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The Urban Legand

By: Racergirl (Racer)


Section (1)

Racer: Some myths are made up by the human/mouse mind. Those who know
it's awsome power, Know how to control the mind. I once had to deal with an evil that
i thought was only a myth. It turns out he came from a man of a mind so powerful it can
take over the vary essantes of the mind and edventually the body as well. I was young.
I wanted adventure, Excitement,Thrills. I wanted to apart of something much bigger then
Mars itself. Little did i know that i was about to become apart of a story based on the mind. a story that is of fantisy,Myth and so much more then i can tell in one story.

It Begins......................

Section (2) Chapter 1.

Name: Racer Reveup
Age: 23
Dat of birth: 5/16/76
Year date: 1999
Place of birth: Mars Veturans Hospital


1 week ago...............

Racer keeped running........... Running untill she hit a dead end. She turned around, Heart beatings faster as the mystreious figure queitly walked up to her. She was traped.
No where to run. Unable to sream. And no way to defend herself. The mysterious figure
aproched her ever so sliently. To her horror he began to pull out something from his garment. He aimed at her and then...................................

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Racer woke up screming. Soked in sweat, She looked around
and saw her quarters. Silence. Nothing in her room but her. "Just a dream" she told
herself "Just a dream....


Section (3) Chapter 2

She shakely got up and got dressed. While she was putting on her boots she started
to think about that dream she had. It made he shudder. It was the most horrorable dream
she has ever had in her life. She did not understand why she had that dream. She did not
watch nothing on Tv to upset her. ("Maybe it was the stress that i have been enduring lately???") She did not shrub it off. She finished getting her last boot on, Then quietly she
walked into the base. Their she saw the useual. Battle plains here, Chatting there. It was
all the same and dull. Harley was over on the other side on the room at the computer with Carbine discusing something. Could not make out the words. Racer desided to get a bit
to eat before her first patrol. To late. Soker intersepted her on her way to the kichen.
He told he to go on patrol with Maceian right away. Like a good solder she was she followed his orders right away.

Out on the desert.................

It had been one hour since she and Maceian left the Bace for the mrning patrol.
Just then a blast of firearms came out of no were. Nearly hit Maceian, But bluw up
5 feet from him.

Maceian - (Signing in releif) "Man!!!!!!! that as to close for my tastes. Lets get find
somewhere to hit, So we can call for back up"
Racer noded in reply. They soon found some shelter behind a towering rock.
Racer still on her bike, Called for backup.

Racer- "Racer to bace. Racer to base. Can anyone hear me???"
There was a little stadic, But Carbine words poped in the radio.

(Carbine on radio)- "This is Carbine. Is everything alright Racer??"

Racer- "No Carbine. We are under attack. Repeat, We are under attack."
Carbine- "How many Plutakin scouters??"
Racer- "At least a dozen or more. We can't be sure"
Just then the CB started to fuzz out. Then there was nothing.

Racer- " Racer to Carbine. Racer to Carbine. Can you read me? Over."
She tried at least 3 more times before tuning around to see where Maceian was.
To her shock, He was firing at Plutarin scouts.

Racer- "Maceian! How many??"
Maceian " At least a dozen"
Racer quickly joined Maceian, But it was no use. They we outnumbered. A dozen to
2. Not vary good odds. If they ran, They would be hunted down. If they stayed and fought, They would be killed. Eaither way there seemed to be no hope. Just then Racer's
percked up. She heard a sound from far away. At least a mile away. It sounded like
motorcycles and gun fire. She looked at Maceian. Maceian had heard it too. Maceian
winked and smiled. He was thinking the same thing i was. The Freedom Fighters, Her teammates has arrived. Racer smiled back. Telling Maceian that she heard it too.

5 minutes later....................

The Freedom Fighters had arrived. Their battle cry could be heard.
Freedom Fighters: "IT'S TAIL WHIPPIN' TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The battle did not last long. The Plutarkins decided they were outnumbered, So they
retreated. Cheering could be heard, But we knew that it was not over, But for now
we would all go back to base untill next time.

Section (4) Chapter 3

That vary night..................

Racer was yet again running. Running from the mystrious figure that hunted her
dream the night before. She tossed and turned while her dream got more intense. More
horrorfilled, Heart stopping then she could have ever could think of. In her dream, However, was her, And the freedom fighters. This mysterious figure had totally
slughtered the army of the Freedom Fighters. As she stood over the dead bodies of her friends tears began to weld up in her hazel/blue eyes. Just at that moment that same
unknown figure stepped from the shadows. His eyes were so cold. So heartless. It
was like looking evil into the face. In scared her deeply, But what also catch her attention
was that fact indeed he was laughing. A cold laugh. A laugh so heartless and evil that it
made Racer's blood run cold. Then he spoke to her that was as cold as his eyes,
"Hello Racer" Her said in a deep/crakey voice. "Do you believe in the boogy Man??"
Racer's heart nearly came to a hult. She stood there, Facing her stalker. She was
so afraid. She did not know what to do. Then he continued...." (Laughs) You should.
I know i would" Even though his head was covered, Racer could have swarn that he smiled at her. (Kind of like staring at the Grim Reaper in the face) She thought to herself.
As if her could read her thoughts, He replied.... " Yes it is, But i am much worse."
And errie silence fell apon the battle feild. Then he started to laugh again, But it did not
last long. He got serious again, Then said " Humph!, I thought you would be better prey
for me then this. I should have known not to hunt you like this. (Folding her arms). "
With that he walked away as silently as he came. Then all was silent again. Racer looked
at that battle feild in disbelief. She could not believe what has happened to the Freedom
Fighters. This was not suppose to happen. They were not suppose to die like they did.
Why was she even alive? Why did he call her his prey?? Who was he anyway???.........
Who............. Thunder and lighting broke the silence that fell apon the battlefeild that
day. Out from the clouds that started to form came a voice.......... "My dear Racer. I will
be back, But next time you will not live to see the morning. Goodbye for now. Ha Ha Ha"
And with that the voice that came quickly....Vanished. Racer fell to her knees and cried.
Cried for what seemed like hours. She finally got up and walked around. As she walked
a massive wind started to blow, But this was no sand storm. Racer Tried to take cover,
But ti was to late. It caught her up and sucked her in............................

---------------------------------PART TWO----------------------------------------------------

Section (5) Chapter 4

Racer heard a faint voice in the distance. First soft and far, Then more loud and
clearer. Someone was calling her name. Someone was tring to find her.............

Racer woke up screaming. She relized that she was not alone. Harley Stood beside
her bed tring to wake her from her nightmare. Racer was sweating, shaking and trembling
from her horrorable nightmare. "Everything is going to be alright Racer. You just had a
nightmare is all." Harley said comfortly. Racer looked up and Harley to meet Harley's
conserned gaze. After Racer calmed down enough, She told Harley about the dream she
had. Racer could see she had Harley's undivided attention. Harley was quiet for what
seemed like an decade. Harley fainally spoke up, But it was in a cool/calm voice.
(Racer has heard this kind of voice before. It useally means disbelief or belief. Only
her next words will tell me otherwise)

Harley- " So you do not know whom this mysterious figure is?"
She was tring her best to get some sort of visual understanding of what Racer's
nightmare was about. Or really tring to help her figure out whom is behind the dreams.
(If this figure was reality at all. Racer just did not know otherwise).
Racer- "No. His head was covered. I did not see his face. I wish i knew who he was.
Maybe if i did i would understand why he has been stalking me for the past few nights."
Racer got up and began to get her gear on. Harley could do nothing but sit there on
Racer's bed and look at Racer like she was going crazy. Which Racer more then likely
was, But something did not quit feel right. It was like the mysterious figure from her
dream was not just in her dreams, But he was a reality as well. " Hummmm, I wonder what he would want with me? I am not anything special. I am just a plain mouse with a
plain/dull family. And there is nothnig special about that, But yet why did he appear in
both of my nightmares? Why did he call me his prey? How does he know me?
I wonder who he really is? And..........." Harley interruped her thoughts by calling her
Harley- " Racer? Are you ok? You just been standing there holding you gun in your
left hand" Harley was right. Racer blinked then looked down at her left hand. Sure
enough she was holding her gun. Racer slipped in her holster. Racer turned around to meet yet another or Harley's concerned gazes. Racer has never seen this much of a
consern in Harley's eyes then right at the moment.

Racer- " Yeah i am alright. I was just thinking about the dream." Racer thought for a minute. Debating rather to ask Harley if she should just forget about it? Or look more into
it? Racer wanted to look into it. She was curious to whom this mysterious guy was.
Racer- " Harley, Do you think i should forget about my dream? Or look more into it?"
Harley said nothing for a few minutes. I guess she was also debating what to say next.
Racer after a minute of waiting sat down in a chair across from where Harley was sitting.
Harley finally after consitering the questions, She spoke up.

Harley- " Well, To be honest with you i really do not know what to say. This is something
that you will have to decide apon. I wish i can help you. The only thing i can help you
with is whatever you decide to do. I will stand by you like a a good friend should do, But
other then that......... I would not know what to do." Harley was quiet after she spoke.
It was a dead silence. (Or at least that what it appeared to be). Racer signed. She was
somewhat frustrated. Racer was so puzzled. She had no clue what she was going to do.
She wanted advice, But if Harley could not give her advise, Then who can?? That was
a question that ate at Racer for the rest of the day. Even when she was on patrol she still
pondered that question. But there was another question that was eating at her.
Who was this mysterious man that kept hunting her in her dreams for the past 2 days??
Signing, Racer kept her watch out for either Sand Raiders or a Plutarkian scout patrol.
Just then Racer got a call from Carbine.

Carbine- "Racer are you there?"
Racer- " Yeah i am here. What's up?"
Carbine- "I need you to go to the old base. I got a call from Stoker saying that a small
group of Plutarkians are in the sector. I need you to go and back him up. Do you
copy?. Over"
Racer- "Yeah i copy that. I am on my way. Radio Stoker saying that i am on my way.
Carbine- " Will do. Radio me if you need back up. Over"
Racer- "Alright see you at the victory dance Carbine"
Carbine- (Slightly nervious laugh) "Alright see ya there. Over and Out".

Stadic then silence. Racer reved up her engine and headed for the old ground bace that
the Freedon Fighters were forced out of a year ago. Racer was not there to witiness
it, But she was told in detail about it. (Harley gave her the details.) The old bace was 34
miles from where Racer was at. When she apporched the bace, All was quiet. Racer parked at a near by wall that had crumbled and fallen to the ground. Racer pulled her blaster to face the worst. As she was looking around. Something moving caught her eye.
It was movies slothally. Vary quietly. Racer would have noticed if she had kept her
eyes streight ahead, Insteed of looking to the side of her. This fiure was silently almost
gracefully twardes the old bace. As it came closer, Racer started to get a clearer and
clearer veiw of this thing. It had a long black cape. (With a hood of course), A coal/black
garment, And it stood between 6 and 8 feet tall. Racer shivered. She started to get a
cold feeling. "Where have i felt this before?" Racer thought to herself. Then it hit her.
Like lightning. The Mysterious Figure. It is him. It is REALLY him. I can not believe it.
she thought he was just a dream. That he was not really, But only came from he thought up thoughts. "This can't be." Racer thought in horror as he stared at him. He was at least
30 yards or so away from where she stood. "Am i am imagioning things? Or am i really
looking at my stalker right now??" Racer quietly thought to herself. As Racer kept watching this mysterious figure, He drew closer twardes the opening on the old bace.
The old bace's door had been knocked down. It was laying on it's side. It had appeared
to had broke nearly into two halves. The Stalker quietly made his way to the door.
All of a sudden he stopped dead in his tracks. Racer's heart stopped. Breathing heavily,
Racer looked at him is disbelief. Unable to move from her spot that she hid at. Just then
the Stalker looked right in her direction. Racer's heart stopped. Hardly able to breath.
"Hello again my dear Racer. I see you are looking well." His voice was cracky just as it
was in her dream. Racer said nothing. What could see say?? Nothing of course. All
she could do there was stand there and look at him in disbelief. "So you are still afraid of
me,Huh? Well, I do not blame you. I would be scared too if i was looking at
" The Ancient One" streight n the eyes and not even know it." He started to giggle. His giggle was a the same as his laugh. Cold and vary dry.

Racer- " The Ancient One??" Racer's words were low and soft. (I guess she was to scared
to say much after those words,Huh?). "Are you the The Ancient One??". Racer's words
were low, But stern. He began to laugh. She had heard this laugh before. it was nothing
new to her, But it still did send chills up her spine. "Of course. But the question is
Who exactlly am i??? Right Racer?. Oh well, I guess i can pospone untill next time. I have waited this long....I can wait some more." He turned to leave.

Racer- "Wait!. Tell me who you are really?" something about that question made him
laugh. Racer no longer worring about fear, Looked streight at him waiting for an answer.
"Silly girl. You ask me such a question when the answr is right infront of you. It is most amusing. Don't you agree Miss Reveup??" "No." Racer sais to him. Well My dear i am off. I know i said i would not let you go the next time i saw you, But you are most amusing to me. I have not laughed this well in a such a long time. Oh, But do not get me wrong you day shall soon come, But untill then enjoy life while you have a chance." And with that he vanished into thin air. Just as soon as he left, Racer could hear motercycles
pulling up close to her. Stoker pulled off his helmet and observed the sence. It was quiet......a little too quiet.

Stoker- "Ok Freedon Fighters. We are now on red alert. Keep you eyes and ears open for
anything out of the ordinary."

One of the Freedon Fighters - " When has it ever been ordinary, Sir???" That got some the Freedom Fighters to laugh.....But it quickly stopped when Stoker gave then a looking saying "Shut or else" look.. The Freedom Fighters instently stopped all laughing and giggles. It grew silent, But that too did not last for vary long, Because Stoker spoke up:

Stoker- "All right Freedom Fighters!. Keep you guard up. You four go that way......The rest of you come with me....Now move out" and with that they split up obeying there oders. Stoker came up to Racer and said: Stoker- "Are you alright Racer?? You look pal.
Like you have seen a ghost. I need to go with me twardes the building. Are you able to come?? Racer looked at Stoker, Strightened up, and replied, "Yes, I am. Lets go."
And with that Stoker and the rest of the Freedom Fighers moved out. It was not long when a Plutarkian Scout party came into veiw.

Stoker radioing the Freedom Fighters- "All right Freedom Fighters... We are now on Code Red. Be ready for a battle." Racer stood her ground. Ready for any battle the might arise.
Just then she could clearly hear gun fire. " ATTACK!!!!!!!!" There it was. It was a full fleged battle. Fire shooting here. Mice getting injured.

Stoker on radio again- "Mice....Retreat. We can always get them next time."
and with that all the Freedom Fighters retreated. Racer really hated to do that, But orders
are orders.

Back at the Base:

Racer was to puzzled on what exactly to do. She met the enemy, But who was he???
He said he was the "Ancient One" whomever he is, But maybe maybe she could find the answers if she could find the time. It was slightly factural that when she had that dream
about him, That was the start of something big, But she could not put her finger on it.

Section (6) Chapter 5

That evening Racer spent a good time in the old public library studing on myths and legands. By the time is was 3am, Racer was exausted and restless. She had spent all evening looking through old books and articles she could find, But she found nothing.
At 3:15am, Racer had just about given up her sherch when something caught her werry
eye. It was a picture. A simple black and white picture. No much to look at, But there
was something totally different about this picture. It was a man in a black grim ripper type
cap. It hung past his feet or he may not have feet. But his face was totally hidden from
veiw. His hands could not been seen. It was odd. Where have i seen this figure before??
Racer asked herself in comfusion. Then it hit her like lightning..... It was him!. That mystrious figure that has been stalking her..... As her eyes scrolled over the picture, She saw writing.... She began to read out loud:

" LexLuthour Kingdramita or the "Anicent One". Is the oldest and most mystrious Legands ever to have been thought up by Mice. Legand has it that ounce every 100 years a young girl is choosen to become his "Way into the World". Only by this pure vessel may he hope to return, But if he does not succeed then he will be forever lost. But there is
possibley yet another threat. For this "Anicent One" does never work alone. (Or says Historians believe). His acombless is nor know, But his help comes from another kind of
place where no one has ever been phyically. Sources indacates that this is only a legand, But it is will be one untill made known the truth." Everything started to come into place.
Racer knew who he is and what he is, But something still puzzled Racer. Why me?? What is so special about me? I am an average mouse that joined the Freedom Fighters.
There could nothing so special about me or maybe it is??? Racer thought to herself. Racer diden't notice the figure that came from behind. A slight noise Racer's ear twitch..
Racer truned, Startled pull for her gun out of reaction. When she saw it was only Carbine,
She signed in relief and put the guy away. "What are you doing Racer?" Carbine was studing the many books on the table. "Myths and Legands" Racer said kindof uncertain of
Carbine's reaction. " Oh, Is there a reason why? Or is it just to pass the time untill your next shift??" Carbine asked that question merly because she was waiting herself for her route. "No, I am just curious." Racer paused for a minute, Then moved on " Carbine, Have you ever read the story of the "Anicent One?" Racer was in hopes, But was afraid of Carbine's answer. You see, Carbine is not into fairy tales or so she has been told by
Carbine herself. Carbine thought for a minute, Then remembered from when she was a little girl the stories her mother and father had told her so she could fall asleep. "Yes, Is that the oldest legand? My parents use to read me that story when i was little. I can almost remember the whole story, But alote of it is blury. Why did you want to know???"
Signing, Racer thought about it. Uncertain what to tell Carbine, But then again Carbine can be told even the most Ironic things... With a start she began to tell everything that has
been happening to to her. From the dream untill the Recently. Carbine just sat there and listened to Racer tell the whole story. After Racer was done, Carbine sat there and stared
at Racer. That made Racer uneasy. She knows Carbine all to well. She can be aolte of things, But would she think that Racer was crazy?? Both sat in silence for about 15 minutes. Neither said a word. Then Carbine said " Racer, Do you believe that your dreams are reality? How can an anicent legand become reality??" Carbine looked stern but
conserned. " I donno Carbine, But all i know is that it has something to do with this "Anicent One" guy. I have no idea what is happening... I am so confused." Racer plopped
down on the chair in confusion. "I don't what to say about the whole thing.. This is to weird. maybe you should go see Dr. MouseKaWitz. Maybe he can help you?" Carbine ment well, But that affened Racer. That started to make her mad that she thought she was crazy. "So, What your saying is that i am going nuts??" Racer stood up in anger and pain.
Carbine stood up too trying to clam Racer down... But it was not working to well. " Yes you were. Well, let me tell you something Carbine everything that has been happening lately i can not exsplain, But i do know it is real and he is coming after me." And without alowing Carbine to reply, Racer walked/stomped out of the room.

Section (7) Chapter 6

Carbine was left still sitting in the chair across from where Racer had been sitting before she went away. "Was it something i said?" Carbine said to herself as she headed for her office.


Racer was at her quarters. Racer could believe the way she acted. And to top it all off, She acted this way if front of Carbine, Carbine the General. Racer signed discustedly.
Laying on her bed, She began to think about this "Anicent One" character. It just totally blew her mind. Why did he want her? Why now? May the answers lie in some story other then the legands she has read tonight. Then she had an idea. it hit her like lightning.
Grandfather Mouse. He is the oldest and wisest of all mice. Maybe he can help me??
Racer looked at her clock. 3:45am. Wow!, Time flies when you least exspect it. Racer decided it would be best to get some sleep before her rounds. Without changing, Racer covered up under a light blanket and feel asleep, But her peaceful dreams did not last far long, Because "The Anicent One" had her.............

Section (8) Chapter 7

The dream started out fine. Like any other day as a Freedom Fighter. Kick butt here, Save some friends there. After all was done, The Freedom Fighters went back to the base to celebrate on a job well done. Racer was the last to arrive, But she did not know why, Because she was always with the Freedom Fighters when they arrived back to the base, But something was different. Somethnig that gave racer the chillbumps. Racer shrugged if off quickly. When she go to the base.... No one was there. it was all black. All exsept for a hint of light on the far side of the room. Everything was so quiet. If there would have been a pin dropping, It would be heard loud and clear. She pulled out her gun exspecting trouble. She started to walk around the room, Scanning every inch she could.....Preparing for the slightest sign of a fight. Then out of no where, A low cloud/fog type smoke started to loom out of the darkness. Then in an instent.... He was there. Standing/floating right there. About 100 yards from where Racer stood with gun positioned for battle. Footsepts could not be heard as he made he was silently twardes Racer. " Freeze!, Or i'll shoot." Racer screamed from just 50 feet and closing. He stopped and started to laugh. "My dear Racer. Diden't you learn anything?? I am immortal. I can not die, But you on the other hand can." He started his way twardes her again. Racer fired her blaster, But it had no effect. "See, What did i tell you" He mocked coldly at her. He approched her with speed now and closing. Just then a bright light came out of no where......................

It shown brightly and fericely. The light was so bright that the "Anicent One" put his arms in front of him to stop the light from blinding him. Diden't do much good. From the light came a figure.. "Come with me if you want to live." was all the figure said before taking Racer's hand and pulling her into the the heart of the light

---------------------------------PART THREE-------------------------------------------------

Section (9) Chapter 8
The bright light litterly engolfed her. Everywhere Racer looked and everywhere she turned there was nothing but a bright light. "Do not fear child. You are safe". Racer was startled from the voice that came out of no where. "Who said that? Who are you??" Racer said into the engolfing brightness. A warm chuckle could be heard. " My dear. I am your guarden sent by "The Wise One". He saw that you needed assistence, So here i am." He said from the light. "Who is "The Wise One"??" Racer asked. Vary puzzled.
"My dear. I thought you knew. He is the oldest and wisest of your kind. I thought you would have heard of him" Now he was puzzled. It took Racer a second, But then it hit her " Oh, Do you mean Grandfather Mouse?? It's got to be him, Right??" Racer asked in hopes it might. "Why yes it is him. He sent me here to protect you. He knows why "The Anicent One" is after you. And he knows what to do. He told me to escourt you to his cave as soon as i could" He exsplained. It was all coming into focus, But it still did not make sence. "Come along Racer. We must leave before he finds us" He said escourting me from the heart of the light. Though she could not truely see him..... Somehow she trusted him completely. It shocked her at first, But became clear to her that he did not want to hurt her in anyway whatsoever. As they walked out of the heart of the light, They approched a cave. It was a vary old cave. At least a century old. "This way Racer" He said. Racer was to busy amireing the cave to notice that same guarden that saved her could be seen. When Racer walked into the cave, Everything seemed so anicent. There were books stacked miles high on shelves of old wood. There wear scrolls and feather pins on top of a wooden desktop. The floor was not patted, Exsept for a giant rug on the floor. The guarden led the way to a door 300 feet away. It seemed to reach all the way to the celling. It had two huge doors with old-looking doorknobs. The guarden turned around and said to Racer " This way. Through that door" He pointed to the huge doors that lie infront of them. Racer walked into a room filled with even more books, scrolls, pens and a stunning array of vast symbols. Racer could never in her dreams ever thought
of such a place like this. "Come in child. Please come and sit yourself by the fire." came a voice from somewhere in the huge room. Racer looked around. She coulden't see anyone. Then he appeared. He stood a good 6 foot. He had long white hair that glowed in the candle light. He wore a long garment from anicent times, And looked it too. He was carring a scroll and a pen in his left arm. From the way he appeared he looked so anicent himself. "This is going to vary interesting" Racer thought to herself as she approched the mouse that was now sitting in a old fashioned chair. Clearing his throat, He
said " My dear. You are wondering why i summened you here. Is that correct?" Racer
nodded her head in reply. "Yes. Why did you bring me here... It is about the one who have been stalking me?" "Why yes...That is exactly why i asked you here my dear. You do catch on quick. Please come and rest yourself and allow me to tell you a story about the one who seeks you." He said as he sat down and opened a scroll containing the story.

----------------------------------PART FOUR------------------------------------------------

Section (10) Chapter 9

He ajusted his glasses till the fitted just right, Cleared his throat, And then began to speak.
" Many thousands of years ago. When mice were few apon Mars, The Old Cherubs
got togeter and decided to change many things in the civilizations....Upon which they would make-up myths and stories about make believe characters, So the first ever myth born. His name was LexLuthour Kingdramita. He was not an anicent one
back then, But the the story goes that he needed 7 pure blooded girls in order to live forever. Unfortunite for him that if he did not succeed that he would forever be lost.
Every 1,000 years he will capture and take the freedom of the pure girl he did choose.
His helpers grow less and less each 1,000 years. The exact amount is unknown, But it is much less then what most Mice believe." He looked up from the scroll to see Racer looking at him from across the couch. He cleared his throat once again, Then continued..... " But if he was to marry and have a son he would be insured imortality."
He put down the scroll and took off his glasses. "So, You see my dear. He only wants you because of your purity." He had his hands resting gently on the scroll in his lap.
"Yes, I do understand....." The sentence ended there. Racer was to speechless to say much of anything. Then she had a thought..." Humph!! These days if a woman is pure, It is a bad thing. Well, I can see what they mean now." Racer slumpted in the couch. "No, No my dear Racer. It is wise of you to stay pure. I think you are the strong one." Grandfather Mouse smiled warmly/friendly at Racer. Racer smiled back. "Yes i know, But maybe if i was not pure he would leave me alone instead of chasing me." Racer said trying to come up with the solution. "Oh course, But he would have to eaither kill you or find something much worse then death itself. So no matter what happens you maynot live to see another day when and where he decides to attack." The wise mouse then thought of something. "There maybe a way Racer my dear, But it's dangerous and full of puzzling
riddles which if not solved can turn deadly" Racer's ears percked up. "What do i have to do?" Racer had his full interest. "Well" He began " Their is one way.....You have to find the rare and exstreamly powerful stone of Mad Moganndra. If you can find it, Then you stand a chance." Grandfather mouse scratching his chin. "But be werry of Mad Morganndra herself. She is vary wise and vary unpredictable. Watch out for her riddles.
They are not fatal in a term of speaking, But in other ways it will leave you in despaire" Grandfather warned. Racer shook her head. Taking in the warning she would enforce.
"Alright, I will. But how can i find it and where??" Grandfather got up, Went to his case of scrolls and began to rummage through his anicent writings. Finally he found what he was looking for. He opened it and began to read what was written. "Among the curved path stands the gateway to the underground lair of the "She Monster". Through the right gate, Will they who are pure take on the powerful stone of the "She Monster" herself. If answered correctly, Then all shall be given the power whom ever owns it. But be alert..
For the stone is a powerful symbole of the legandary "She Monster" by optaining the stone, You earn the power." he finished what was left of the scroll and looked at Racer.
"That my dear is how and where to get it" He gently put down his scroll and sat patiently drinking a cup of tea. "I don't understand Grandfather. How will i know what to do?"
Racer was truely stumped. "My child. If you are as pure as LexLuthour thinks you are, Then you will know when the time comes, But untill then......Try not to think about it too hard. Mice who think about it too hard, Never get it. It would be wise to start in the early morning. Before the sun rises, But untill then please allow me to escourt you to a guestroom where i hope it will be cosey enough for you." Grandfather said while taking Racer to a door which would lead to the halls of the guestrooms. While walking down the hall, Something out of the corner of her eye made her stop in her tacks and look out the window. What she saw was so amazingly outragious that Racer could not believe her eyes. She saw a open meddow. In this meddow flowers of all kinds that once grew on Mars were growing. She saw trees the were almost exstinted, Were triving in this open plain. Mars two moons shown brightly in the night air which made the sky just seem to light up and dance in the moonlight as the wind picked up gently from the south. It was so beautiful. Even a small pound could be seen in the night. It looked more like a lake. The night time seemed to make it look vast and without an end. Racer stood at the windowsell in complete aw and total disbelief. "How could this be?" She said silently to herself.....Or so she thought no one heard her mutter those silent words of doubt. "Yes i know Racer, But in this Dimention anything is possible." Grandfather cracked a warm smile. Racer was totally speechless. "I..........I.........I........." was all she could say.
Untill she looked outside again. "I can't believe it. It has been so long.....How could this of happened?? What kind of dimention is this?" He too looked out and saw what she had just noticed. "Racer, This is a Dimention of the Mice Highest Ranks. Only those who have lived for then a 200 years may enter. Sadly...Their are not alote of them. But i am happy to report that one of this generation will soon enter in...... I think you know him as
Stoker Gates" Racer's grew wide with shock. "Stoker? Stoker Gates. The leader of the Freedom Fighters on Mars.....That Stoker??" Racer coulden't believe her ears. "I......I.....Well, I alway knew Stoker was special, But i never thought of it this way." Racer began to think... "Do you know how long he will live on Mars before coming here??" He looked shocked. "I do not know for sure. I know he will live a vary long life. Yes indeed" All was quiet. Grandfather lead the way to the guest quarters. "Here you are my dear. Tonight this is where you will be staying. I hope it meets your needs for the night?" Racer looked around in amazment "It should, But i must be honest.....I am not use to such fine living arrangments" He chuckled. "Oh yes, The BrimeStone City Base does have it's strong and weak points." Then they both laughed out loud. "Yea, But i had to get use to it in a hurry." Racer then let out a slight chuckle and settled down. "Yes, I one time had to get use to something in a quickened pace. It is not an easy thing, But if a mouse is strong, Then anything is possible." He smiled once again. Racer had grown to like that warm smile. She felt at home. Then another question hit her "Grandfather Mouse, Where do i begin to find this curved path you talked about that leads to the Gateway??" She asked " Racer, Tomarrow i will lead you to the start point, Then you are on you own. I hate to leave you to yourself, But i connot lead you there myself. I am to old." He smiled at the memories of his youth. "Ok, I will take that. Is their anything else you can tell me bofore i go on my quest?" Racer asked in hopes of a yes. She got a yes.
" Of course, But that to has it's limitations. I want to remember this one phrase "Soft as the still water, But a rough as the raging flood". It will guide you when the time comes, But that of course is only the half of it. The other half will come unexspectly." "Ok Grandfather. I will do everything you told me." "Alright my dear. Sleep tight." with that Grandfather left the room. Yawning, Racer pulled off her boots, Gun and vest. She climed into bed and soon feel asleep.

Section (11) Chapter 10

The next morning, Racer woke to sunlight pouring into the room. It looked like a beautiful day outside. Streching, Racer got up, Got dressed and headed for the dinning room. Their she saw GrandFather Mouse drinking tea and eating his breakfast.
He looked up and smiled " Good morning dearie. Sleep well?" "Yes i did. I am surprised. It has been awhile since i slept that well." She sat down on a near by chair. He looked at her and cleared his troat. "Racer, I must warm you that when you pass the gate you will return from you dream into reality." he said smoothly. "What?!!" that took her by surprise.
"What do you mean by that? I thought i was in reality??" He was smileless this time "Racer, You are in a dream dimention. Do you know what that is?" Racer shook her head no. "It is a relm in which a dimention lies in dreams. I opened a portal and took you in. When you awaken you will be in your bed back at Brimestone City Base. I wanted to bring you here so i can give you the information you need to start your quest." Racer was not stumped "But Grandfather.......I thought you were going to get me their" He shook his head and replied "Yes, I am......But it will have to be through your dreams. The stone will appear in reality when you optain it, But untill then you will have to get into the dream world of dimentions to retrive the stone. The next time you dream i will take you to the start up point, But from their you will do things on you own." He said as smoothly and wisely as he was. "Ok, When will i awaken?" Racer asked. You have to admitt it was geting vary weird. "As soon as you walk through the main door....You will awaken" He said, Pointing to the main door she came through last night. "Oh, Now i understand." Racer then had another question to ask Grandfather Mouse "Grandfather Mouse, How did you come to be here? Is Stoker going to come the same way?" He looked and her, Then smiled "I came here by a dimentional portal. It was not in my dream, It was reality. Stoker will do the same thing i did. But his will be based on his life trials. Mine were interlect riddles and questions, His will more then likely be mot different then mine, Because he lead a different life then I." "Will he die or live forever in this dimention?" Racer asked "No, No my dear. People can vary well die here, But living here gives us more of an understanding and clearity of the Universe we live in. Kindof like living above
Mars and seeing every little tiny detail. So, When you asked my if mice live forever here......The answer is no. Stoker will one day pass away, But he will live for a vary long time." He finished. All was silent for awhile. Racer nor Grandfather spoke. Then what broke the silence was Grandfather memtioning the time. "Oh dear.....Racer you are late. You must wake up. Go through the doorway, Back into reality. Remember we will see other again before you will find rest." He said. "Untill then Grandfather Mouse. Goodbye" Racer headed for the door. She was no sooner out, When she heard fainly "Be careful child. He is watching you." And with that, Racer went through a bright light once again, Back to a place she calls home.

-----------------------------------PART FIVE------------------------------------------------

Section (12) Chapter 11

Racer awoke with a sence of calmness. She looked around to see the light was just peeking through into the darkened room. Racer looked at the clock. 5am. "Well, It's time to get up" Racer said to herself. She quickly got up and got dressed. Heading down to the Hall, Harley intercepted her. She looked upset. "Racer, Last night a Freedom Fighter heard something prowling outside. When he investagated, He was not heard from again. this all happened last night." Harley said in a low and worried tone. "The Freedom Fighters are so edgy today. Everytime something, Even in it's smallest form startles and causes them to pull out their blasters. What happened to that poor Freedom Fighter is so
horrorable it makes mewant to throw-up just to think about it" Harley shuttered at the thought. "Where is the body?" Racer said, Worried now that her closest friends are Freedom Fighters. Racer ran off, Leaving Harley to go and tell whomever did not hear.
When Racer got the hall, There was chatters, Yelling and arguing. Stoker was in the middle of it trying to quiet everyone down. Carbine was also trying to calm her troops down, But everyone was so uptight and nervious. Racer tryed to get through the tight crowd. "Excuse me" she said, Pushing through the crowd. When she got to Stoker, He look wore out. "Stoker, Who was killed?" Racer asked in fear. "His name is LongFire. He was the new guy. He went out alone and got killed." Racer let a sign of relief, But she hurt for the new comer. "Alright!, Move it along!" Stoker yelled. Trying his best to calm his Freedom Fighters down. "Where is the body Stoker?" Racer wanted to see if for herself. Something hit her like a ton of bricks. Something was not right. Freedom Fighters get killed almost everyday, But this was different. Stoker looked at her like she was crazy. "In the morge room" He said while telling a young new comer directions.
"Ok, Thanks Stoke" she said, Patting him of the back. "No problem Race" And with that Racer left Stoker to his work.

In the Morge Room.........................

Racer walked in quietly. She saw a mouse writing something down on the notepad.
"Exscuse me.........Can you tell me the cause of death for the mouse that was killed
recently?" The mouse looked up and stopped whatever she was writing. "Hummmm, All i can say about the cause of his death is it is unknown to science" She replied with a frustrated/saddened sign. "Oh, Can you tell me more about the victum?" Racer knew something was wrong with this picture. "The mouse looked at her with a werry eye.
"He was a new recrute to the Freedom Fighters. He was transfered from the Army to
the Freedom Fighters. That's all i know miss." And with that she went back to her paper work. "Oooook.......Enough of this.........When i see GrandFather Mouse again i will ask"
She thought to herself as she walked outside. Outside the kamotion was still going on. Racer went from the crowd and went to the garage. Their sat some Freedom Fighters talking.......Racer went to her bike "Hello Wind Dancer. Have a nice rest?" She asked the bike in a loving tone. The bike honked happily at the appearence of it's friend and owner.
"That's good. What do ya say? Go out for a morning ride?" The bike once again honked with joy and reved up it's engine. "Ok, Thens lets ride!" Racer put of her helmet, Reved up the engine and rode out of the garage.

Section (13) Chapter 12

Outside ridding was relaxing. Vary clear-minding. Everything seemed to make since
when Racer rode alone and had no one to bother her. "Hummmmm, I wonder what i should do?" Then Racer decided is was no contest........She would get rid of this "Anicent One" guy once and for all.

That night..................

Racer sat on her bed, Writing something in her notebook. Just then she heard a knock on the door. "Come in!" Racer called to whomever was behind the door. It was Maceian.
Racer smiled. Maceian and her have been best friends since the 5th grade. "Hi Race, Sup!?" he asked, Sitting next to her on the bed. Racer, Closing the notepad, Said "Nothing, Just putting my thoughts to paper. What are you up to?" "Nothing, Looks like Stoker gave me some time to sleep, But i can't sleep. Insomina" he let out a slight laugh.
Racer smiled tiredly at her restless friend. "Maceian, I have some over the counter pills for restlessness. Would you like a couple??" Racer knew Maceian could handle them.
"Naw, I rather not. Never know when the Plutarkians may strike! Besides, It's no fun sleeping through all the fun stuff" he said with a playful wink. "Yeah, Woulden't want to miss that" Racer replied sarcastically. A few minutes later Macian said that he had to go and try to get some sleep. Racer and Macian said their goodbyes.

Racer somehow feel asleep, She began to dream.............

The place was dark, And dank. "Hello??" Racer called into the void of blackness.
"Hello Racer" Came a evil voice. "Anicent One" she called to him. "Well, I see you finally figured out who i am. Now, My dear.............." his words were cut short but a bright light. In the mist of the light was Grandfather Mouse. "Come my dear. Take my hand" he said, Holding out his hand. Racer took it. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
The Anicent One called. He ran to stop them before they had a chance to escape, But it was to late. They went into the light. When they were on the other side, Racer saw a feild filled with wild flowers, high trees and a soft sent of Hola Filla plant that once grew on Mars. But in the middle, About 20 feet was a path. A curved path. "There my dear is the path that will lead you to the stone. Remember what i told you.....Be safe and sound in mind." Racer looked at him and without looking back, Stepped forward onto the path that would lead to the stone.

Section (14) Chapter 13

Racer walked which seemed to her like hours. The sun setted in the westren sky, But Racer knew that if she stopped she would never get another second chance, So on she walked. The night came quicker then she thought, By the time she reached her first hilltop it was as black could be. Racer took out a bandanna and whipped the sweat from her brow. Just then she heard a soft/pleasent sort of giggle. "Who's their???" she asked, A little afraid. It was at the point she wished she had her blaster. From a nearby bush she saw a flutter wing, Then out came that rest of the body. It was a fairy. She stood about 2
feet tall and had beautiful golden blonde/gold hair. Blue and light purple streaks were covered here and there in her hair. Her eyes sparkled and lite up with purple and light blue coloring. (even thought it was night time) She giggled again and smiled a bright smile at Racer. "Hello" she said, still smiling. "Hi, What's your name??" Racer asked, Bending down. "My name is Pixybella and yours??" "Racer, Pleased to meet you." Racer said, Exstending her hand. Pixybella took it and shoot it back. "Are you new here??" she asked, Looking at Racer. "Yes, I'm looking for the powerful stone of Mad Morgandra."
Pixybella gasped "Do you even know what you are going up against!" she shrieked.
"Morgandra is the most powerful being in Myica" Pixybella shivered at the thought.
"Where can i find her??" Racer asked. Since Pixybella knew where she was, She could give Racer directions. "You don't want to go there Racer, Trust me. She is curl, ruthless
merciless and wise. Those are unpridictable,horror odds to beat. You have no chance is beating her." she said, She was so afraid. "I diden't come to fight, I came to solve a riddle" Pixybella frowned. "Her riddles are wise and clever. You have not a hope of chance. Go back home Racer. Save yourself from torment." and with that Pixybella flew away. "No! wait a minute, At least tell me that way!!!" Racer called to Pixybella who was still aloft in the air. Thinking for a minute, she poundered over the thought. Finally deciding she flew down, Looked up at Racer and said "Alright, I will but i will only take you as far as her castle, Then you are on your own. Smiling, Racer said "Thank you Pixybella." So, Pixybella led the way. It took 2 and a half days to get their, But finally around midnight on the second day the castle of Mad Morgandra could be seen. It stood
so large that it blocked out the sky. The castle was dark and it looked like it popped out of a horror film. Pixybella, Who was floating in the air, Looked down at Racer and said in a low whisper "Their it is. Mad Morgandra's fortress. Are you sure you know what your doing???" "Yes" Racer replied. See, Pixybella had found out the day before they arrived how and why Racer was in Myica. "Thank you for leading me this far. I can go on my own the rest of the way from here." Racer smiled at Pixybella. "No problem. What are friends for?? Besides, You seem to be a winner. Good luck my friend" Pixybella hugged Racer, Then with a final glance flew away in the distence. Racer edged her way to the castle and into the unknown.

Section (15) Chapter 14

A light mist started to clear within a magic ball. "Awwwwwww, What do we have here. A mouse. Hummmmmm, Interesting." a woman looked inside the ball. An amused smile crossed her wicked face. " Marocaus" Mad Morgandra called. Just then a med sized man intered the room. He stood about 5'6, medium built. He had a crew cut hair cut, hazel eyes and he had a berd. "Yes my queen??" he asked humbly. "It appears we have an unexspected visitor, Please escourt our guest to me in the great hallroom. i wish to speak to her." she rubbed her hands genderly. Comfused, He asked "If i may my queen, Do you know her???" he asked, On edge. Looking at him with cold eyes, Replies "Marcaus, I wish to talk to her. She is most interesting to me. Now go! I wish to see her with quick speed" she waved her hand. "As you wish" he turned and headed out the door.


Racer cautiously makes her way to the gate infront of the Castle walls. 2 guards stood erect and observent of their postes. Just then the door opens and out comes Marocaus.
"Hello out their. Is anyone out their???" he called out. Racer held her breath. Marcaous walked out ferther and looked in the blazed torched darkness. Then he found Racer, Crouched down, Watching Marcaous. "Hello my dear. You are invited by Morgandra herself to chat with her in the Great Hallroom." He said, Looking at Racer. Racer slowly and cautiously got up and looked at him, Preparing for a ambush. Which never came.
"Oh, Hello!.......Did you hear me?? Or don't you speak english??" Racer walked up to him and stopped 4 feet away. "Yeah i heard you and yes i can speak english, But how does Morgandra know i am here??" a question that puzzled Racer but amused Marcaous.
"Ma'am, She is vary powerful and is full of wisdom." he replied with a smi-smile. Giving him the one eyed look, Replies "Oh.......Alright then, I accept you invitation. Lead the way" and with that Marcaous led the way. Inside the castle was lit with torches, candles and was on the celling that was lighting the top walls was unknown. The halls was nothing but bricks. But they were covered in paintings of all shapes, sizes and colors. It was amazing. The Great Hallroom was just as a amazing. Torches also were on the walls, Celling lightings of unknown origin were high above and in the middle to the back was a throne. On the throne sat a woman. She looked beautiful on the outside. She had long wavy shinny red hair that went past her shoulders, a fair complextion, hazal/blue eyes and red lips. She wore a red and black dress/with a long slite on the side of her dress and red high heels. She wore red gloves and jewlery on one hand and around her neck. Marcaous lead Racer to the front of the throne. "So, may i ask who you are? And why you trespass on my land??" Morgandra asked, A little annoyed. "My name is Racer Reveup and i have come to challenge you." Morgandra looked down at racer and smile a ruthless smile. "Oh really. What's the challenge??" she asked. "I want to solve one of your riddles." Morgandra laughed. "Is that all!? I thought it would be something more amusing for me. Anyone who tresspasses on my land and does not amuse me is killed where they stand, But vary well. What is your wages???" she asked, tapping her figures
on the thrones arm rest. "If i win i want you magic stone." Morganandra stopped tapping her figures and replied "And if i win??" she leand forward. "If you win, I will be you slave forever" Morgandra laughed again, But stopped. "Vary well. I accept you challenge. When do you want to begin???" Racer thought for a moment and replied "Now would be fine" Morgandra nooded her head "So be it................As far as the eyes can see, You can see bountries, But if their were no boundries......What would happen to the fantesy world Myica"she finished her riddle and then added "You have 1 hour to solve the riddle. I will be waiting." she then got up and left Racer to her thoughts. Racer sat down on the ground and begun to think.........

1 hour later...........

Morgandra came in and sat down. "So, Have you figured it out yet??" she smiled coldly.
Racer walked up to the edge of the steps and said " Yes, I have. The answer is it would become neverending" Racer smiled in satisfaction. Morgandra smiled faded quickly. Letting her back rest in the back on the throne, She looked beaten "No one, But no one has ever figured that riddle out. It is the most hardest riddle. How could this be???" she looked up at Racer and said "How could you have possibly figure it out??" Racer replies "Because as a young child i loved the art of riddles. I solved everyone thrown at me."
signing heavily, Says "Marcaous, Give Racer here stone. She has earmed the right." she said, while rubbing her temples. Marcaous handed the stone to Race4r in a clear carrie case. "Thank you Mrgandra" Racer said. "No thanks required. You have earned it. Now go......Leave this place." and with that, Racer turned her back and walked out with a smile of victory.

Back in the castle..........

Morgandra signed sadly. "Marcaous, Did she cheat???" she asked in hopes that Racer might have. "No my queen. She thought it through fair and square." Morgandra slamed her hand on the arm rest "Drat it. I thought i would have had a new slave........" she just let the rest of the sentence go. She was frustrated and comfused.....

1 mile away...........

Pixybella sat, dropped down. "I hope Racer got through it alright......." she said aloud, But just then Racer popped up and said "Guess what Pixybella!?" she then pulled out the stone. "You got it!!!" Pixybella cried. "I can't believe it. You got it. You actually got it!!" Pixybella jumped for joy. "Yup, I got it. Now i got to head nack to where i started. I have a quest to finish" and with that Racer and Pixybella headed for the path that would lead to the beginning. It took another 2 and a half more days, But finally Racer was at the path again. "Thank you Pixybella for staying with me this long. It was a pleasure meeting you." Pixybella started to cry. "Likewise my friend." Racer looked at the path and then turned back to Pixybella "Well, It's time for me to go." "I know, Goodbye" Pixybella cried and hugged Racer at the same time. "Awwwwwww, Don't cry Pixybella." Pixybella looked at her and smiled "I'm sorry, But these kindof goodbyes always get to me." she replies. "Well, Goodbye Pixybella" Pixybella sniffling, Says "Goodbye Racer" and with those last words of goodbye, Racer startes on hwer path. "Wait! If you ever want to see Myica again, Tap on you mirror three times and say Myica, Bring me there and then the mirror will open as a door and you can walk through." Pixybella called to Racer who was on the path aways. "I will, Later" and with that....Racer walked down the path untill she hit the star point.

Section (16) Chapter 15

Grandfather Mousesat on a chair, reading a newspaper. When he saw Racer coming, He smile happily. "So, Did you get it??" he asked antzy"Yup, Look!" Racer then pulled out the stone and gazed at it. "It's pretty. I knew you could get it. Now all you have to do is comfront Anicent One and then............" he diden't get to finish his sentence, Because darkness and dark clouds started to come in with speed. A evil laugh came from the clouds and out came the being behind the voice. "It ends here Racer my dear. Give up and i promise your death shall not be in vain" The he noticed Grandfather Mouse. "So, Old man.....We meet again. Be gone.....I don't need you" and with a wave of a hand sent Grandfather Mouse flying backwardes into a grassy area. He was out cold. "NOOOOO!"
Racer cried when she saw what Anicent One did to Grandfather. "Now, Where was I? Oh yes i remember.........Now die!" he advanced quickly and silently. Racer began to panic.
"Oh, No!" Racer said in her head. Just then a weak voice came from inside her mind "Racer, Listen to me. Hold the stone up and close you eyes.......The words will come to you to drive him away forever." Racer was worried, But then he added "Don't worry about me child. I'm fine. Now do it!" and with that Racer took out the stone, Held it high and consentrated on the words to say that were not there at the time. Anicent One stopped and asked "What is that!?" Then he realized what it was "Oh, No.......The stone of Morgandra. How did you get that!!!" he was scared. Racer diden't answer, Instead she began to say "The power of the stone collide, The power of the stone combine you powers with reality and make this Urban Legand before no more" the stone began to glow a bright blue and the cries could be heard as a massive tornado-like wind swept The Anicent One up and he carried him into a black hole that opened up. Slience.
"Oooooooh, My achen back and head!" GrandFather groned. Racer ran to him and stood him lightly on his feet. "Are you alright Grandfather Mouse??" Racer said, Looking him over. "Yes child i'm fine." then he looked around "He's gone??" Racer nooded happily.
"You did it child like i knew you could. Now you can rest in peace. Go now. That portal will take you home." "But what about you??" From behind someone answered that question "I will take him home." said the guarden that helped her the other night. "Alright, Thank you for everything Grandfather Mouse. If you ever need me, Please call on me" Racer offered "I will sweetie, Now go one home. You will wake up and feel better.....I promise" after sayingtheir last goodbyes, Racer happily walked throught the portal and into reality.

Racer woke up to sunlight poring in on her face. The morning felt good. She got up and stretched in the morning. She then quickly got up, Got dressed and headed for the hall.

In the hall...........

The hall was as it was always, Plains to battle here, And other talking to square the time away. Racer hummed cheerfully while walking into the kichen. She passed serveral mice who looked at her sideways fashion, But Racer paided them no mind. She cheerfully walked into the kichen only to be greeted by Carbine and Stoker. Stoker noticed Racer cheeryness and asked "Are you feeling alright??" Racer replied "Of course i do. Today is a great day. "Ok, Whatever" then Stoker contiunted to talk away with Carbine. Racer knew from that moment on that everything was going to be alright. Nothing was going to get her down, Because of the true fact that she knew in her heart that her life would never
be the same and that made Racer vary happy.

The End