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Oh, This is also suppose to be a sortof musical, so the song
"Just the Two of Us" is copyrighted and belongs to Will Smith. I am only going to borrow a few sentences. (Thottle does not belong to me eaither) By the way, This story idea came from Mornings fics.

Just the two of Us

Racer © 2000, all rights reserved

Throttle sat in the livingroom with Carbine his wife and her sister-in-law Carmine. Carmine had come down a day ago and spent the night with them. Throttle watched Carbine and Carmine talk about their youth all day it seemed like. Throttle sighed. "Well, It can't get much worse then this. Listening to a couple of girls talk" Throttle slopped down futher in her favorite chair. "Remember, When just the two of us would steel some of Steve's candy and eat it all, But one peice!" Carmine said. Carbine laughed "And he would come screaming in at us and drill us!!" Carbine added. The girls both laughed. It seemed like hours The twins talked about when just the two of them would be little sceemers, or little terrors. Throttle was curious, so he decided to ask a question "Has it always been just the two of you???" he asked. Not knowing their answer. The twins looked at each other and smiled. All of a sudden the lights went dem and the livingroom was turned into a stage/dance floor. Bright
spot lights moved all around as the music began and picked up the pace. Out of a cutain came Carbine dressed leather pants and a tight short shirt. Carmine came out with the same thing on, but had glitter on her face. The swaded back and fotrth to the beat of the music. Finally they were almost face to face with Throttle, When they started to sing.

Just the two of us! (Just the two of us)

The first time doctor placed us in our mothers arms,
we were destined for it be just the two of us.
Ever since we were young, Our parents knew they coulden't keep us apart. Would they try? who knows, But we always knew it was just the two of us!

Just the two of us, Just the two of us.

Carmine went face to face with Throttle and said:

Just the two of us, building castles in the sand.
Just the two of us. You and I!

Carbine and Carmine meet face to face and twirled around each other. All the while the spotlights glowed on them.
the music faded just as quick as it came. The livingroom
went back to where it was. Throttle sat in his chair, totally in shock. The twins had left, He was all along.
Just then a knock at the door came. Throttle diden't have to answer it, Because followed by the knock, 2 voices followed. "Hello! Anyone home" Vinnie called. "Yo bro!?" Modo called. They found Throttle sitting in his in shock.
"Bro??" Modo said. "Mars to Throttle" Vinnie called.
Throttle looked up with the same shocked look. "Bros, It happened again." "What" they both said. "You know how Charley did the singing thing with us last year and Stoker??" Throttle diden't lose his shocked exspression.
"Yeah" They replied. "Well, The twins did it just now??"
All three looked at each other and cried "How do they do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" then the guys looked into cyber space "Do you know??"

The End!