The Doctor is IN

By Hayden


Disclaimer: I don't own biker mice. I do own Zoey. know the drill.
Rated R for implied sexual and adult behavior. The characters in this are adults if you can't handle that don't read this.

Author's Note: This is a straight dialogue piece. I got the idea from a Swat Kats fic for this style and decide to try my hand at it. Please tell me what you think. If its confusing, boring, or if you just don't see the point please tell me. You can also tell me how much you love it, but I'll take what I can get. This takes place some time after Blood Ties. And yes I will be finishing Blood Ties soon, on two more very very long parts to go.

*sniff* *cough* "Nite daddy."
"Night, sweetpea. Go straight to sleep, now. Lots of rest will help your cold go away."
*cough* "Yes daddy. Luv you." *snezze*
"I love you too, cutie. There you go all tucked in. Sung as a bug in a rug."
*giggle* *sniff* "Nite mommy."
"You do what you daddy says and go to sleep now okay? Good girl. Sleep sweet."
"Yes mommy. I love you."
"Love you too, baby."
*cough* "Mommy? Daddy?"
"Yes baby?"
"Yeah sweetpea?"
*snezze* "Can't I pease stay up an' watch Aritsocats gain?"
"Go to sleep Zoey."
*sniff* "Peases daddy? Peases...?"
"Better do watcha your momma tells you, little one. Don't wanna make her mad." *wink*
*giggle* "Yes, daddy."
"Honestly Vinnie."
"You spoil her to much, Vinnie."
"After what she's been through can you blame me?"
" just.." *sigh*
*Catching her chin* "Its just what, babe?"
"Oh...I don't know...its just if we spoil her too much now...what will happen when we have more kids...."
"WHOA! More kids? Who the hell said anything about having kids? Let alone more kids?!"
*sob* "I can't believe you Vinnie!"
"What?! What did I say?!"
*sob* "Just leave me alone."
*sigh* "Great..just great."
"Come on babe. I said I was sorry."
*sob* "
"Aww....Charley. Look I didn't mean it the way it sounded!"
*sob* "Then how did you mean it."
"You just took me by surprised. I mean we've never talk about kids..."
*sob* "That's no excuse.."
*sigh* "Babe, you at me. If you want to have more kids, will have more kids."
*sniff* "Really..I mean if you don't want them..."
"I'd love any child that you bore me, Charlene."
"You know, Vinnie, I hate it when we fight."
"So do I babe. But there's on part I love."
"What's that?"
"Making up."
"Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhh!"
"Very poetic, Charley-girl."
"mmhh...We should fight more often."
"Why do you say that?"
"So we can make up more often."
"Sounds like a plan to me."
"Thought you'd like it."
"I like it, sweetheart."
"Hey Charley?"
"Yeah Vinnie?"
"Wanna make up again?"
"Was that a yes?"
*COUGH* *Sezzne* "Mommy, daddy..."
"Your daughter has worse timing that you Vinnie."
"What's that supposed to mean..."
"You can come in baby."
*grumbles* "Zoey you okay, sweetpea?"
"I don't feel well daddy."
"She's burning up, Charley."
"Come on, Zoey. Let get you some medicine that will make you feel better."
*sniff* "Okay...."
"Need help Charley?"
"No, I'll take care of her."
"How is she?"
"She has a pretty bad fever, poor kid."
"I thought you said that medicine would help her?"
*sigh* "It's just not working. I don't think any human medicine will work on her."
"Calm down, Charley. We'll call Mars tomorrow and get some stuff sent down."
"I'm scared Vinnie. She's really sick."
"Shu,'ll be okay...shu..."
"Vinnie are you awake?"
"Are you awake?"
*Yawn* "Am now, Charley."
"S'okay baby. You okay?"
"I can't sleep."
"So I noticed."
"Help me get rid of some energy?"
"Anytime, baby."
"How's she doing, Vinnie?"
"Better I think. Her forehead feels cooler and she's sleeping."
"Thank God."
"Still can't sleep?"
"No," *sigh* "I think I'm going take tomorrow off. Spend some time with Zoey."
"So what do you plan to do?"
"Watch so Disney movies..."
"Maybe go to the library, Zoey wants to get some new books."
"Do a little house work."
"Then I plan to screw Throttle on the couch.."
"Just making sure you were listening."
"he..he...stop that...Vinnie.."
"Make me."
"If you insist."
"I insist."
"Don't you ever get enough, babe?"
"Of you? Never. ohh....oh..right there.."
"Mhmmm.....oh god, Charley..."
"ohhh...Vinnie....ohh...your the best...ohhhhhh...."
"mhhmmm....only with you babe..hmm..ohhh."
"I love you Charley-girl."
"I love you too, Vinnie.
"You were just kidding about screwing Throttle weren't you?

The end