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by Racer

May 4, 2000

Throttle stood atop the scoreboard, Listening to the sad song playing on
the radio:

I'm sitting here along in my room and thinking of the times we've been
(oh my love). I'm looking at a picture in my hand, Trying my best to
understand. I really want to know what we did wrong with a love that felt
so strong. If only you were here tonight. I know that we could make it

A single tear streamed down his cheek as he heard the chorus say:

I don't know how to live without your love, I was born to make you happy.
Cause you're the only one within my heart, I was born to make you happy.
Always and forever you and me. That's the way our life should be.
I don't know how to live without your love, I was born to make you happy.

Throttle finally broke down and cried. He missed Mars, He missed his family,
But most of all he missed Carbine so much. His lady love. The one whom he
wanted to marry so much. His sobes could be heard over the song. His pain
was to much to bear. He was fed up with the fighting and war. He wanted
Carbine and his home. "Why? can't me life be normal??" he asked himself
"Throttle?" came a soft voice from behind. When he turned, He saw a conserned
Charley. "Throttle, I'm sorry.....I wish life was normal. I thought at
one time i had a normal life, But it turns out i diden't. I wish the best
for you.
Someday you will go home to Carbine, But Limburger is still lose" she said,
Walking over and hugging him. "I know Charley, But i miss home and Carbine
so much it's killing me" that was the first real time he said his true
feelings aloud to anyone. Everyone knew him from not saying much to
nothing on his feelings on love and life, But he was at his wits end. He
needed to hear encouragement coming from a friend. He got it and he
greatfully smiled at Charley. "Thanks Charley girl, I will keep fighting
and when the battle is over here.....I will return to Mars and be with
Carbine" then he added "Thank you....I needed that" he hugged her again and
with a final glance, he walked down the stairs to his bros waiting for him
down below.

The End