I am in no way at all making any profit off of this story. This story is only written for the reading pleasure of The Biker Mice From Mars fans such as myself.

Protector From Mars?

Part: 1

(By: N-E-K Givan Jan.23. 1998)

Copyright 1998 N-E-K

8:00 P.M.

Scene 1: Inside the Last Chance Garage

( The setting takes place zooming to the Last Chance Garage. There, inside the mice wait for Charley to come back from picking up dinner from the Windy City Pizza Parlor. As the mice sit in the livingroom waiting for her they start to drift off to sleep. Vinnie is trying to fight his sleepy state to wait up for Charley to ensure her safety. Suddednly, the telephone rings.)
Vinnie(In a sleepy but alert vioce): Hello.
Person on the phone: I'm looking for Charley!!
(It is a woman on the phone and she insists on speaking to Charley.)
Vinnie(In an angry voice): She ain't here, whats it to you, sweetheart?
Woman on phone(In even more demanding vioce): I want to speak to Charlene Davidson, I have the right house right?
Vinnie(Getting steamed, practically yelling): Yeah sweetheart, you do, but she ain't here, can't you here? (He then slams the phne down.)
(The phone rings again. Vinnie answers)
Vinnie(Trying to hide anger): Hello.
(Again, its the woman)
Woman on the phone(Shouting now): Where is Charley, its a matter of life or death!!!!!!!!!
Vinnie(Shouting so loud that he wakes Throttle and Modo): Listen lady, if your in any way threatening Charley, so help me, I will..........(He slams the phone to the receiver)
(The phone rings again. This time Throttle wants to answer it but Vinnie snatches the phone and tells Throttle that there is a person harassing Charley and he was going to give them a piece of his mind.)
Vinnie(With a deep scratchy and scary threatening voice): Listen lady, if you ever call here again, I will personally see to it that you'll pay for the harassment your doing to Charley, GOT THAT??!!!??
(Vinnie doesn't know that he is now yelling at Charley)
Charley(In shock): I just wanted to know if I ordered the right toppings on the pizzas Vinnie!!
Vinnie(Feeling shock as well, noting that he yelled at the wrong person): Charley girl, I'm sorry!!! Someone has been calling here demanding to talk to you. They said its a matter of life or death!
(Charley tried to think of anyone that called her saying the same exact thing that Vinnie said. She then remembered that someone did call her. A woman, but she didn't pay her any mind. )
Charley(In a questionable voice): Was the person a woman Vinnie?
Vinnie(In shock because she didn't tell him): Yeah she was. Why didn't you say something to us Charley? (Started to shout uncontrolling): Do you know how much danger you can probably be in? (Shouting at the top of his lungs): DO YOU???
Charley(Very angry): Don't you EVER yell at me Vinnie!!!!!! You are not my father!!
(Charley slams the pay phone on the receiver.)

8:30 P.M

Scene 2: Charley is now back at the garage

(Back at the garage, Throttle and Modo are trying to grasp the whole situation between Vinnie, Charley and the phone call. Throttle and Modo are now trying to calm Vinnie down. As soon as he is, Charley enters the garage with the food. She then walks into the kitchen and not even bothering to talk to the guys. She then lays the food down and heads to her room. Vinnie follows her.)
Vinnie(In a calm voice): Hey Charley?
Charley(Slow turning around, reluctant to see him): Yes, Vinnie, what do you want!???!
Vinnie: Whats going on sweetheart? Whats up with that phone call?
Charley(Getting mad at the subject): Will you stay out of my business!!! This has nothing to do with you, or the guys, Ok?
(Before Vinnie could respond to Charley's cold answer, she ran up the stairs and slammed her door stut. Vinnie stares at her door for a few minutes and then heads back stairs. He walks into the kitchen to see that Throttle and Modo were already eating. He tried to regain his appetite for food but was unable. He was too mad and too worried about Charley. Throttle took notice on how Vinnie was acting.)
Throttle(Mouth full of pizza): Hey Vin, aren't you going to eat?
Modo(Barely understandable from him stuffing his face): Yeah bro, its your favorite kind. Pepperoni, sauasage, ham, extra cheese, and green peppers. (Beginning to rub his furry stomach) YUMMY!!!!(Crumbs falling from his mouth)
Vinnie: Naw bros, I'm not in the mood to eat.
(He then walked into the livingroom and picked up the remote and went channel surfing. He then heard the phone ring. He went to go answer it, but when he picked the phone up he heard that Charley got to it first. He starts to ease drop on the conversation. It was the woman that called earlier.)
Charley(Anxiously asking): Why are you calling here? Is this a practical joke, cause if it is, then stop calling.
Woman on phone: This no joke, I assure you that. This is serious. Now listen up, you are in a lot of danger. It is my job to protect you. I already know that you and the big cheese are enemies, he is mine also!
(Vinnie's nerves turn to ice when he hears that the woman knows about Charley being on the opposite side of Limburger. Charley, just as shocked, didn't know what to expect next. She is now wondering whether this woman is following her or is coming to KILL her, or if she really was really there to protect her.)
Charley(Frantic): Who are you? What do you want from me?
Woman on phone: I am here to help you. I was originally from earth, but was kidnapped by by Limburger's scientist Karbunkle. Listen, it is unsafe to talk on the phone, I need to see you so we can talk.
(Vinnie, in disbelief from the things that the mysterious woman has revealed to Charley. He quickly hangs up the phone softly enough so Charley wouldn't know that he was spying and then flies into the kitchen to inform Throttle and Modo, who are still eating, of what he just heard.)
Vinnie: Guys, we have to talk!!
Throttle(Wiping his mouth of sauce): Can't it wait until we're done Vin?
Vinnie(In a blast of impatience): NO!!!! Its about Charley! I she may be in trouble. BIG trouble.
(Throttle and Modo both stop eating and start to listen)
Modo(Mouth still full): Okay bro, you got our attention, spill it!
Vinnie: Okay, I was ease-dropping on Charley's phone call and I................
Throttle(Interuppting): You did what?
Vinnie(Trying to explain): Will you listen first! I had good intention. Remember that call earlier for Charley? You know, the one I yelled at?
Throttle and Modo: Yeah..
Vinnie: Well, that was her on the phone there. She knows Charley is Limburger's enemy. She says that she use to be from earth, but Karbunkle turned her into a crossbreed! Well, she didn't actually say that, but thats what I figured, if she was originally from Earth.
(throttle and Modo are both in shock. They know that that can happen. It did with Centerline)
Vinnie: That woman wants to meet Charley, thats all I heard.
(As the guys were talking about the situation, Charley walked down stairs for some food, but to her surprise, they were talking about her conversation with that woman. She felt very mad but hid her anger to see HOW much they knew. Modo catches Charley in the doorway and tries to tell the guys to stop talking but they do not listen. Charley then clears her throat and leaves the house to meet the woman. Even though she wanted to eat before she left, she couldn't stomach the fact that they wouldn't give her any privacy.)
Vinnie: Wait, Charley, where are you going?
Charley(In a sarcastic but angry voice): Well, Vincent, if you were to stay on the phone a little longer, you would JUST KNOW WHERE I WAS GOING!!!!
(She then stormed down the street and was out of sight. Vinnie walks back into the house and hears the phone ring. Vinnie answers again.)
Vinnie: Hello.
Woman on phone: Good, she left.(She then quickly hangs up the phone before Vinnie could respond)
(Vinnie remains holding the phone in unsurity. Throttle and Modo then enter the livingroom)
Throttle: Vinnie, why are you still holding the phone? Can't you hear the busy signal?
(Vinnie doesn't respond to Throttle. He feels like screaming her name out of worry and frustration)
Modo(Taps Vinnie on the shoulder): Hey Vinnie, bro, are you okay?
Vinnie(Squeezing the phone to the point where he breaks it, he screams): Charleyyyyy!!!!!
(He then throws the phone ((whats left of it)) against the wall and starts to run towards the door, but Modo catches him)
Modo: Hey, hey , hey calm down bro. I'm sure she's fine.
Vinnie(In a voice of deep worry): It was that woman again. Charley's gone to see her!!

Is Charley in danger?

Part 2: Protecting Who?

(By: N-E-K Givan Jan.23, 1998)

Copyright 1998 N-E-K

9:00 P.M.

Scene 1: Last Chance Garage

(The setting immediately goes inside the garage where the guys are sitting at a little table wondering where Charley could have met the mysterious woman. Vinnie gets up and starts to pace back and forth out of worry. Throttle is starting to get annoyed.)
Throttle: Hey come down Vinnie. I'm sure that Charley's ok.
Vinnie: I'm gonna need a lot more insurance than that bro.
(He is now pacing even more rapid than before. Then, suddenly, catching everyone off guard, the phone rings. Everyone sits in silence jus listening to the phone ring. Modo decides to answer it since he is the calmest out of the group.)
Modo: Uh,....hello?
Charley on phone: Modo, hey. I'm sorry for my attitude tonight. May I speak to Vinnie,if he's there?
Modo(With a smile on his big fluffy handsome face): Vinnie, Charley's fine. (He sees the expression of relief on Vinnie's face): She wants to talk to you!!
Throttle(Teasing Vinnie): WHEW Vinnie, lover boy!!!
Vinnie(Thinking to himself about Throttle's comment): If only you truely new. (He takes the phone from Modo): Charley?
Charley: I'm so sorry Vinnie for the way I acted tonight. I know that you were just worried about me. I'm sorry for over-reacting. Will you forgive me?
Vinnie: Of course sweet heart!!! By the way, I'm sorry for listening to your conversation, I was just worried about..........(He stops and then remembers that she was suppose to meet that woman. He asks in worry): Where are you now? Are you okay?
Charley(With a little giggle): I'm fine Vinnie! I am at the park down the street from the garage.
Vinnie(Covers the phone and blows a sigh of relief): Okay, I will come and get you.(He then hangs up the phone and heads for his bike. He then looks at the guys): I'll be back. I'm going to get Charley.
Throttle and Modo: Ride safe Vin.
Vinnie(In a assuring voice): Hey, don't I always!?!! ( He starts to laugh): Hahahahahahahahowwwoo!!!!

9:30 P.M

Scene 2: The Meeting

(He then rides off to the park. When he gets there he sees Charley sitting on the bench. She looked cold. He pulls up to her and gets off the bike.)
Vinnie: Hey sweetheart, are you cold? (He sees her shiverring)
Charley(Lying): No Vinnie, I'm fine. (She was trying to make herself look warm.)
Vinnie(Not being fooled): Yeah, okay Charley girl. (He then sits next to her and sneaks his hand around her to hold her.) I wouldn't call a person shiverring hard enough to rattle the jewelry off of her body cold. Naw, I call them FREEZING!
(Charley noticing Vinnie's arm swing aroung her didn't mind, for she was freezing. He on the other hand was very warn wearing no jacket an all. He pulled her closer to him and held her for a while to warn her up. He then looks down at her.)
Vinnie(Noticing that she enjoys his embrace): How you feeling now Charley girl?
Charley(Snuggling closer): To tell you the truth,..... warmer. Thanks Vinnie.(She looked up to him and gave him a small kiss on his cheek and placed her head on his chest waiting for him to leave whenever he was ready. But she knew that she didn't want him to move.) Your warm!!
Vinnie: I know, but I'm hot for you sweetheart!(He then leaned down and gave her a kiss.) Come on Charley, let's get back to the garage.(He didn't want that moment to end, but he promised the bros that he would be back): I got your helmet. (He passes her her helmet)
Charley(Putting it on): I'm ready.
(They then rode back to the garage where the others were waiting. They greeted Charley with open arms, both Throttle and Modo swinging her around and around happy to know that she was okay, even if she called to let them know. She then started towards the stairs.)
Charley(Yawning): Well guys, I'm heading to bed. Good night. (She starts to walk up the stairs and then stops): Oh, how was dinner?
Throttle(Rubbing his stomach): Yummy!!!!! You know how to pick the good places Charley girl!!!!
Modo(Agreeing): Yeah Charley, I'm actually full!!! (He holds his stomach): BURP!!! (He covers his mouth): Excuse me!!! (He blushes from embarassment)
Charley: Thats great guys, good night!
All the mice: Good night Charley!!
Vinnie(Feeling hungry again): Hey bros, did you save me any pizza?
Modo(Feeling guilty): Uh, Vinnie, I'm sorry. Its all my fault. When you left togo get Charley, I got hungry again, and............I............
Vinnie(Sulking): Ah, thats ok bro, I'll just see if there are any hot dogs left in the fridge.
(Vinnie raids the fridge and finds a pack of dogs. He nukes himself a "few" and headed to the livingroom where the rest of the guys were watching TV.)

(It is now 2:00A.M and the guys are fast asleep from bordom. Charley is snuggled in her nice warn covers, when suddenly, the phone rang. She answered it before one of the guys heard it. It was that woman again.)
Charley: Hello
Woman on phone: Are you okay?
Charley(scared): Yeah, I'm fine, why do you ask?
Woman on phone: Ok. Good. Are you busy?
Charley: No, why?
Woman on Phone: Good, meet me in 10 minutes at the park a block from your place, and hurry. If you get there before me, hide.
Charley(unsure): Wait, I don't know what you even look like?
Woman on Phone: Trust me, if you are Charlene Davidson, you'll know me when you see me.(She hangs up the phone)
(Charley is now at the edge of her bed scared for her life. But she decides to go to the park to meet the mysterious woman. She gets dressed as fast as possible. She remembers to dress warmer this time. She heads down stairs and sees if the guys were asleep. To her luck the phone didn't wake them up. She then quietly, like a mouse,(hah), sneaks out of the garage door to the outside., only one problem,........she forgets to close the door.)

2:10 A.M

Scene 3: At the park

(Charley arrives to the park. She noticed that the woman was already there, but was wearing a mask. Charley started to wonder if coming to the park was a good idea. She walked closer until the woman noticed her.)
Woman: Your right on time, I perdicted it that way.
Charley: Who are you, and why do you want me?
Woman: My name is Maula. Maula Danson
Charley: Well, Maula, what do you want with me?
Maula: Before I tell you that reason Charley, let me show you why I had to see you.( She takes off her mask): This is why I had to see you Charley.
(Charley is in pure shock because Maula looked exactly like Charley, except Maula's hair was longer. That was the only difference, but if Maula were to cut her hair,her and Charley would be identical, without no one telling them apart.)
Charley(In shock): Its like looking into a mirror!!! (The two women walk coser to each other): But why are you here to protect me? And what were you talking about you use to live on Earth?
(Maula knows that Charley doesn't believe her so she had to prove her innocence)
Maula: This is how I can prove it. (She takes off her coat in the freezing cold and her shirt wearing only a takn top. She points to her right arm): get ready to note the truth Charley, for I am on your side.(She rips the skin off of her right arm and it reveals that the arm was a metallic limb made out of Plutarkian fiber glass steel. Maula looked back at her arm and all of a sudden her arm started to glow and the skin reappeared.): You believe me now Charley?
Charley(Can't believe what she just saw): I.....I...do......don't believe it!! You ARE telling the truth!!
Maula: Charely, there's more to tell. You see, I have been fighting in the war between the Plutarkians and the Freedom Fighters ever since Karbunkle did this to me. This arm(she points to it again), is only one of Karbunkle's evil doings. He used me as a test subject because we look so much alike. He also gave me special powers. but his plan to use me back fired when he forgot to surgecly implant a mind control device that he needed to use in order to control me. I then escaped from his lab into some room in the tower that had a teleportation device. Since I have some knowledge in science I messed around with the machine. It sent me to what I later on found out was Mars. The freedom Fighters, namely the general named Carbine helped me learn how to master the powers that Karbunkle gave to me.
(Charley, in shock from all the information she has heard, had decided that the guys meet her as soon as possible!)
Charley: Maula, come back with me!
Maula: I can't right now, I have to deliver a message to someone that knows Carbine.
Charley: Is that person's name Throttle?
Maula(In shock): How did you know?
Charley: He and his friends are staying with me.
Maula: Ok then, lets go!!!!!(She put her mask back on and left with Charley back to the garage)

2:40 A.M

Scene 4: Back at the Garage

(As Charley and new found friend Maula walks back into the garage, she notices that she forgot to close the door and the mice caught on to it. They were in the garage waiting for her. The looks on their faces told her how they felt about her sneaking out without them knowing. Vinnie was looking the worst. She knew she was in for it. Maula was right behind her and realized without her telling her which one yelled at her for her persistane for Charley.)
Vinnie(trying to control his anger): Where did you go?
Maula(answering for Charley): I am the reason why she left the house.
Vinnie(With snap to his voice): I didn't ask you sweetheart. I take that your the one yelled at on the phone.
Charley(sincere): I am sorry. To all of you, I am so sorry, but I had to go see her. Just listen to her story.
Modo(angry): I talk to no one that hides their face.
Maula: Alright, I'll take it off, and when I do, you will realize why I had to contact Charley and why I have to find Throttle.(She takes off her mask and the mice are in shock just like Charley was. She looked back at Modo and ripped off the skin on the right arm.): I see that Karbunkle got to you also. (Looking at the others): Now, which one of you is Throttle?
Throttle(Pointing up): I am, why?
Maula: I have a message from Carbine.
All The Mice: CARBINE???????????

What happens now?

Part 3: The Gift

(By: N-E-K Givan Jan.24, 1998)

Copyright 1998 N-E-K

3:00 A. M

Scene 1: Last Chance Garage

(The setting starts off when there is a zoom in on the moon down to the garage. Then, inside, everyone is meets the mysterious woman name Maula. The same woman that has been calling Charley with information that her life was in danger. The mice, still mad for the fact Charley snuck out of the house to meet her, are wondering what Maula knows about Carbine, and the mysterious message she has to give to Throttle. They all decide to take the conversation to the livingroom where they can sit down and discuss the matter.)
Maula: I'm sorry if my method of looking for Charley was a little persistent, but I had to tell her that she is in a lot of danger. (Looking at Charley): As you see, we look a lot alike.
Throttle(Agreeing): Yeah, you look identical.
Modo(Interested in her arm): Maula, tell us the entire story on when and how you got your arm.
Maula(agreeing): Ok, but I have to warn you, it ain't pretty. This all started three weeks after I moved to Chicago. About three years ago. I was walking down the street after coming home from work with some groceries, when all of a sudden..............(visioning situation happening)

*****************Dream Sequence*********************

(Maula was walking down the street from the Limburger Tower going home. She heard a group of men calling to someone telling them that they were in trouble since that person was by themselves. Maula thinks nothing of it and keeps walking.)
Goon#1: Hey, we can't fail Mr. Limburger, we have to get that biker babe that's always with them mice.
Goon#2: Yeah, besides, I could go for some payback for all them times they beat us. (Snickering laugh): Even if its not them personally!
(The goons make their way towards Maula. As they gain on her, Maula realized that she was their target, but she didn't know why. Maula starts to run, but to no avail. The goons catch her and bring her back to the tower. They report to Limburger that they have the mechanic. Limburger then calls them upstairs.)
Limburger: Ah yes, my dear hired help, IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU DID SOMETHING RIGHT!!!!!!
(Limburger looks closely at Maula.)
Maula(Scared and confused): Who are you? What do you want with me? What did I do to you?
(Limburger realized that Maula was indeed not Charley, but he couldn't let her go in fear that she may tell the police that she was kidnapped by him. So, Limburger, being his disgusting self, decides to kill her.)
Limburger: You idiots!!!!! Thats not the mechanic!!! She's a whole other person.
Goon#1: Sorry boss, but she looks so much like that biker chick that we just..........
Limburger(Getting an idea and cutting the goon off): Yes. Yes!!! Yes, thats it! We can't let her go but we can use her. She does look exactly like Miss Charlene Davidson, and with the plan I am forming, I will finally be rid of those bothersome biker mice!!(He laughs evilly and violently): Karbunkle!!!!!!!!
(Karbunkle, entering the room)
Karbunkle: Yes, your flatulent fragrentness?????
Limburger: My dear doctor, I have a test subject for you. Do have any, "IDEAS" on what we can do to her? (Grinning)
Karbunkle: Why always, your cream cheesyness. (Looking around): So where's the test subject, my rank of cheesyness?
Limburger(Laughing and pointing): She is right over there my diseased doctor. (Looks at the goons): Goons, escort the beautiful young lady to the doctors lab.

(Maula tries to fight her way from the goons, but in the process of trying to break free, one of the goons knocked her out with the butt of his pistol leaving a noticeable gash in the middle section of her head. When Maula awakens from the blow, she is strapped onto a operating table. When she looked up she noticed Karbunkle placing a mask over her face. She was then again knocked out unconscious from hospital gas. Hours later, Maula reawakened, only to find out that she possessed only one arm. Too weak to struggle she began to sob hysterically. She looked over to where Karbunkle was standing and noticed that he was working on something of what looked to be an arm.)
Maula: What did you do to me?
Karbunkle: Oh my dear, you should be happy, for what I am going to do to you will change your life as we speak. You see, I am going to replace your right arm with a cyber arm made from Plutarkian fiber glass steel, virtually indestructible. I also switched your DNA with one of my.................other test subjects that are uh...how should we say...out of this world.(He looks at Maula with the most evil intention)
(Maula knew from his outer look and from Limburger's bad smell that the both of them weren't human.)
Karbunkle: I found out by mixing your specific DNA with one from Mars, I can give that person super powers, added to the strength of your arm, you'll be virtually unstoppable.(He walks over and places the cyber arm inside of Maula, causing her to scream from the incredible pain.): Oh, I'm sorry my dear for that little bit of pain, you will be fine. I have only one more minor adjustment, to surgically implant a mind control device in your brain, that way, you follow our every order.(He starts to laugh.): Now, let's see how many powers you have developed.
(Karbunkle lets Maula loose from the table. With the rage filling inside of Maula she fills a weird sensation in her left hand that she has never felt before. She then points her left hand at Karbnunkle blasting him with some sort of fiery energy blast and knocks him to the floor. She then blasts herself fully from the table and looks for a way to escape. She comes to this room where Karbunkle's teleportation device was stored.)
Maula(In pain and scared): I have to get out of here before they find out that I'm........
(She heard over the intercom that they were looking for her. She had to find a way out of there, and fast.)
Maula: Oh no, its too late.(She begins to cry, and accidentally bumps into the teleportation device. It automatically turns on and she falls inside and is sent to Mars): Whats going ooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?????
(Maula is being transported to Mars. When she gets there, she is greeted by the Freedom Fighters in the middle of battle.)
Maula: Where am I?(Seeing shots being fired at her and some others, she screams): AHHHH!!!! I have to get out of here, but, where am I?
(She sees a woman walking towards her, except the woman was a mouse. The mouse picked Maula up from off of the ground and lead her to safety. They dunked under a ditch and crawled to some sort of hidden base. She sat Maula down and put handcuffs on her. Maula began to cry for she feared that she was in more trouble, worse than before.)
Maula(scared): Who are you and where am I?
Mouse: My name is Carbine and you, human are on the planet Mars.
Maula(in disbelief): Mars? You've got to be kidding me! How did I end up from that mad man's lab, to Mars?
Carbine(questioning): Madman? What lab? (Carbine starts to think and then notices Maula's arm. It hit Carbine that it was Karbunkle that she was talking about): Karbunkle!!!! He did this to you?
Maula: Yes, he did. (Tears flow from her face like rain falling from the sky): He and his goons mistaken me for someone they were looking for and he realized that he couldn't just throw me back out on the street so they used me as a test subject, and took my arm and gave me...(voice starts to break): this arm in replace and some other kind of powers.
Carbine(embracing her): Don't worry hun, you'll be fine. I'll help you.
(A weird sensation erupted in her head and then a vision of Carbine came into picture. She now knows that she has psychic powers and can read the thoughts of others.)

(As time past, Carbine had taught Maula how to fight and how to use all of her special gifts. The times were hard and painful, for Maula was still trying to get use to her cybernetic arm. About two years later, Maula and Carbine became good friends and trusted each other with their lives. From that day on, Maula had grown a psychic bond with Crabine. She now possessed the power to control not only her arm, but all the unique powers that Karbunkle gave to her. She was now a one woman army. Most of the time she didn't even need to use a gun since she had the power to shoot energy caused by her anger and channel it from her hands, even from the cybernetic arm, superior strength, psychic ability along with telekinesis, and the power to turn the slightest electrical charge into raw lightning, tearing the fabric of dimensions to other places, or even a magnetic ability. Though all that time past on, Carbine was still unsure of how she was mistaken for someone that Limburger wanted. It took her a while, but then she realized that Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo were on Earth, and he had a human friend. She thought to herself that their friend, Charley would be the only person that was the only human against Limburger's evil.)
Carbine: Maula, I think I may know who you were confused for.
Maula(anxious to know): Who?
Carbine: Her name is Charlene Davidson. She is the only human that is against Limburger and is helping the war on your planet. My love is on that planet with her helping her fight that war there along with his friends.
Maula: I have to get back down there and tell her what kind of danger she is in. If she knows that I look enough like her to pass as her, then there is a slight chance that there are others. If there are, and Karbunkle finds them, he can use them as duplicates and get her out of the way and use the duplicates to pass as her and have them get rid of your man and his friends without them knowing the danger until its too late!!
Carbine: I agree!!! Remember, you'll always be my friend.
Maula(hugging her): As you will be mine.
Carbine: Oh Maula, when you get there, tell Throttle that I said, I'll always love him.
Maula: Will do gal.


Maula: ...........and that's what happened.
Modo(feeling guilty): Wow, I'm sorry Maula ma'am for misjudging you like that.
Throttle: Yeah, same here.
Vinnie: Yeah, me too.
Maula: It's not your fault for the way you judged me, that was my own fault. I was so much in a hurry to find Charley to make sure that she was safe that I forgot that she had some great strong....(looking at Modo)...and cute protectors.
Modo(blushing): Aw, thanks Maula ma'am.
Maula(looking at Charley): Charley girl, is he always this polite?
Charley: Yep, he sure is. He may be a walking mountain of muscle, but he has a heart of gold!!
(When Maula begins to yawn, everyone realizes that it is indeed very late. They all are about to call it a night.)
Maula: Well, I should be going. I need some sleep. You know of any nice motels aroung here?
Charley: Thats not even necessary Maula, you can stay here for the night.
Maula: Thank Charley gir.........(She senses trouble outside the garage)
Charley(worried): Maula whats wrong?
Maula(running to Charley and the guys): GET DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(As they all hit the floor, the garage doors blow open and a squad of goons come charging in. One throws a smoke bomb to cloud the room. Everyone starts to cough. When the smoke clears, Maula notes that Charley is gone and that there is a long track of oil left on the floor, which means Greasepit made off with Maula's new found friend.)

Maula: Charley, oh no, she's gone!!!!!!!!

Part 4: Respect To Earn, Or To Burn

(By: N-E-K Givan Jan. 24, 1998)

Copyright 1998 N-E-K

3:10 A.M

Scene 1: Limburger Tower

(As the setting starts as the moon shines over the Limburger tower, we can hear Charley screaming for Limburger's goons to let her go. We then go inside the tower in Limburger's main office with Karbunkle, Greasepit and Limburger's second best goon, Smiles holding the frightened Charley struggling for the goon to release her.)
Charley(struggling for Smiles to let go): Let me go you, you................(She looked at Smiles and realized how he got his name, he had no teeth.): Nice smile!!!!!!! Hahaha!!!!(She began to laugh and her attention to Limburger): You'll never get away with this you over-grown rotten smelling excuse for something that swims!!!!!!!!!!!
Limburger: Why Miss Davidson, how could you say such an untrue statement? I am the best smelling Plutarkian on Plutark, I assure you that there isn't a single stench that lingers on this body.
Charley: Limburger, you ARE a stench!!!!!
(Limburger, getting tired of Charley, decides to have Greasepit shut her up, but he then says to himself, that she would rather prefer a bloody shirt than a bloody shirt covered in a heap of grease, so he gets Smiles to do it.)
Limburger(grinning): My dear henchman, will you be so kind to do the honors of silencing the beautiful mechanic? Hmmmmm?
Smiles(trying to talk): No problem boss!!(Looks at Charley): This is for the wise mouth big mouth!!! (He sends his hand back and sends it forward with great power causing the connection of his fist and Charley's cheek to make the loudest sound in the building): BBBOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The blow was so great that it knocked Charley off of her feet and sent her to the corner crashing into the wall with authority!! She was knocked unconscious instantly!)
Limburger: Why my dear, dear Smiles, why, I've never seen such power ever being released from your fist! (He heads toward his window to look out it): I have to admit, my plan to attack the mice while in their need of rest proved to be deliciously effective. When they come to rescue their poor friend, they will fall dead center into my trap!! (Looks in corner at Charley): Well, not quite dead......YET!!!!!!!!!! (evil laughter)

3:20 A.M

Scene 2: Back at Last Chance

(As the mice and Maula were trying to figure out a way to rescue Charley, Vinnie brought up a disturbing topic.)
Vinnie(pointing at Maula): You!!!!!!!! You brought them here!!!!! (Yelling and lunging towards her): You let them take Charley!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Throttle(grabbing Vinnie): Hey there bro, we don't know that for sure.
Modo(coming from behind): Yeah, and to make sure of that.....(he grabs her and throws her into a chair and tied her up): you'll stay here while we rescue Charley!!
Maula(struggling for freedom): I'm telling you, I would never hurt her. I am here to protect her!!!!!
Vinnie: Yeah, whatever sweetheart!!! (Turns to the guys): Let's roll!!!!
(As the guys ride out of the garage, Maula tries to lift the sleeve of her right arm and starts to rub the arm against the rope. The skin that covered the metallic arm ripped and she was able to burn the fibers of the rope causing them to snap and fall to the floor. She gets up and runs to the door and stares at the Limburger tower. She then heads back inside and decides to change into her war garments, since she only had one pair of civilian clothes. She throws her long and very thick hair that flows to the end of her back in a partial ponytail. She then puts on her combat pants along with the matching boots, a half top shirt to show off her stomach, and her long trench coat with her trusty battle sword. She was ready to have some fun. This once shy girl, is now a warrior. She runs outside and looks at the Limburger tower to see if there was any commotion of any type. There was only silence. Both meant bad news. She called for her bike that she hid in the woods.)
Maula(whistling): Hey Fury, time to ride!!!!!!!!
(Fury, was something she left out of the discussion. Though she has the power to open dimensional gateways to anywhere she so well desires, she needed some sort of transportation. Fury has a night sky paint job with flame strips along each side. The bike also has assorted with different kinds of fire power. The two together spell trouble for their enemies. As Fury rides around the corner to pick up its master, Maula stands wondering.)
Maula: I have to get to Limburger, fast, and in a hurry..........or else!!!!!!
(She hops on Fury and the two ride to the Limburger tower.)

3:20 A.M

Scene 3: Mice in front of Limburger Tower

(As the mice ride in front of the Limburger tower, Limburger himself is standing at his window looking down at the three waiting for the perfect time to spring his so-well planned trap. He knows that the mice are so full of rage that they aren't thinking. When they hit the front entrance, he gives the signal for the plan to go down.)
Limburger: FIRE!!!!!!!!!!
(From out of nowhere, a beam of burning lights from the lasers shot out from everywhere in every direction. The mice were caught off guard and knocked from their bikes. Then, as the mice were getting up, they see Greasepit come out with a grenade full of knockout gas. As the mice tried to re-group, Greasepit threw the grenade at the defenseless mice and the mice were instantly snoozing on the floor. The were then transported upstairs to Karbunkle's lab where they were stripped of their clothing, except for the very briefs they wore underneath their pants. As they start to wake up from the slow working effects of the gas, they all turned to the corner to see the bruised and very bloody Charley lying there almost lifeless.)
Vinnie(screaming at her): CCCHHHAAARRRRLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Modo: Oh mama, Charley ma'am, are you alright? (Looking at Limburger with anger): You'll pay for this!!!!!!!!!
Limburger(gloating): Well I think not my dear mouse, for you see, I am finally going to be rid of you and your beautiful, or should I say, use to be beautiful mechanic friend of yours. (laughing): Hahahahaha!!!!!!
(He signals Greasepit over to him)
Limburger: Greasepit, my dear walking oil slick, would be so kind as to move the mechanic over to the operating table?
Greasepit: Sure things boss!!! (He grabs Charley and forcefully places her on the table and straps her down): No don't you move girlie, or else!!!!
Charley(still weak and bleeding massively from the blow): Let me out of here!!!
Vinnie(screaming): Let her go Limburger!!!! NOW!!!!!! (Looking at Charley): Charley are you okay? Come on sweetheart answer me!!!!!
Charley(vaguely answering): Vinnie.........I'm fine.
(The blood still flowing freely from the cut on her cheek and nose from the blow sustained by Smiles.)

(Outside the Limburger tower, on the next rooftop lie Maula, waiting for the perfect time to strike.)

(Back inside the lab, Limburger awaits on Karbunkle)
Limburger: Karbunkle, are we ready to proceed with the, oh, how should I say.....................operation?
Karbunkle(wheeling over a table of knives): We are officially ready to dissect!!!!(pointing to Charley to be his first): Greasepit, you greasy gibbon, bring her to me!!
Vinnie(struggling to get free): Don't you touch her!!!!!!!!!!
Charley(excepting her fate): Its okay Vinnie, I am ready to.....go. (She closes her eyes and her eyes start to water from tears that she refuses to let out): Go on and do what you were going to do Doc! (She looks at him with no fear)
Karbunkle: Brave talk Miss Davidson, but we'll just see how brave you are when you endure all the pain. (starts to laugh): I am going to do to you what I did to my first human test subject. Turn you into the perfect weapon, almost like your mouse friend but with greater power.(He points to Modo): Oh, yess!! I simply can't fail.
Vinnie(thinking in guilt, as the others do): Oh man, she was on our side!

(Outside the tower, Maula feels that its time to strike. She mounts Fury and rides into the deserted office sending a pile if glass behind her. She then rides down to the lab.....she remembers where it is alright. When he gets to the door, she is welcomed by a mob of Limburger's goons.)
Goon #1(in shock that someone s riding a motorcycle in the building): Hey!!!!(She takes off her helmet for he and another goon were the ones that snatched her 3 years ago): Hey, I remember you!!
Maula(with her right fist ready to punch while she rides towards him): Remember me bright eyes!!!!! (She lands a smashing right that sends him through the door which gives her entrance into the lab while the other goons shoot at her. Limburger's head snaps around toward the door in pure shock for he thought that when she fell into the teleporter that she died on Mars. He was wrong. She jumped off her bike and her and her bike started to cause some devastation. She noticed that Charley and the mice were all on operating, except Charley still had on clothes. The guys, however, were still in their britches. She waled on three goons at the same time and and after them Fury busted the other bikes free. Maula then made her way to the guys and sliced them free with her war sword. The instantly headed for their bikes and started also in the devastation. Maula then went over to the injured Charley and placed her in the back of her bike and gave her a helmet to wear for the ride. She sights a goon right behind her with a portable rocket launcher. She and Charley(even while injured) jumped on top of him and beat him down, then taking the launcher.)
Maula(signaling to the guys): Time to go guys, NOW!!!!!!!!!
Throttle: I hear ya sista!!! (He whistles to the guys): Vinnie, Modo, time to blow!!!!
Modo: Alrighty then!!!!
(They simultaneously blast the wall and ride outside. But Maula is still holding the rocket launcher. She decides the she doesn't want to leave Limburger with everything. Its only fair bot to take away something like he did to her.)
Maula(evil grin): Hey guys, I can't leave Limburger like this!!! I have to pay him back for all the wonderful torture he put me through. (She smiles)
Throttle: Well doll, what did you have in mind?
Maula(holding the launcher): Well......................
Throttle(reading her mind): How much ammo is in that ting?
Maula: 5
Charley: We can each have our share of revenge!!!!!!
Vinnie(eying Charley): Sweetheart, I LOVE your style.
Modo: Before we do anything, I just want to say sorry Maula, for not believing you. If it weren't for you saving our tails, we would be under the knife of Karbunkle, again.
Maula(kissing Modo on cheek): Its ok hun. Now, I'm ready for that revenge!!!!!!!
(She then fires at the base of the building, then passes the launcher to Charley who fires at the second base of the building, then Throttle had his shot, so did Vinnie and Modo. When the building started to fall, they see Limburger screaming from the window on the way down. They then ride off. When they reach the garage they check to see if everyone is okay.)
Vinnie(rubbing Charley's face): Oh man Charley, they got you good! (He then treats her face): You'll be fine in the morning when you get some sleep, like we all will.
Maula(yawning): True, true. Well Charley where's the room, I'm about ready to fall out!
Throttle: Yeah so am I. How about you Modo? Modo?
(He is fast asleep in the living room floor, too tired to even put covers over his underwear bare booty.)
Charley(kissing Vinnie): Well guys I'm off to dreamland.
Maula: I'll join you.
(The girls walk upstairs and go into the bedroom. Throttle heads into his room and instantly falls asleep. Vinnie follows Charley to her room and taps her on the shoulder.)
Vinnie: Charley?
Charley: Yes Vinnie?
(He pulls her over and plants her a big kiss)
Vinnie(with a grin): Good night.
Charley: Same to you Vin. (She kissed him back)
(She closed the door to the room. Vinnie stayed outside the door. He figured that he would make that his rest site for the night. He gets comfortable and stares at it.)
Vinnie(under his breath): I love you Charley.

To Be Continued