I get on profit from this story it is strictly for enjoyment and respect or the show. Thanks to everyone who wrote fanfics for the characters used.


September 01, 1997,Vixen, copyright

A bell rings and everyone runs for the door. "I am so glad that's over." Reimfire said as he walk trowds his locker. "Why Remifire it was just the hardest test this year!" said his friend walking towards his locker.
"Gage, Do ya think ya pasted that test?"
"Yes, why didn't you?"
"If I don't Stoker won't let me in the Freedom fighters. Besides dad and uncle Modo will be so disappointed in me..Lord that sounded cheesy !"
"Ha ha Umm...yea it did. Don't worry about it I......"
"HEY ya bums....How ya doin'." Barry yelled down the hall.
"Barry!! Ha ha hey my mouse how's it goin? Duncan s'up?" Rimfire was always happy to see the guys after class.
"Hey...Duncan...Berry." Said Gage as he got back from his locker. The guys looked at one another and said the things were fine. Berry perked up and look at the guys .
"Hey ya know what?"
"What" They seemed to say in unison.
Then the bell rang and they separated to go to the last class of the day. Rimfire and Barry off to a shop class, and Gage and Duncan off to Martian class.

With the school classes over the guys went to a place that was a favorite hag out, The Mud Pit, the meanest and hardest of bikers went there. These guys were no exception, they found a empty table to wait for Stoker and the rest of their education for the day. When he came they all went to the Freedom fighters Stronghold. Growling four hours of training from Stoker and they were done for the day. Duncan got a stupid look as an idea came to him. "Hey guys do ya want to go to the Mesa Mall?" Rimfire thought for a minute. "Why not I mean it would be a little less stressful." The other two just went for the ride.

The mall was a busy place. Mice running here, there, and everywhere after really nothing at all. Gage went into a music shop. He always went there first. Rimfire and Barry went to the food court. It seemed like they were always hungry. Duncan went into a bookstore and look for comics. Meeting back up at the Red Planet Arcade, they played arcade until dark. Then went their separate ways for home.

Being in his late twenties, reminiscing back to the day when everything seemed easier, Remfire sat in an enemy held battle grounds. Days of war are long and gave a mouse along time to think. Rimfire missed his family and friends. Boom!!! "Good lord what was that?" he screamed. The officer beside him didn't say anything. Gage yelled over at him "ya ready dork?" He just gave Gage the typical "What ever jerk face." Explosions left and right ,the battle raged on, hours, days, weeks. Finally what seemed like an entity it was over and the soldiers could go home.

Riding his filthy bike home Rimfire kept think of his family ,he left three years ago. As he pulled into the driveway, he could imagine how surprised they would be that he was home, how big his little sister gotten, how mom will cry ,and how his dad would squeeze him to death. Standing in front of the door he had dreamed of so many times. He said "Well here I go."

Opening the door, he heard his mother, "Dear is that you? Would you go get Chrome, its time to eat." Smiling he said "Sure I'll go get her." Storm ,with a confused look, ran form the kitchen to find Rimfire. "AAHHH, she screamed as tears ran down her checks and she hugged him,. Rimfire your homeOh let me look at you." She cried. She turned him round and round looking for wounds that weren't there.
Then she go the notion, "Have you eaten yet..son?" Rimfire could just shake his head. She was so beautiful to see. Chrome walked in "Hey mom whats for dinner" she said as she walk right pasted Rimfire just to stop short and grab him. "You jerkyou would've just let me walk past wouldn't you?" she said crying. He hugged her until he heard a sound in the garage. Centerline walked in kissed his wife, nudged Chrome, looked at Rimfire, tears starting to brim in his eyes. Nothing was said for awhile. "Hey ya goin' to leave me hanging ,dad?" Rimfire finally managed to say outstretching his arms. "Boy, you're goin' to regret that?" Centerline said as he jumped on his son for a good a fashioned fight. They fought and wrestled until dinner.

The end.