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Found Love? Got Victory??

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Part One

10 years before.........

"Mother!! don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I'm just going to Jackel's house to visit for a few hours. Don't worry" Mayleen Mouseling stood infront her over-protective mother. Mayleen at the time was only 17. Her fur was grayish and her hair was black/w' a hint of gray. her eyes wre red with a hint of sparkle. She looked like her mother and her father who had died a year after Mayleen was born. Her father died in a crash. Her mother kissed her on the forhead lightly. "I know honey, But i worry about you. These new aleins are strange. I fear for your safty my little one" her mother had placed a motherly hand on her daughters cheek. Mayleen smiled. Her mother sighed. "Oh alright. But you be back by 8:30pm sharp young lady!" her mother looked at her with the more motherly strict tone.
"Alright momma, I will." Mayleen grabbed her jacket and headed out the door. "I love you sweetie!!!!" Mayleen's mother called to Mayleen from the doorway. Mayleen, who was halfway down the driveway, looked back and waved "I love you too!!!!!!!!" she called back. Mayleen turned back and jogged down the street. She would never return.

10 years later.......

"Mayleen!!!!!!!, we got another one coming in! This on has a knife in his chest." Stan yelled to a much older Mayleen.
She still looked the same, But has a much more hard appearence.The victum came in twitching and gagging. "Put him over here!!!" she called to the mice who were bringing him in. Blood gushed from the deep wound from where the blade of the knife periced the flesh. "I don't wanna die" he said, Pale and terrorifed. "I won't let you die. Just hang in there and allow me to help you" Mayleen tried to comfert her dying patient. Just then a blast from the side wall exsposed the outside. Smoke from the blast rose all around the hole. Gun fire and rapid footsteps charged their way through the hole and into the ER. Mayleen stood bolding by her paitent. The mouse looked up at her with a frightened look saying "I know the end is coming, So let me just go". Mayleen looked down at him and he said to her with his last breath "Thank you for tring." then he went limp. Plutarkians flocked in and shot to kill. Took down 4 mice off gaurd and the rest were firing their blasters. Mayleen had a blaster in her holdster that she kept for protection. She ducked down behind a table that had been turned over and began to fire. Behind the same table was Stan. He too was firing and trying to protect a little 3 year old child who got injured just that day. The little girl cried in Stan's protective arms who shot with one arm, and held the crying child in the other. Mayleen out of the corner of eye saw a Plutarkian with a small gernade. "Stan!!!!!! run!!!!!!!!!" Mayleen yelled to Stan. Stan noticed the gernade and ran for cover with the little girl still crying in his arms. Mayleen went the other way, But it was to late. The gernade when off next to her that sent her flying through the air. She crashed into the wall. She landed just as hard on the cemented floor. The last this Mayleen remembers is gun fire and one eye that went black.....

Mayleen awoke to silence and a monitor beeping loudly beside her bedside. She opened one eye slowly, Then tried to open the other one. Feeling her heart beginning to race, She slowly reached up to where he eye was. When she did so, she felt nothing but a bandage. "Oh my God......" she said in a whispering tone. Mayleen then tried to go and see in the bathroom, But when she got up, her whole entire body was sore and stiff and not to mention in loads of pain. Mayleen somehow managed to get back into bed. Looking around, she noitced a call button, she pushed it and waited. About 5 to 10 minutes later a nurse who looked about 23, walked in with a small clipboard and a small smile. "Well, Hello Miss. Mouseling. How are you feeling??" she asked. nicely.
In a rasp/hoarse voice, Replied "Not so good. What happened to me?! I don't remember much of anything" Mayleen rubbed her head frustratingly. "Well, Miss. Mouseling......When your comrades found you, you were laying by a wall all torn up and i am sorry to say but you eye was blow up in the exspolshion." The nurse/doctor said with regret. Mayleen felt like screaming. She almost went into shock. She grew pale. "Is there anything missing on my body that i don't know about???" Mayleen diden't want to hear the answer, But it was something that had to be asked. "No Miss Mouseling.
All that was damaged was your left eye" the nurse/doctor felt truely sorry for Mayleen, But what could she do?? nothing much, Just hope and pray that Mayleen can cope with
it. Mayleen held herself. She looked up at the nurse/doctor
with a look of fear. The nurse/doctor sighed and said before she walked out "I am sorry Miss. Mouseling. We did the best we could do" she said. Mayleen looked at the her "I know, Thank you" Mayleen tried to put on a smile, But Mayleen was devestated and comfused. Not to mention vary afraid.
About 30 minutes later, Stan came in with a bundle of flowers and a "Get Well" card. "Hey beautiful. How are ya feelin'?" Stan asked, Trying to brighten up the mood.
Mayleen gave him an icey stare. "Whoa, I am sorry.....I take it the doctor exsplained your eye and what happened??" He sat beside her with conserned/pitty eyes. "Yeah, But it's like a stab in the gut everytime i think about it....."
her voice trailed off. "I don't know what to say Mayleen to help you through this. All i can offer you is my eternal friendship" Stan offered with a humble heart. Mayleen smiled at him "Thank you Stan. I exsept your offer" Mayleen
looks down and sighs. Stan places a comferting hand on her shoulder.


"Ow owowow OWWWWWWWWW! Vinnie shoots" Vinnie aimed his blaster at a goons gas tank, shoots and hits the tank causing it to blow up, sending the goon flying into another goons roadster. That other good lost control and crashed into the cemented wall. "YEAHYEAHYEAH!!!!!!!" Vinnie's cheering rose up. "Nice one bro, Talk about the crash coarse efect" Modo parked beside Vinnie. "Yeah, Vincent. I get it 2 thumbs up" Throttle punched a goon in the mouth, which sent the goon flying in the air into 3 on foot goons.
Just then a goon high atop a platform aimed for Throttle. Modo saw and fired his arm cannon. The goon not only lost him gun but his blance. He fell into a big tub of water.
Modo blew air on his Plutarkian steeled hand and shined it against his fur. "Nice save bro" Vinnie slap/padded Modo's back. "But you know of course i could have taken his down myself" Vinnie's ego ran higher that day then yesturday.
"Yeah, Sure Vinnie" Modo said, Not really impressed. Throttle parked beside Vinie and Modo. "Bros, Is it me or do these goons get dumber and more easier to beat every day?" Throttle commented. "It's not that bros! were're just the best in the Universe!!" Vinnie popped a wheelie.
"Defently" Modo commented. "No one can beat us" Throttle even with his quietness, he had a slight ego streak. "Well, Now that the goons are beat. Lets go to Charley's to celebrate" Modo said, reveing up he motercycle.
Owowow Yeah!!!!" Vinnie cheered. "Lets rock!"

The Bros: "AND RIDE!!!!!!!!!"

At Limburger Tower.......

"Blast those bothersome Biker Mice! isen't there anyone left in this Universe that can stop them once and for all" Limburger bounded his fist on his desk. The result of the
punch caused the desk to cave in. He plopped into his leather chair and started to rock in it. "How can i free myself from the Biker Mice from Mars??" he thought as himself. Then it hit him. "Why diden't i think of him before!" he jumped up. Now confedient that his choice would not fail. "Carbunkle!!!!!!!!" he bellowed. A feable scientist walked in, Carring a beaker of some blue stuff and a mallet it the other. "You bellowed you ripe cheezyness??"
He weazed. "My good, faithful doctor. I have a plain to rid myself of those bothersome rodents the Biker Mice. Is you transporter able to get into the 8th Dimention??" Limburger asked. Carbunkle thought for a minute "I think so your over ripness. But i might have to strain it. Who did you have in mind oh great one??" he asked. "No time for questions now my good doctor. Go to your transpoter right now and begin the prosess." Linburger ordered. "Right away your highness"
The doctor went to the transporter right away. 2 hours later, Carbunkle came into Limburger's office with a evil grin planeted on his engenius face. "It's ready for transportation as you requested you cheezyness" he weazed.
"perfect my dear doctor. Let us proceed." Carbunkle and his boss Linburger went into the tranpoter camber and prepared for the villians arrival. Carbunkle typed feverishly. All of a sudden the transpoter glowered bright white and blue, Then it when back to normal. Out of the smoky mist stepped out a man/cyborg. He looked like something that came out of a Sci-Fi movie. In his stature and weight, He looked like the Terminator. He stood 8 feet tall. With the strenth that could smash something with forse up to 3 tons. His right eye had a patch on it that covered the wires and medal plates the was inside his brain. His intellegents was emance just like that of a super computer. He looked down at Limburger with the most frighting/icey glance know to anyone. Limburger cowered under this super villian.
"Limburger i presume?" he asked with the same tone of voice as him stare. "Ye........Yes....I'm Limburger" he studdered. "My name is Cyborg. What is it you wish of me??" he asked, not letting his stare fade. "Well......" Limburger clearned his throat. Cyborg rolled his eyes. "I have little tolerence for stallers. Get on with it" Cyborg foldered his arms. "Yes.....well, I have quit a challanage for you. Are you interested??" Limburger's hands sweated. "What kind of a challenage??" he asked. "There are 3 bothersome Mice that contiune to be a thorn in my side. I want you to elemenate them!" Limburger said with anger. "Hummmmmmmm interesting. Mice? what kind of Mice are we talking about??" he was now fully interested. "There the Biker Mice from Mars. There skill is high and there intellegence is fast and wise. You would do well not to underestimate them" he warned with more force then he intended. Cyborg unfolded his arms and quickly grabbed Limburger by the coaler of his suit. "Limburger. You would do well not to order me around. I am only taking this assinment becuase i love a good challenage. Don't ever do it again" he set him done. Limburger swollowed hard and looked up with fear. Cyborg smiled coldly. "Now Limburger. Tell me where i can find the Biker Mice".....

Meanwhile back at the Last Chance Garage....

"Charley, No body makes hot dogs like you" Throttle patted his stomache. "Charley ma'am, Your the best" Modo smiled a complament. "Yeah Sweetheart. Will you marry me??" he gave her a sweet/almost angel look. Charley just looked at him.
"Well, guys. I saw on a advertaiment that a big football game in on tonight on channel 23. Why doin't you......" Charley diden't have time to finish, becuase the guy pratically flew into the livingroom to watch the big game.
"Oh well." Charley sighed and started to put away the dishes.

"No NO NO NO!!! YOU IDIOT!!!!!!! LEFT!!!!! LEFT!!!!!!!!" Vinnie said angerly to the tv. The guys cheered and booed the whole entire game. When it was over, it was 9:30pm.
"Well, Charley ma'am. Thanks for the dinner" Modo said.
"Yeah Charley girl. Thanks" Throttle said, adjusting his helment." "Night Sweetheart. Thanks for the hotdogs" Vinnie winked. "Night guys. See ya tomorrow." Charley said.
"Bye!" they said. "Reving up his motercycle, Throttle said "Lets ride bros!!!' and the three of them were off. They had no idea that they were being watched at that vary moment
from atop a high rooftop. Cyborg watched them like a hawk.
"Hummmmmmmmmmmmm interesting these giant mice. I shall watch them longer to see for sure my hunches" he said to himself as he watched and followed the Biker Mice to their home.

At the ScoreBoard......

Yawning, Modo put his helemt in a comparment on his bike.
"Bros, I don't know about you, But i'm beat." Modo yawned again. "You said it Big Fella. I could use a good forty winks of sleep. How about you Vincent??" Throttle looked over at the youngest bro. His eyes were droppy. Like he was about to fall asleep. "Vincent!!" Throttle said it louder this time. Snapping awake, Vinnie looked over at Throttle "What??" Vinnie stretched. "You were about to fall alseep Vincent" Throttle chuckled. "Yeah......Yeah...." Vinnie yawned. "Yeah, Come on guys, lets all hit the hay" Modo yawned again. This time it was longer and while he was talking. "Come on bros" Throttle's eyes were about to close. The three of them each went to beds
their beds and fell asleep almost instently.

Cyborg sat on a rooftop, watching the guys sleep. "Hummmmmm, Lets see now. The white mouse is dreaming about 2 females....Hummmmmmm that could work for my entertainment. So, Lets see now....." Cyborg focuses his mind into Vinnie's and begun and nightmare.

Vinnie's dream started out that Charley and Harley were together in the same room. Vinnie was talking happily/excitedly to both of the girls he had feelings for.
Harley said she wanted to get something to drink, So she headed for the kichen. Vinnie said to Charley that he was going to the store of hotdogs and rootbeer. So, Vinnie left Charley and Harley alone. Charley sat in the room and began to think on how Vinnie was flurting with Harley. She soon became vary jeloious, So she got up and walked with hatred now to the kichen. In the kichen Harley sat at the table, reading a magazine. Charley reached into a drawer and pulled out a buchure's knife. Charley with hatred and blood lust rage walked silently behind Harley and stabbed her again and again untill Harley was dead. Vinnie came in and
when he saw what Charley had done he fell to his knees and screamed. Charley walked up to him and bent down and said "She was in my way" he words came out icey and hard. Vinnie tossed and turned while having that dream. He woke up with
his heart pounded. Sweat pored off of him. He had have the mose frighting dream of his life. He laided back down and founght to go back to sleep. He would recuporate in the morning.

Cyborg smiled in victory. He laughed evily. "One down. 2 to go" he said. His eyes next fell apon a taned colored mouse. Cyborg looked into the mouses dreams and found a rather interesting dream. "Hummmmmm, I am going to enjoy this one" he then focused his mind again and entered Throttle's dreams.

Throttle's dream was like no out of the ordinary day.
Battle goons here and blow up Limburger Tower there. All the same, But this day Throttle's beloved girlfriend Carbine came down from Mars to visit him. Throttle and his bros along with Carbine went to Limburger Tower to see what Limburger was doing. The guys started battling Limburgers goons and had a good time doing so. But what they diden't know what a mysterious figure stood in the high shadows, aiming a gun at Throttle. The mysterious figure took aim and fired. Direct hit, But it diden't hit Throttle, Carbine fell down on the asfault and rolled 10 feet. Throttle looked in horror as Carbine lay there, lifeless. Throttle flew to her side. Holding her he saw the wond in her head.
Instent death. Throttle held her close and cried. His bros hovered over his and cried. Throttle tossed and turned violently on his twin bed. he feel to the floor in heaps of sweat poring down him. He blinked and looked around and told himself it was just a dream. He crawled back into bed and just laided there and trying to calm down so he could get back to sleep. Finally he did fall back to sleep.

Cyborg smiled victoriously. "Ooooooooh, That was so fun! Now!, 2 down and 1 more to go" he laughed again. He looked down at Modo and took a look into his dreams. There he found a sentamental dream. "Awwwwwwwww the poor fool. Well, This is going to be quit the show" he focused his mind and began the nightmare.

Modo's dream started on Mars. In his old house. Mars was the way it use to be. Streets were full of happy, playful
children, fathers mowing lawns, mother attending to happy gaurdens, and older teen-agers where eaither hanging around
a table drinking limonade or washing their parents car.
Modo in his present age, Sat at the kichen table eating cookies and drinking milk that his mother gave him not to long after he arrived. "So, Momma. Have you heard from Aunt Patty yet??" Modo asked his gray fured momma. "No i haven't honey." Modo's mother smiled sweetly at her beloved son. Just then the room grew dark, but could still see.
"What on Mars......" Modo's mothers sentence got cut off put hard pounding on the front door. After about 5 good slams, The door gave way and 5 beefy Plutarkians came in with clubs, guns and huge knivies. 2 of them started beating on Modo while the others took Modo's mom by the hair of the head and sliced her throat. Modo saw it all and was enraged. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" he cried.
He started shooting every Plutarkian that was in the room.
Finally after Modo killed them all, Ran to his mother who laided dead in her own pool of blood the stained the carpet. Modo rocked with his mother in his arms, Sobbing feriously.
Modo shot streight up and aimed his arm cannon at nothing.
His eye glowed a burning red. He panted and his fur was drintched in sweat. His eye stopped glowing and lowered his arm cannon slowly. He laided back down and tryed not to cry.

Cyborg laughed in Victory. "Oh, That was too good. I had so much fun. I haden't had this much amusment in years. It has been to long" he smiled the same cold/ no heart smile.
Now to go back to the Tower and discuss my payment before the kill." he then set out for Limburger Tower.

The next morning the guys looked pale and wore out. They rose to the garage with shattered nerves. They decided that visiting with friends would be the best way to get their minds off their nightmars. Charley was fixing her motercycle when they rode in. Throttle rode in first, followed my Vinnie and Modo was at the tail end. "Hi guys!!!" Charley said cheerfully. When they took off their helmets Charley's exspression when from cheerful to worried.
"What's wrong? What happened??" she looked each mouse over.
Each looked pale. For Vinnie him being pale see almost transparent. "Each one of us had a nightmare" Throttle plopped down in an empty sit. "Yeah Charley ma'am. One minute our dream was normal.....The next it was horrorable" Modo laided his head on his folded arms that were on the table. Vinnie sat in the last chair and kicked back. "What a night" he said, running his hands on his head. "I wonder what cuased them??" Charley pulled up a chair and sat down.
"I donno Charley" Throttle said. He was frustrated.

Back at Limburger Tower.......

Limburger sat at his desk, polishing his favorite award when
Cyborg came in with a grin. "Well, faze one is complete."
he sdoot infront of Limburger. "Good Cyborg. What is phaze two if i may ask??" he asked with carefulness. Cyborg walked around the desk and looked down Limburger who was cowering.
"Phaze two is devide and conquor" he smiled devishly. Limburger smile cauiously.

Meanwhile back at the Garage.........

The guys and Charley played a game and now was eating lunch.
All of a sudden Vinnie had a flash back of his dream. He remembered it well, But it did not last. When he snapped out of, His bros and Charley were still talking. A little while after Vinnie, Throttle had a sudden flash back. He remember seeing Carbine's dead body......he snapped out of it fast. Modo asked him what was wrong. "Nothing bro" he assured Modo. after that, a ways or so...Modo too had a flash back. He saw his mother get murdered....He snapped out of. No one noitced his flash back. He shaked it off or at least tryed to.

Cyborg watched and made them have flashbacks. He was smiling the whole time. He loved ever minute of it.
From the rooftop, He found aomung the Biker Mice who was the first victum.

Back on Mars..............

(Note from writer: When we last left Mayleen she was in the hospital. Now it has been a month and she is back on her feet. Now what?? Oh, What has been happening to the guys started after Mayleen lost her eye. I donno if this time line works, But i hope it does)

Mayleen sat in a chair on the balcony, watching the sunset.
Even with the sandy plains and yucky conditions the sunset is all that is left of natrual beauty. Mayleen sighed. It has been a month since the accident and the loss of her eye.
A breaze suddenly came up and blew Mayleens black hair around. The cool wind felt good while it wrippled her hair.
Stan and Charity walked in the door and saw Mayleen sitting on a chair on the balcony. Mayleen's ears percked to hear someone coming from behind. She turned about and saw Stan and his girlfriend Charity looking at her with smiles.
"Hi guys" Mayleen greeted them. "Hi Mayleen. How are you doing??" Charity asked. Mayleen with her hands made a "50/50" sign. "So so Cherity. I'm still making it" Mayleen forced a smile. "I brought you something you might like" Charity handed Mayleen a box. "What is it?" she asked, opening it. Mayleen opened it up and saw an eyepatch.
"I know you have to wear a gauze bandaid strip, becuase you diden't have an eye patch, so i bought you one. I hope you like it.." Charity said. Mayleen smiled, but this time she felt like smiling. "Thank you Charity, I needed this." Mayleen walked over and gave her a hug. "Your welcome" Charity felt relieved that she liked it. Stan watched and smiled. Mayleen turned around and took off the gauze and put on the eye patch. It was a black eyepatch. Vary nice.
"How does it look??" Mayleen asked. "Looks good" Charity said, pleased. "I think so too. Oh, by the way......I also have something that i hope that'll cheer you up" he said, taking out a blue envelope. Mayleen took it and opened it.
When Mayleen read what was on a slip of paper, Mayleen broke into a fit of laughs. Charity look down right stumped. "What is it??" she asked. Mayleen coulden't stop laughing.
she handed the paper and waited for Charity's reaction.
Charity's mouth hung open. She looked at Stan and slapped him on the head. "Stan!!!!! i can't believe.....In all our years......Oh Lord....." Charity was beside herslef. Stan coulden't help but laugh. "Do you like it?" he said while still in the prosess of laughing. "Well, Lets look on the bright side...If i ever go to the male strip club, I'm going to need the 50% off discount" Mayleen said, Then starting laughing again. Charity first scolded him then starting laughing herself. Mayleen walked over to Stan and hugged him. "Thanks. I needed a good laugh. Thanks" Mayleen said. "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww don't mention it Mayleen.
I saw how down you were, So i wanted to cheer you up" he giggled. Charity rolled her eyes. "Funny way of doing so"
she foldered her arms. "Honey, are you mad??" he asked, putting his arm around her shoulders. "No, Just wondering why you diden't give it to me" Charity now was smiling arnyly. "ooooooooooooh!!!!" Stan kissed her on the cheek.
Mayleen rolled her eyes. "You two!" she laughed and then Stan and Charity joined in.

Back on Earth at Limburger Tower......

"Well now Limburger. Let the discussion of my payment begin shall we." Cyborg sat on the edge of Limburger's new desk, waiting for Limburger's reply. The weight from Cyborg was causing the desk to creek and bunkle down. Limburger watched as his new desk started to buckle under Cyborgs weight. He gulped. "Well, yes of course. How much??" Limburger asked, still eyeing Cyborg. Cyborg enjoyed people
living in fear of him. It was quit the entertainning pleasurement. "What will it cost me to have you get rid of them??" Limburger asked. Cyborg looked at him and said "The price is high. I want 70 million of your, as you call it....golden gills. And i want Selebraki'" he said, grinning. "70 million golden gills, huh? hummmmmmmm, yes that will be done. Now as for this Selebraki'......what is that??" Limburger was now more puzzled then afraid.
"Paitence my dear fish. I'll tell you when the time comes, But right now.....I am going to start the hunt" Cyborg stood up and walked off. When Cyborg left, Limburger breathed a huge sigh of relief. Never in all his years did he find such a frighting villian. "Carbunkle!!!" he yelled. Carbunkle entered in, holding a remote. "Yes your cream cheezyness??" he weazed. "I have a little assinment for you.
Check into Cyborg. I need to know as much imfomation as you can get you hands on. Now go!" Limburger sat in his chair, rubbing his temples..."Right away you goodaness" the doctor made his way to the transport chamer and began to serch for answers.

Cyborg watched in his invisable state, watching the Biker Mice closingly. As he watched, He saw two of the biker trio
fighting about some human sport and some human thing called a movie. "Hummmmmmmmmm" Cyborg hummed to himself as he watched them ever so closely.

"No way bro, I'm tellin' ya bro that Mike Tyson can whip tail with Rambo anyday" Vinnie say on a lawn chair, drinking rootbeer and arguing of who can beat who.
"No bro, You must be mistaken. Rambo can beat the fire out of Mike Tyson" Modo argued back. He was kickin' back in a
long lawn chair. They were on the roof of the Last Chance Garage. After lunch they all headed for the roof just to hang out and enjoy the warm sun. Throttle was not there at the time, becuase he said he was going to grab some munchies at the local store 2 and half blocks away, so Vinnie and Modo sat drinking rootbeer and arguing about who can whip who. Throttle rode from the store with 2 bags of rootbeer big slams and a pound of chips and candy bars. Throttle was
almost at the Garage when he got a sudden feeling that he was being watched. He looked around in all directions, but found nothing but a quiet street. Throttle pulled into the garage and then walked up to the roof where his long time bros sat talking/arguing. Throttle had a strange look when he walked onto the roof. Modo, being the first ot noitce, looked at his younger bro and asked "Are you alright bro??"
Throttle snapped out of whatever held him and answered "Yeah, I'm alright bro......I just felt like i was being watched" Throttle sat in an empty set Vinnie put down for him. "Watched?? by whom?? Could have been one of Limburger's goons??" Modo also did some looking around.
"Naw, I don't think so Modo. This is a different feeling."
Throttle was comfused. So was Modo. Vinnie looked at the both of them with the same comfused exspression. You could tell he diden't know eaither.

Cyborg observed the Biker Mice closely. His target was smart. "I shall be careful with my target. He is a clever one. He might figure out the riddle" Cyborg watched his victum closely. The mouse that he picked was none other then Throttle Mouse. Throttle was a just a serious, leader figure mouse, but Cyborg saw him as prey...

Back on Mars........

(Note from writer: When we last saw Mayleen she was on the balcony with her friends enjoying a good laugh. Now what??)

"Are you sure we should do this Stan. I mean.....where not
exactly fighters. Should we really go into enemy ground to
go get some prisoners??" Mayleen asked as her, Stan and about 25 others surounded the base and prepared for escape.
They had gotten a word from the Freedom Fighters at bace #23
that they were preparing to attack and take back the hostages that were in the Plutarkins field prison. The Freedom Fighters of Bace #23 needed a medical crew to treat the wounds of the escapiees, So Mayleen and her team of
nurses and medical jockies made their was silently to the enterence of the garded prison. 2 well armed Plutarkian guards stood at the gate and guarded it like their lives depended on it. Mayleen at heart wanted to go and save the prisoners, But something else inside her told her that something is about to happen. maybe it was just her? But who knows, Mayleen diden't know for sure. Two of the Freedom Fighters snuck behind each guard. With a nod of a head both of the Freedom Fighter hit the guards on the back of the head. The Plutarkians were out cold. One of the Freedom Fighters that knocked the Pluratkain out, waved to the rest of the group that would go in to go through the gate. Mayleen and the rest of the medical team stood 100 feet away, waiting for the Freedom Fighters to bring out the
prisoners. Minutes turned into hours, and they still were not back. Mayleen began to worry. "I hope their all alright" just then a blast from that blew the gate doors apart, rose high and loud in the night air. Mayleen looked over the doon to see the Freedom Fighters fighting their was out. Massive squad of Plutarkians close behind them. "Move move move!!!!!! come on!!!!!!" the from Freedom Fighter yelled to his comrades. They each were carring or dragging
prisoners that had been been brutilly beaten by the Plutarkians. Some of the prisoners were wounded badly and some just had whip cuts and visable bruses. When the Freedom Fighters made it to were the medical team was, Mayleen and her team ran to the injured and took them off the Freedom Fighters so they could fight off the Plutarkians. Small blasts and small bombs went off like fireworks. Mayleen saw 2 mice get caught in the fire and struck down. One survived, but the other was no where to be found. The Leader on the Freedom Fighters blasted two Plutarkians from behind a rock 50 feet from where Mayleen and a wounded prisoner stood. The wound from the prisoners gash gushed with blood and stained her dirk-caked fur.
Even with her dark fur, She looked pale from all the blood
loss. "Hang with me girl. I don't want to lose you" Mayleen held tight to the woman. The woman let out a faint chuckle
"Awwwwwwwwwww don't worry about me. I'm lived this long. What's another 30 to 40 years" she coughs and weazed out the last of her words in the sentence. "Captian, We gotta get these prisoners out of the way now. We can wait. NOW!!!!" Mayllen heard Stan say to the leader of the Freedom Fighters. "OK! EVERYONE MOVE OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!" the Captian yelled to his troops. The Freedom Fighters shot at the Plutarkians and held close to the wounded. Everyone made it, that was left, made their way and was now saftly back at the Base. Mayleen and her team treated the wounds that could be treated. Only two died from their wounds.
The woman Mayleen had saved was laying on a bed against the corner. Mayleen walked up to her and smiled tiredly. The woman, not only tired but weak, smiled back, then she said just as weak as she looked "Thank you miss for saving my life. If it wasen't for you i would be dead." then she added "By the way, My name is Trina, whats yours??" she asked. Mayleen replied "My name is Mayleen. Pleased to meet you Trina" she said. "Pleasure is mine" she said.
Somehow at that moment, they somehow found the little something in them to laugh. Afer they were done laughing, Mayleen got curious "Trina, what part of Mars are you from??" Trina took a deep breath and started the answer and question triva "The new Brimestone City" "The new Brimestone City???? i diden't know it exsisted." Mayleen commented. "Yeah, after the Plutarkians destroyed what was once the beautiful Brimestone City, The Councel got together and build an all new and improved Brimestone City. I lived their for 3 years before the Plutarkians found it out and destroyed it too. That city was home to thousands of families,retired folkes,and retired/discharged fighters. Now all that is left is the memories and ruines of what is left of houses and buildings." Trina sighed heavily as if shedding off something painful from the past. "So, where do you come from Mayleen" Mayleen blinked. She thought hard to avoid the question, but came up with nothing, so she said "Middle Country, LockLossia" Mayleen replied. Trina this time blinked "Your a LockLossian??" she asked. See, a
LockLossian speaks in a weird manner. (Think England, but with and Irish twist, but with marshion accent) "Yeah, but my mom and I don't speak it.....My dad did. I inharited my mothers speech, But sometimes i go into the accent" Mayleen frownded and then smiled, Thinking about how much she missed her mother was unbearable. "Are you alright??" Trina asked. Mayleen snapped back into reality and said "Yeah, I'm fine" but at heart she wasen't fine.

Back at Limburger Tower........

It had been two days since Cyborg really found amoung the Biker Mice his first victum, but he had a plain. So, now he was in Limburger's office once more, talking to Limburger
about what is plains were. (Or at least a 1/3 of it)
"Limburger, This mouse that who is my victum.....what can you tell me about him" he asked. He needed as much imformation as he could get. "Well, my dear Cyborg....If it's Throttle then you have quit the challenge ahead of you.
He is wise and crafty. Watch out for that one" Limburger warned, But this time was more suddle and not so forceful.
Rubbing his chin, he thought to himself. "From watching them, i saw many of their weaknesses and defences. Prehapes i can get around them somehow." He thought aloud. Cyborg was
had to target a another Biker Mouse first. But who was the question.

At the Scoreboard.........

"All i'm sayin' big fella is that i had this strange feeling that i was being watched" Throttle said to his bros. "Do you know who Throttle??" Modo asked. Throttle shook his head. "No, Not a clue. I diden't see anyone around me. It could be just me" Throttle tried to shrub it off, but failed. "You knows bros, Stink fins could have sent another low life villian to spy on us. I'd say he diden't do a good job." Vinnie said, Then took a swig of rootbeer. "If he did Vincent, Then woulden't he have attacked by now??" Throttle
was thinking about who or what it was. "I donno bro. Smells like a no good Plutarkian to me" Modo's eye began to glow. "Chill big fella. We'll find out soon enough" Throttle assured his anger stricken friend.

Back on Mars..........

(Note from writer: When we last saw/left Mayleen she was visting a prisoner that escaped and her woundes treated.
Mayleen now was showing a few signs of missing her dear mother. Now what??)

A week later after the battle, things diden't go peachy and creamy. 3 other battles took place and more and more wounded poured in. Mayleen only got 2 hours sleep a night, if that. At that moment, however everyone that had come in eaither got treated or died. Only a few mice had died that day of gun shots and faital wounds. So, Mayleen went into a quiet corner and laied back against the wall to try to get
a few winks of sleep, but that diden't happen, because Fred and his team came in with 5 new battle wounded fighters. Mayleen heard Fred yell for Stan, and Stan yelled for Mayleen. It was litterly a three ringed circus. These 5 mice was the start of a long night of deaths and screams of pain.

The early morning sun rose slowly in the Eastern sky. A
dew settled on the the ground and parked motercycles.
The dew diden't last long as the sun rose higher and higher into the marshion sky. The kayous was over for now, but there would be other times and more heart-stopping, mind-racing, adrillian-pumping emergancies that would follow. The question was when it would take place and who was next??

Mayleen, at her tiny desk, wrote down and copied files for the medical department or what was left of the medical department. It was 5pm now in the after noon and Mayleen
had been working on the reports and test results for 10 hours almost. Her hands were tired and she was exausted from not getting enough sleep. Her appearence showed it too. Her eyes were droppy and had bags sagging under her eyes. She looked like she was about to fall asleep. But she kept working. She knew if she stopped now to rest she would
suffer for it later becuase patients relied on the up to date results the medical team stood on top of daily. It was all tiresome work, but in the end her teams saved hundreds of lives weekly, but lost some too. Not becuase of the system, but because of the fact eaither they died before or shortly after they arrived at the ER because of their wounds. Suddenly a loud knock all of a sudden rose up.
"Come in!!!" Mayllen called to whom was behind the door.
Frank, Fred's twin, walked in with a clipboard in one hand and a notepad in the other. He looked just as tired as Mayleen did. It was horrorable. No one got much sleep now a days. "Mayleen, I just got the test results for the pregant woman in Ward 5" he said. See, just a few hours ago a pregant lady came in. She looked fine all exsept for the contractions and a minor cut on her left eyebrow. She was full term or at least that is what Mayleen thought.
"So, whats the results. Is the baby full term or is earlier or later???" mayleen asked. Clearing his throat, he said "Shes full term. She should be delivering any day now" he said. Just then a male nurse rushed in, sweating and panting. "It's.......it.......shes going into labor again. This time it's closer and more harder. She is screaming for you mayleen" he said with a slight hint of panic tone, but never the less he was clam. Mayleen dropped what she doing and raced to the pregant woman.

Mayleen was halfway down the hall and one turn from where the woman stayed. Her screams rose high and loud.
"GET THIS KID OUT OF ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled to one of the nurses. Rapid and loud breathing got louder and Mayleen turned into the room and saw the woman screaming in pain and holding firm to two on the tough nurses. The woman saw the doctor and gave mayleen a icey stare. "Doc, I WANT THIS KID OF ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME NOW!!!!!!"
She rasped and panted. Trying to focus her breathing to take the edge of her contractions. "Alright ma'am, Listen closely to me. Were're going to guide you through this, But first i want to you breath with me. Now one and breath in" mayleen instructed. The woman did what she was told. "Now out slowly" Mayleen breathed with her to help guide her.
The contractions soon became lighter for now, because the contraction stopped for the time being. The woman breathed feveriously to try to catch her lost breath. Mayleen prepared for the lady to push and bring the new life to Mars. Mayleen looked at the monitor and said "Alright ma'am, this next contraction i want you to push, Ok??" Mayleen got ready and helped prepare the lady as well. The
next contraction came. "Ok now, Push!" Mayleen said to her exausted patient. The woman pushed with all her might. The nurses help her count inbtween breaths. Finally on the last push the little baby came out. Silence for a second,
Then.......................loud crys rose up and filled the delievery room. The mother laied back and cried in happiness. Mayleen lifted the little squirming baby and smiled "It's a girl!" she said. The mother laughed with tears of joy. Mayleen laid the screamy baby on her mothers awaiting arms. The baby contiuned to cry untill the mother
put her anntennas against the babies little anntenne and then the baby began to cooe softly. The mother with tears of joy said "Thank you doc." Mayleen smiled. This is what makes life worth living. Seeing inocents come into the world. It was a beautiful thing.

After scrubbing her hands, Walks silently to her room and laid on the bed. What a night. Mayleen before the birth was to tired to do much of anything, But the sudden birth made her wide awake. A silent knock came again. "Come in" Mayleen said. Stan, who had a smile on his face, said. "Congratulations to your fine delievery skills. I'm sure impressed" he smiled again. Now beginning to feel sleepy, said "Thanks. The lady did the majority or it, I just guided her through" mayleen was not going to take much of the credit. "Oooooooooh, Don't be so modest Mayleen. You did wonderful. Frankie told me all about it" he was in return was going give her what she deserved. Mayleen was to tired to agrue. "Ok Stan" she tried her best ot stay awake.
"Oh, before i forget.......the mother would like to speak with you." Stan added. "Ok, Thanks Stan. I will go right now before i get some sleep." Mayleen got up and walked out the door. Stan soon followed, But went the other way.

The lady sung a soft lullaby to her new baby. The baby cooed in her mothers arms. Mayleen walked in just in time to hear the end of the song. The woman looked up and smiled.
Hello doc." Mayleen walked in and stood beside the lady. "Hello, How are you feeling?" "Oh, I am alright, Just really tired" she chuckled and looked back up at Mayleen.
The woman looked to be in her late 20s or early 30s.
"Then get some rest. I don't blame you if you did" Mayleen smiled down at her. Clearing her sore throat from all the screaming, asked "May i ask you a question??" Mayleen said "Of course. What is it??" the woman took a second and said "It would honor me if i could name my child after you" she
kept smiling at Mayleen. Mayleen was speechless and flattered. "I...........I donno what ot say......I....I would love to have your child named after me." she held her chest. It was a deep hornor for her. "Oh thank you, Now please tell me your name" she giggled. Turning red, Mayleen said "Oh, I am so sorry. My name is Mayleen. Might i ask yours??" she said, feeling like she was buring up. The woman smiled "My name is Lilly. Pleased to meet you." she said, gretting Mayleen. She then looked down at her baby "That is what i shall call you......Mayleen Lilly" she touched the baby's forehead lightly with her finger tips. The baby shifted and cuddled to her mother. "Thats a beautiful name Lilly" Mayleen commented. It was such an hornor having a small child named after Mayleen. Mayleen as most people know, loved kids and infants. They were a living joy for her. Lilly and Mayleen visited for another 2 hours. On the 2nd hour, Mayleen said goodbye to Lilly and headed her room for sleep. She earned it and needed it.

Back at Earth.......

(Note from writer: This sene takes place outside of Earth in Earth's atmosphere.)

A white fured mouse hovered over Earth, preparing to land on Earth. Bunching the destanation area, he diden't noitce the quiet ship that came from behind. Before the white mouse had time to react, The ship fired it's blasters and the ship was soon on fire. It hurrled at blinking speeds twards Chi-Town.

On Earth, at the Scoreboard.......

On Earth, Modo polished little Darlin' and Vinnie fixed what was damaged of on Sweetheart. Throttle, on the other hand, walked to the window and peered outside. He was just about to the tighten some bolts and screws on Lady, when he noticed a bright light/star looking thing coming directly to the Scoreboard. "Uh bros, I think we may have some more company heading our way" Thottle thumb-pointed to the ball of light getting closer. "What??" Modo walked to the window and looked out. "Oh mamma it's heading right for us" Modo cried. "Yeah no kidding. Manover number 17 bros. High and long" Throttle called to Modo and Vinnie. The reve up their motercycles and rode outside.


Fire blased all around the white mouse who tried desperately
to find a way out before the crash landing. The door was blocked and all that was availible was a small window. He looked outside and he saw to his horror that he was a fire ball heading at lightning speed twards Earth."Oh Mars....." he whispered. He found a low place under the consule and covered his body as much as he could, preparing for the impact.

Back down on Earth.......

"Were're never going to reach that ship in time Throttle. It's a big fire ball and it's closing in too fast" Modo said, while him and his bros tried to think up something fast to get to the ship. But unforturnitly they go far enough away, but the star ship crashed int othe scoreboard.
"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww man!!!!!!!!! not again!!!!!!" Vinnie wined. "Chill Vincent, lets go and see who it is." Throttle said. So, they went back to the messed up scoreboard.
In the scoreboard everything was trashed. The ship, or what was left of it, settled and the sound of fire buring out could be heard. The bros, at caution, walked around the ship and looked inside. Everything in side was burned to a crisp, but the was just a cargo area. Vinnie was the first into the councle area. Burned down flames and smoke rose from all sides of the headboard. Suddenly a loud groan rose up from behind a turned of chair and wires. Vinnie wasted no time pulling stuff off the pilot. When Vinnie pulled all the stuff that was in the way, and saw whom was under it, His mouth flew open. He stared at a white fured mouse, who looked just like him. But looked older then the last time he had seen him. The poliot groaned and rubbed his sore head. Vinnie, who was stunded, but not to stunded to talk, he asked "Vinnie2, it that you bro??" asking the mouse. Vinnie2 struggled to get up. Vinnie helped him. "Yeah, it's me Vinnie." he laughed and coughed the rest of the smoke out of his lungs. "I'm so happy to see you bro, where have you been all these months since the last time i saw you on Mars??" Vinnie asked, helping his cousin outside. "In the Western Country, South of Mons" he coughed again then cleared his throat. Vinnie blinked. "Why so far west. I thought you told me you were heading East?" Vinnie remembering what his cousin said. His cousin was quit the traveler since he got back. "Yeah, I know, but something came up and i got called to the West" he said. Ending his exsplanation right there. "What came up" Vinnie asked. Vinnie2 just looked at him and said nothing.

Vinnie half carried his cousin out. Modo and Throttle noticed the new comer right away and knew who it was.
"Bro, Look! it's Vinnie's cousin" Modo said. "Yeah..."
Throttle said, still looking at Vinnie2. Don't judge Throttle wrong or something, but he just was really surprised. Vinnie2 noticed the stares and suddenly felt uneasy. "Hi guys" he said. "Long time no see" he added.
"Hi" both Modo and Throttle said together. This was the start of a long story.

Vinnie2 sat with Throttle, Vinnie and Modo at Charley's garage. Charley, however, was not there, she was at the store picking up some food for the week. Vinnie2 sat drinking rootbeer and without saying a word, looked around to find he was being watched again. "So, bro...what happened to you all these months?" Throttle asked. Vinnie2 sat his rootbeer bottle down and cleared his throat. He then began his story.

"After you guys found me back on Mars, I decided to take a trip to visit our great aunts in the Eastern Country. But i got sid tracked, so i was sent to the West instead. I stayed their becuase a small war was going on there too. I got cought up in it. I lost contact of everyone. Inculding you Vinnie" he looked over at Vinnie, who had a solum exspression planeted on his face. "Well, after they won that simi battle, i headed back to Brimestone City to find you Vinnie, But Stoker said you guys were catured and not have been seen in quit awhile. But i knew you guys were not dead, so i set out to find you. I looked everywhere on Mars, got caught up again in another battle, but managed to free myself and i started back looking for you. When i heard that you guys were on Earth, I stole a Plutarkian battle ship and headed for Earth. Just before lading on Earth, I got struck down by the Plutarkians and crashed into the scoreboard. And from there you know what happened" Vinnie2 ended his story.

Back at Limburger Tower........

Limburger stood pacing in his office, uncertain if Cyborg was going to succeed in his mission or if he was another of one of those no good villians he always seems to hire. "You doubt me Limburger??" Cyborg stood leaning against the door frame. Limburger stopped pacing and turned twards Cyborg.
"No, certainly not. I'm just worried if those Biker Mice will find a way or not" Cyborg grined. "You lieing to me
Limburger." he saw right through him. Limburger sighed.
"Alright, I'm afriad thos reched Biker Mice will fole my plains again like they always seem to do." His clunched his hands into fists. "So you doubt my powers and strength??" Cyborg knew what Limburger was thinging. Limgurger, realizing the awful truth, was forced to tell the truth.
"Yes, I'll admitt it to you dear boy. I am so sick of losing to those botherso rodents" he sat in his desk and
held his head. He could feel a migrane coming on. "Well, I'm not like your other hired villians. I am much more powerful" Cyborg, even though you coulden't see it, was smiling evily. "Like how??" Limburger asked. "I have my methods Limburger. And i choose to keep them secret" Cyborg was frowning now and getting annoyed.

Back on Mars.......

(Note from writer: When we last saw Mayleen she had just delievered a cutesy baby and even had the child named after her. Wow!! groovey, huh?? Well, now what has happened in the last 2 days. I donno. read on to find out!)

2 days later.....

Mayleen stood infront of her team, discussing the almost out
supplies they needed. Frank came up from behind her and told her that the General of the Freedom Fighters at Brimestone wanted to talk to her. Mayleen turned on the video phone so she could see the General. "Good evening General. What can i do for you??" Mayleen asked. Carbine,the General looked tired. "Mayleen, My head souts have comfirmed that a ship has crashed in the Mons district. They need your team right away" Carbine said. Mayleen blinked. "Hum, Why can't the Medical at Brimestone handle it if it's at the Mons district??" Mayleen asked in uncertainty. "I don't know why. The Squad Team asked for your Medical Team" Carbine looked wore out. To be tureful, Mayleen was too. In the past 2 months it has been hecktic for her and her medical team. They have been fighting long and hard. "Alright General, We're on our way" and with that Mayleen gathered her team and went to the Mons District.

The Mons District was located at the base of the Mons Valcano. The Mons District had 1 small city that held 3
hundred mice and a small Bace at the middle of the city.
From where the Medical Team was to the Mons District was
about 230 to 250 miles. By plane you can imagion.
Halfway there a scanner picked up a Plutarkian WarShip closing in fast. Mayleen called in Code Red and began special alert. All of a sudden the Plutarkians started firing there weapons at the Teams ship. The firing came from the front and sides. "Were boxed in Mayleen!!!" Stan reported. Mayleen saw no other choice, So she pulled up.
Up and into space.

The team made it into space, But the Plutarkians soon followed. They fired from all sides. Stan took one side of the helm and Mayleen was on the other. They swurved from side to side, up and down to avoid being hit. Earth soon approached them. "We're going to have to find safty on Earth Mayleen. Their is no other alternitive!" Stan yelled as loud weapon fire came dangerously close to the ship.
The ship itself had no weapons, so all it could do is transport and run.

In Earth's atomsphere there was fluffy clouds and green all around. If the Plutarkians had not been chasing them, Mayleen would have loved to stop and smell the greeness. But from the look of it they were heading to an outside location on what was a large city. 5 Thousand feet above the ground the ship got hit by a exspert hit. "WE'VE BEEN HIT!!!" Stan cried. Mayleen looked outside and saw the right engine and wing burning up. Fire somehow got inside and started to distroy everything it came in contact with. A sudden cry of pain made everone turn. A female mouse was screaming for someone to put her out. She was on fire. Cords,panels,tubes and peices of wall was coming apart and Buring all around. Frank, Stans friend, Cried out as his arm caught fire. Stan went to help him, but a large steel beam landed right on them. Mayleen saw the whole thing.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed. Fire blazed up and around the last of the team.
Their was 2 more mice including Mayleen. Mayleen, suddenly enraged grabbed the wheel and shot streight down. Faster and Faster the ground came. If Mayleen's plain worked, It right behind her, But not sure what she was up to. Just would save the team and herself. The Plutarkians followed before Mayleen looked like she was about to collide, she shot streight up and over. The Plutarkians diden't realize untill it was to late. The crashed. A loud bang caused from a exsploshion rose high and loud. Peices of the ship blew high and in all directions. But the teams ship was far from safe. Everything started to fall and break away. The fire rose higher and caught the rest of the team of fire.
Mayleens heart raced. "Noooooo!" she cried. One of the teams words words "Go Mayleen, Save yourself......!!!" then the fire drowned out what the rest of the message way. With the ground now approaching faster and faster, Mayleen had no other choice. She go up, covering her eyes, she whistled.
Engine reveing up. A black motercycle with red and white rode in. Beeping protectively. On the side in italic letters it said "Cyclone" on it. Even in the fire and ash, the bike still looked like a masterpeice. "Come on Little Sweety, Lets boggy" and with that Mayleen blew open the door and rode/flew outside.

On Earth Now.......

(Not from writer: This is the section where Mayleen is now on Earth and she meets up with the Biker Mice for the first time. And from this section begins a new and maybe even victory?? but who knows, just read to see what's in store)

Mayleen landed in a feild full of wild flowers and tall grasses. Cyclone beeped in excitement. "Yes, I know Little Sweety. This is Earth. I've heard it's a strange place."
Mayleen looked around in all directions. She noticed a freeway with cars racing back and forth. The soft wind picked up from the south. It whipped all around her like back on Mars. In the far off distence Mayleen saw large city buildings and a large sign that read "Welcome to Chicago" on a huge bill board the hung on a larger poll that arched around the freeway. Cars could pass under it.
"Well Cyclone. Why don't you and me go and see what's in this city" Mayleen asked her excited motercycle. it honked happily. Mayleen chuckled. "Alright then, Lets ride!" and with that Mayleen headed for the city.

The city at high noon was packed and full of lively motions.
Chi-Town was a city of life. Mayleen rode down the street, looking in all directions, admiring the tall buildings. It has been too long since she saw tall buildings. The city where she was from,Locklossia, it only had small buildings.
After exsploring the city awhile, Mayleen was now on the edge of the town, but no quit out of town. Suddenly, gun fire, loud hoots and cheers rose above the trees and small buildings. Mayleen,curious now,rode to the racket that came from the far distance from the cities limites.

Mayleen stopped on the side lines of the battle. There she saw three bikers. As she watched them, she noticed right away how advanced their skills was in bike ridding was.
"Vary impressive" Mayleen thought to herself as she watched them. "Owowowow!!!!!!! up and away!!!!!!!!" the younger one on the red bike cheered as he shot up, over and behind a beefy goon's roadster. He fired his cannon and blew up the
the guys roadster. The goon had jumped off just in time to save his hid from being blown up. He cheered again and slapped another biker with the blue bike a high five, The the same guy with the blue bike close-lined a passing goon.
The 3rd biker, with a black bike, grabbed a goon by his shirt and punched him that caused the goon to fly into the way of another unsuspected goon. More cheers and high fives soon followed. From behind a seeky goon prepared to fire his gun. Mayleen, who saw this, took out her gun and aimed for the goon. Before the goon so much as aim, Mayleen shot the gun out of hand. The looked at her and ran. The guys, who were cheering, turned to see who shot the gun. They saw a unknown rider still holding his/her gun and they saw a goon running for dear life. Mayleen put away the gun and
looked streight at the guys, who in return, looked at her, wondering who this new comer was. "Uhhhhhh hi there citizen. Thanks for saving our tails" Throttle rode up infront of Mayleen. "Yeah, but you know we would have stopped him" Vinnie puffed out his egotistic chest. Modo just rolled his eyes. "Well, like my grey-furred momma use to say, If someone will lend you a helpin' hand, humble yourself and take it like a mouse" Modo looked at Vinnie. Vinnie just grinned. "Mice......" Mayleen said from behind her helment. "Hummmmm are you a lady??" Vinnie asked. Mayleen laughed/giggled "Indeed i am....." Mayleen said.
"Well, Ma'am. Were....." Throttle started his sentence, But Mayleen beat him to it. "Your from Mars" she said, smiling under the tinted sheild on the front of her helment. The guys looked at eacher other. "Uhhhhhh how did you know that ma'am??" Throttle asked. "Well, thats becuase......." she cut off her sentence short to pull of her helmet. Upon doing do so, The guys became wide-mouthed. "Because, I too am a mouse" she smiled at the guys. After about a minute of stating at her, Throttle and Vinnie went back to their old selves, But Modo was a different story. Apon seeing her, he instently fell in love. He thought she was the most beautiful mouse he had ever seem in his life. Like looking into a dream. Modo swolled. "Well, i guess i ought to introduct myself to you fellas. My name is Mayleen Mouseling. What be your names lades??" "Throttle,taking off his helmet said "I'm Throttle, this is Vinnie and the one over there is Modo" he said, pointing to a heart-pupping Modo. "Pleasure meeting you" Mayleen said. "Hummmmm Polite and beautiful..." Modo observed. "Hum, are you hungry??" Throttle asked. Mayleen has not really thought much on food untill he said something. "No, not really" just then her stomache growled. "Huhhhhhh maybe a little" Mayleen grinned. All who were around, laughed. "Well, then follow us." Throttle said, putting back on his helmet.

Throttle: "Lets rock!"

The guys: "AND RIDE!!!!!!"

Mayleen followed to the Garage in the back on the guys. Mayleen had to admitt, They were cute, but Modo had to be the cutest. Mayleen too was staring at him. Mayleen somehow know this day was going to be alright consitering her friends loss and the loss of her team.

A the Garage......

Mayleen got introducted to Charleen Davidson or Charly as the guys called her. Mayleen noticed that Miss Charley was sweet. "Are you hungry??" Charley asked. "Yes ma'am" Mayleen grinnied. "Well, i ordered pizza, but if you want hotdogs with the boys...Then that's fine" mayleen thought for a minute. "I donno what to choose. I'll try one of each...If that be alright Lass?" Mayleen asked.

30 minutes later...

Mayleen sat around a table with the guys and Charley. Vinnie was flirting with Charley and Throttle was yackin' with Charley and Modo. Mayleen, however sat silently and watched. "How are you liking the food so far mayleen??" Charley asked. Smiling, she said "Vary good love, Thanks"
she patted her full stomache. Throttle blinked. "Hummm, Mayleen...Can i ask you something??" "Sure Throttle, what is it??" she asked. "Are you aLockLossian??" he asked, curious. Mayleen coulden't help but smile "I love" she answered then she asked why. "Cause' i swear you sound like one" Mayleen giggled. "Sometimes i can't control it. My father was a full-blooded LockLossian. my mother was born and raised in Brimestone City" Mayleen said. "Oh" they said and commented on some other things. "Well, at least they don't ask to many questions..." Mayleen thought to herself.
Mayleen diden't want to answer to many questions about herself, see, she was kindof sensitive about it. But she knew one day it would come down to it. But the question was when?

To be contiuned...........