outdone yourself."
Modo blushed. All of a sudden there was a crash of metal and plastic and Vinnie sweaing again. "well, Charley, I better get back in there before Vinnie kills himself."
Charley finished up her breakfast and felt strong enough to get out of bed. She hopped in the shower and walked out of the bathroom with her hair laying wet against her back with just a towel covering her body. She was fishing through her drawer with one hand when Vinny barged into her room. "Char..." he just stopped short and turned around blushing so bad he looked like a tomato, "Vinnie! get out!" she yelled blushing as bad as he was.
"Sorry Charley-girl" Vinnie said horsely as he closed the door. He just stood there for a minute taking in what he saw. He had been thinking about Charley more and more lately, not as the fourth bro..but something more. Even though she was covered by that towel it was too much for his imagination. He walked into the garage and Throttle and Modo just looked at each other with raisied eyebrows. Throttle lowered his glasses, "Hey, Vinny, you ok?"
Vinny, realising he was clinging to a wrench, placed it on a table, "yeah, never better." He shook his head and returned to his old-self.

Charley came down moments later in a red tight t-shirt, clean jeans, and she had her hair up in a wet bun. Throttle smiled at her and she retuned it. "Morning Charley, you're looking better."
"I feel great, Throttle."
Modo smiled with a hopeful look in his eyes, "Enough to take over the gargage again?"
"You bet."
Vinny chuckled, "Too bad there is no work for you to do."
"What?" charley looked around and he was right. Everything was done...the mice even cleaned up their mess! She caught Vinnie looking at her and they both blushed. she didn't regret Vinny seeing her in her towel. She was begininng to see Vinnie in a new light and it thrilled her to see that he seemed to like to look at her. Vinnie and Charley locked eyes and he quickly cleared his voice, "Um, I'll be right back."
"Where are you going?" asked Modo.
"Nowhere." snapped Vinnie as he jumped on his bike and left.
Modo looked at Charley who he could see she was blushing and wiping sweat from her brow, "hey feeling ok?"
Charley shook her head, "No." Throttle had been watching the two and he shook his head, " Charley-girl, wanna talk about Vinny."
Charley looked at a smiling Throttle and lied, "What are you talking about?!"
Throttle calmly took charley's hand and walked her over to Vinny's room. He opened the door and brought her in, "I know Vinny would kill me for this but it has to be done."
Modo followed the two in, "What are you talking about?"
"Charley, what happened upstairs?'
Charley shrugged and said, "I was getting clothes and he walked in on me..I was wearing a towel so he didn't see anything."
Modo smiled, Ahhh, I see."
Charley was getting mad, "What do you see!?" Modo placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned his head down, "Vinny has had a crush on you for a long time."
Throttle nodded, "I think it started the third day we landed."
"That still doesn't explain why we are in Vinny's room?" she protested. Throttle smiled and took out a book from under his bed, "See babe, Vinny has been having dreams about you. He told me about this book a week ago. He said that it contained every word and", he coughed," act he'd like to say and do to you."
Throttle handed her the book, "You have an hour to look it over and then put it back. Vinny needs time to let himself cool down."
"He has a diary?" she asked the two. The two mice smiled, "He prefers journal. He has many..all about the freedom fighters on Mars..everything. He said they were for our kids so that they would never forget what we fought for and forget about the way Mars used to be."
Modo nodded, "especially when he knew we had to leave Mars, probably forever he made sure he made them very detailed." Modo couldn't believe that his little buddy had the hots so bad for Charley. he loved Charley too, but as a sister and friend. He was curious as to what Vinny wrote in that book, but that was for Charley's eyes only.
She just looked at the book. Without looking up she said, "He really dreams about me?"
Throttle nodded and Modo said, "You know they say that to dream is to love." she nodded and ran upstairs to read the book. Modo folded his arms and looked at Throttle, "Was that necessary?"
"To give her that book. Vinny may not like that, correction..he going to HATE it."
Throttle shook his head, "Modo, if you could hear how much he loves Charley, you would have done the same thing. It's been a long time since he trusted enough to love anyone. And I know Charley feels the same way."
"And how do you know, Casenova?"
Throttle gave Modo a half-smile, "I just know."

Charley sat on her couch and started to read. The pages were filled of words some english and some Charley deduced to be Martian, plus little pictures illustrating his dreams. "Well, might as well start fom the beginning" she told herself:
"When we first crashed on Earth I was devastated. Nothing was familiar. I hated it here..sometimes i still do. But Charley-girl changed that. She has been strong since the first day we met her. Her hair was so brown that had little streaks of red in the sunlight. Her eyes were so deep jade I go crazy just looking at them...but I'm getting ahead of myself. She would never want me..I'm a mouse and she's a human"
Charley flipped through some pages and started to read again:
"Yesterday was Charley's b-day and I got her a rose and her favorite singer. Why any humans would call themselves-goo-goo dolls is beyond me. But she loved them and that's all that mattered. Anything to make her smile is worth both our worlds. I dreamt that she kissed me so deeply I lost all movement in my body. It felt so real..I could feel her soft skin and lips. Oh my god, she drives me crazy and I can't tell her. I'm afraid she will not accept me."
Charley gasped and blushed when she read the next line:
" Modo, Throttle and I actually watched one of those X-rated films and it is enjoyable..but it also answered my questions about humans. And if that video was human IS possible for us to mate. But not like she would want to. She thinks I'm an ego crazed, pompous, idiot. I guess it's my defense. I don't want to get hurt."

Charley closed the book and smiled, *He's a regular poet...that little muscle-brained mouse. God, if only I could tell him how much i do love him* An evil smile crossed Charley's lips. Modo and Throttle saw Charley run down the steps and into Vinny's room. "You ok, babe?"
yelled Throttle. Charley came out and shut Vinny's door." never been better. Guys, I need a favor?"
"Anything" said Modo.
Charley smiled, " Do you mind if you slept at your place tonight?"
Throttle smiled and Modo was about to say something but his face told Charley he answered his own questions. "sure."

Vinny didn't come back until after sunset. It had taken him longer to get Charley out of his mind then he had hoped. He pulled into the garage to see that the bikes were gone. "Shoot, they all must have went out without me." he cursed. He got off his bike and headed to his room but was stopped when he smelt a sweet liliac fragrance come from upstairs. He climbed up the stairs to see that little white candles lined the rom giving it a warm and sensual glow. "Hello?" he called in a whisper.
"Over here Vinny" he heard Charley call. He moved into Charley's upstair kitchen to see her setting a table for two. He almost gasped when he saw her. she was wearing a simple white sundress that fit in all the right places. Her arms were bare and glowed in the candlelight. Her hair was up in a twist, with little whisps of hair falling to the sides of her face. Vinny cleared his throat and said, "Hey, charley-girl, what's up? Did we lose power?"
Charley smiled, "No. Throttle and Modo went to the field for tonight and I thought you'd be hungry."
Vinny walked to the stove and smelled the pasta, "Smells good."
"Then sit." He obeyed and they ate together chatting over little things. After they were done, they sat on the couch and Charley turned on the television. Vinny hestiated at first but sat next to her with just enough space between them. "Vinny?"
"Yeah, Charley-girl?"
Charley turned and held Vinny's face, "I read your book."
Vinny's jaw dropped and he grabbed Charley's hands and gently brought them away from his face. "You what?"
"Throttle showed me teh book after you left today."
Vinny stood up and cursed silently. He went up to a window and leaned against it, "You weren't suppose to read that."
"Why?" she said walking towards him. Vinny could see the outline of her body from under the dress as she walked infront of the candlelight. He quickly turned to hide his staggered breath. " that was personal."
Charley placed a hand on Vinny's shoulder, "I know. But if I didn't I wouldn't have known how you felt."
Vinny closed his eyes and Charley could see tears in his closed eyes, "Is that why you told the others to go. You wanted to tell me how stupid i was? How it could never work out?"
Vinnie opened his eyes and looked at her, "Then why?"
Charley stood in front of him and brought his head down and kissed his forehead then his lips. He jerked away in suprise, "I made them go away so I could do this." she kissed him again but this time more deeply. He didn't resist either he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Charley wrapped her one hand around his neck and the other around his middle. Vinny was getting chills down his spine and he could feel Charley shiver too. They pulled away slowly from their kiss, both of them panting, "did I say enough, Vinny?"
Vinny smiled and hugged her. He felt all the walls he had built up over the years fall, never to be rebuilt. He took a deep breath and said, "I love you Charley."
To Vinny's joy and relief Charley hugged him tighter, "I love you too."
Vinny was so happy," Please tell me that this is not a dream."
Charley gave him an evil grin and pulled him towards the bedroom. He stopped her, "Are you sure?"
"I'm sure, Vinny."
Vinny smiled, "OK." He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. He gently laid her down and kissed her. She pulled him closer and they both smiled. He slowly caressed her body as she moaned with pleasure. her moan only aroused him more, he couldn't control himself but he knew he had too. He couldn't let her know how bad he wanted was more fun to tease first. He took off her slippers and ran his hands up her legs from under her dress leaning down to kiss her hungerily on the lips. Charley was going nuts..she knew he was teasing her and she was so turned on she was ready to burst. She reached up and glided her hands across his body and removed his chest ammo straps then his belt. She was rewarded by Vinny shivering with pleasure. He picked her up and moved her towards the middle of the bed resting himslef in between her legs. He lifted up her dress to reveal her bare chest and loving smile. He cupped her brest and passionetly kissed her lips. Charley wrapped her legs around Vinny's waist and placed her hands on his neck, playing with his fur. Within moments they were both nude on Charley's bed. Vinny was getting nervous. *By Mars, don't let this night end!*
Vinny bent down and kissed her bare belly as she ran her fingers through his fur. He kissed all the way up to her neck and she hugged him close. Their breaths quickened. Vinny moved into postion and whispered in Charley's ear, "Care to dance, sweetheart?"
Charley smiled, "With you, always."
He kissed her hard as they began to move together increasing their pleasure with each thrust. Charley moaned loudly while Vinny groaned. Charley climaxed first but not far off from Vinny's release.
During the afterglow, they just started at each other, not daring to move in fear of ruining the moment. Their sweaty bodies began to relax and Vinny moved next the Charley. "Now, THAT is why you never hide your emotions."said Charley.
Vinny looked at her and started to laugh. He turned and pulled her body to him. she pulled a bedsheet over them. Vinny snuggled her neck, "I'm so sorry I made you wait...I should have told you a long time ago."
Charley stroked his face, "yes, you should of.....I started having feeling for you the day of my birthday. If you had asked I would have been pudddy in your hands then."
"What?! That was almost 8 months mean I went nuts over you when we could have been doing this 8 months ago!" he said in a teasing manner tickling her. she laughed so hard tears streaked down her face.
Vinny smiled, "Care to go again?"
She gave him an evil smile, "ohhh, well maybe?"
Before Vinny could make a wise-crack she quieted him with kisses.

The next morning, Vinny awoke to see Charley still asleep on the bed with him. He ran his hand through her hair and traced her nude body covered only by a thin bed-sheet. Charley opened her eyes. "Morning beautiful.,"said Vinny kissing her gently on the lips.
They were just staring at each other when they heard the other mice come back. Vinny was the first to get out of bed and get dressed. "Meet you down there?"
"hmm, I think I'm going to stay up here alittle while longer." Vinny nodded and kissed her forehead before going down to see his bros.
Modo and Throttle turned their heads to their bike to hide their laughter. Vinny had such a goofy and "I'm-in -love-and-I-love -everyone" look it was hard not to laugh.
Throttle walked over to a bowl of fruit and grabbed an apple, "So, how was your evening.?"
Vinny raised his eyebrows twice playfully and it set Throttle off in a fit of laughing. Modo was just dumbstruck. "You two.." Modo couldn't even finish the statement.
Vinny looked upstairs then nodded.
All Throttle could say was, "Amazing."
"You got that right!" answered Vinny.

After over a year later, things went back to normal except for the cute couple of Vinny and Charley. But lately, Modo had noticed that Charley wasn't herself. She was sick almost every morning and she passed out once. she said that she was fine but none of the mice believed her. They had nagged her so much that she finally had gone to the doctor. And that's what they were doing now. Waiting outside the doctor's office for her. But what they didn't know was that Greasepit had another plan for Charley.
Limburger was going to try to lure the mice to him by taking Charley again. So, Greaspit was wanding the halls of the office looking for her.

Charley was talking to the doctor. "So, doc, am I going to live?"
"Charley, you are fine...except.."
"Except what?! Come on Tina, if you weren't my cousin, I'd pelt you one."
"well, you're alittle pregnant."
Charley's jaw dropped and her face was white." What?"
"You heard are 3 months pregnant."
"Holy Davidson, I thought I was gaining weight over mom's apple pies."
"This Vinny guy must be pretty wonderful for you to go so far."
"He is....especially his bedside manner." charley gave her cousin an evil smile.
They started to laugh when Greasepit barged into the room. "Excuse me, I'm with a patient." said Tina.
Greasepit pushed the doctor out of the way, "Sorry, doc, I need this one."
Charley pushed a tray table in Greasepit's way but that didn't stop the lug. He grabbed her a flung her over his arm
Tina had gotten back up and yelled in horror, "Don't! Not in her condition!"
Greaspit turned, "Why, what's wrong with her?"
Tina was about to say when she saw the horror on Charley's face and shook her head. "She's dying. She has cancer and if you hold her like that for to long she will die." To add effect Charley moaned. Greaspit dropped Charley on the floor, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know."
Tina helped charley up, " well, know you know so get out!"
Greasepit shook his head, "Sorry, I can't do that." He took out a gun and shot a dart at the doc. She pulled the dart out and fell to the ground sleepy. Charley hugged her and said to her, "Outside, bikers, mice..tell them where I am...tell them Greasepit has me." Tina nodded before she passed out. Greasepit grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the office. She was going to scream but if she did this lug-head would shot her with what ever he shot Tina with..and she didn't want to take any chances now that she had to worry about a baby.

Vinny was getting worried. "Hey, bros...charley-girl has been in there a long time." Modo and Throttle nodded. Throttle sat on his bike to rest and grinned, "Well, she is YOUR girlfriend. You go see what is up?" Vinny gave Throttle a dirty look and walked into the office. He found a drowsy doctor on the floor. He ran outside to get his bros and returned to help teh doctor up. Tina almost screamed when she saw her "guests." Vinny was able to close her mouth, "hey, sweetheart, we are the good guys. Where's Charley?"
Tina relaxed, "Are you bikers?"
All three mice nodded. Tina shrugged, "Some guy named Greaspit took her." She watched all three mice get a worried look on their faces. Throttle pointed to the Mice, "Modo and Vince it's time to rock and ride!" Tina grabbed Throttle arm, "wait! Which one of you is Vinny?"
Tina saw the wise cracking white mouse who had a metal half of a face step forwad, "I am."
She nodded and smiled, "Vinny, nice to met you. I'm charley's cuz and soon to be second cousin."
Throttle furrowed his brow, "What do you mean babe?"
"Oh I'm sorry, I forgot Charley just found out...congradulations Vinny your going to be a daddy."
Vinny's jaw dropped so low Modo had to bend to close it, " You serious?"
Tina nodded, "Yes, please save her...she has wanted a baby for a long time..I don't want her to lose it now."
Throttle patted Vinny's back, "Come daddy, let's go get your family." As they ran to their bikes, Vinny couldn't help but smile.

"Hey, Let me out of here!!!!" yelled Charley from inside a cell in Karbunckle's lab. Greasepit was telling the scientist and Limburger about the "cancer." Karbunckle laughed, "That's nonsense, your lord cheesyness. She is in perfect health according to my machine."
Limburger was looking out his window, "then why would the doctor say that? Did you check her over?"
"Well, no. Not throughly..but I thought we wanted to keep her in one piece."
"we do..but she is hiding something. Greasepit, you go to the doctor's office and see what you can find." Karbunckle gave him another dart, 'This time used's a truth sermum."
"Ok, boss. well, um...who do I talk to again?" Limburger walked over and yelled, "her doctor!"
Greasepit laughed, "Oh yeah..ok boss I'm going."

Charley sat on the floor to her cell contemplating how she was going to get out. There were no locks to pick since to was run by electrical currents. *Currents! That's it!*she thought. She took out a compact mirror she had and angled it so that the beam reflected off the mirror and intot he fuse box. In no time she was free and running through an "exit" sign.

Karbunckle walked into his lab and stopped short, "Oh no."
He slowly moved into Limburger's office, "Ummm, your big fishyness...?"
"Um, well, umm...the girl has..umm"
"Spit it out Karbunckle!"
"She esacped!"
Karbunckle prepared to be hit but Limburger walked right by him. He wiped his brow and followed Limburger into his lab.

Vinny was still on cloud nine...but as they approached Limburger towers his blood began to boil. *If that fish touches her or that baby..I'll kill him!*

Charley was walking in a hall and had no idea wher she was. She turned a corner and to her dismiss may walked right into Greaspit. He grabbed her and carried her "carefully" back to Limburger with her screaming and kicking the whole way.
"Hey boss, look who I found trying to escape." said Greasepit as he placed her on a medical table in the lad and locked her in hands and feet in shackles.
Limburger said, "Very good, Greasepit...I always wonder why I keeep you around?"
"Awww, gee, thanks boss."
"so, what did you find out at the office." inquired Limburger.
Charley watched in horror as Greasepit pulled out a piece of paper and read, "She is pregnant with one of the mices' baby."
Karbunckle and Limburger eyes bugged out of their heads. Karbunckle got a sinister look on his face and walked to one of his machine, "Your robust lordship I have a plan."
Limburger walked over, "Yes?"
"We could take this baby and raise it against it's parents."
Limburger let out a sigh of fustration, "That's possible but it would take to long for the baby to be born, you dult!"
"Ah-ha! Not with my machine I could speed up the gestation process to a few weeks before she goes into labor."
"Do it!"
Charley screamed and squirmed, *Where are those guys?! If they are looking for a dramatic entrance this would be the time!*

Vinny and the other two mice were riding their bikes up the side of the tower. "The lab should be right here, "yelled Throttle.
Modo's eye glared red, "Well, then let's go get Charley and the baby."
Vinny pushed his bike passed the others and blastd into Limburger's office. no one was there but they knew where they were when they heard Charley scream in pain.

"There it's done" Karbunckle pulled the machine off to reveal Charley crying and her stomach bulging out. Greasepit put his hand on her stomach. "Hey boss, I can feel it kicking in there!"
"Get off me! Don't touch my baby!" screamed Charley
"Yes, wonderful" said Limburger, "Now, let's just cut her open and take the baby."
"With pleasure my lord ripeness."
Charley was crying so hard she couldn't breathe. She was going to die and never see here baby. Vinny would never see the baby nor he would be so hurt. How could everything end this way?! She was about to give up when she heard the motor sounds of 3 bikes.
"Oh dear, company is here." said Limburger, "Hurry!"
Vinny crashed through the door and punched Karbunkle right in the face sending him reeling back. Modo and Throttle split to deal with the others. Throttle tripped Limburger and rolled him up like a taco in a hall rug. Throttle, with eye glowing red, threw Greasepit in a cell. Vinny walked over to Charley and unshackled her hand and feet." Charley-girl?"
She wiped the tears of her face and reached for Vinny's hand. He gave it to her and helped her off the table, "I'm..we're both fine. I just want to go home." Vinny kissed her forehead, " Then that's what you'll get sweetheart." He sat her in front of him and carefully held her. Modo saw Charley's belly and was shocked,"Oh, mamma."
Throttle pushed some buttons, "Rock and ride!"
They just got out of the building before it crumbled to the ground.
"Oh dear" exclaimed Limburger, "I just fixed this thing."

Back at the garage, all three mice were waiting for charley to get cleaned up. She walked out wearing a blue maternity sundress, "i never thought I'd be wearing my mother's maternity clothes so soon" she whimpered.
The three mice quickly stood up and waited until she waddled to the table and sat down, 'guys, I'm pregnant..I'm not dying!"
"We know that Charley-ma'am, it's just that we haven't been around a mother in so long it's alittle uncomfortable."
Throttle nodded, "Plus, we just found out today you were pregnant...and now you are ready to give birth any day to a half-mouse and half-human baby."
"I know." said Charley. She noticed that Vinnie was VERY quiet. He smiled at her in a way you do to someone you hurt and had to confront them. Charley yelped and it sent the mice in a panic, "It's ok..the baby just moved."
Modo walked over and looked at her belly then Charley, "Can I feel it?"
charley smiled and took Modo's hand and placed it over the spot. The baby kicked and Modo smiled. She looked at Vinny and Throttle, "Wanna feel?"

That night Vinny stayed and the two mice went home. Charley came out of the bathroom to see Vinny already in bed with his arms crossed and a look that Charley had learned meant he was thinking. His ears would twitch and his wrinkled his nose."Vinny?"
He looked at her with a weak smile, "Yeah, sweetheart?"
She climbed into bed and leaned against him holding his hand, "Are you disappointed in me?"
Vinny looked at Charley "For what? Getting pregnant? No, hell I was there when it happened remember?"
Charley smiled, "Oh yeah, that was you, wasn't it?"
Vinny chuckled, "Not funny."
He turned and placed his hands on Charley's belly, "I guess I'm just alittle sad...I always thought I'd have a baby on Mars. "
"with another mouse."Charley said with her head down. Vinny lifted her chin, "No, I thought the war would be over by the time I settled down so I could take my love there to have kids. I love you so much and I love you even more for having my baby."
Charley smiled and kissed Vinny, "I think I understand."
Vinny gave her a half-smile, "Well, that's something. At least we won't have to worry about fish-head...he's rebuilding his tower right now."
"I'm sorry we didn't get there in time." he said looking at Charley. She saw such sadness.
"It wasn't your fault Vinny."
He stroked her cheek gently and kissed her, 'I saw those tears, were terrified. You don't show that emotion too often so I know it when I see it."
Charley looked at her belly and rubbed it, "I was..I thought I was going to lose my baby, "she looked into Vinny's eyes, "And you. I have so scared I'd never get to touch you again. To tell you have much I love you..or how happy I am to have this child because it's yours."
Vinny smiled and let her babble. Charley's mother had warned the mice that Charleys would have bad mood swings and the best thing to do was wait them out. He hugged her to him placing one arm around her shoulders and the other on her stomach, 'It's ok sweetheart, I'm here. I'm not going anywhere, ever."
"You better not!' she said with a little smile."I'm going to need help with this kid-espeically if it has your big ears."
"You say that like it's a bad thing." he smiled and they both laughed breaking the sulken mood that had haunted them since dinner.

For the next two weeks, the mice wouldn't let Charley do anything. She couldn't work in the garage, couldn't lift anyting, nor could she move up the stairs.
The day before Halloween was hectic. They decorated the garage and were excited that they could go out without worrying about their looks; not that Vinny ever cared. Charley was carrying a paper scarecrow to Modo when she held her stomach and yelled. Modo noticed water trickle down her leg. "Charley, what's wrong?"
"My water just broke!"
Modo nearly fell off the ladder getting down. "Ok, what to you want me to do?"
"Get Vinny." she said.
"Right, right..ok..stay here." He ran to the back as Charley sat down, "Ok, not like I want to go anywhere."

The mice were sitting on the windowsill tapping their feet together. Charley looked at them through beads of sweat,"Do you want to die now or after I give birth to this baby!?"
The mice stopped tapping. Charley nodded,"After it is."
Modo walked over to Charley, "Is there anything we can do?"
Charley took Modo's hand and squeezed, "No, I have to do this." She let go and Modo turned to his bros and made a face that the other two knew that Charley had squeezed his hand alittle too hard.
When Charley was ready they wheeled her into a delivery room. The mice could hear her screaming all the way down the hall. The nurse who had asked Vinny to stay behind gave him the 'daddy suit' as she called it.
"Good luck Vinny!" called Throttle after Vinny and the nurse. Modo placed his bionic arm on Throttle's shoulder, "he's going to need it."

They walked into the delievery room. Vinny wanted to cry to see his Charley in so much pain. She looked at him and reached for him. When Vinny got close enough she grabbed him, "You did this to me! I hate men! I hate you! AWWWWWWW!"
Tina looked at Vinny,who had a horrified contance, 'Don't worry, they all say that. They don't know what they are saying."
Charley had gone through every swear in the English language, including some Martian that she picked up from the mice, at least twice.
"Please!", Charley cried, "Get it out!"
Tina looked at her, "Ok, one more push and the baby should be out!"
Charley did push and she was rewarded by a baby cry. "It's a girl!"
Vinny watched as they took the baby and cleaned it up. Tina carried the little bundle to charley and laid it in her arms, "congrats, cuz. You did great."
"She sure did."added Vinny who kissed Charley's forehead.
The baby was human-looking. She had white curly hair and green eyes with Charley's smile and skin color. She even had a little tail that she wrapped around Vinny's finger. Vinny kissed Charley on the lips, "I gotta go tell the guys!"

He ran into the waiting room to see his bros asleep. It was 3am so they were intitled to sleep. He shook them, "Hey bros!"
They moved and looked at Vinny, "It's a girl!"
The mice cheered and hugged each other. Throttle laughed, "happy halloween!"
All three walked into the recovery room to see the happy mother and child. The baby cooed and smiled. Modo got to hold her and he rocked her. Throttle tickled the baby's feet. He saw something on her head and moved away the white curls, "Hey, she even has antennas!"
Vinny who was cuddling Charley on the bed nodded with a smile.
Modo looked at the couple, "So, what are you going to name her?"
Vinny looked at Charley who nodded, "We are going to name her Zaria."
Modo smiled, " awww, you named her princess in martian."
Throttle laughed, "And you can bet she will be spoiled by all of us."
Zaria wrinkled her nose and smiled. Everyone laughed while Modo said, "See, even she knows it."

A few months later.....................

Charley was working under a truck, swearing up a storm because she didn't have the right part. Throttle was working on his bike. Modo was making lunch. everything seemed to be normal except for the angelic sound of a baby's laugh every so often. Charley would turn and see Vinny showing Zaria his bike and telling her all about it. The bike flashed different colors to impress the baby and it wasn't disappointed. Zaria's tail was swaying rapidly and her eyes were the size of half-dollars. Vinny was so happy. He couldn't wait until Zaria got older to tell her of mars. To show her the books he had written for her an any other kids the mice might have here. He just hoped that one day he could take her to Mars.
"Chow time!" yelled Modo. Charley came over to Vinny and took the baby. Vinny smiled at her and kissed on the cheek as he stood up and handed her Zaria, "You mice really grow quickly."
"Why say that charley-girl?" asked Vinny.
She put her duaghter in a highchair and startd to strap her in, "Because Zaria is only 3 months old, and she acts like a 8 month old human baby."
Throttle tickled Zaria's chin and smiled at Charley, "I guess we are just superior."
"Cute." she answered back.
"I try." he said.
Zaria looked at Throttle and Charley, and seeing they weren't watching her tried to grab for a hot-dog. Vinny and Modo chuckled to one another. Then Zaria got a look on her face that resembled inspiration, she took her tail and grabbed a hotdog, she put it in her mouth and started to suck on it. Throttle and Charley seeing the hotdog fly in front of their faces looked down to see Zaria's toothless grin behind a hotdog. They all couldn't help but laugh. Vinny picked his daughter up and hugged her.
Modo started to take a hotdog and pass it to Throttle, "Yo bros..that baby has given me real hope...."
"Hope?" asked Charley.
Modo nodded, "when we left Mars, there weren't too many of us mice left. It's nice to see Zaria, half-human of course, but still be a Martian."
Vinny nodded, "She has changed my life." Zaria rested her head on her father's chest and sucked on her hotdog.
Throttle agreed, "Things are sure to get interesting from now on."

Later that night after Vinny had put Zaria to bed he crawled into bed beside Charley. "Hey sweetheart."
"Hey"she answered moving over. "Why are you looking at me like that?"
Vinny was giving her a smirk as his eyes danced. "Well, I was thinking..."
"A novelty!"
Vinny gave her a dirty look, "As I was saying sweetheart...I have been thinking that I haven't been happier than I am right now. You, Zaria and my can't get any better...except.."
"Except what?"asked charley wondering where he was going with this..although she did like the compliment.
"See that box on the windowsill?"
"Go open it."
Charley furrowed her brow and walked to the box. Vinny quickly rushed to be in front of her to see her reaction.
The box was simple with a lacey red bow on it. It was the size of a bread box and Charley had no idea what could be in it. she looked up to Vinny to see such a smile on his face she feared that he put on of those pop-up snakes in there. She untied teh bow and opened the box slowly. Nothing. she looked down to see a white dress neatly folded with a little box placed on top of it. She reached in and opened the box. Inside, there was a ring with a tiny red stone in it. Charley's jaw dropped. "Vinny?"she said horsely.
Vinny reached in and took the ring, "I thought we could make it permenant,"he took his hand and placed the ring on her finger,"Charlene?"
She looked up at him shocked to hear him used her full name, "Huh?"
He smiled, "Will you do me the honor in becoming Mrs. charlene Van Wham?"
She cleared her throat, "yes."
Vinny knelt by her side holding her hand,"What was that Charlene?"
She chuckled and looked into his eyes, "Yes."
He yelled and Scooped her into his arms and twirled her around the room. When he put her down she looked at the dress, "Where did you get all this?"
Viiny took her hand and kissed it, "well, the ring is a rare Martian gem that has been in my family for years." He pulled out the dress and smiled, "Your mamma helped with this one." The dress was a silvery white and was fairly form-fitting with a small trial behind it. There were sequence along the low bust was perfect. "YOU talked to my mother."
Vinny shuddered, 'Yes. She wasn't too happy that you didn't tell her that we were serious" he gave her a look that told charley she was in alittle trouble. She smiled, "well, she's old fashion. I didn't think she's understand."
Vinny placed the dress down and pulled her close, "Don't worry....I understand..if my parents were alive i'd have ALITTLE trouble explaining you." The two smiled at each other. Charley leaned forward and rested her forehead on his. They closed their eyes and just enjoyed their closeness. Viiny was the first to open his eyes..he kissed her softly and she returned it.
They were beginning to fool around when Zaria decided they had enough fun. Charley looked up then back down at Vinny, "ahhh parenthood."
They both walked into Zaria's bedroom. Charley picked her up and rocked her and Vinny hugged them both. Charley looked at Vinny, "So, when's the wedding."
Vinny just smiled, "Any day you want, sweetheart."

The next morning Vinny had let Charley sleep in and he took care of Zaria. His bros had arrived about an hour ago, hile he was making Zaria's bottle. The two cooed over the baby then sat down. Throttle turned the chair before sitting down, 'so, where's charley-girl?"
Vinny pointed upstairs and the two nodded. Modo asked and Vinny gave Zaria to him. Modo was tickling her, "So, did you ask?"
Vinny brought the hotdogs to the table, "She said yes."
Throttle laughed, "congrats Throttle we are losing our bacholars club here."
Modo looked up from Zaria, "Yes we are...but I think we get the better deal as uncles." Zaria cooed and laughed, squirming in Modo's arms.
Charley walked downstairs to her three biker mice and little girl. They all smiled at her arrival in the kitchen. she took Zaria from a saddened Modo and held her in her lap. "Morning sweetheart."
"Morning Vinny, Throttle and Modo. And you too little Zaria."
"So, when's the wedding darling?" asked Modo.

***********************to be continued**********************************