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Bath Time!!

Racer 2000

It was a hot, dry/mucky day in Chiago. The wind had died hours ago and the sun heated
everything the was not in the shade. The guys and Charley sat around a huge fan Charley had gotten out earlier, But was not working to well, So they decided to start fanning themselves. "Aw man!!!! it's so hot!" Vinnie said, shifting in his sticky seat. "Yeah, No kidding bro. It's so hot the sun would feel cool" Modo commented. "Charley ma'am, Is their anyway to cool off??" Throttle asked in hopes. Taking a whiff of the guys and nearly passing out, She said "Why don't you take a cool bath?"

The guys: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" they cried.

Vinnie crossed his arm in stubberness. "No way Sweetheart is this mocho mouse taking a bath" He planted himself fermly to the chair. (It was easier to stick ferm, Because the chair was already sticky, Hehe) "Yeah, Come on Charley ma'am, We never take baths. It's just not.......Well, Us!" Modo tried frantically to comvince Charley. "Yeah, Come on....We use to go a long time without baths.......Why should we start now" Just by looking at Throttle's exspression you can tell he was on edge. Charley raised her hands "Hey, I was only making a suggestion, But you guys do........" she stopped their. They knew what she was about to say. "Don't say it Sweetheart...Please!!!" Vinnie pleaded.

Charley: " A BATH!!!!!!!!!"


The End....

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