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BY: ZippoGirl1

October 16,1998

Copyright 1998 ZippoGirl1 all right reserved

We find the bros inside the Last Chance. It's been raining the past few weeks, and need less to say the guys are restless. Vinnie's pacing the garage, in front of the others who are watching TV. They're watching the verdict of the City vs. Lawerence Limburger.

TV Reporter: The verdict is in, Lawerence Limburger is....guilty on all charges!

Every one but Vinnie let's out a whoop for joy.

Charley: Vinnie stop, your making me sick!

Vinnie: Sorry Sweetheart, it's hard for me to stay still for two minuets let alone two WEEKS!

Charley: Well, i do have this idea, but I don't think you guys will like it...


Charley: Oh nothing, just some tickets I have for the Detroit Auto Show....

Vinnie automatically perks up at the word Detriot

Vinnie: NO WAY! Way to go sweetheart. When do we leave?!

Charley: Tomorrow morning, it clears up then.

Throttle: Let's get packed....

Modo: Detriot...Motown..... this is going to be great! A break from Limburger and a road trip to Detroit.

Charley: Hold on you macho mice. First, it's the showers for all of ya!

Guys: WHAT?!

Throttle: Charley-girl, you ask us, to take showers?

Charley: You got it.

Vinnie: Aww man, do we really have to?

Charley: Yes, you really have to if you want to go to Detriot. ::she shoots them a look that could raise the dead.::

After showers, packing and sleep the guys and Charley head out to Detriot, a short four hour drive.
Just as they enter Detriot, Modo hits a pot hole in the road (Detroit's nitorious for the worst ones, I know I use to live there! But now I'm located in Chicago...can we san ironic?) and flies over his handel bars, hitting the ground, HARD. He sits up and rubs his head, even though his helmets on, unharmed.

Modo: Oh Momma, that hurt.

Throttle: You ok big fella?

Modo: Yeah, nothin that won't fix it's self.

Vinnie: Whoa! That was a bad wip-out. Check out your bike.

Modo: What's wrong with Lil Hoss?! ::Modo eye starts to glow red::

Modo stands up quickly and goes over to his bike, the front forks are bent completely in half, and his front wheel is laying about 20 feet away.

Modo: Oh my god, Lil Hoss. I gotta get you fixed.

Modo looks at Charley, sadly.

Modo: Hey Charley ma'am, can you fix this?

Charley: Yeah, I could if we were back at the garage, we'll have to find one up here.

Throttle: I think i saw one about 1/2 a mile back. We'll check it out.

They load Modo's bike onto Throttle's side car while Modo climbs behind Throttle. Very slowly they make their way back to the garage Throttle saw, the Pitstop. The garage door is open and Throttle and Modo ride in. The mecanic is under a truck, working.

Mecanic: Can I help you?

Comes a female voice from under the truck. Modo and Throttle thought it sounded familiar, but they hadn't heard from that voice in years, so they shrugged it off.

Modo: Yeah ma'am, i wrecked my bike on a pothole. I was wonderin if you could fix it.

Mecanic: Ok, hold on a minute, and I'll take a look at it.

The mecanic thought the voice of the bike owner sounded familiar....she looked up from the truck at the man (mouse?)who owned the voice. There stood a light brown female mouse with long golden brown hair, with hazel eyes, she's wearing a raspberry halter top and pair of blue jeans, boots, and what looks like a metallic grey cape, her right arm is like Modo's.

Mecanic: Modo?! Throttle?!

Modo & Throttle: Axle?!

Axle rushes up to the guys, she throws her self around Modo, after a moment or two Throttle grabs her and gives her a hug. She pulls away a little and steps back, her face showing disbelief, happiness, and shock all at once. (And thats a hard combination!)

Throttle: Axle what are you doing here?!

Axle: Can't I look for my big bro? Or how about my best freind? Or even my fian...boyfriend?

Modo raises an eyebrow

Throttle: Your boyfriend huh?

Axle: Yeah, you know We've been going out for a long time," ::looks down sadly.:: "That is at least if he hasn't forgotten me...

Modo: Darlin I don't think Vinnie or anyone else could froget about you. ::raises her head gently::

Vinnie: Forget about who?

They all look towards the door and see Charley and Vinnie standing there. Vinnie finally see's who they are talking to. Vinnie's jaw hit the floor. Vinnie says in disbelif, after making sure he could trust his voice.

Vinnie: Axle, Sweetheart? Is that really you?

Tears fill Axles eyes as she rushes over to Vinnie. Axle and Vinnie just stand there for a long time in each others arms. Charley walks over and joins the other two, and looks at them questioningly. ((Big word huh? Is it even a word? *shrugs*))

Throttle: I guess I should explain...

Charley: Uh-huh...

Throttle: Well.. Let's see..Axle is my sister

Modo interupts.

Modo: She was like a sister to me too, we we're very close, I use to help watch over her as well as
Throttle. But since she is the same age as Vinnie, and that's about all the punks we trusted, she and him we're an item. They we're together a long time, then the war started....

Throttle interupts back, glaring at Modo.

Throttle: She was lost in one of the first great battles, every one presumed she was dead, as well as us. Vinnie was depressed and out of it for weeks, he would sit there and listen to our old tapes, just to hear her voice. Didn't eat or sleep, until Stoker started to yell at him and command him to eat, and then he didn't even eat that much, he didn't sleep at all. He blamed himself cause he was right there next to her. A Missle exploded between him and her, taking his face and her all together. I guess we were wrong. All of us. ::he chuckles a little:: But she did always had a way of turning up at the most unexpected time in the most unexpected places.

Vinnie and Axle now re-joined the others. Arms around each other's waist. Both of them are smiling very happily.

Axle: Well anyways, I wasn't blown up. I was just caught by the Plutarkians, shiped to Plutark, Got a few little extra's, and four years later blew my way out of there. Got back to Mar's, tracked down Stoker, he told me you guys were here, so I took off to find you guys, though I crashed here rather than Chicago, I had temperary amneisa. The people who found me told me I could help them out here. So I did, and I finally got my memory back. I was going to go find you this weekend, but you guys found me.

Modo: I bet Stoker wasn't to happy with you. ::he chuckles a little::

Axle: You got that right, I explained myself, he still wasn't to happy, but then agreed, after i did some talking.

Throttle: What kind of extra's sis?

Axle: ::Looks down:: As you can see the Plutrakians got my right arm, my left leg and gave me these ::opens up what seems to be the cape, but they are actually wings::

Every body's jaw's hit the floor. ((Vinnie must have a sore jaw from it hitting the concrete so much))

Vinnie: ::sounding very upset:: I can't believe they did that to you!

Axle: Vinnie, babe, it's ok. These things have saved my hide countless times! I'm actually happy for them.

Vinnie: ::still upset:: Yeh well, what did you say to Stoke?

Axle: ::smiles wickedly:: I just told him the many things I would do to him if he wouldn't let me go, and you guys know me, I always keep my word!

The others jaws drops. Throttle puts a hand to his head. (Yep, his jaw definately is going to be sore))

Throttle: You mean to tell me, that you, thretend Stoker?

Axle: Yeah, I did. ::smiles innocently::

Modo: Oh Momma! I can't believe that you of all mice did!

Axle: yeah, well neither can I, I guess I was just thinking about you guys. And how much I missed you.

Vinnie: Yeah well, we missed you too. :: kisses her lightly on the head::

Chalrey: ::turns to Throttle:: Tapes? What kind of tapes?

Throttle: Before the war started we had this little band, just us, we'd play in our garage, it was just for fun, never really made any money off of it. We recorded so we'd never forget about the good times, when the war started.

Axle: OH! That reminds me! C;mon! I got something to show you guys! ::grabs Vinnie's and Modo's arms and drags them up stairs, Throttle and Charley follow::

In the room, there's a bed, dresser, a green bass guitar, two electric guitars, one was clear and the other one was black, and a set of drums that were red.

Vinnie: Sweetheart! You saved them! ::vinnie runs up to the green bass guitar ::

Axle: Was there any doubt? I couldn't loose these, they were my only reminder of you for a long time!

Modo: Darlin', you are something else. ::walks bak to where the drums were set up::

Throttle: I can't believe this! How did you manage to save them?

Axle: Actually, it was Waves that saved them.

Guys: WAVES?!

Charley: You guys had a band? ::starts to laugh::

Vinnie: What's so funny sweetheart?

Charley: ::between laughs:: It's kinda...funny...to think that....you guys...had a...band!

Throttle: ::hands on hips:: What's so funny about it? We were kids, and had nothing better to do, not to mention that we had a natural nack for it. ::Sound more like Vinnie than anything::

Axle: ::frowns a little:: I'm gone for five years and looks what happens to you! You forget to even introduce me to your friend! ::shakes her head:: I guess I'm going to have to whip you guys into shape now wont I?

Modo: Sorry, Axle darlin meet Charleene Davidson. Charley ma'am, meet Axle Rose.

Charley: Axle Rose?

Axle: Yeah, I got stuck with two names because my parents comprimised, i was born with a red birth mark that looks just like a rose. My mom wanted to call me Rose when she saw it, but they had already decided to call me Axle. So she comprimised and called me Axle Rose. Just call me Axle.

Charley: One other thing, Throttle and Axle? Bike parts? ::starts laughing again::

Vinnie: ::sighs:: So how's Waves doin?

Axle: ::shrugs:: Ask him youself.

Walking up the stairs is a blue-grey mouse about Vinnie's build, with wavy white hair hanging every where on his head like white caps .

Waves: ::walks up stairs:: Hey Axle, do you know where....::he stops in mid--sentence as he see's the guys.:: When did you guys get here!?! ::he looks to Charley:: And who is this lovely person?

Axle: ::rolls her eyes:: Oh, that's Charley. What did you need Waves?

Waves: ::looks back to Axle:: Oh, anyways, I was on a mission for some paper plates, you've hid them again.

Axle: ::shakes her head:: I didn't hide them! They're in the cupboard above the refrigerator.

Waves: Ok, well, Thanks.

Throttle: So your to big to say hi to your cousin now? ::punches Waves in the arm::

Waves: No way! hey Throttle! What's up bro? ::gives him a playful punch in the shoulder::

Throttle: Not much. God, you've gotten big, when did I see you last? When you were 10?

Waves: ::turns to the other two:: Hey Modo, Hey Vin-man! :turns back to Throttle: Actually, I was 11. I'm 16 now.

Modo and Vinnie mumble replys being to preoccupied by there instraments.

Axle: hey Waves, why don't you go tell Becca and Shelbs that we got visiters for lunch, and that they should make A LOT more hotdogs.

Vinnie: So who do we thank for saving my girl?

Waves: Ok Axle, no problemo. Oh you would thank Becca and Shelb's for that. ::walks out::

Axle: Why don't we head down there now. You could get to know our saviors.

Axle grabs Vinnie around the waist and they starts down stairs. Followed by the others.
Axle turns to Charley

Axle leads them down stairs. In the kitchen are two human females, Both of them are young, ones about 15 the other 13.
The eldest stands about 5'8" with light brown hair and blonde and red highlights, and hazel nut colored eyes she has a slim but muscluar build.
The other is about 5'3" with dark red-brown hair with a white-blonde blonde streak down the left side of her hair, a human lop-sided sunkling, and dark green eyes with red around the pupils, she has a very slim build. They look amazingly a like.

Waves: I still can't find them!

Becca: ::growls a little:: I'll get them!

She opens a door above the refrigerator and pulls out the papers plates. Then she turns to Waves and shoves them into his stomach.

Becca: Sometimes I don't know about you Waves, I really don't!

Waves: ::grabs Becca around the waist with his tail and pulls her close: yeah, but you still love me for it.

Becca: Yeah, your right, I do still love ya for it.

Waves kisses Becca as the others walk in. The guys jaws drops. (Theres Vinnie's jaw again))

Throttle: Waves?! What do you think your doing?!

The two young lovers jump apart from each other...

Waves: um.. I ..was...er....

Becca: He was showing his affection for his girlfriend, that's what.

Sounding very cocky, especially towards three martian mice nearly two or three times bigger than her.

Waves: Yeah, that's it exactly!

Becca decides to change the subject.

Becca: Lemme guess. :points to Throttle:: Your Throttle, Axle's brother...

Throttle: You hit the nail on the head.

Becca: ::turns to Modo:: You must be Modo, Axle's best friend who acts like a brother to her...

Modo: yes ma'am

Becca: Just call me Becca or Becky, what ever floats your boat. I'm not a ma'am yet. ::Turns to Vinnie:: You would be Vinnie, Axle's fian...:she stops from a look from Axle:: Boyfriend. yes boyfriend.

Vinnie: :flexs: You got that right, the baddest mammajamma to date. ::flashes one of his smiles::

Shelby: ::looks up, and rolls her eyes:: Yeah, ok, whatever. Bec, set the table, lunch is almost done.

Becca: ::looks at Charley:: Though honsetly, I haven't a clue on who you are. Axle, intro's pronto.

Axle: ::points to Charley:: This is Charleene Davidson. Call her Charley.

Becca: Ahh, ok. Charley it is. Well, I'm Rebecca Wilson, call me Becca. And that over there is my annoying little..OW! ::turns and glares at Shelby who had just pinched Becca: What was that for!

Shelby: Calling me annoying.

Becca: Well, you are! Anyway, that's my sister Shelby Wilson, call her Shelby or Shelbs.

Shelby smiles as she continues to grill on a little grill they have inside on the stove.

Becca: What ever. ::turns to the guys:: Anyway. This is our Dad's garage. I usually stay out here with Axle and Waves at night, Shelby has to have her Mtv so she stay's inside. But i'm sure she wont mind anyone bunking with her. We have three cots. So sleeping isn't a problem. Dad may not be incredably happy when he comes home, but he usually is. I'm sure he won't mind you guys staying here a few nights. So, why don't you take off your helmets and stay a while...

The guys take off their helmets, having forgotten to taking them off before.

Shleby: Ya right! If you expect me to share my room with anyone, other than maybe Charley you got somethin coming to ya!

Becca: I didn't expect ya to.

Charley: Thank you. Um, were suppose to go to the Auto Show tomorrow.

Shelby: So are Becca and them. ::pointing to Waves and Axle::

Becca: Well, then we're set.

Shelby: Food's done.

They all sit down and start eating, Becca and Shelby are astounded by how much the guys eat, though Becca kept up nearly the whole time. After they're done eating they sit talking and drinking rootbear, Shelby drinks Moutain Dew.

Becca: I still don't get how you can drink that stuff. It's hill billy pee.

Shelby: It is not! Shut up.

Becca: No. :smiles: Besides, if Dad saw you with something with caffeine in it, he'd kill you!

Shelby: I'll take my chances.

Becca: ::shrugs:: Your funeral, would you like oak or cedar?

Shelby: HA HA HA, Your so funny Bec.

Becca: I know..

Throttle: ::leans over to Axle:: Do they do this all the time?

Axle: Yeah, remind you of anyone?

Throttle chuckles a little and decides to change the subject.

Throttle: Don't you guys go to school?

Becca: Oh yeah, but it's summer vacation. I spend a lot of time in the garage, or out at my grandparents. Sometimes I get to help out Axle and Waves with Brie.

Throttle: Oh. I see. ::shooting a look to both Axle and Waves who sink in their chairs a bit:: Were do you grandparents live?

Becca: About 1/2 hour south of here, Brie's been after thier and our land. But, haven't gotten it yet.

Vinnie: You guys got bikes?

Becca: No not yet, me and Axle are building me one....though it is almost done, it's rideable, but it doesnt have any weapons yet. Or even AI which it probaly wont ever have, but I still think it would be cool to have.

Shelby: I don't want one. I'd rather just have a car.

Becca: She's not much of a fighter, but I love the danger, and the fun when we fight Brie. Shelby's the brains, and I'm the brawn.

Shelby: But you do hafta admitt, I can hold my own, ok.

Becca: yeah, that you do.

Around 4:00 they hear someone walk into the garage.

Becca: I'll go see who it is, you guys lay low back here.

Becca walks back into the garage area. A few minutes later they all hear becca scream, Waves is the first one out in the garage. As they get out there they see a man with Becca slung over his shoulder. The guys draw their weapons.

Throttle: Put her down, NOW!

Becca and the others start laughing. They guys have a dumbfounded look on there face, which make them laugh harder.

Becca: Charley, guys, I want you to meet my dad. Dad, put me down so i can do some intro's.

The guy puts Becca down, now the guys get a good look at him. He's about Vinnie's height. And he has a muscular build, almost like Vinnie's but, age has been creeping up on him, and it starting to show, though he doesn't have a pot belly yet. He has black hair that's greying in front, and green-hazel eyes. He also has a thick beard and mustache with grey hinting at it. Becca looks just like him, the resemblance is almost disturbing.

Becca: Dad this is Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie. ::points to each as she says their names:: Guys, this is my dad, Jim Wilson, call him Jim.

Jim: ::extend a hand as she introduces them:: Hi.

The guys shakes Jim's hand. And mumble hello's and such.

Shelby: Dad, did you have a good day at work?

Jim: yeah sweetheart, I did. I found out I top out next week.

Shelby: You what?

Becca: He become a journeymen, And he doesn't have to work as hard and he gets more money.

Jim: Uh, yeah, that's what i was just going to say.

Jim sits down at one of the vacant seats at the table. Throttle sits across from him. The others go up stairs and watch TV.

Throttle: SO sir....

Throttle didn't get to finish his sentence because a loud beeping started going off, Becca jumped down the flight of stairs.


Throttle got up and joined her over at the computer.

Throttle: What's up?

Becca: It's Brie, he's up to no good again. He's down by my grandparents...

Axle: ::running down stairs:: What do we got?!

Becca: We got Brie at my grandparents house. We need down there NOW!

Becca runs and grabs her leather jacket and her helmet, and jumps behind Waves on Crash. Waves dark blue and white racing style bike. Axle got on Storm, her bike like Throttles, only it's royal blue with Storm in silver written on the side. The guys get on their respective bikes, Charley behind Vinnie.

Throttle: We're do you two think your going.

Becca & Charley: With you!

Axle: She always goes. She's a real help to us. Charley can go too.

Vinnie: No way! ::wrapse his tail around Charley:: Charley-girl stays here.

Waves starts to do the same to Becca, but can't seem to get her off.

Waves: Your stayin here too! Now get off!

Becca: Your dreamin Waves, let's go! I always go and now that these guys are here I'm not going??! HA!

Throttle: Well, If you always go I see no reason you can't now. LET'S ROCK!

Others (including Becca): AND RIDE!!!

The guys look at her funny.

Vinnie: How did you know?

Axle: You think we'd keep her out on our tradition, now that she's a part of it?

Vinnie: No...i guess not.

Becca: AAOOWWW! WOOHOO! ::she flashes her dad and Shelby a peace sign as they head off::

Vinnie: I think I could get to liking her...

With them on the bikes and going full out, it only takes them 15 minutes to get there. They pull up over into the drive way of the house. They can see all kinds of digging machines and Bries flunkies are everywhere as well. Brie is on the front porch trying to get Becca's grandparents to sell their land.

Becca: C'mon Waves! Let's go!

Waves: Yes master....

Waves stops at the begining of the drive way, before Waves fully stops Becca is off of the bike and running up to her grandparents. She stops between them and Brie. While the guys and the goons go at it.

Brie: Ah, Webecca Wilson, so glad to see wou.

Becca: Save the pleasantries, Stink fish! get your machines out of here pronto, or i'll call the police on you for trespassing! ::she barks at him::

The others come up and join her. Brie see's this and starts to back away.

Brie: I see wou have company. I will weturn. And I will get this pwoperty.

Becca: That's what you think! Now get off this land!

Becca starts to advance, Brie backs off, and runs to his limo.

Brie: I will get wou for this!

Axle: Like hell you will!

They watch him go out of the drive way. With what was left of the goons after him.

Vinnie: Man, that ROCKED! Short and sweet!

Becca is pshyically pissed off, her entire body is shaking. Waves tries to clam her down.

Waves: Whoa, Becca hun. Chill out. ::wraps an arm around her shoulder:: It's ok, he got out of here without anything, just like we planned to.

The guys look at the young couple.

Becca: ::shrugs off Waves arm:: yeah I know. It's just he keeps coming down here and to our place. He can't get a clue into that little fishy brain of his.

Waves: Who said Plutarkians had brains in the first place?

Becca had to chuckle at this. Throttle leaned over to Waves and whispered.

Throttle: Why couldn't you get her off you bike?

Waves: She rides horses, she has some of the strongest legs i've ever seen.

Throttle looks at Waves funny.

Waves: NO! I didn't mean it like that! I ddon't know from experience!

After introducing the Biker Mice to her grandparents Becca lead them on what she affectionatley called the grand tour. Her grandparents were into they're sixties. But her grandfather was starting to get over weight, but did look like a strong man. Her grandmother was a sweet lady, not much to her strength anymore age was affecting her.

Becca Walked around the back of the house, where thy we're greeted by two dogs rushing up to the fence, one a male black lab about two years old that was up to Becca's mid-thigh, she called this one BO, the other was an older golden retriver/irsh setter mix name Paj (Pa-shej? I can't figure out how to sound it out!), she was phsyically older, she walked stiffly.

Throttle: Paj?

Becca: yeah, it's the first letters of Jewish American Princess back wards, though I don't know why they called her a jewish american princess when they're not jewish. And BO is short for Big Ox. Well, I had to see my puppies before I left. So we can leave now.

Becca pointed out the horse barn in the back and the storage barn before they left.The guys laugh at what BO stands for.They agree and walk back to the bikes. They get on and ride off. About 15 min. later they're back at the garage.

Jim: That was quick. What happened?

Becca: He ran, didn't even give us much of a fight.

Throttle: He's up to something. No plutarkian I know gives up that easily.

Vinnie: No kidding, that did seem a little weird. Did you see they way he looked at Becca?

Modo: Yeah, I did bro. Maybe we should keep an eye on her for a while.

Throttle: Bros your right, we'll keep a good eye on her at the show tomorrow.

Becca: I can take care of myself Throttle, you don't have to worry 'bout me.

Throttle was about to answer then Modo did for him.

Modo: Becca ma'am...

Becca: It's just Becca.

Modo: Alright. Becca. You may not want us looking out for you, but we would anyway. It's what we do. Charley ma'am says it all the time. But we do anyway.

Charley: Yeah, but Limburger is always capturing me...

Becca: yeah, I haven't been captured yet.

Waves: And, you wont...EVER! :wraps his arms around her waist, twirls her around a little, sets her down and looks in her eyes:

Becca looks at Waves , and smiles warmly.

Becca: I hope so...