I don´t own the BMFM, and I don´t make any money from this whatsoever!
This is just made for fun, and in respect of the show.

Note; This is my First try for BM-fanfic. so please be gentle with me...
and one more thing, if you see any flubs(in the spelling), my excuse is that i´m Swedish....


Remote - CONTROL

by Decembergirl


Copyrighted 1997 Decembergirl, all rights reserved

:: ..Oh, Victoria my love, to leave you will bring me more pain than..::
- Uuh, what´s this??
- Shhh! Vinnie!
:: ..my dear Lucas, let me come with you!... I can´t! You know that your uncle would..::
- Ugh! Crap! Give me the remote baby, It´s football on channel five.
- Hey, don´t even try! I was watching first!
- But...
- Football? Anybody mentioned football?
- Oh, not you too Modo, I was here first! Get lost you two!
- Why, I just got here?.
- Ohno you don´t! Don´t try steeling MY remote control, Vinnie!
:: Ahhhh!... Lucas! My love! No!... He deserves it!... Oh please don´t hurt him uncle!...::
- AHA! Got it!
:: ..AAaand he SCOORES!!!!!!!!....The crowd are going craz...::
- No! Change back!!!
- Yeess! Football-time!
- Ha, ha YeeeHaa!
- Hey! Why didn´t you say that you were watching the sports?
- Sigh. Welcome to the sofa Throttle.
- Thanks sweetie. Hey guys, hold the channel, I´ll get popcorn!
- Great idea.
- Guys..I WAS here first...
- Vinnie, let´s see the NBA scores!
- Wait...
:: ... What a throw!!! The cheerladies are jumping, and it´s a fine day here at... ::
- Gimme, now!
:: ...re the results of todays NBA, ... The Chicago..::
- HEY!
- Ha, Modo is in charge!
- Get the football back on!
:: .. together at last, my love!.. Oh Lucas....::
- Whatta?
- Charley!
- Here´s the popc.. Uh, What´s this? Where´s the football?
:: .. Well folks this is how a ball should be played! ... ::
- Oooh, there it is...
- Vinnie!!! It´s MY TV!!!
- HeHe..
- Let me have that bowl!
- Huh, take it easy Charley, are you gonna take all the popcorn?
- No, my DEAR Throttle. I´m just gonna PASS it to Vinnie.
- Oh.
- That´s really sweet of you babe!..........What are you doi....?????
- ooooooooo.............
- Hey! My popcorn!
- HaHaHa! A popcornbowl on the head really suits you, brother!
:: ... Lucas look!... Run!!.........::
- Charley! Cut off interrupting the sports!
- Aaah, shut up Throttle!
- What IS this BAD EXCAUSE OF A MOVIE, anyway???
- Never heard of romance, Modo?
- Hmpf.
- Let me try...
- Throttle not you too!
:: OOH! That´s what I call running!!... And now for ...::
- Good, stay there.
- Get some more popcorn, Throttle.
- Don´t you want popcorn Charley?
- Not a big loss, sweetie. Sit down and enjoy!
- What did I do?? What did I do???