April Fools!!

Racer 2000

Diclaimer- I do not own the BMFM nor do i not make any kind of profit from
this. The characters from the show do not blong to me at all. This is a
a sweet comic story. Now, On with the story.........



Charley had plained a prank on the guys ever since they pulled one on her
last year. It was all set up. Nothing to do but to take it to action.
Vinnie,Throttle and Modo all were at the Garage tuning and fixing their
bikes from the last encounter with Limberger. "Hey bros, I just realized.....
we diden't pull a prank on Charley this year" Vinnie said. Then he looked
at the clock "Well, It's only 7:35, We can still get her" Vinnie smiled
evily. "Come on Vincent, Lets leave poor Charley girl alone this year.
We scared her to death last year" Throttle said thinking back. "Yeah, Think
about it Vinnie.....We not only scared Charley, But we gave her a few gray
hairs." Modo said. "Yeah, Ok.....But next year......" Vinnie started to think
about the enless possiblities. Just then the phone rang. Throttle picked it
up and said "Hello, Last Chance" "Hello, is this Throttle Mouse?" The voice
said "Yes it is, Who's this?" silence. "I said who is this??" Throttle
started to tence up. "Who is it bro?" Modo called from he bike. "Meet me
at the abandoned building North of their at midnight" Then the phone went
Throttle put the phone down and went back to his bike. "Who was that?" Modo
asked again. "I don't know" Throttle said picking up his tork rench and
getting back to his work.


Charley put down the voice changer and smiled at Stoker. Stoker had come
down two days ago. He was part of the prank. "The punk won't know what
hit him when i get through with him" Stoker grined. Charley smiled and
said "Now on to phase 2.." Charley replied checking off a checkbox. Stoker


At Midnight........

Throttle rode in at exactly midnight. Modo and Vinnie were exactly a block
away, Just in case something was to happen. Throttle looked around for an
opening.....There was one on the far side of the lote, across from the old
garage in the same lote. A motercyclest appeared from one of the buildings
many doors. It rode silently and gracefully to Throttle. The ridder finally
parked 20 to 40 feet away from Throttle and took out a medal box. The
rider held the box, But then said in a harsh/cracky voice "Are you
Throttle looked sideways fashion and replied "I am" The rider then tossed
the box to Throttle, Turned the bike around and rode off just as silent as
he came. Throttle sat on his bike and wondered what was in it. On the top
of it however, was a note taped to the box. Throttle put the box away and
rode to his bros who were on alert 2 1/2 blocks away. "Well,
Throttle....What happened??" Modo asked his uncertain bro. "I donno for
sure. All the masked
guy did was hand me a box with an attached note on the top" he then took
out the box and began to look it over. "Lets have a look" Modo said,
Taking the box from Throttle's outstretched hand. Modo looked it over from
top to bottom, But it looked like a plain box. "Hummmm, Bro....This is to
weird." He then handed the box back to Throttle, who then took the note off
the box top and opened the paper. In big letters it said "DUCK!!!!!! ENEMY
Throttle, Modo and Vinnie got down on the ground and pulled their weapons
out, Ready for an attack. When no attack came.....They stood up in caution
and looked around in all directions. "What the" Vinnie said, Not taking
his eyes off the sence. Throttle then looked at the paper and in smaller
print was a short sentence "gotta ya!". Just then laugher rose up and foot
steps soon followed. When the pair of laughing beings stepped out into the
shallow light coming from the street lamp the was flickering, Charley and
Stoker walked out
with ear to ear grins. "Gotta ya punk!!" he grinned. The guys stood there..
speechless. "I......I........Stoker......." was all Throttle could say.
He was to shocked to say anything else. Vinnie was more upset then
anything else "Well, Old timer.....It looks like you got me." "Naw, It
diden't just get ya....I creamed ya punk!!!" he began to laugh again. "But
how did you get here Stoke without us knowing??" Modo was curious now. "Ya
see Modo.....Charley girl told me of the pranks you guys pulled on her for
the last 2 years, So when she told me of her flawless plain....I thought it
would be fun to watch you guys get a taste of your own faul play".
Throttle smiled
cooly "So your telling me you have been plaining this for awhile now??"
Throttle asked Charley. "Yeah, Ever since you mocho heads pulled the last
prank on me i have been carefully plainning for the next year....Gotta ya
go diden't I??" Charley was glouting now more then ever. The guys then
began to laugh. "You sure did Charley ma'am." Modo walked over and put his
arm around her shoulders. "Yeah, I have to admite Sweetheart....You did
good!" Vinnie winked playfully at Charley. "Well, Guys......were even now,
so don't be pulling an April Fool's jokes on my next yesr...Got it??" she
put her hands on her hips and gave them the "one eyed look". "oh, Yeah"
"Sure" "Anything you say Sweetheart" they all asured her. "Alright guys,
Who up for hotdogs and rootbeer!!?" "Yeah" They cheered. Vinnie put
Charley on the back of his bike, And Stoker rode with Throttle.

Throttle: "Let's rock!"

Everyone: "AND RIDE!!!!!!"