Disclaimer- I do not own the Biker Mice from mars, Nor the characters of the show. This is a romance, But worry not........It's a clean romance. Please forgive any errors you might come across. This is my vary fist fic staring Vinnie and Charley. Thank you.

Wish apon a star

Racer 2000

Vinnie layed on the shore of the lake alone. He looked
up at the thousands and thousands of bright/glowing stars
that populated the night sky. A cool dew settled on the
ground and clung to Vinnie with a sweet sent of morning.
Vinnie is not known for his clamness, But tonight he was comtempt with calm. He sighed everso much. As he breathed in, His nose was filled was the fragrence of lake and flowers. Even at night flowers could be noticed. Smelling the hint of flowers in the air, It drawn him to start thinking about Charley. Ever since he first laid his eyes
on her that day in the garage, He has never stopped loving her. But he never amitted it. He was afraid she might turn him away, So he never told anyone, Not even his best bros
knew about his love for the beautiful machanic. Oh, They might get a hint now and then, But he never said it streight out before. As he got more into thought, He came across
a heartbreaking thought. "I am a mouse! and she is a human!
will it ever work?? could it ever work if it happened???"

That sliced his heart like a hot knife through butter.
He diden't even want to think about it, But he knew it would come up sooner or later, just the question of when is what bothered him most. Besides the fact that him and Charley may never be. This time a almost tearful sigh came out.
So, Looking up, He looked up at a star and wished in his heart "I wish to be with Charley always" he ment it. He loved her.

Charley sat in her den, Watching an old zit com, But coulden't consentrate. She had her mind on something else.
Or someone for that matter. She was restless, Thinking about a macho headed mouse, Who's ego, If someone was to live on, Would be able to live off of it for life.
Yup, You guessed it!!! It's Vinnie VanWham. The youthful, over excited, Muscle for brains biker mouse. She diden't really care to much for him at first, But as time went on,
she grew more and more fond of him untill she fell inlove with in. She sighed and tried again to watch the rest of the show. It was no use. She coulden't keep her mind off
of Vinnie. She then turned off the tv, Went into the garage and called the guys on the CB. A few minutes later, After
Modo telling her where Vinnie could be, Go on her motercycle and headed for Vinnie's favorite spot at the lake.

Just then a motercycle engine pulled up to the parking lot and parked in one of the spaces. Vinnie diden't turn around, He was going to just ignore it. A few moments
Charley got off her motercycle and took off her helmet. The air smelled fresh. Like after a rain fall. Their a few car lenghs down was Vinnie's red motercycle sitting peacefully
by itself. Charley took a look at it, Then amde her way down the hill to the bottom. Vinnie, Meanwhile, laid with his hands under his head with his eyes closed, Listening to the waves. His ears twitched when he heard footsteps walking across the sand. Vinnie opened his eyes and looked up. He eased when he saw Charley looking down at him with a smile. "So here you are!, Throttle and Modo were wondering about you" she strolled the rest of the way and then stopped in front on his. Still laying down, He looked up and smiled
"Awwwwwwwww, no they weren't. You were worried about me! admit it Sweetheart." Vinnie's useual macho smile was spread on his face from ear to ear. "Well what if i was?" Charley
stood there, With her arms folded across her chest. Vinnie's smile grew bigger. "Awwwwwwwwwwww Sweetheart. Don't worry you pretty little head. The baddest mamerjammer is unbeatable." he coxed. "Ooooh, Yeah Mr. Macho, I beat you can't beat a lowly woman such as myself" Charley smiled obnoxiously. "Oh yeah, Lets see what you made up Miss. Davidson" Vinnie challenged playfully. He then jumped up and grabbed her playfully. Charley laughed. Vinnie play-threw her down and the two of they play fought for awhile. Rolling and Vinnie trying to tickle Charley. Finally Vinnie pinded her down to where she coulden't get up. Charley giggled light a schoolgirl. She stopped giggling and found herself looking into his entoxicating eyes. He too coulden't help but looking into her inchanting green eyes.
Slowly, They kissed each other. Charley's heart raced. Vinnie's did too. A moment later, They stopped kissing and looked at each other. Vinnie suddenly felt hot. (Note: he was blushing) He quickly got up and sat up. Charley soon sat up with a puzzled exspression on her face. "What's wrong Vinnie?" she asked. "Was it me??" she added. Vinnie shook his head. "No, It's not you........I donno........" he diden't know what ot say. He was beside himself. "Then what's the matter??" Charley asked, Edging closer to him.
"Ever since i met you Charley......" he paused. Then he continued "I have loved you......I was afraid......." he sentence was cut off, Bcause Charley finished it "That i might not love you in return??" Charley smiled warmly.
Vinnie blinked. "Yeah.........Exactly." Vinnie was shocked.
"Vinnie?" Charley started. He said "Yes?" he asked. "Starting to feel hot too, She said "I love you too"
she smiled. Vinnie's heart began to race, He was in totally shock now. "You........you......you do Sweetheart???" he asked, now holding her hand. "Yes!" she shook her head.
Vinnie felt like a million dollers. He felt like the luckies man/mouse on Earth/mars. He picked her up and swung her in happiness and pure joy. Charley laughed happyily.
When he set her down gently, He felt like taking a big chance, So he took both of her hands and looed into her loving eyes. "Charley, Will you do me the great honor of being my Harjarki??" Charley was puzzled "Harjarki???" she asked. Not wanting to break to mood, But not wanted to get enggaded eaither. At least not yet. Vinnie smiled "Harjarki means girlfriend in marshion native tounge" Charley felt relief. "Oh, Then of course Vinnie. I would be honored by that" not knowing the customs, But deciding to follow along. Vinnie cheered his famous Vinnie VanWham cheer and twirled her around again. Then still holding her, Kissed her. As they kissed, A stooting star flew across the sky.

The End