Disclaimer- I do not own the BMFM nor make any profit from this or any of my stories I have written. This is written purely for the enjoyment of it's veiwers. I donno what you might like, but tonight I am in a mood to write heartfilling stories. I hope this does not jerk alot of tears. This is a story based about the inner fillings of Carbine and Throttle. Sorry if the lengh of this story is either short or long, but I am in a writting mood.

Unbreak My Heart

A tale of love, loss and heartbreak

© Racergirl 2000, all rights reserved

December 13, 2000

Carbine's Veiw

As I walk along the rare and struggling to survive Guarden of Hope, I am alone. No one sees or hears me as I observe the once florishing and thriving marshion plants and trees that are now on the brink of exstintion. I, Carbine, wonder how the rarest plants and animals have survived?? How could they? There is hardly any water and food. Our planet is slowing dying of sarvation and her I stand by the Faloosa Tree and wander why. And to make matters worse I am alone. The man I love is 35 million miles away and not here with me. As I stand here I ball up my gloved fist and get madder by the second because I have no help. We could have used their help, but their they stay on Earth. But as I think of the reason I calm down and sit down under the tree which faces the small pond which is filled with only of the 20 remaining species of fish on Mars. I sit here thinking of Throttle and his bros work on Earth. Without them helping the Earthlings out.....Earth would end up as Mars. That thought alone ceased my will to scream in pain which was in my heart. My heart that held so much pain that I just want to cry without ceasing. I bring my knees up to my chest and hug them tightly and keep Throttle and Mars in my thoughts. Tears of pain fill my eyes like hot springs as I remember the promise I recieved a long time ago from Throttle..........

~~Flash Back~~

Throttle and Carbine are shooting at the Plutarkians and Throttle is all of a sudden knocked out of his spot and he falls onto the edge of the cliff. A small stream flowed miled below as Throttle loses his grip and starts to fall, but just in the nick of time Carbine comes to his rescue and saves him from a untimly death. It was after that he told her that he would never leave her. That he wasen't going anywhere"

~~Flash back ends~~

I, Carbine the General, started to cry. Tears began to flow and without no sign of letting up.
The memory of the love promise made the hidden feelings and tears come out in the night time in the Guarden of Hope. I whisper softly as I see a little fish leap out of the water and fall back in with a peaceful splash. "Oh Throttle......why did you leave me? I need you here. I need you help. I can't do this alone anymore. I want you here with me......and I want you......" I said with harder/softer crys and wimpers. I can hardly contain myself as I cry harder and hold myself close. I pound my hardened fist onto the unexspecting ground and cry out with a loud voice
"Oh why Throttle!? Why did you leave me......why??!"
I breath heavly and breath in the night air. It somehow made me feel better to breath in the night air.
Somehow......it smelled sweeter right now more then ever. That made me wonder.....then it hit me....
'Could it be my crying? Or was it the fact I let it all out with a sudden outburst??.....It could be both' I held myself closer and stared ahead. I thought for a long while about everything. Never did I think such thoughts, but right atthese moments of sorrow did I think them. I streighthen up and put my hand in my
pocket. I pulled out an old bandanna and unrapped it. I gently opened it and took out the small jewels
I have kept after this time. It was a engagement ear-ring and a necklace. Throttle asked me to marry
him two days before he was captured. I shed tears at the night they got engaged. Candle light
dinner and endless dancing. It was romantic consitering the war. And the necklace of course that she
was now holding. It was a silver necklace that said "Peace, love, and hope for future generations". it
was in marshion. I smiled at the thought of how Throttle had given it to me. It was gift of love for
my 20th birthday from him. I remember him giving it to me in a beautifully wrapped grife box in
pretty blue and red rapping. When I saw it, I was flabbergasted and speechless. I also knew I would
love him always. The thoughts welded up inside my head all at once of out past. I wanted those
memories. In those memories, even during the war, I still loved him. Even now as my heart aches,
I still love him. Even when I thought I lost him, I loved him. I carefully put the priceless jewels back
into the tattered bandanna and placed in back into my pocket. After I did, I looked up twards
Earth where my beloved Throttle was and said in a low tone "Throttle, I am still waiting. Come
back to me soon. I love you and I want you back here with me" I said with a single tear that flowed
from the side of my face......

~~~Meanwhile on Earth~~~

Throttle's Veiw

I, Throttle, lay awake in bed, in my room alone. My bros who lay asleep in their rooms have no clue
about my fillings. Even though I am close to them and think them no more as brothers then best friends....
They don't know my filling which is deep inside my heart. All night I have no gotten a wink of sleep
because all I can think about is Carbine and everything that has happened. And to make matter worse..
I caused Carbine to lose faith and trust in me. I lied to her. And yet, I did not know that my promises
would turn void. I lay on my side now and breath in and out and fight back tears that one promise that
haunts me to this day. I rmember I told her I would never leave her. That I wasen't going anywhere,
but that was a void promise, but at the time I truely ment to keep it to her......But I was captured and
now I am here. I wish I was there with Carbine. My love. The one I want to married and settle down
with, but this war, these Plutarkians, and life itself has not been a streight road. I hated that horrorable
fact. But I don't know what worse about it. It being the truth or that it took me milllions of miles from
the one mouse on Mars to bring me joy. Even in a time of war. I lay here on my side and tears
somehow weld up into my eyes. I clutch the pillow and being to get mad. I am mad because what
I wanted most in my life, I can not have because I have to fight to survive. I roll onto my back and
put my hands under my head to prop up my head. All my memories seem so far away, but yet so
much closer then the future. I sign and choke down tears because I miss my lady love and Mars.

Being not able to sleep, I get up and walk outside into the dew of the night. There hundreds of
thousands of stars light up the night sky. I breath in the night time air and let it sink into my fur.
Earth maybe beautiful, but Mars was and will always be my home and that is where my love is.
Tears I am holding back, seem to keep returning and wanting to come up and flood my soul.
I sigh heavly and walk along the feild. The dew of the night rests lightly on the freshly mowed lawn.
As a walk further into the night, I being to think about Mars and Carbine. I told her I would be back
someday and then she said she will be waiting, but for how long?? I, Throttle Mouse, intend now more
then ever to keep the promise. I promised myself that I would never again let her down. I suddenly
I suddenly take out a charm bracelet and hold it close to my heart. I say in a loud voice, but quiet
enough to not wake up anyone, I say "Carbine, from this moment on I will do everything in my power
to defeat the Limburger so I can come home to you. Please wait for me. I will come back. I
promise" Throttle sheds a single tear as he puts the bracelet back into his pocket and returnes to the

~~~Meanwhile back on Mars~~~

Carbine gets a hold of herself and stands up. Dusting herself off, she had Throttle still on her mind.
'Oh Throttle, please come back to me. Hurry, before Mars is gone' signs at her thoughts and makes
her wearily to her bike. Before she puts on her helmet, she looks up to the star that was idenitfied as
Earth. "I love you Throttle.....see you soon" she whips the single tear away and puts on her helmet.
Reving up her engine, she speeds away back to Base.

Somehow between Earth and Mars they connected that night. Carbine and Throttle were joined in
thoughts and in soul. No matter what they might go through, each vowed to see one another one
day and then they will know happiness once again.

The End