Poem of Love

by Racergirl

April 8, 2000

Dedicated to: Everyone who has ever loved

Disclaimer- I do not own the BMFM nor do i make any money from my stories.
This poem does belong to me, And the characters Throttle and Carbine do not
belong to me. (Note: The poem is more like a statement then a poem, But i

It had been their first week as a married couple and they were enjoying a
nice quiet evening to themselves. Throttle had spent 2 long days writing
the perfect poem for his lovely bride.


My love of my life,
I love you always and without question.
Oh, Let me lose myself into your eyes.
Oh, My beautiful one Whom i most love,
Your beauty is most breath taking.

Throttle was on his knees and saying the poem from memory. Carbine sat
there and listened with excitment and love. He was truely engolfed in her
golden eyes. Carbine sat there and was mesmorized with his loving embrace.
Throttle held her and continued.....

All i want to do is please you my love.
And all i ask is that you never let me go.
So i promise from this forth to always love you too.
I love you always my love.
My one true love.
This i swear.

Throttle finish the poem and smiled warmly. "So, What do you think?"
Carbine was so speechly, That she had no words to decribe how she felt
about the poem. All she could do was give him a kiss and a warm hug.
He whispered into her ear "I love you Carbine" Carbine whispered back
"I love you too Throttle..." Then she added. "Thank you"