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General? Or Housewife??

Racer 2000

Rated: G

Smoke filled the air in the cave like a thikened fog. Everything in the kichen soon smelled of burned dinner. Carbine stood infront on the kichen stove, fighting tonights dinner. She tried to make steak and mashed potatoes, but that diden't go so well. The mashed potatoes turned out clumpy and watery believe it or not. And the steak was now burnt to a crisp. Carbine looked around her disaster of a kichen and frowned.
"Well, Throttle can't say I tried" she then signed and started to clean what was left of her kichen. Even she had to admitt she was not a good cook. While still in the process of cleaning, a phone call came. Carbine picked it up with her hands still wet from washing dishes.
"Hello?" It was the Base calling for her assistence.
"Alright, i'll be right there" Carbine hung up the phone and went to the Base.

1 hour after she left.......

Throttle unlocked his door and walked in. The moment he walked in, the smell of something that had burnt filled his nose. He made a face. "Carbine has been cooking again." he thought to himself. When he went into the kichen he found half of the dishes cleaned and a pot the was carcoaled to a crisp. But on the table was a note. It read:

Went to the Base on call.
Be home in a few hours.
Sorry about dinner. Please order out.
I promise to clean up when i get home.


Throttle put down the note and survayed the kichen. He sighed, "Mid as well get this place cleaned up." he thought to himself. He then went to the tast of cleaning the kichen.
It took about 30 minutes to clean what was once a mess of a kichen, but he got it done. The kichen now looked spotless. Just then Carbine walked in the front door and called
"Honey.." she paused
"Throttle you home??" she put down her helmet and proceeded to the den.
Before she went into the den,
she had to pass the kichen. When she saw what was once an eyesore, was now a spotless kichen.
Her mouth went wide. "Throttle!!!" she called. This time he walked in with a smile. "Hi Honey, sorry i diden't answer you before, i was in the bathroom" he said, then kissed her on the cheek.
"Throttle" she looked at him. "Did you clean the kichen??" she asked.
Throttle put on his smile and replied "I sure did" Carbine smiled a pleased smile. She then put her arms around him and kissed him. "Thank you Throttle" after she quit kissing him. "I was NOT looking forward to cleaning up this kichen, but you diden't have to do it" she said. "Awwwwwwwww, Babe, it was nothing. You have been so busy lately with the Freedom Fighters,
I thought i would give you a break and clean up the kichen, not to mention the whole house" he smiled again.
"You did! wow Throttle! Thank you!" she kissed him again. "Your welcome.
Anything for my beloved"
She looked into his eyes and saw the love for her and sencerity flowing from his pink eyes.

Later on........

After dinner, they went into the den and sat cuddling beside a fire. Even though life had gotten harder, It seemed just a mist, a fog, a passing when Throttle did the little things in life to help her though.
and that she will always be greatful for.

The End