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For you my love

Racer © 2000 all rights reserved

Throttle and Carbine swaded back and forth to soft jazz muic playing on the CD player. The mood was pleasent and romantic for the poem that he wrote for Carbine. As the music still played, He quoted his poem to her:

For you my love i would move mountians You alone do i want to kiss and hold close For you i would swim the deepist ocean For you i would die. Forever will i love you. Oh my beloved one. For you i would do anything you heart desires. I would climb the highest mountain for you. And if the sinplist thig of just holding you close, I would craddle you in my arms and let you know i love you. You are my only true love. I love you always. My love.

Throttle held Carbine close to his and he couls smell the essents of her perfume and creamy hair. Carbine snuggled into his warm/soft/strong arms. His smell was the smell of love for his wife. Throttle strocked her hair genderly. The feel of her hair was soft and silkly. Carbine looked up at him and did not want this moment to end. It was so magical. Putting a gentle hand on his sweet face, She smile lovingly then kissed him with love. "I love you" she said, Looking deep within his eyes. "I love you too" he placed a lovely hand on her cheek. Carbine and Throttle danced to steady jazz music and held each other close as the magical night lived on.

The End