Double Dare!!

Racer 2000

Disclaimer- I do not own the BMFM. I do not make money from my stories
whatsoever. This is a humorious story, So if you roll of floor with laugher
Make sure not to hit your head. ?:o) Anyway, On with the story......
(Please forgive any errors that come up


Time: Before Throttle and Carbine marry


The bros had been inside The Last Chance Garage all day because of massive
thunderstorms. Carbine had come down the day before to spend a few days
with the guys. Carbine observed Throttle talking to his bros. "Hummmmmm,
is so wrapped up in his bros...." Carbine thought to herself. From their
came a devious plain.....

A day later.........

Throttle and Carbine sat in the den of the Last Chance Garage. Carbine
decided it was time. "Throttle, I bet you can't go for 2 days without
talking, seeing or hearing from Modo and Vinnie." Carbine smiled deviously.
Throttle smiled.
"Oh yeah!...I accept you challenge. If i win you are to dress is a real sexy
dress and go out to dinner with me" Throttle smiled. "Ok, And if i win you
are to be my slave untill i leave. That means you have to wait on me hand
and foot." Then Carbine streched out her hand and said "Deal!?" Throttle
took it
"Deal, You better go out and buy the sexyest dress money can buy" "Oh yeah,
prepare to kneel before me" Carbine kept her smile.

That night.........

Everyone sat talking around the table, All exsept for Throttle. He was
determended not to lose the bet. Carbine smiled at him. Throttle caught
her glancing at him and smiled back. "No way am i losing this bet" he
thought to himself. Carbine smiled back and waved "He'll never make it"
she thought happily to herself.

Later that night........

Throttle sat on the couch, Tring despreatly not to talk, see or so much as
hearing his bros......That alone is hard. At dinner earlier that night he
had to use sound proof ear plugs, So he would avoid hearing them, He also
had to look away to avoid hearing them and to top it all of when they asked
his a question, He coulden't answer. It was killing him!, But he was not
going to lose the bet to Carbine. Just then Carbine came in with a devious
smile planted mockly on her face. "Well, Throttle. So far you have
managed to avoid your bros, But you still have over 24 hours to go."
Throttle looked up and
smiled "It's not over yet Carbine. It's not over untill the fat lady sings" he
also had a little bit of a mock in him. "We'll see" then she gracefully
walked out.

The next morning..............

Throttle spent the whole morning staying as far away from Modo and Vinnie as
much as possible. He was bound and determained not to lose the bet.
Carbine observed him fighting the urge to talk to his friends. "Looks like
i'm going to win" Carbine smile happily.

That night..........

Throttle ate his dinner as fast as he could and quickly made his way to his
bed. "Man, Am i sinkin' or what??" He signed. Footsteps could be heard
approching Throttle from the door. "Well, I have to hand it to you. You
have stuck out this long, You only have a few hours to go." Carbine sat
lightly next to him. "Have you bought you dress yet??" He asked. "Oh
yeah, I bought it, But the question to ask is......Are you ready to bow to
me??" She asked woth a joyful grin. "Anything for you baby!" He said,
Calling her shot in.

The next day...........

Throttle approched Carbine with a victorious grin spread from cheek to cheek.
He tapped her on the back gently. Carbine turned around. She knew he had
"Well, Carbine. Looks like i've won. 7pm. I
made reservations in advance" he said happily. "Ok Throttle, You won. I
diden't think you could make it, But you shocked me. Congratulations" she
took his hand in hers and shoot it. "But of course, Their is always a next
time" she said with a ear to ear grin. "I look forward to it" He also had
the same smile.

The End