It All Comes Out In The Wash

By Hayden


"FINE!! Go then!"

"Maybe I will! And maybe I won't come back! What do you say to that!!"

"See if I care you ego-driven idiot. Go on leave and don't show sorry face here EVER again! I'll raise OUR daughter alone and you can just stay outta her life!!"

"HOW DARE YOU!?? You can't keep me out of my own child's life!"

"Just watch me!! You're so stupid you don't even get it! It's OVER! Stay away from her and me!! You never wanted to be a father anyway!! I don't think you ever really loved me either!!"

"Why you--your right I NEVER loved you. You happy now, sweetheart? I never cared about you at all, you were just a good time in bed. Hell you weren't even that! You aren't even attractive! I have to think about Harley just to--"


"What's the matter can't stand the truth!? Can't stand the reality I only stayed around for the kid's sake?!"


"Only person lying here is you to yourself!"

"HOW CAN YOU?! How can you say these things!? How can you do this to me!?

"You were the one f------ing my BRO!"

"I WASN'T!!!"

"NOW WHO IS THE LIER!? HUH?! I'm outta here! I'm needed on Mars, something I'm not HERE!!"


"Vinnie! Vinnie!" A voice called from beside him.

"Huh?" Vinnie mumbled as he was pulled out of his thoughts.

"You okay, punk?" Stoker asked coming up beside the younger troubled looking mouse.

"Yea, yea. I'm just fine. Just perfect." Vinnie growled.

Vinnie started to walk away from Stoker when a strong hand on his shoulder stopped him. With a heaving breath, Vinnie resisted the urge to spill his woes to Stoker. The guy had been his mentor and hero, not his dad after all. He did wish sometimes

"Like hell you are punk!" Stoker growled back. "You come back to Mars with this black cloud hanging over you..without your brosor your girl and daughter. You haven't even mentioned Charley or Zoey since you got here last month! Let alone your bros.!"

Vinnie squeezed his eyes shut, holding back the tears at the sound of her name. Had she found somebody new? A new father for Zoey? Could Throttle be.

Vinnie shook his head, trying to shake away the thought. But he couldn't.

Stoker eyed Vinnie suspiciously. Something was definitely up, Vinnie hadn't been himself since he came back. And Stoker knew the pain in Vinnie's eyes all to well. The look of a man who had just lost everything that truly mattered. The look of a man who had lost because of his own foolishness, stupidity. Stoker knew that look more than he would care to admit. He had seen it too many times looking in the mirror..all those years ago. He didn't want to remember that pain.maybe that was one of the problems he had always had with Vinniehe reminded Stoker of.

"I screwed up big time, Stoke. I lost her for good this time." He choked out. "Both of them."

"I'm sure it's not that bad, punk."

Vinnie turned and looked at Stoker. The ego-driven proud young mouse was almost in tears, trying desperately not to cry in front of his slightly ego-driven, proud hero. Stoker could only stand watching him. Silently cursing the so-called rules of how a macho mouse was supposed to act.

"I told her I wasn't coming back Stoker. That I never loved her. That..that.." His voice dropped to a whisper. "That wanted Harley over her"

Whatever Stoker's reply was lost.

The explosion was deifying.

On Earth Zoey woke up screaming.

To be continued maybe