I am in no way at all making any money off of this story. This story is for the reading pleasure of all the Biker Mice from Mars fans such as myself. I caution viewers for this story contains SEXUAL IMPLICATIONS and GRAPHIC DETAIL. So, if you don't have the stomach for this kind of visual writing, then please do not read. I apologize for the length of this story. Anyone who would like to use my new characters are more than welcome. To find out about Maula, read Protector From Mars?.


(By N-E-K Givan Feb.5, 1998)

Copyright 1998 N-E-K

5:00 P.M

Scene 1: At Quigley Field Hideout

(As the guys watch the Chicago Bears play the New England Patriots Throttle realized that it was getting late and that the game wasn't going to be over for a while.)
Throttle: Hey bros. (paying him no attention so he yells): YO, BROS!!!!!!!!!
Modo(nearly falling out of the sign): Whats up Throttle?
Vinnie(jumping out of his fur): Yeah bro, you made me miss the kickoff.
Throttle: Exactly, its 5:00p.m and the game isn't going to be over until nine o'clock, and after that game the baseball game is on tonight. We should call Cahrley and tell her that we'll be over late.
Modo: Good idea bro. We don't want to worry her.
Vinnie(still watching the game): Ok bro, but which one will make the call?
Throttle and Modo(looking at each other): YOU WILL!!!!
Vinnie(sulking): Oh,.......... why me?
Throttle: Because, my dear Vincent, you asked, it only makes it fair.
Vinnie(walking to the C.B): Alright bro, I'll do it. (talking into the radio): Hey Charley girl, come in. Are you there sweetheart? Over.
Charley on radio: Yeah Vin, I hear ya. Whats up?
Vinnie: Did you cook yet?
Charley: No, not yet, why Vin?
Vinnie: Good, because we are going to stay at the stadium until both the football and baseball games are over. Ok?
Charley(trying ti hide the happiness in her voice): Oh, ok Vin. Well you guys just have fun.
Vinnie: Thanks Charley girl, your the best! (He then turns the signal off and turns to his bros): We are in the clear!!!! She wasn't even mad.
Modo: Great!!! Throttle, get the popcorn.

5:05 P.M
Scene 2: Last Chance garage

(As Charley put the radio back in her room, Maula walked to her doorway. She noticed that Charley had the biggest smile on her face, which isn't very commen.)
Maula: Why so happy Charley? Not that its a bad thing.
Charley(looking at Maula): Maula, the guys aren't coming back here until 2:00 a.m. They are staying at the field to watch both the football and baseball game!!!!
Maula(trying to hold her joy in): So, what your trying to tell me is, that WE have the house to ourselves?
Charley(who can't hold back the excitment any longer): YESSSS GIRLLL!!!!!!!! WEEEE ARE GOING TO HAVE US SOME FUN!!!!!!!
Maula: Yeah baby, LADIES NIGHT!!!!!!!
(They both start to jump around the garage and dance wildly out of joy. They can now watch what THEYwant to watch on the television, wear whatever they want without Modo trying to cover them up or Throttle and Vinnie drooling, and eat as much junk as they want without sharing. It was like dying and going to heaven. After the jumping around like little kids, they worked up quite a sweat and decided to take a shower,......together. They washed each other's hair and once out, helped blow dry. They then went into their rooms and put on the sexiest lounging clothes they owned. Charley was wearing a half top with a pair of hot pants {shorter than dazzy dukes} while Maula put on a sports bra and a pair of sweat shorts without underwear. Then they headed straight towards the kitchen for some snacks. Once they were finished rallying up the popcorn, candy, and sodas, they parked their pretty little buns on the couch and turned directly to the romance station.)
.....I will search the earth for you my love, if it takes all my life, I will find you!.....
Maula: Awwwwwwww, thats so sweet!
Charley(wiping the tears from her eyes): I know. Now if only a man would say that to me.
Maula(curious): What would you do?
Charley(dirty smile): Girl, you'll have to turn off the television for that answer, cause its so BAD, hahaha, that you would think we were watching a movie that the guys usually watch. (the both start to laugh): Its dirteee!!
Maula: OOOOHHHHHHHH GIRLLLL!!! Girl talk time!!!!!! (she then turns off the T.V)

(Back at Quigley field)
Throttle: Hey bros, what do you think the girls are doing right now?
Vinnie: Awwwwww, probably missing MY handsome dashing devinear features and.....
Modo(cutting him off): You.....are sad Vinnie. Very, very, very sad.
Throttle: Wow bro, I haven't seen your head swell so much since we were back on Mars. hehehe
Vinnie: Funneeee!! Now, can we get back to the game bros?
Modo: Thats got him to shut up quickly! We should do it more often.
Throttle: Yep.

(Back at the garage)
Maula: Ok Charley girl, here's a question. Now remember, these stay between the two of us. Which of the mice are you willing to sleep with? Or even better, fatasize about sleeping with and explain.
Charley: Something told me that you were going to ask me that question. (not even taking time to think of the answer since she knew): Vinnie. Just the thought of to roll my hands up his nice tight chest gives me goose bumps. To feel him wrap his hands around my hips and rub down to my thighs and back, girllll, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph. To feel him squeeze me and feel his hips move with mine with the ease of a wave in the ocean. Shall I go on?
Maula(interested in her answer): Please, continue.......
Charley: Ok. You see how, oh, how should I put it..., excited when a fight comes around?
Maula: Yeah?
Charley: Well, I wonder, I wonder if he can last as long as he can fight.
Maula(thinking of her reply): Wow Charley girl, thats a long time! Now that I think of it, he's a regular mandingo.
Charley: I wonder if he is gentle or just a sock it to me.
Maula(grinning): What if he's both? (she sees that Charley's mind is wandering in the gutter at the point in time): Hey Charley girl, wanna share the thought?
Charley(snapping out): Oh, its just what we're talking about.
Maula: Your doing MORE than thinking about it, your giving it THOUGHT!!!! Face it Charley girl, you want him!!! You want him as bad as you want to watch the tube when the guys are here. Your just too bullheaded to let it flow from your lips. Too scared Mr. Swelled head will agree that you have been eyeing him from day one and last but not least, admit that his body has got it going on!!!!!
Charley: Your reading me like a book you know that right?
Maula: Yeah, I know.
Charley(looking evilly): Now, you, same question.
Maula: Oh boy, your going to have fun with me I bet.
Charley: Yep.

7:20 P.M

(Back at the field)
Modo: Hey guys, the girls didn't call to ask us if we were hungry.
Throttle: Sure didn't. I wonder what they are doing?
Vinnie: Ok, ok, ok sure, they didn't call back to ask us if we'were hungry, so what!! We're all set! We have all the food we need here.
Modo: They must be having a whole lot of fun without us.
(Suddenly, the game didn't seem too interesting anymore.)

(Back at the garage)
Maula: Well Charley girl, I would have to say Modo.
Charley: Awwww
Maula: And Throttle.
Charley: Huh?
Maula: And Vinnie
Charley: Your kidding?
Maula: Nope. I have dreams about each one, but the one I want most is Modo. You wanted to know.
Charley: Your starting to think like me.
Maula: I would call you inhuman if you were to live in this house with three of the biggest, cutest, and kindest mice on Mars and not have a single dirty thought about them, or at least one.
Charley: True. Very true. Vinnie is my first pick though. But your story I am waiting for.
Maula: Ok here goes. Right now I am picturing him feeding me a piece of cake with lots, and lots of icing. He then scoops some of the icing off of the cake and places it on my breast and gently and slyly makes his way there and licks it off. To feel him rub his furry head in my chest and feel the warm breath will cause more than goose bumps. To feel him caress my back with his left hand and squeeze me tight with the bionic arm. Both hands big and very strong, but so gentle. To put me against the wall and pick up one of my legs and stroke it up and down with mastered down strokes. (licking her lips): Oh girl, that'll do it right there, but I'm greedy, I want more!!!!! (Seeing Charley look at her in full attention): To feel him grind his hips and manhood and move with me as if we were doing some kind of dirty dancing, and last but certainly not least, to grab that big round butt and hold on for dear life!!!
Charley(giving her a high five): OOHHH girl, I thought I was bad!!!
Maula: Well, you still are. (thinking): Hey Charley, what if the guys came back early and seen what we re wearing?
Charley: Thats not going to happen, but if it does, I wouldn't care if Vinnie were to hold me right now.
Maula: Girl, you are too much!!

(Back at Quigley field)
Vinnie: Ok, I'm getting mad because I'm not being considered important!
Modo: No, your just being ignored.
Throttle: I wonder what their talking about bros.
Vinnie: Well then, lets go find out. When we get to the street ofthe garage, we'll turn off the bikes and walk the rest of the way to sneak up on them.
Modo: Oh, Vinnie thats low....
Throttle: Thats dirty...
Mice: Thats PERFECT!!

(Back at the garage)
Maula: Hey Charley, since the guys aren't going to be back for a while, lets go out!
Charley: Where?
Maula: To a club. We can go clubbin'.
Charley: Great idea!!!! The guys won't even know that we left. You have an outfit?
Maula: Yeah, I have something.
(The two women head up to their rooms and pick out some outfits to wear. Charley picked out a pair of tight cotton leggings and a pair of casual dress boots with a half top and leather jacket. Maula picked out a pair a black velvet cat suit with her over the knee boots and leather jacket. The two women were looking good enough for any man to take a bite out of. They were ready to go, but their only problem was that the guys had just arrived to the garage doors downstairs. As they start their way downstairs, they are greeted by the mice.)
Vinnie: Uh huh, and where do you think you two are going?
Maula: Uh.....uh......to...the uh...store..yeah, thats it! The store.
Throttle: Ok, we'll give you a ride.
Maula: No, no, no!!!! Uh....I mean, thats not necessary Throttle, we can make it there on our own. (She tried to crack a smile): So, we'll be on our way.
Modo(blocking the door): First, put some clothes on.
Charley: Damn, caught!!!
Vinnie(mad): Planning to go clubbin' it looks like..............without US!!!!!
Charley: Are you suppose be our 24-7 chaperones or something?
Vinnie(mad): YEAH, thats right sweetheart!
Charley(giving in in a fearful voice): Well, ok you win, I'll go up stairs and change.
Maula(seeing the expression on Modo's face, telling her to do the same): Right behind you gal.
(They reach the upstairs and head to Charley's room.)
Maula: Well, I'm still going to dance. Turn on the radio, and blast it to the highest level on the dial.
Charley: You got it!!!!
(The guys now hear Charley's radio blasting a slow but dancible beat. They head upstairs and see that the girls are dancing.)
Modo: What's the name of the song?
Both girls: My Heart Will Go On and On by Celine Dion.
Vinnie(to Charley): May I have this dance sweetheart?
Charley(looking at Maula): Come on, if you can hang?
Vinnie(he grabs her by the hips and starts to grind): Oh I can. But can you handle it?

(Modo and Throttle look at each other and see that Vinnie is having a grand ol' time dancing with the woman he was too chicken to tell how he felt about. They then look at Maula having a grand time dancing. Modo decides to take her from the back and dance with her that way. Then Throttle being bored, decided to dance with Maula from the front. Everyone was having fun. Modo enjoyed dancing with Maula, even if he had to share her, he made sure that she was his by wrapping his tail around her waist and pressing her as close to him as he could, but still allowing Throttle to dance too, holding her hips. The day went better than anyone thought. Non of them wanted the song to end. Maula then placed her hand and clamped Modo"s neck and with her other hand, grabbed Throttle by the ear and then his neck and moved even more to the rhythm of the song. Vinnie had Charley pulled as close to him as possible, making sure she wasn't going anywhere. His hips moving in sync with hers all the way to the floor and back up again. He then gripped her butt and rubbed and stroked and Charley grasped his chest and enjoyed the embrace. He then came close to her face a blew on her lips and gave her a slight kiss teasing her. He then went down and buried his head into her chest and kissed each one. He then looked up at her and noticed that her mind was on more than dancing. She then looked down into his reddish-pink beady eyes and seen the hunger for her in them. As the song went off another good one followed.

Breakdown by Mariah Carey Throttle decided to sit this dance out and go downstairs. He gave Maula a kiss and left the room. Modo gets in front of her and starts to dance slow with her stroking her hair and holding her ever so tightly. Vinnie pulled Charley even closer than before and held her for a while. Their eyes met and thats when the shyness between them of showing all their true feelings for each other fell apart. They were now known. He couldn't take another minute looking at her, he had to kiss her. He gave her a kiss that set both of their petty little sparks afire. Modo and Maula danced looking into each other's eyes, pulling each other close and squeezing tightly but ever so gently. He then caressed her face and bent down to kiss her. His kiss sent shivers down her spine. She grabbed a hold of his neck and brought his face down to hers. The dance was no longer just slow. They started to wind to the music more than before. Modo then started showing a different side, the side of him losing the control being a gentleman. He started for one of her breast and played with it while looking at her, never taking his eyes off of her. He then gave her a fiery kiss that lasted almost through half the song. Vinnie and Charley were too bust with each other to see what was happening with Modo and Maula. They now started to grab each other more than before, even tighter, assuring themselves that each partner was not going anywhere. Vinnie then led Charley to the wall and grinded her to the point of where she was about to explode with the fiery desire to take her to the border that she wanted to cross. He then licked her neck and her chin until he arrived at her lips. Biting the bottom lip for her to contain her loud moan of pleasure. The feelings that both had at this particular moment lasted long long after the song was over. Modo and Maula both came back to reality as much as they didn't want to.)
Modo(looking her in the eyes): Lets go downstairs and see what throttle is doing.
Maula: Sounds good to me.
(The two close the door and head down stairs and leave Vinnie and Charley in her room.)
Vinnie(hearing the door close): There gone sweetheart. (he says in a whisper): So, did I hang with you dancing or what?
Charley: Shut up and give me what I want.
Vinnie: And that is?
Charley: You.