A Regular Romantic

by Racergirl

April 8, 2000

Disclaimer- I do not own the BMFM. If i did i would be a well off, But
unforturnitly for me i can't own them because of laws and stuff. I use
their characters without their permission, But i mean no harm in my stories
that i write so i hope they can forgive me. Throttle and Carbine of course
do not belong to me, But no worries. I will not steel. (Note: Forgive any spelling
errors ya may incounter)

Date of story: April 5, 2000

The park was vary lovely and full of life. The blossoms were blooming, The birds were cherping to a sweet melody, Even the soft breaze made the trees
and flowers just seem to dance on that warn spring day. Carbine had come down
on her time off to spend time with Throttle before she had to go back. It
has been 2 months since Throttle asked her to marry him. They had spend
those 2 months plaining and arranging everything for the wedding. Now, She
was spending some peaceful time with her husband to be. Throttle had set
up a nice, Cozy little picnic just a short time before she had arrived at
the the part. Now, They both say on the blanket, Staring loveingly into
each others eyes. Not wanting to look away. Smiling, Throttle said "
Carbine, I have something for you" He started to rummage through a bad he
had in his lap.
Carbine looked at the package "Oh, What is it?" She was curious to what it
was. "Close your eyes" Throttle said exsitedly "Ok" she said, Opening her
hands to recive his gift. He handed to her a square-shaped box. She opened
it and in that moment her jaw dropped. Inside she saw the most beautiful
ruby bracelet she has ever seen. "Oh Throttle, It's.........It's
beautiful." She was in complete awe of it. "Yes it is, But it is a dim
light, Compaired to you raident beauty" He said. Taking the bracelet, He
gently and carefully placed the bracelet on her wrist. "Thank you
Throttle. i love it" She threw arms around him and gave him a kiss. "But
wait. Theres more my love" He then got up and walked over to his biker.
In this compartment was a CD player with batteries in it for easier access.
He walked over to the picnic area, Put the radio carefully on the ground,
Put in some jazz and walked over to his lady love. "Carbine, May i have
this dance?" Carbine was so happy she diden't even think about being in
public. "Yes, Of course" She stood up and and went into
his loving arms. He held her with carefully and with such love. dacing in
each others arms was such a moment of love it made everything seem like a
dream. Reality diden't enter in. Everything was perfect. No a care in
the world. "Throttle, Thank you for everything we have gone through.
Thank you for your love. Thank you for it all" She said looking deep into
his golden eyes of love. He smiled and held her even closer. "My love. I
love you always. I will be there for you no matter what, So thank you for
the bottom on my loving heart" He said into her ear. When the music
stopped, They did not stop. It was wonderful. Springtime love was
defently in the air that day for Throttle and Carbine who were in each
other arms. After awhile of dancing...
Throttle asked Carbine if she wanted to go down to the lake and watch the
sun set. She happily said yes.


At the lake............


At the lake shore, Overlooking the the water, The sun was setting slowly in
the western sky. Throttle and Carbine sat on a nearby bench, Holding each
other close as they quietly watched the sunset. Carbine looked up and
Throttle and said "Throttle, I will always love you now and forever"
Smiling warmly, Throttle replied "I will always love you too now and
forever" was all they said right before the sunset and they exchanged
kisses of such love and romance.

The End?????