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Carbine sat on her motercycle, Thinking about why her life turned out so bad. Before the war, She had heart heart set on becoming a teacher, but because of the war, so the only choices she had was eaither fight or die. She choose to fight for her home. But now after
6 years of fighting, She was growing tired and werry or all the heartache and misfortune
the war had to offer. But one thing still puzzled her to that day........Why was she still fighting??? Is it pride? is it determanation?? Or is it because she was a General and she has been fighting for so long, She really doesen't know how to stop? Carbine sighed heavily at the mer thought. Just the Racer cam up from behind. Racer was the new Freedom Fighter for Brimestone City, But at Base #7 she was a senior. So her rank currently with the Freedom Fighters was Sargent. "General, I have the report on the Plutarkians next move" Racer said, Holding a clipboard in her hands. "Whats the report??" Carbine turned on her motercycle so she could focus fully. "Our spies have spotted them heading for Mars Base 10 on the other side of volcano. Plutarkians army is 15o total. Their no prepared for a major attack." Racer finished her report. Carbine thought for a minute. "What do you suggest??" Racer too had to think for a minute. "Take some of our base troops and surround the from all sides blocking them in. But take code red manovers to avoid unwanted attacks" Racer said. "Hummmmmmmmmm, Interesting. Ok
we'll do that. Reprot to Stoker for the plains. We attack in two hours of the given time"
Racer nooded her head, Soluted her commanding officer and got on her biker and left.
"When will it ever end??" Carbine thought frustratingly to herslef.

Racer caught up with Stoker and told him everything. 2 hours later, The Freedom Fighters made their way to the Plutarkians. They found they approching the unsuspected base. Just the a horn rose up and a spy Plutarkian sounded the code red alert. Ambush!!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled. Carbine poised her gun. "Freedom Fighters, Take cover, Prepare for the attack!" she yelled to each of her Freedom Fighters. The ones on the other side watched everything taking shape. "Carbine, This is Squad team 2, Do you copy??" the sout leader said into his CB. "Yeah, I copy that. Were under attack." Carbine doged a blaster shot. "Do you need backup??" the officer asked. "NO!, Stay there. Preceed with the plain. They don't know your there. Show no mercy. Attack!!!" said in the CB. The battle seem to last for hours. Mice got wonded. One even died.
Carbine got shot in her arm. It wasen't serious, But it would take ist's time to heal.
The battle crises was over for now, But their would be other battle to fight.

That night.......................

Carbine stood on the balcony, Breathing the air the swept and made her hair flow gracefully. Carbine sighed heavily again. Trying not to cry. Just then a opening of the door and footsteps followed. Carbine turned to see Racer standing, with her wrist in a
special wrap. Racer has spranded her wrist. "What is it Racer?" Carbine asked, Droppy eyed. "Nothing, I coulden't help but see your troubled about something...." Racer stopped her sentence their. "It's nothing Racer" Then Carbine turned back to the plain. Sighing, Racer took a last look at Carbine and turned away. Then Racer stopped. Somehow she knew what Carbine was troubled about. "Carbine, I know how you feel. I wish this was would end too. It's nothing but a heartbreak. But one day General, It's all going to be over" And with that, Racer turned away once again. Hearing those confedent words, Carbine turned to face Racer "Racer" Racer looked back at Carbine "Yes?" Carbine smiled
"Thank you. I thought i was the only one feeling this way" Carbine held herself. Racer shook her head. "All of us feel it in someway. Just better then others. Night Carbine" Racer said. "Goodnight Racer" and with that they went their seperate ways.

Carbine stood comfedent once again on that balcony. She now had hope and asurence that the ar would end one day, But untill then.....Carbine was going to keep fighting.

The End