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Happy New Year

by Racergirl

March 21, 2000

December 31, 1999
Time: 12:30pm
Location: Last Chance Garage, Earth


The small party was set up. Sparkiling Cider bubbled in a bottle on the
Charley was in her party dress. It was a long black gown/w' a heels to match.
Carbine, Who had come earlier, Was in slacks/w' a blouse, And nice dress
shoes to match. The boys were dressed to the occasion. Throttle was
wearing a nice tux/with matching shoes. Modo was wearing a suit/w'
matching shoes. Vinnie had slacks on/w' a nice dress shirt that had long
sleves. It was a to be a nice to remember. At 12:50pm they put on their
hats at waited for the count down. Finally it came......

" 10....9.....8...." Carbine and Throttle were getting ready for their New
Years kiss. They stood side by side counting down. "..7........6.......5"
Charley was in rythum with Vinnie. Vinnie coulden't want for his kiss.
"...4......3.......2........1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!" they shouts. Throttle
kissed Carbine, Vinnie grabbed Charley and dipped her back and gave her a
kiss to die for, Modo started to sing joyfully. They grabbed their glasses
and toasted
"Cheers, Happy New Year" Charley said with a happy smile. "Happy New Year"
all said to each other. Throttle found himself not to long after toasting
going to the window and looking out. Carbine walked up to him with a small
hint of consern. "Are you alright Throttle?" He turned to her and smiled
"Yes, Everything is fine. I just came here and started to think..." He said.
"Oh, About what?" "About you and me. And how i get this feeling of how much
of a year this will be" He said putting his arms around her. "Ok, I hope
whatever happens to this year.....That everything will be better then the
last" She ment their relationship. "Yeah, Me too. But you know. Even
battling Plutarkians, I still have this feeling." He said turning to the
window. "Yea, Me to my love"
She said holding him close. From that moment on Throttle swore to love his
beloved and save Mars. That was the moment that assured him that this year
to be the best year of his life.

The End????