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"New Life"

By Demented Kitty

"Charley, come quick!"

"Vinnie, what's wrong?" Charley shouted to him from
her loft above the Last Chance.

"Throttle's been shot! He's hurt bad!" Modo sounded

Charley jumped out of her bed and rushed to the garage
below her. She gasped in shock when she saw Throttle.
Blood was all over his chest. He was struggling to
breath and he was obviously in immense pain. This was
not a mere laser burn from one of Limburger's men; it
was a real bullet in his chest.

"Uh...look, lay him down on the floor, I know a nurse
that can handle this. I'll call her." Charley ran for
her phone.


Esmene was sitting at her station in the special cases
unit of the hospital. It was a slow night, and she
was pretty bored. She was glad when the phone rang,
hoping it was something interesting.

"Hello, Emer.."


"Charley?" Esmene noticed the worry in her voice, "
What's wrong girl? You sound upset."

"I need you to come over now, one of my friends has
been shot, and I don't know how bad it is."

"Why can't you bring him here?" Esmene asked, " He's
not in a gang or anything is he?"

"No, I just can't bring him in, now please, come
quickly." Charley begged.

"Okay, I'm due for my break anyways. Be there in a


Charley went back to the garage to see how Throttle
was doing. She kneeled down next to him and put her
hand to his face.

"Hang on for just a little bit longer, ok?"

"I can't breathe." Throttle said weakly.

"My friend is on her way, and she handles bullet
wounds all the time. She'll have you feeling great in
no time." Charley half-smiled at him, "Just hang on."

"Okay, Charley-girl"

Charley was about to speak again when she heard a car
engine pulling up.

"Okay guys, let me go tell her about you three."
Charley looked at Modo and Vinnie, who looked worried
about another human knowing about them, "Don't worry,
she's trustworthy"

Charley stepped out to the front of the garage.

"Ok, why couldn't you bring him in?"

"He's not from around here."


"Not from this planet."


"He's Martian, his name in Throttle."

"Ok...well," Esmene smiled, " where is he?"

"Thank you!"

Charley led Esmene into the garage. She stopped when
she saw Modo and Vinnie, but when she saw Throttle,
she went straight to him.

"Hey Throttle, my name's Esmene."

"Hey." Throttle winced.

"How did this happen, bud?" Esmene wanted to keep him
talking while she worked on him to distract him.

"Got in a fight, helmet got knocked off, some kid
flipped out when he saw me and shot me before I could
do anything."

"Yea, the kids around here are crazy. Ok, I'm gonna
give you a shot of morphine, it'll hurt but not for

Throttle winced at the pain from the shot, but soon
relaxed. Esmene got a long tweezers like instrument,
found the bullet and carefully pulled it out. She
poured an antibacterial wash into the wound, and
cleaned it out. Soon, she had him sewed back up.

"Feel any better?" She asked him.

"Yea." Throttle smiled at her.

"Good, now try not to move for a while okay? Stay
laying down, make those two get everything for ya."
She jerked her head towards Modo and Vinnie. "If you
still feel any pain later, just take some pain killer,
but if it lasts too long, have Charley call me again."

Esmene stood up, stretched out her back and started
getting her gear together. Charley stopped her at the
door as she was leaving.

"Thank you Esmene, I don't know what we would have
done if we had lost him."

"No prob," She giggled to herself, "besides, for a
mouse, he's pretty darn cute."

"I know, he's gorgeous." She gave a sly smile, "But I
got my eyes set on Vinnie, the white one."

"Good, don't have to worry about trespassing then."

"Hey, why don't you come over for dinner tomorrow, you
can get to know him better."

"Don't think I don't know what you're doing, Cupid,
but ok, I'll come."

"Great! See ya tomorrow."


Later that day

Throttle had started to feel better and was able to
get up and walk around. His chest was still a little
sore but nothing he couldn't deal with.

"How ya feeling?" Charley asked him as she walked into
the kitchen where he was getting a drink.

"Fine, a little sore, but other than that I'm ok."

"Good," Charley gave him a hug, "You scared the crap
out of us. Glad you're okay."

"Thanks Charley-girl. I'll try not to do it again."

"You scare me like that again and you better hope the
bullet kills you!" She laughed a play hit him.

"Good to know I'm so cared about." He joked back.

"Look at this!" Vinnie walked in with Modo, sounding
disgusted, "Why can't I ever get shot?"

"Shut up Vinnie." Modo knocked him on the head.

"Hey!" Vinnie jumped at Modo, starting a wrestling
match. Throttle went to jump in, but Charley stopped

"Awww, Charley girl!" All three mice said

"Don't aww me, Throttle got seriously hurt today and
he needs to rest."

"Uh uh!"

"Throttle!" Charley glared at him, "I'm going to tie
you to a chair."

"Kinky.." Modo and Vinnie couldn't help it, after
Throttle said that both of them were rolling on the
floor laughing.

"Oh!!! Men!"

"Mice, actually."

"Shut up Vinnie!" Charley finally gave in a burst into
laughter herself.


The next night

Charley was rushing around, trying to get her place
ready for the small dinner party. She had already
gotten the guys some nice clothes to wear. Modo had
on dark blue shirt with black pants, and Vinnie had on
a dark red, almost maroon shirt with black pants.
Throttle looked wonderful in the black shirt and black
pants. The shirt was slightly tight and showed off
his muscles nicely. She hoped Esmene take her bait and
notice Throttle.

"Hey folks, I'm here!" They heard Esmene shout from
the door as she walked in.

"Hey Esmene." Charley greeted her. Esmene looked up
from putting down her bag and saw Charley, then saw
Throttle behind her.

"Hey Charley," She smiled, "Hi Throttle."

Esmene felt like she had hit the floor. Throttle was
gorgeous. He smiled at her. It was the sweetest smile
she had ever seen. The black outfit really
highlighted his golden fur and right then she wanted
nothing more than to hug him.

"Hey Esmene." Throttle almost stuttered, shocked by
how beautiful she was too.
Throttle first noticed her eyes; they were violet with
a bright blue center. She had long, thick blonde hair
that shone like silk. She had on a black knit top and
had on flare jeans with designs at the cuff. She
looked so cute and sweet that Throttle had an almost
uncontrollable urge to hold her and protect her.

Charley smiled wickedly as she could see the sparks
starting between the two.

"Come one everyone, let's eat."

After dinner, Charley had a movie ready for everyone
to watch. She made sure Throttle and Esmene sat next
to each other. They chatted all through the movie,
laughing a joking around together. Soon they noticed
everyone had fallen asleep but them.

"I better get home." Esmene stood up.

"I'll walk you to your car."

Throttle walked out to Esmene's car with her. She
leaned against her car door, not wanting to leave.
Throttle stood close to her and she could smell his

"You know when you'll be here again?" Throttle asked

"No, but I'll try to make it back in a few days, gonna
have to take those stitches out of you soon."

"Ouch...great." Throttle smiled at her.

"Still hurt?" She nonchalantly laid her hand on his
chest where he had been shot. He leaned in against
her hand.

"No, been fine." He answered huskily.

"Good." She moved her hand slowly up his chest, to his
neck. "Glad you feel better."

"Yea." Throttle stepped closer. "Thanks."

Unable to resist, she pressed herself against him. His
arms instantly went around her. He picked her up and
sat her down on the car's hood.

"Throttle, someone might s..."

"I don't care, I have wanted you since you walked in
the door, Esmene." Throttle stared into her eyes.

Esmene pulled him to her and kissed him. He pressed
his lips against hers. The feel of her against him
was intoxicating and he couldn't control himself. His
hands went under her shirt and ran along her back. She
clawed down his chest. Gasping, she pushed him away.


"Get your bike," She breathed, "You're coming home
with me."

Throttle jumped on his bike and followed Esmene to her
place. It was a small apartment, Throttle didn't see
much of it though as Esmene was pulling him to her
bedroom. They got to her room and Esmene fell onto
the bed, Throttle laid down next to her and pulled her
to him in a long kiss. Slowly, sweetly, they
undressed each other, caressing each part of each
other's bodies. Throttle had never felt this
incredible in his life. She was even more beautiful
with out her clothes. She kissed his chest and pushed
him onto his back.
She slowly moved on top of him, only letting the tip
of his mousehood touch her, then slowly pushing back
till he was buried in her. She laid her body fully on
him and both lay completely still for a while,
enjoying the feeling. Soon, Throttle began to move
his hips, pumping himself in and out of her. She sat
up and started riding him. Moving up and down as one
until finally they exploded together. Esmene collapsed
onto Throttle's chest and he kissed the top of her

"That was amazing." Esmene breathed.

"I have never felt anything that wonderful."

"I can't believe this, I'm in love with you and we
haven't even known each other two days."

"I know," He raised her chin to look at him, "I love
you, too."


Esmene smiled at him and laid her head back down on
his furry chest. Soon both were sound asleep.


Later that night

Throttle awoke to the sound of crying. He sat up
quickly, worried about why Esmene would be crying. He
rolled her in his arms so that she was facing him. She
was having a nightmare and it took him a while to wake
her up. When she finally opened her eyes, she threw
her arms around Throttle, who, in turn, held her

"What's wrong baby?"

"Bad dream."

"What about hun?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"If something has you so upset that your having
nightmares about it, then you need to talk." He smiled
at her, "Please tell me?"

"Okay, but it's a long story." Esmene took a deep
breath, "When I was sixteen, I was walking home from
school. I hadn't gotten my car yet. Well, this guy,
he stopped his car next to me and offered me a ride
home. Of course I told him no but he just kept
creeping along next to me in his car."

Throttle pulled her closer as she started to sob.

"Well, I got scared and ran into a park nearby. There
was a path that was a shortcut to my house. He
followed me and got out of his car and started chasing
me. I was so frightened. I ran as fast as I could,
screaming. But I fell...he pushed me into the
ground..started ripping my clothes..then he..he.."

"Shhh, baby, shh...it's okay." Throttle was in tears
himself at the thought of what had happened.

"No, that's not all...." Esmene looked up at Throttle,
who brushed the tears off her face. "He knocked me
out...he had me for 3 days before anyone found me..."

"Oh god..."

"He was never caught."

"Baby," Throttle held her, " I'm so sorry."

"I was really messed up when I was finally found, the
doctor said I would never be able to have children."

"Oh, baby...."

"I went to therapy afterwards, I'm virtually healed, I
just have nightmares every now and then." She rested
her head under his chin, "I just get so scared

"Don't worry baby," He smiled at her, "no one's ever
gonna hurt you again as long as I'm around."

"You're so sweet." She kissed him,

"You're sweeter." He nuzzled her neck and started
caressing her body.

"Don't you start that again." She teased.

The two talked long into the night, talking about
their lives, families until Esmene hit a touchy

"Had any serious girlfriends?"

"Yea," Throttle cleared his throat. "one."

"Who was she?"

"Her name was Carbine."

"Why'd you two break up?"

"I don't like to ta.."

"I told you my story, you're turn."

"Okay," Throttle play growled at her, "I met her in
high school. We hit it off pretty well at first. She
got mean after a while though. She'd always yell at
me, boss me around and hit me. I thought I was in
love with her so, I put up with it. When she found
out I wouldn't join the army, she flipped out, then
ended up cheating on me."

"Whatta.." Esmene stopped herself, "Sorry baby, but
anyone who would throw you away like that is crazy."


"No," She pulled Throttle close to her, "You deserve
so much better than how she treated you."

"Thanks." Throttle rasped. Bringing up all the pain
from the break up was about to make him cry, but
Esmene had done a lot in just a few seconds to boost
his mood and self esteem. No one had ever told him
anything like that before. They held each other
throughout the night, each one comforting the other.


The next morning

Vinnie and Modo both walked into the Last Chance
together. Throttle hadn't come back to the hideout
last night and they had wondered what happened to him.
They wanted to see if Charley knew anything.

"Charley-girl, you seen Throttle around?" Modo asked

"No, why?"

"He never showed up last night. We thought he might
have come back here or something." Vinnie answered.

"Uh uh, I hope he's okay..."
"Yea, it ain't like him to.." A motor approaching
interrupted Modo.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Throttle sounded lighter
hearted than usual.

"Where have you been?" Vinnie asked him.

"Drivin' around. Why?"

"Never came back to base last night." Modo answered.

"Sorry," He smiled wickedly, "I'll call next time I'm
gonna be late, mommy."

"C'mon Throttle, where were you?"

"I can't tell you."

"Why not? We're your bros!" Vinnie shouted.

"I can't Vinnie."

"Vinnie, if Throttle doesn't want to tell us, then
leave him alone." Modo scolded him.

"Wait a minute.." Charley's mind started to click.
"You were at Esmene's weren't you?"

"What?!" Throttle went pale.

"Well, you and her both disappeared last night. I
remember waking up a little bit last night when the
door was opening and I saw you and her walk out

"That's crazy.."

"And I remember hearing your bike start up." Charley
smiled at him, "You were at her house."

"Throttle?" Vinnie raised an eyebrow at him.

"Never kiss and tell."

"Lady's never kiss and tell," Vinnie teased, "men brag
their asses off. C'mon, what happened?"

"Forget it Vinnie, I'm not going to tell you."

Charley snuck off while the three guys argued and ran
up to her room. She dove on her bed and reached for
the phone and dialed Esmene's number.

"Hello?" Esmene sounded cheerful.

"Hey Esmene."

"Hey Charley."

"So, how was he?"

"What?" Esmene gasped.

"You know what I mean. Throttle. How was he?!"

"How'd you know?"

"I figured it out. Don't worry, Throttle didn't tell
us." Charley snickered, "Well, how was he?!"

"He was wonderful!" Esmene couldn't help it, "He was
so gentle and sweet and oh god, it was incredible!"

"I hoped you two would hit it off. You're so perfect
for each other!"

"I don't know what happened. He walked me out to my
car last night, and we couldn't keep out hands off of
each other."

"I'm so happy for you two. Hey, why don't you come
over today?"

"Sure, I just got to go check my schedule at the
hospital, then I'll be right over."

"Okay, see ya later."


As she did everyday, Esmene jogged to the hospital
from her small apartment. She was about to jog around
a rose bush when she ran right into another jogger.
She stood up and dusted herself off.

"Sorry sir, I.." Esmene's voice caught in her throat
when she saw the face of the jogger. It was her
attacker from years ago. "You!"

"Hey honey, miss me?" He grabbed her wrist.

Esmene jerked free and ran for the hospital. She
could still hear the guy screaming at her.

"I know where you live bitch!"


"Charley, didn't you say Esmene was on her way over?"
Throttle asked, worried about his new love.

"Yea, don't worry about her. She probably just stopped
to get a snack or something."

"Geez, it's only been one day, Throttle." Vinnie


A door opening at the front of the garage interrupted
Throttle. Throttle and Charley walked to the front of
the Last Chance to greet Esmene.

Throttle went to her the moment he saw her. She had
been crying and she was white as a sheet. She buried
her face in Throttle's furry chest and sobbed.
Throttle picked her up and at her down on the couch.

"Baby," Throttle brushed the hair out of her face and
wiped her tears away, " what happened?"

"I saw him..." Esmene whispered.

"What?!" Throttle instantly knew whom she meant.

"I was jogging and I ran into him. He tried to grab me
but I got away. I've already been to the police."
Esmene looked into Throttle's eyes. "He said he knows
where I live."

"Either you're staying here tonight, or I'm staying
with you." Throttle growled. He was trying to control
his anger to keep Esmene calm but he was losing it
fast. He wanted to kill this guy.

"The police are going to put a guard at my house. I
wanted to see if I could stay here."

"Sure sweetie," Charley hugged Esmene. "Throttle, Modo
and Vinnie will stay here too, just in case."

"Yea, ain't no one gonna get past us, sweetheart."
Vinnie assured her.

"Thanks guys." Esmene wiped the tears from her face.

Unfortunately, they should have taken her to the
hideout, for the attacker knew she would be at
Charley's tonight.


That night

Esmene had gotten up to get a drink of water.
Throttle had almost escorted her to the kitchen, but
she told him she would be fine. Now she wished he had
come with her. She kept hearing odd noises, but was
sure it was just some cats outside. She poured
herself a glass of water and stood at the sink
drinking it. She nearly choked when two arms gently
encircled her. Thinking it was Throttle, she leaned
against him. She dropped her glass in the sink when
she realized that the man holding her was human.
Before she could scream, a hand covered her mouth and
she was picked up. She bit his hand and screamed
while she could.


Throttle sat up with a start and rushed to the
kitchen, almost running into Modo and Vinnie. The
three rushed to the kitchen where the back door was
swinging open. They hopped on their bikes and rode
after the car that was speeding away.

"We gotta be careful! He's got Esmene!" Throttle

"Shoot out the tires?" Vinnie asked him.

"Okay, but don't let the car flip or anything."

Modo and Vinnie rode next to the car, while Throttle
got in front, trying to slow it down. They shot the
tires out and the car screeched to a halt. A man
emerged from the vehicle holding Esmene with a knife.
The biker mice froze.

"Throw down your guns!" He yelled

Throttle and Vinnie glanced at each other and Throttle
nodded at him. Vinnie lit one of his flares and threw
in into a garbage bin nearby. It distracted the guy
long enough for Throttle to shoot the knife out of his
hand and force him away from Esmene. Modo picked him
up and slammed his against a wall, knocking him out.
Throttle scooped up Esmene and sat her down on his

"I'll take this guy to the cops Throttle," Modo
offered, "You get her home."

"Thanks guys." Throttle rode back to the Last Chance
with Esmene.

Charley opened the door for the two of them and
Throttle told her what had happened. Esmene sat in
Throttle's lap, not wanting to leave his side. She
was calm, but still felt safer close to him. Esmene
stayed at Charley's house for a while after that.
One month later

Charley was washing dishes when she got a call from
Esmene at the hospital. She sounded excited.

"Charley! Guess what!"

"What Esmene?"

"I just got the results of my check up," She tried to
contain herself, "I'm pregnant!!!"

"No way! How?"

"I don't know, but I am. Call the guys, have em come
over to the garage."


Throttle, Modo and Vinnie finally got to the Last
Chance. Esmene took Throttle's hand and led him into
the living room.

"Baby, I had to go for my check up in the hospital

"Everything okay?" Throttle frowned, worried.

"Everything's great. That's why I called everyone
here." She took a deep breath and smiled, "Baby, I'm

"What?!" Throttle smiled, "How?"

"I don't know...it's a miracle I guess."

"That's great!" Throttle shouted and scooped Esmene up
in his arms and twirled her around. That night they
had a congrats party for Esmene and Throttle.

9 months later, a little Martian baby girl was born
with honey blonde hair, golden fur and bright blue
eyes. They named her Miracle.

The End