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The Renegades

Part 1

By JumpStart

Copyright JumpStart 1998 all rights reserved

It was a quiet day for the mice and Charley. Vinnie and Charley were working on the bikes and Throttle and Modo were watching a baseball game. " Go Dodgers!" said Throttle watching the TV. " Hey Vinnie you're missing a good game." Said Modo looking towards the garage " Mummmph" mumbled Vinnie who was kissing Charley just then. " Oh sorry Vin." Said Modo blushing and turning back to the game.

Suddenly a brick came flying thou the window. " What the hell?!" asked Vinnie looking surprised. Throttle picked up the brick " Hey there's a note." He said removing the rubber band holding the note to the brick. " So read it." Said Vinnie annoyed that something had stopped his and Charley's kiss. " It reads: If you ever want to see Harley again come to the North Dessert of Mars next Thursday at 7:00 Martian time. Unarmed or she dies." "Harley?" asked Vinnie looking very confused. " It must be Mace." Said Throttle " You know I don't think we can make it on Thursday." Said Modo with an evil grin. " And 7:00 Martian time is just to late for me." Said Throttle smiling. " Unarmed? He has got to be kidding. Well then what are we waiting for?" said Vinnie. " Getting a ride to Mars. " said Throttle heading towards the radio.

" Throttle calling Carbine. Throttle calling Carbine." He said into the radio then waited and repeated his message till she answered "Carbine here. What's up Throttle?" she said " We've got a tip to where Harley is and need a ride to Mars." He said sitting in a chair near him." A ride to Mars? Sure I'll send Rimfire with a ship." She said " Hold on babe. Rimfire? Don't you remember what happened the last time he came here?" he said "Now Throttle, don't be so hard on him. I've been giving him lessons on how to fly a space ship. So he should be fine. Well I have to go. he'll be there tomorrow morning early. Ride Free Biker Mice!" she said hanging up the radio receiver.

" Well bros time to pack your bags." he said getting up. " What about me? I want to come too." Charley asked as Throttle walked by her. "Sorry Charley-girl this could be dangerous so you're staying here." He answered walking towards his bike. "Come on Modo. Let's go to the scoreboard and get some rest." Said Throttle jumping on to his bike. " Coming Vinnie?" asked Modo pulling on his helmet. " I think I'll stay here for a while." Vinnie said " OK Vinnie. Should we pack anything for you?" Throttle asked " Just my clothes and my blaster." Vinnie said. "Bye Charley-girl!" Throttle and Modo said riding off for the scoreboard. "Well, want some root beer? I've got some left." Asked Charley starting to walk towards the kitchen but before she even got to the doorway Vinnie had scooped her up in his arms and was heading for her room.

Early next morning Throttle and Modo were packing and getting ready." Are we all set Modo?" asked Throttle putting an extra blaster in his bag. "Yep. All we have to do is go get Vinnie." Modo answered getting on his bike. " Ok then. Lets get going." Throttle said putting his bag in the store compartment of his bike and then getting on his bike. Then both started off for the garage.

Soon Throttle and Modo were at the garage. Vinnie and Charley were waiting for them. "Well Charley we'll see you when we get back." Said Throttle. Vinnie was thinking "If we come back." Just then a ship landed behind the Last Chance. " There's our ride!" Said Modo hugging Charley as the main ship door opened and Rimfire walked out. " Next stop Mars! All aboard!" Rimfire yelled as Throttle hugged Charley and walked his bike up into the ship with Modo right behind. Vinnie hugged Charley" Well I guess this is goodbye." He said sadly. " You'll come back Vincent. I'm sure you will." She said kissing him. Vinnie smiled then walked his bike into the ship.

Hours later, " Last stop Mars everybody off." Said Rimfire landing the ship in the dessert. Soon four mice we're inside Freedom Fighter Head Quarters with Rimfire in the lead. "This way. General Carbine wanted to see you before I showed you to your rooms." He stopped in front of a heavily guarded room. He walked right in and stopped before Carbine sitting in a big chair doing some paper work. " Private Rimfire reporting as ordered Sir." He said standing at attention. " At ease Private." She said looking up from her paper work.

" Hi guys! How was you're ride here? No crashing into scoreboards I hope." She said giggling. " Fine ride here. Rimfire is becoming a great pilot." Throttle said patting Rimfire on the back so hard he fell down. "That's good to hear. Now about that tip on Harley. Will it was us. You see we need your help. But we didn't think you'd come if we just asked you." she said taking a deep breathe " It was you? What type of help and why didn't you think we'd come?" Said Vinnie looking annoyed.

"Well it's this." She said handing them each a picture of a group of Martians fighting. " It's just a picture of some Freedom Fighters. What so unusual about Freedom Fighters fighting?" asked Vinnie getting more annoyed. Throttle looked white as a ghost. " What's she doing here?" Throttle asked coldly. "That's what we'd like to know." Replied Carbine. " What's who doing here?" Asked Modo confused. "Kit Alley." Answered Throttle. " She was a friend of mine when I was young but she turned bad and joined a group of Martians for hire. I thought the army had killed her years ago along with the other Martians of that group." He finished "Well it looks like she's alive bro but why do you look so worried?" asked Modo "Damn it Carbine! You know I can't fight her. Even if I tried." Throttle said dropping the picture and walking off.

"Care to explain Carbine?" asked Vinnie taking a seat in front of her desk. "Well he and Kit we're more then just friends more like lovers. They grew up together and when she went bad he took it hard. Now she and her group of Renegades are attacking us and we haven't been able to stop her or catch her. So now we want Throttle to find her and convince her to give up. He's the only one that can and he knows it. Well that's it in a nut shell." Carbine said. "Any questions?" she asked " Yeah, like how come you used Harley to get us here?" said Vinnie " Because she wanted us to." Carbine answered pushing a button on her desk.

"She wanted you too?!!" Vinnie asked looking surprised. Then Harley walked in. "Yep." Carbine said smiling. "HARLEY!" yelled Vinnie scooping her up and kissing and hugging her. "Hi Vinnie." Said Harley as he put her down. "Where have you been Sweet Heart?" he asked. " Lets get something to eat. I'll tell you on the way." She answered as she and he walked out. "Well I guess that leaves me to find something to do." Said Modo "So Rimfire, how's your mother?" He asked "Mom's doing fine. Come on she's visiting me today lets go see her." Said Rimfire walking off with Modo right behind. "I guess that leaves me to find Throttle," thought Carbine to herself as she walked out of her office.

Mean while in the halls of Freedom Fighter HQ Vinnie and Harley we're talking. "After Mace caught me we bounced from place to place. At first we were in the Martian dessert. Then we moved to somewhere near boulder country." Harley said. "But how'd you escape?" Vinnie asked. "Well that's what I'm not sure about. I just woke up one morning and the cage was open and Mace was no where to be seen so I ran off and days later was found by some Freedom Fighters." She answered.

Now in the Martian dessert Carbine had just found Throttle with his bike just outside the base. "Throttle I now it's hard but they're endangering Martian lives." She said stopping her own bike beside his and getting off. "Carbine I won't do it maybe she did go bad but but she's still Kit and no matter what she does I won't help you catch her just to put her in jail." He said turning a way from Carbine who was walking up beside him. "I know you still feel for her but she's not the same person you knew. She's not the Kit Alley any more. Now she's only a Plutarkian boot licker just like the rats." Carbine said putting an arm around Throttle who pushed it off. "She's not a Plutarkian boot licker! She hates them just like us. Her ways of getting rid of them maybe strange but I know she's knows what she's doing and I'm not going to stop her." He said "But Throttle she's killing innocent Martians! You your self said that killing innocent Martians isn't right. You have to stop her or we'll have to stop her the hard way." Carbine said getting up and walking to her bike. " The hard way?" he asked even thou he knew what it meant. "Yes we'll have to kill her and her Rebels." She answered. "But how would you get close enough to kill her?" he asked "We wouldn't have to we'd just set land mines up where ever she was last seen and wait." She said "But what if any other Martians walk on to the mines?" he asked knowing what she was trying to do. "Well Then we would have a problem on our hands. Wouldn't we? If you change your mind I'll be in my office." She said mounting her bike and riding off. "Damn it!" he mumbled to himself as he walked to his bike. "Damn you Carbine! You always did know how to get me to do what I didn't want to. Now you're making me go after Kit. This is the last time I'm taking orders from you or anybody Carbine!" He thought to himself as he mounted his bike and road off. As soon as he reached Freedom Fighter HQ he stopped in the garage area and grabbed a tool kit and started to tune up his bike.

Vinnie, in another area of Freedom Fighters HQ, had decided to go find Carbine and Throttle to see what Throttle is going to do. As he walked down halls fulled with mice he stopped when he heard what sounded like Modo. Walking into the room the sound came from he found Modo and Rimfire and a female mouse talking at a table. "Hi Bro! Have you met my sister April yet?" Modo asked "No don't think I have. Hi I'm Vinnie VanWham also known as the greatest biker in the galaxy." Vinnie said "Or biggest ego in the galaxy." Added Modo laughing. "Very funny Bro. Remind me to laugh. Have you seen Carbine or Throttle?" Vinnie asked, "Nope I was just about to go looking for them. Well see you later sis Rimfire. Let's get going Vinnie." Modo said walking out the door with Vinnie in hot pursuit.

Soon they found Carbine in her office. "Did he decide?" asked Vinnie walking in as Modo took a seat. "I don't think he has yet." She answered not looking up from what she was doing. "But he had better soon. The army thinks she's a danger to any Martian mouse." She finished. " The question is what do you think Carbine? Is she or isn't she a danger to other mice?" Modo asked, " To tell the truth I'm not really sure but it seems lately her attacks on Freedom Fighters have become more frequent and more aggressive." She answered. " But why is she attacking the Freedom Fighters? Is she working for Rats or Sand Raiders?" asked Modo. "I don't know that either. All we know is that she attacks us just before we attack any rat homes." She answered. "Ever think she was protecting the innocent rats? I know it's hard to think of but not all rats are bad. Will I'm going to find Throttle. Bye Carbine." Modo said walking out and heading for the garage.

"If I know Throttle right he'll be down in the garage working on his bike and thinking." Modo thought to himself as walking into the garage to find Throttle working at his bike. "Hi bro." he said walking up behind Throttle "Made a choice yet?" Modo asked, " I'm just not sure Modo. She was my best friend I just can't turn her in or make her give up." Throttle answered not looking up from what he was doing. "Maybe you should find her first and ask her why she's attacking the Freedom Fighters?" Modo asked " I would but she probably wouldn't recognize me." He said pulling out his wallet and showing Modo a picture of them together. "I don't think you changed that much bro." Modo said looking over the picture. "I guess not but what'll happen if I see her again? I still love her in away." Throttle asked taking back his wallet. "I can't help you their, bro, that's something that you'll have to face." Modo said walking back towards the door and leaving.

Soon Throttle was walking towards Carbine's office and stopped just before the door and knocked. "Come in." said Carbine from the other side of the door. " So changed you're mind?" she asked as he walked in. "I will do it only under two conditions. 1. She's allowed to explain herself before you and Stroker. 2. If she gives up the rest of her group goes free." He said taking a seat in front of her desk " You know you're asking me to pardon four killers for just one." She said looking up from the paper work she was doing. " It's either that or none." He said. "And why would I take only one if I can get all five?" Carbine asked. "Because I think she'll go quietly if I ask her but if we try to get the others I don't think she'd let us." Throttle said standing up. "I'll need some thorn up Freedom Fighter clothes and someone to help with my bike." He said stretching. "Ok I'll have Ace help with whatever you want done to you're bike and I think I know someone about you're size with some thorn up clothes." Carbine said going back to her work.

Throttle walked off and left Carbine to her work. "Have I done the right thing? Maybe she has good reasons for attacking the Freedom Fighters?" he thought to himself walking towards the lunchroom. Stopping outside the lunchroom Throttle hears the normal sounds of mice fighting, eating and drinking but one sound makes him walk in. "Harley?" Throttle asked a female mouse with brown fur and brown hair sitting next to Vinnie. "Hi Throttle!" she answered standing up and hugging him. "Harley! When did you get here?" Throttle asked "Take a seat and I'll tell you all about my days as a hostage." Harley said moving Vinnie and Modo a side to make room for Throttle.

About an hour later, Throttle walked out of the lunchroom and headed for the garage. "Hi. Do you know an Ace?" He asked a brown tall male Martian working on a bike. "I'm Ace and you must be Throttle." Said the Martian turning around to face Throttle. "Carbine told me you wanted something done to your bike." Ace said walking towards Throttle's bike witch was resting against a wall near them. "Yeah. Ok I need you to make my bike look like it's been in the desert for months. Dirty, hardly any oil, and hardly any gas etc." Throttle said, "Ok it should be easy enough." Ace said running his hands over Throttle's bike. "When do you want it done by?" Ace asked "Tomorrow if you can." Throttle said walking off. "Be ready tonight if you want it to be." Ace said. "Ok I'll be by to pick it up later tonight." Throttle said walking out the door and heading out for Carbine's office.

He arrived at Carbine's office to find her talking to a young recruit about his size. "Hi Throttle." She said as he walked in. "Am I interrupting something?" Throttle said standing by the doorway as the young mouse rushed by him. "No. Here go try these on." Carbine said handing him some Freedom Fighter clothes that looked like they went thou a war. Walking into a small room and closing the door Throttle put them on. "Perfect." He said walking out so that Carbine could see then walking back in and changing back to his normal clothes. "So when well your bike be done?" Carbine asked as he came out and took a seat in front of her. "Later tonight I'm going to pick it up." He answered getting comfortable in seat he was sitting in. "I'll have Harley give you a map of where they were last seen. Anything else you'll need?" she asked "Nope I have everything else I need." He answered getting up. "Well it's about dinner time. How about a early dinner?" he asked. "Good idea I missed lunch." She replied getting up and walking out the door with Throttle right behind.

Just outside the base, hours later, was Throttle and Ace double checking the map and Throttle's bike. "You did a good job." Said Throttle looking over his bike than turning back to the map Ace was holding. "Ok I left you just enough gas to go about 100 miles after that you're walking. They were last seen riding towards this area." Said Ace pointing out a place between the base and some caves. "I would say, if Kit is still thinking like she use to, she would hide in this on those hills made by that crater that over looks these caves." Said Throttle pointing to an area witch the name read "Jack's big hole in the ground." "Well then you're ready to go." Said Ace giving the map to Throttle. "Ride Free!" Throttle yelled as he road off.

Disclaimer: I don't own BMFM (But I wish I did) and make no money from these stories. Kit, Ace, Jaxs, Axe, Poison, and Excel are mine and you may only use them with my permission but you can draw them all you want.

The Renegades

Part 2

By JumpStart

Copyright JumpStart 1998 all rights reserved

As Throttle neared his target old memories ran thou his head. A 10-year-old looked at him from behind her father's legs. He returned the look and glared at her for a long time before her father set her down. Grabbing his hand she ran off towards a park like area. She jumped into a swing while he just stood mystified by what just happened. "Well? You going to push me or watch the world go by?" she giggled. "Uh Sure!" he said walking towards her. Just then the ground started to shake and it bombs lit up all around them. "What's going on?" she yelled getting off the swing and running to him. "I don't know!" He yelled back grabbed her hand and running off towards the nearest caves.

Two hours later two very scared and mystified mice crawl out of the rubble of what was once their home. Walking to the area where Throttle's family had lived all they found was a ring and lots of rubble. "Where's are moms and dads?" She asked looking at him hopefully. He just sighed and put the ring in her hand shaking his head. She put her head on his chest and cried for an hour before a noise could be heard in the distance. Looking around Throttle found the source of the noise was a male mouse. Throttle flipped him over to get a good look at him but neither Throttle or the girl knew him.