By Hayden

Another body emptied from soul
Engulfed by my infernal breath
Blood lust over me I'm losing control
Condemned to suffer you'll rest
As you follow me into infinity

Rimfire pushed the thug away and let him fall to the ground. Wiping his mouth of blood, he growled low in his throat. Rage and hate filled him. The man was dead. Good.


And evil grin curled his lips.

The sweet serenity is broken
By the angels weep and there will be
Bloodshed - Godshed

He was a monster. And he was starting to enjoy it. Every night, taking the blood got easier and easier. With a grin he walked out of the alley on to the main street. Rim was on a high and he never wanted to come down. He could do anything to anyone. Hell, he could DO anyone. Maybe he'd go down to Bourbon Street, look for some pretty young thing

My soul has turned to black
Nothing exists now but pain
I shall no return
Dead I will remain
And you'll follow me into my lechery

The thought made him stop dead in his tracks. What the hell was he thinking.but the thought of drinking some pretty young things sweet sweet blood..

Bloodshed - Godshed
I must be bloodfed - Bloodborn

~I'm a monster..~

Rimfire roared, as his internal tore him apart. He knew whose blood he wanted. Craved. God, he craved her blood. Sweet sweet blood..

Another body bleeds from its soul
Victim for my infernal need
I'm in control, your blood in me
Condemned to suffer my insanity
And you shall lead me into obscurity

"DAM YOU DAMION!!!!!" Rimfire screamed into the night. "GODDAM YOU!!!! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS I SWEAR IT!!"

Bloodshed, Godshed
I want to see you dead

Falling to his knees, he began to shake uncontrollably. Needing to cry, but unable to.

"God dam you Damion"

Rain started to pour down on him.

"God dam me"

His hands covered his face.