Quantum Mice

Prelude and Part 1

by Starr

October 30,1998

Copyright 1998 Starr all rights reserved


I hold no stock in any Bikermice or Quantum Leap imports. I write this story for simple entertainment of Bikermice/Quantum Leap fans on the Internet. Enjoy!!

March 6, 1989

Sam's eyes cleared to focus on a huge building wall, which he was racing
for at top speed. He deperately tried to glance around and see where he
was, but the motorcycle he rode was moving to fast.
"Time to rock and fly!" shouted a deep voice from behind him. Two more
motorcyclists pulled up near him. The two riders quickly pulled back on
their bike's so they were parallel with the building's side.
Sam's eyes nearly shot out of his head as the rode up the side of the
wall, and kept going, like riding the pavement.
"Whoa!" he cried out. And the bike did just that, sending Sam flying
into building's side, face first.
Sam lay in the street for a moment, cathing back the air that had been
kicked out of his chest. Then he tested each bone, muscle, tendon, and
nerve in his host's body.
"Hey, Vinne," came a deep voice from over his head, "you okay?"
Sam slowly pushed himself up to a sitting position but found he couldn't
raise his head.
"I think so," Sam said, "at least nothing's broken."
"Nothing but his ego anyway, right Vinnie?" said a softer voice from
beyond him.
Slowly, Sam raised his head to see a lightly tanned man sitting on a
sleek, black bike, watching him.
"At least I'm supposed to know what I'm doing,"Sam thought,"No
danger of me committing suicide."
The figure in front of him bent down closer to Sam's face. He couldn't
make out much of his face, but Sam got the impression that he was rather
strong and fatherly-figure.
"You'd better be careful next time," the man said, "You'll end up
hurting the other half of your face."
Sam pulled of his own helmet and touched his face. One half flt normal,
but the other half was coverd by a metal mask.
"Great," he said to himself out loud, "I'm supposed to be some sort of
Phantom of the Motorcycle."
The man facing him removed his own helmet and Sam's eyes went wide with
surprise. Standing in front of him was a talking mouse, with an eyepatch
over his left eye and a arm made of steel.
"Throttle," the mouse shouted, "I think Vinnie may have hurt himself
worse than we thought!"
"Oh, boy," Sam thought.



Part 1

Sam rode behind the other two mice, trying to sort his thoughts. All he
knew so far that his name was Vinnie Van Wham, a mouse originally from
Mars, but now lived on Earth, with a mission to stop a guy named
Limburger. His friends were Modo and Throttle. They had all been on
Earth for almost a year, trying to capture Limburger and return him to
Mars for trial.
"How ya' doin' back there, Vinnie?" called Throttle.
Sam waved his assurance at him. He had decided that Throttle was an okay
guy. He was quiet, gentle and easy to talk to. He also had decided that
Throttle was also a real ladies' mouse. Those sunglasses must really get
a girl's attention.
"Al would really like this guy," Sam thought, "If he'll ever
get here."
The bikes stopped at small garage.
"Okay, bros," called Throttle, "Charley's gonna want to take a look at
Vinnie's bike, so we've got time."
Sam followed the other's in to the room. Inside was a well-cleaned
apartment, complete with electricity, food and furniture.
"Whoever this Charlie is, he's really good at keeping clean,"Sam
"Hey, guys," called a rather feminie voice from the next room, "How'd it
go with the modifications?"
A young woman, who looked to be somwhere in her early twenties, emerged
from the next room, smiling.
"Pretty good, Charley-ma'm," Modo stated, "but Vinnie kind of...uh..."
Charley frowned and stared hotly at Sam. Sam felt himself blush.
"Don't tell me you were showing off on the bike, Vinnie," she said
icily, "I told you to be careful!"
"I was," Sam said sincerley, " I was just, sort of, unprepared
Charley sighed and patted his shoulder, understandingly. Then she walked
out to the garage.
"Vinnie," Throttle said, "If you keep giving her the boy scout routine,
you'll never get a date."
Sam could tell he was teasing.
"Are you serious," came a new voice, "Being a boy scout is his forte'."
Sam turned to see Al Calavicci, dressed in a dark outfit, complete with
"Hey, uh, bros?" Sam stuttered out, "I'll be right back. Nature calls."
Sam entered the bathroom and took a good look at himself. He was a white
mouse, dressed in torn jeans, with no shirt, but strands of grenades and
bullets were strapped to his chest. He had a red bandanna around his
neck, and a metal mask covering the right half of his face.
"Al," Sam wailed, "I'm some kind of freak!"
Al fiddled with the handlink, with eminated a series a beeps and
"Not really Sam," Al said, "Ziggy says that for your species, you're in
top condition."
"For a mouse, you mean," Sam said wearily.
Well,you and your friends, Throttle and Modo, are all from Mars. It's
March 6, 1989 and you're in Chicago.
"What's Ziggy say I'm here to do?" Sam pushed the issue.
"All we got is something about stopping a nozzle named Lim..." Al
slapped the handlink, "..burger. Limburger. He's some sort of
intergalactic gangster who you've been after since he trashed your home
on Mars and experimented on you and the others."
Sam stopped and stared at the hologram.
"Yeah," Al said, "A doctor named Karbunkle took you to his lab and gave
Modo a arm that has a gun to replace the one he lost. You were gonna'
get an armored face."
What about Throttle?" Sam asked, hoping the mouse had escaped.
Al shook his head.
"He's got a pair of bionic eyes that are a little ka-ka," Al said, "He's
almost completely blind. The sunglasses he wears helps him see."
"So if I help them capture Limburger, I'll Leap out, right?" Sam asked.
Al shook his head.
"Ziggy says you're here to save Charley," Al's eyes widened with lusty
surprise, "Ziggy says she's a dish!"
"Al, could we?" Sam said sharply, "How does she die?"
Al watched the handlink a moment and raised his eyes to meet Sam's.
"She doesn't die, Sam," he said quietly, "she's captured by Limburger
and is made a slave, like you would've been."
Sam closed his eyes and opened the bathroom door. He walked to the
garage and watched Charley on the fractured bike.
"Oh, boy,"he thought.

More to come soon!!!