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The Orphans

Rated: PG

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"Hey Heidi, Pepper wants ya!" Charlotte called to her twin sister. Heidi
comes running in with a grain pan in her hands. She is panting slightly.
(She has been running)
"No he doesn't. He just wants the oats," she said, smiling. Pepper looks at
her from the other side of the fence. He noses the pan and whinnies.
"Yeah right sis!.... you know he likes you" Charlotte insisted to her twin.
Charlotte gives her a "as if" looked. Heidi sees this look and sticks her
tongue out at her twin. Charlotte smiles and rolls her eyes. Heidi went back
to giving Pepper the oats and Charlotte went to pet him. Miss Mika, Pepper's
mother, hears the sound of eating and investigates. She comes and invades
the pail.
"Hey Mika, wait your turn!" Heidi said in a shrilled tone. Miss Mika pulled
her head back and snorts in annoyance.
"What's the matter sis? having some troubles with the Miss Mika?" Charlotte
said while petting Pepper. Pepper wallowed in the strokes. His eyes partly
closed, he dipped his head down in contempt. Charlotte smiled.
"Naw, she is just jealous. She wants some oats too" she pets Miss Mika and
gives her some oats. Miss Mika is reluctant at first, but starts to nibble
on the oats. Heidi smiles.
"Well, she seems to be better now that you are paying attention to her and
giving her some too." Charlotte reaches over to Miss Mika's mane and strokes
it gently. Heidi pets Miss Mika's forelock and Mika perks her head up, then
goes right back to eating. All of a sudden from behind, their instructor
calls to them
"Hey girls!" she shouts, "I need you to help me feed the horses. Can you
give me a hand with the hay?" she calls to the twins. Heidi and Charlotte
look in the direction and replies
"Alright, be right there" they drop whatever they were doing (well, all they
were doing is petting the horses) and go to help their instructor. Liza
Taylor, while waiting for the girls to get there to help her, she got
thinking. Her thoughts of everyday life were violently interrupted by a
sudden heart stopping, quickening sad gut feeling the hit her hard. It
literally took her breath away. She looked around in sudden panic. She
feared this was a motherly feeling. She breathed a huge sigh of relief when
she saw her three children teasing the Mustangs. She, but for a brief
moment, forgot about the feeling...she called to her three boys
"JB, TJ, Alex.....quit teasing the horses." she called. The boys looked up
and said, "Ok mom" so with that they headed to find something else to do.
After the boys were out of sight, that awful feeling came on stronger this
time. It hit her like a rushing flood. It was such a saddening feeling. It
almost made her cry.
"Hey Liza, what's wrong?" Heidi asked, seeing the expression of some unknown
look. It looked like a mix of fear, doubt, and sadness. It looked like it
was overpowering.
"Ahhhhhhh!" she screamed. When she looked, she saw the twins standing there,
looking at her with puzzled/concerned expressions on these identical faces.
Liza placed a hand on her chest.
"Girls, don't ever do that to me again. You startled me!" she swallowed a
chunk of saliva.
"Sorry Liza, didn't mean to" Charlotte said. Charlotte could tell just by
looking at her ridding instructor that something was wrong...or maybe that
something was about to happen. Charlotte at this point wandered if Heidi
felt the same way. Charlotte turned her head to face her sister. She could
tell she was thinking of something. Charlotte then looked back at Liza and
noticed that she was trying hard to soften her expression. Charlotte somehow
didn't like the feeling she was receiving. It was nerve-racking. Liza
blinked rapidly and smiled
"Well, come on girls. What are we all waiting for? I have 5 horses to feed
and I need help" Liza began to cut the strings that held the bails of hay
together, so she could feed the horses. It took about 20 minutes to finish
feeding the horses. After it was done the twins sat down and drank some
water that their mom made them bring.
"Well, judging by the sun's position....It is about 5 O' Clock." Charlotte
half-smirked at her twin.
"How can you know exactly what time it is without a watch Char?" Heidi
asked. Heidi gave her the "as if" sideways expression that Charlotte hated
so much. Charlotte sighed and drank some water. Heidi smiled evilly. 5 quiet
minutes passes and the twins did not say a word.
"Well, Heidi, Mama should be coming anytime now to pick us up" Charlotte
looked at her watch and frowned.
"Yeah, I know...bummer...." Heidi frowned as well. She felt the same way as
her sister. They loved the Ranch and did not want to leave. Suddenly, as if
Thunder was churning. The twins could hear an awful thunder/falling sound.
"What is that!" Heidi cried.
"I don't know, but whatever it is.....it is loud" Charlotte had to just
about yell those words because whatever was making that sound, it was loud
enough to hurt the ears. The twins covered their ears. The sound was
literally hurting their sensitive ears. As Charlotte looked, she saw the
yard beginning to shadow over. She looked up and low and behold something in
massive structure comes falling down towards them.
"Heidi!......Look up there!!" Charlotte shouts to her sister who now noticed
it too. "What is that thing!!?" Heidi said, still holding her ears.
Charlotte shook her head "I dunno!.....do you know?" As the thing got
closer, it got louder and a wind started to pick up. It blew all around the
twins. Liza, meanwhile, had the same feeling when she too saw the massive
thing. Without further thought, she grabbed Miss Mika and Pepper (With
saddled and bridles) and took then in the direction of the underground
cellar. On the way, she found the girls looked up towards the thing.
"Girls!" she called. "Girls!!" the twins finally took noticed and walked/ran
to their instructor.
"Here!, take the horses....one for each." she handed Miss Mika to Heidi and
Pepper to Charlotte. Liza made a "follow me" motion and said
"Come on!" When they got to the cellar, it was only meant for 5, maybe 6
people at most. But with 2 horses and 2 teenage girls.....it was cramped.
Liza opened the door and said in a loud voice (Because of the loud sound)
"Here, get in!" she pointed to the hollowed out space of a cellar.
"No!, what about you and your family?!" Heidi called out.
"Yeah, were not going in without you and your family!" Charlotte agreed.
"There is no time. I got a really bad feeling girls. I need to you stay here
while I go find Jamie and my boys. I am going to look for them and bring
them here. Stay here!" she said. The twins could both tell something was
wrong, but they didn't know what. Liza took a last look at the twins and
closed the door behind them.
"Liza!" the twins both called.
"What do we do now?" Heidi asked. As if looking for a sane answer.
"I dunno" Charlotte said. The horses were nervous and beginning to loose
there calm. The twins quickly took to their aid and tried hard to calm them
down. Then without warning, it was calm.......too calm....an errie type of
"Is it over??" Charlotte asked. But before Heidi could reply otherwise, a
gigantic sound came crashing down
"BOOM!!" the explosion shook the deep cellar like a rage doll. The girls and
the horses were twisted and turned all over the room.
"Awwwwwwww, Pepper, get off!!" Charlotte called out in pain. Pepper had
slammed into her. But without full force. (Thank God! otherwise Charlotte
would have been history) Pepper got off. Another
"BOOM!" sound came. It was not as strong, but the force took both girls by
surprise. All the girls could remember at that was the whinny cries of the
horses, the cries of each other as they fell and something beginning smell
like smoke. Charlotte was about to open the door when Heidi grabbed her arm.
"No! Not yet!! What if more of those explosions happen?!" Heidi whispered
"Well if we think one is coming we'll just dive back in now come on!"
Charlotte answered back. She roughly shoved the door open and her and Heidi
creeped out. The smell of smoke was getting worse as they slowly made their
way out side Charlotte was the first to turn the corner the sight that was
before her made her gasp. All the buildings were on fire and great clouds of
billowing black smoke was pouring off them. Heidi turned around the corner
next and was almost sick at the sight on the courtyard floor, several horses
were laying dead their bodies all cut and bruised.
"Liza! Liza where are you come on speak to us!" Charlotte yelled she started
to search for Liza or some body she soon found someone but not how she
wanted. JB, TJ and Alex were all lying dead near the Mustangs they were
teasing probably didn't even know what hit them. Heidi who had been
searching around as well came over tears sparkling in here eyes.
"They're all dead Char, all of them!" She said the tears clear in here
voice. Charlotte thought for a second then she had a sickening feeling.
"Oh no! Mama and Papa!! Come on Heidi get Pepper and Miss Mika we gotta see
if Mama and Papa are ok!" Charlotte yelled. Heidi ran and pulled the horses
from the cellar, Charlotte hauled herself on to Pepper and Heidi clambered
on to Miss Mika. Pretty soon they were galloping to their hometown in
Kansas. The way was treacherous as trees, cars and telephone poles littered
the streets. Charlotte couldn't forget the sight of Liza's boys and her mind
kept replacing them with images of her parents. Kansas City came in to site
and Heidi's heart sank, thick black smoke was rising from the buildings and
she could hear the crackle of flames. They left Pepper and Miss Mika tied up
to a fallen telephone pole and headed down what was left of the streets.
Even though the city was practically destroyed the twins still knew their
way around they found their house, what used to be a three storey wooden
house was now a crumbling, burning mass of charred belongings. Charlotte
broke through the door calling for her mum and dad, Heidi was not far
behind. The twins kept on tripping over stuff as the smoke was choking them
and making it difficult to see. Heidi tripped over someone she grabbed them
and started to drag them out, Charlotte found another person not far away
and proceeded to drag them out too. The twins dragged the two figures out of
the house just as Charlotte left the roof caved in sending up a cloud of
dust and ash. Still coughing Heidi looked down at the figure she had pulled
out, though black with soot and ash it was plain it was her father and he
was not breathing.
"Papa!" She yelled feeling desperately for a pulse, she couldn't find one.
Tears started to escape from her eyes she looked at Charlotte who was crying
over their mother's body. Heidi grabbed hold of Charlotte and they both
started sobbing for the loss of their parents, the loss of their friends.
"Hey you!" The twins looked up at the voice a large person with big hair was
standing in front of them he was carrying a shovel. Charlotte's first
thought was 'Yeah, someone else survived!'
"What are you two doing here? No one could have survived that blast!" The
man yelled angrily. The smile that was starting creep across Charlotte face
faded 'If no one could have survived the bomb then he must have been the one
who dropped it!!!'
"Heidi! Run!!" Charlotte yelled getting up and scrabbling away from the man
who had been about to grab them.

Charlotte looked back, holding her tears in. A sudden blast of anger flooded
her soul, but she dare not show it. It pained her to leave her beloved
parents bodies behind, but they had to. That awful man was after them.
Charlotte felt a stab of coldness, but pushed it roughly aside. Now was not
the time to get angry. Charlotte, along with her sister, had to focus, and
fast. If they did not concentrate and focus...their lives would end in an
instant. Heidi choked down tears as she and her sister rode. They rode for
hours. And when they entered another city they knew well, they saw it in
utter ruins. Charlotte clutched the reins even harder. By the next day the
twins were tired, hungry and in pain. Their hearts ached for their parents
warms hugs and kisses they always got when they got home from somewhere.
They travelled it seemed like hours during the day and at night they seeked
shelter in fallen houses that had be destroyed in the explosion. One night
in particular about a week later, the twins found an old house that looked
to have survived some of the worst blasts, but what was left served as a
shelter from the rain that began to pour a hour and a half ago. Charlotte
looked at her watch 4:50pm in the afternoon. She frowned. They had been
travelling for over a week and were famished, and exhausted. Even thought
they seemed to get some sleep, they could get much because when either of
them closed their eyes, they saw the bodies of their mom and dad and
everyone else's bodies they saw along the way. But food they could barely,
if at all find. Sure they found charcoled bread and some a few other things,
but they were too rotten to eat. You call tell just by the awful stench. So,
they were hungry and it was starting to show. They were weak and starting to
thin a bit. The horses, however, kept finding bits and pieces of grass, so
they looked all right for now. Pepper nudged Charlotte on the shoulder. He
looked at her and whinnied softly.
"What's the matter big boy, hungry??" Charlotte softly stroked his nose that
she knew he loved. He snorted softly as if saying "yes" to her in reply.
Miss Mika whinnied in reply. Pepper looked at her, then turned back to
Charlotte who was smiling sadly at her horse. Heidi sat near the small fire
they has lit to keep warm. She folded her arms closely to her chest to keep
warm. Even though she has a sweatshirt on, she still was cold. Charlotte
looked over at Heidi and asked
"Are you cold sis?" she already knew the answer, she was just bored and
wanted to ask. In a slight shaky voice, she relied
"Yes, I am freezing. This fall weather is getting colder I swear." Charlotte
took off her lit sweat shirt and tosses it to her sister
"Here, take mine. I am not that cold" Heidi caught it and said
"No, no sis, please take it. It's cold out here. And we can't afford to
catch a cold remember? We are orphans....." Heidi caught herself short then
began to cry in hard sobs. Charlotte crawled over to her sister and wrapped
her arms around her. Heidi, despite it all, snuggled up to her twin.
Charlotte did the same. The fire was warm and they both stared in to the
flames dancing about in front of them. Heidi suddenly felt embarrassed.
"I'm sorry" Heidi wiped her eyes. Charlotte smiled warmly/tiredly
"It's ok sis. No worries" Charlotte too felt like bawling, but something
kept her from doing so. She didn't know what it was. She figured it was just
her will to survive the made her grow strong. Heidi looked up at her sister,
who seemed, to be deep into thought.
"You ok?" she asked, worried. Charlotte shakes her thoughts and looks down
at her sister
"Yea, could be better" she smiled wearily.
"Well, same here. I miss Mama and Papa" Heidi fought back tears that she
could feel literally well up into her dry throat. Charlotte kept her soft
hold on her sister. Heidi looked into the fire and said nothing for a long
while. Neither did Charlotte. Charlotte, again looked at her watched. It was
now almost 9pm. Charlotte's eyes went wide. 'man!, how time flies' she shook
her watch and listened to it tick just to make sure it worked. it did. A few
moments later, Heidi blew out of her mouth indicating a sighing gesture. She
"What time is it anyway? Or don't you know?" she asked.
"Yea, it is a little after 9" she confirmed. Heidi turned her head to face
her sister with a shocked looked on her face
"What?! Already!!?....." she paused, then continued "Man......It is much
later then I thought!. Do you think we should try to get some sleep?" she
asked. Charlotte thinks for a minute then agrees
"Yeah, I think if we want to get an early start we better get plenty of
sleep" she said, yawning. She was tired. Maybe getting some sleep would make
her catch her strength. The twins snuggled up again each other next to the
fire and somehow managed to get to sleep.

Heidi yawned and stretched out there was dull ache in her chest at first
she thought she had gone to sleep while reading a book in bed as she had
many times before, but looking up and seeing the destruction she had become
accustom to reminded her that the ache was for the loss of her parents. She
saw Charlotte still curled up in sleep and smiled 'just like Charlotte
always the strong one', Heidi got up and started searching for breakfast,
she kicked the bricks that littered the floor with her almost worn out
riding boots, suddenly she uncovered a trap door, further inspection
revealed it was the trap door to a cellar, she grabbed hold of the ring and
started pulling after much groaning and grunting it sprung open sending
Heidi into Charlotte.
"Hey watch it! Bungee jumping usually works better with a bungee cord!"
Charlotte complained. Heidi ignored her and headed down in to the cellar.
"JACKPOT!!!!!" Heidi yelled. Charlotte rushed down, she gasped at the
shelves absolutely jam-packed with food, probably saved up in case of
emergency. The twins filled up the saddlebags with as much food as they
could hold and had a hearty breakfast. Charlotte looked at the jar of
marmalade and remembered how her mother used to make home-made
preservatives, she felt a lump form in her throat she swallowed it away.
'Pull yourself together you have to be strong…. For Heidi's sake as much as
your own' she thought. Heidi fed the last of her sandwich to Pepper and
brushed the crumbs off of her trousers.
"Well we had better get going, I think we are near Missouri" Heidi said.
"Heidi, just exactly are we going?" Charlotte asked. Heidi shrugged and
clambered on to Miss Mika who had been happily munching on some grass.

"Well, I thought the first town we hit in Missouri would be our next stop"
Heidi said while she and her sister made their way down the dirt road.
"What town would that be?" Charlotte asked.
"I don't know Char. I have never been to Missouri. Have you?" Charlotte
shook her head. Her once beautiful French braid was coming apart. Lose
strands of hair began to loosen. Heidi's hair was once a French braid too,
but she took it out and put it into a ponytail.
"No, I sure haven't. But Mama said when she was our age she went there with
her dad" Charlotte felt a stab in her heart. Heidi did too, but neither one
said a word about it. When they got into the first town the next day, It was
alive with people. "At least these people have not died" Heidi commented.
"Yeah, thank God. It's about time." Charlotte looked around. Even on the
outskirts, it appeared to them the city was full of life and prosperity. The
twins rode into the town and as they did, they kept looking about. Children
were playing in the yards and streets, mom and dads were working in the
yards or on their houses.
"What day is this sis?" Charlotte asked her twin. "
I dunno....I think it's Saturday." Charlotte blinked.
'Has it really been that long. They were at the Ranch on Thursday when the
accident happened, now it was not that Saturday, but the next Saturday. Time
flies these days' Charlotte thought as she rode. Soon, the girls came to
what looked like Main Street. Life was abundant there. The twins had to
eventually get off their horses because of traffic and the pavement. No good
for the horses hooves. As they approached an electronics store, a bunch of
people were surrounding the outside, trying to listen to the news. The
twins, seeing the gathering, made their way to there. As they approached,
they could hear the news anchorman say his special report on the news.
Newsman talking:
"Analysis confirmed that 8 states were mysteriously bombed just a little
over a week ago. The following states are shown on the bottom on the screen

Police from surrounding states have confirmed massive explosion and millions
worth in damages have been reported. Experts have been speculating the
possible suspects, but no one as have yet has been accused. As we looked at
the body count, we see hundreds of thousands lost to the blast.
" We have a reporter live on the seen of a once popular city in California.
We now go live with Jerry at Fresno"
Jerry: "Thank you Ted. I am live at the scene of one of the hundreds of
cities that are now in ruins. I have here in my hands the total amount of
bodies found. Some were so brutal that I was informed not to mention the
damage. Police from the surrounding states available are on the scene right
now as we speak. They are busy scouring the city for any life left, but so
far only 3 have survived." Jerry said into his mic. Crackling of timbers and
small fires could be see from behind him. He appeared to be standing right
in the middle of it.
"One I was told was in critical condition and the other two were hurt, but
they will live." Jerry continued. "The three survivors from what's left of
the once infested city of Fresno will be transported by helicopter with the
rest of the survived from numerous cities in California. Volunteers are
working around the clock to find and treat people from ever city and state
that was bombed. We will know more tomorrow" Jerry finished with cough and
then he said "Back to you in the Studio" The anchorman again:
"Thank you Jerry for you report"
"Your welcome" Jerry replied and then the screen you could see him at was
cut off. Ted again: "The survivors, after being treated will be transported
again to Chicago, Illinois soon after they are able to be transported.
Chicago gratefully offered their services in the survivors. They have built
a big tent shelter and are currently working on a building for the homeless.
There at the shelter the people who have survived will be taken care of by
volunteers and dedicated nurses and doctors who have went out of their way
to help the people who will transported there." He flipped through his
papers and continued
"The address is: 12486 West. Corner Rd. Lot 12. The number to contact them
is on the bottom of the screen:
134-009-543-1900 If you have any information please contact the Missouri
police. They will not take names, but they will ask for a code name." The
other anchorman: "Now for other news..." Everyone that watching either
stayed to watch the rest of the news or headed in different directions. The
twins stood still for a moment and then started to walk away. When they were
far enough, Charlotte stopped and looked straight at her sister
"Sis, what are we going to do. We really are orphans now. Remember we
thought we could find our other family members. Well, now we know we are the
only ones left." Charlotte was in shock.
'How could this be?' all the states that were mentioned were the same
states her family lived in. Heidi appeared to be in shock as well.
"Yeah, I know. What are we gonna do Char? I'm so scared..." she started to
cry softly. Charlotte knew right away. She held her sister and said
"We are heading towards that shelter in Chicago. All be have to do is buy a
map and head in the direction. It's not far. If I remember correctly it is
only 2 states up from Missouri. We can make it. We made it this far.....we
can make it there." she assured her sister. Heidi stopped crying and smiled.
"Yeah, we can!" she perked up. Charlotte smiled. But Heidi stopped suddenly
and said
"But, where are we going to get the money to by a map?" she asked. Charlotte
kept her smile.
"Do you remember when Mama took me to the side and said something to me
while you waited in the car?"
Heidi said "Yeah, why?"
"Well, what you don't know is Mama gave me 20 dollars just in case and
Papa gave me 5 dollars." Charlotte grinned. Heidi mouth dropped open.
"They gave you money and not me!.......how rude" Heidi said, folding her
arms loosely across her chest.
"I'm sorry, but it was meant for us, not just me" Charlotte said. "
Oh, ok....that better" Heidi grinning. Charlotte shook her had from side to
side indicated 'I still can't figure you out' thing. Heidi got to thinking
and said what she was thinking
"Char, what town are we in?" Charlotte shrugs
"I have no idea," she says. She then noticed an old newspaper on the ground,
so Charlotte picks it up and looks at the title cover "Belton Times" she
read out loud. "So, we are in a city called Belton, huh?" Heidi asked.
"Yup, looks like it to me" she confirms. Charlotte tosses the newspaper
aside and adjusts the reins in her hands.
"Where to now?" Heidi asks
"To a nearby story for a US map" Charlotte said. And with that they went to
look for a shop that sells maps.

A couple of blocks they found a convenience story that sold maps. While
Heidi held the reins, Char went into the store. The guy at the counter, who
looked about 40, looked up from what he was watching. He walked up to the
counter a few seconds after Charlotte did.
"May I help you Miss?" he asked.
"Yes, hummmm, do you sell maps here by any chance?" Char asked. The teller
shook his head
"Yes" and pointed to the rows in the back. "Last row in the back of the
store. You can't miss them. They right against the wall" he said, looking to
where he was pointing. Charlotte thanked the man and went to look for maps.
She found a full USA map and a map of Illinois and went back to the front to
pay for it. The teller first looked at the top map (the USA one) then he
stopped when he saw that one for Illinois. He looked up and asked
"Going to Chicago?" his expression showed a sudden interest in Charlotte's
choice in maps. Charlotte suddenly felt awkward.
"Huh, yeah...." she couldn't finish her sentence. She all of a sudden got
very quiet. She looked at him to see if he would ask her to go on.... he
didn't though. He must be able to read her good. He smiled at her and said
"Or is it for school?" He looked at her with a sideways looked, but the
smile never left his face. Charlotte blinked and said
"Yeah.....That's it.......for school" she agreed. She didn't say anything
more about that. It just was not worth the time. The teller shook his head
in a fashion that said 'kids' (Notice that it happens a lot in life). He put
the maps into a bag and Charlotte paid for them. 10$ worth of maps. 'Sheesh,
when did map prices become so outrageous' she said to herself as she walked
outside to meet Heidi. Heidi was standing by the horses, talking to this
couple that looked about 30. Heidi looked shocked. Char walked beside her
sister and watched. The couple didn't take long to notice her, the woman
"Hello, you must be this young ladies sister?" she asked. Heidi looked at
Charlotte. Charlotte agreed
"Yup, that be me". From that point on they only chatted a few minutes, then
Charlotte said they had to go, so the stranger party parted. About 1 mile
up, Char got curious (or really has been curious), so she asked
"Heidi, why were those people talking to you?" Charlotte asked, while
keeping Pepper steady. Heidi shrugged her shoulders
"I dunno really. I was minding my own business when they stopped right
beside me and asked me if I was all right. I told them yes. But they said
the reason they asked was because my clothing looked bad. They said no
offence. I said none taken. I wasn't offended. I knew what they were
pointing to. We have not changed our cloths and had a bath in over a
week...." Heidi stopped her sentence there and looked at her sister.
"Ooooh, I see. Ok. Did you tell them what happened with us?" Charlotte
asked. Heidi shook her head "no".
"Nope, didn't say a word about it. At the time I didn't think they should
know" Heidi said. Her eyes showed sincerity and seriousness.
"Ok, just wanting to know" Char said. After a long while in ridding, they
finally made it to the outskirts of town. When they were 3 miles from the
city, Heidi couldn't take the silence anymore, so she said
"Char, how long to do you think it would take us on horseback to get to
Chicago?" she had tried doing the math in her head, but never could figure
it out. But she did think it would take at least 2 and a half weeks.
"I dunno exactly. I figure if we only rest when we sleep and to eat then it
would take a least 2 weeks. Maybe 3 at the most. By car it would take a
week, but we are on horseback. It will take longer" Charlotte said it
perfectly like she rehearsed in her mind.
"Man! do we have a long way to go" Heidi felt a little doubt. She couldn't
help it. It was just there. A long way with limited supplies and resources.
Not to good in odds.
"Yep, we sure do sis, but we'll make it." Char saw the sudden doubt in her
sister's eyes and added "We will!" she said. Char, too, had some doubt
lingering in her mind, but she somehow knew they would make it. Heidi felt
it too, but logic had somehow set in. Not deep. Heidi shrugged off the logic
part. 'This is no time for logic' Heidi told herself. She then looked at
Char then back to her front. They indeed had a looooong way to go.

Part Two: The Arrival



After 3 weeks of travelling, they finally reached Chicago, Illinois. Life in
Chicago was more full of life then any city they passed on the way there.
The twins were in awe at the skyscrapers and buildings of all shapes and
"Wow Char! This is soooooo neat!" Heidi gawked at the magnificence of the
city. "Yeah, I know, huh! This is sooo great! See what did I tell ya huh? We
made it!" Charlotte said, looking at her sister who was staring at her. Char
could plainly see the excitement in her sister's eyes.
"Yeah, you did." Heidi smiled. Charlotte giggled. Heidi giggled too. After
getting into town they got off their horses and decided to walk awhile. The
pavement was getting harder. Char looked down at the ground and frowned.
'Not good for our horses hooves' she thought. Just then she looked at both
of the horses hooves. "Heidi, I think we need to find a blacksmiths shop
soon" she said.
"Why? Is it the horses? I thought we just fixed that problem 5 cities ago?"
Heidi asked. See, before the tragedy, Liza had just got her horses new
horseshoes, but 5 cities ago what was left of their money, they had to use
for the horses. So, you might imagine that after 3 days without food was
"But look at them. They're starting to wear down again. If we walk more then
ride, we can stretch these horseshoes for at least a week. Maybe less
depending on the situation," Charlotte said. She bent down and lifted
Pepper's left front hoof. It looked all right, but it was starting to look
"But, how are we going to pay for them? We have no money, so how will be
ever consider it?" Heidi asked. Char bent back up and dusted off her hands.
"I guess if the blacksmith needs help, he can give us a job to pay off the
debt" Charlotte didn't want to and neither did Heidi, but life was tougher
now and they had to survive. "But first before we go find a blacksmith, lets
go check out the shelter" Char said, gripping her reins.
"Do you know where to go. I mean, we didn't write it down" Heidi said.
Looking worried now.
"Relax sis, I remember. On the way here I kept repeating the addie. It's
12486 West. Corner Rd. Lot 12. All we have to do is ask for directions and
were off" Char grinned. Heidi half-grinned. Heidi then grabbed Mika's reins
and the both of them went to go find someone who knew where the shelter was.

Meanwhile not too far away, Charlene Davidson is packing food and fresh
clothing in to a box. After it was full she called to a figure packing stuff
in to the truck.
"Modo! Got another one here for ya!" Charley yelled. Modo walked over and
picked the box up with ease. Another tall figure came over towards them.
"Thanks for letting us come today Charley-girl I really want to find out if
the Plutarkians had anything to do with that bombing" Throttle said.
"Well you'll be pretty darn lucky to get any information out of them, the
few of them that are there have all clammed up, not surprising really after
what they've been through" Charley explained. Vinnie came sauntering in and
looked out of the window.
"Wow, look bros, there's two people outside walking horses, it seems to me
that they're heading for the shelter!" Vinnie called in disbelief. Charley
just shrugged it off to his over-active imagination and climbed in to the
truck and turned the key.
"Come on guys, get ya rears in gear!" Charley yelled.

Heidi and Charlotte knocked on the shelter door, a friendly female face
poked out.
"May I help you two girls?" She asked.
"Yes, me and my sister used to live in Kansas we've been travelling for a
month and we are very hungry" Charlotte answered business like. The lady let
them in and showed them to a couple of makeshift beds. She left them alone
as another knock on the door caught her attention. Heidi eavesdropped on the
"Ah Charley! Just in time, we've got a couple of young girls in all the way
from Kansas they said and they are very hungry" The lady greeted. The twins
saw a lady in blue over-alls and black leather trousers and three very tall
bikers come over to them. Heidi shrank closer to Charlotte who put a
protective arm around her.
"Hi my name's Charley and these three are Throttle, Vinnie and Modo, I've
got some ham and cheese if you want some" Charley offered. The twins' eye's
lit up and the devoured the food quickly giving some cheese to the horses
who were just outside the window. The shortest of the trio of biker's turned
to the others.
"I told you I saw two girls with horses but would you believe me?
Noooooooo!" Vinnie complained. Throttle bonked him up the side of the helmet
and knelt down beside the girls.
"Do you two know who bombed your city?" Throttle asked gently. Charlotte
started to answer but all the feeling that were stuck inside Heidi burst
"Somebody bombed our home town! We were in a bomb shelter-just me and
Charlotte and our horses, we found our parents- DEAD!! And our city
destroyed and we've be travelling here for a month!!!" Heidi stopped
screaming and sobbed into her sister who herself was un-able to stop the
tears falling from the terrible reality. Modo looked down on the two shaking
girls and knelt down besides Throttle, he tilted up the chin of one of the
girls and his heart cried out at the pain he could see in her eyes.
"Hey, how about you two come with us for a while? We could talk and get you
some more to eat" Modo asked gently. Heidi nodded wiping the tears from her
face. They all went outside and Charlotte climbed on to Pepper's back and
Heidi on Miss Mika. Suddenly three bikes came riding around the corner both
horses started to rear up but Charlotte being the better horse rider calmed
Pepper down, but Miss Mika started rearing and bucking, Heidi holding on
tight, Miss Mika kicked up really high and Heidi went hurtling to the ground
just in front of Throttle. Vinnie bent down besides her and said with a
worried voice.
"Hey kid! Are you ok?" everyone else looked down worried as Heidi shook her
head to stop her self from spinning.
"WOW! Can I do that again?" Heidi asked. Charlotte mouthed 'Unbelievable'
and helped pull Heidi up, when she was up right Heidi rubbed her sore back.
"Second thoughts! It hurts too much! Ow!" Heidi complained.
"Maybe you should drop your horses in to a blacksmith's for a while they
seem to need new shoes anyway" Charley suggested. The twins nodded and got
on behind the Mice, Heidi behind Throttle (Author's note: Wa hey!) and
Charlotte behind Modo.

A few minutes later the bros and the twins were riding behind the bros and
on their way to a restaurant for food.


~~At the Restaurants~~


The twins, who were famished, ate more then they thought. 4 hotdogs and
one big bowl of chill. The guys and Charley kept their eyes on them the
whole time. Watching them eat. Charlotte, who looked up from her chill
suddenly, felt embarrassed.
"I'm sorry for our manners. It's just that we have not eaten in so long. I
forgot when was the last time we actually ate something eatable." Charlotte
said, smiling sheepishly. Charley giggled and the guys just chuckled.
"I remember. It will be a week this Thursday" Heidi said perfectly. She has
now finished her bowl of chill. Charlotte blinked. Then she smiled
"Leave it to you to remember sis" Charlotte smiled then took another bit of
her food. Charley and the guys started to laugh. Not to long after they did,
the twins soon joined in. After the twins were done eating, the silence
stopped. Charley asked
"So, do you know how your state was bombed?" The twins looked at each other
then looked back at them. Char finally said,
"No, we don't." Heidi just shook her head. She was trying very hard to stop
the tears from flowing down in public. Char looked over at her sister and
saw the hurt, she then placed a hand on her sisters and smiled at her. Heidi
smiled back. Char knew what Heidi was going through, she wanted to be there
for her sister in anyway possible. Charlotte looked back towards the others.
She straightened up her facial features more serious.
"I'm sorry," Throttle said. Charlotte waved her hand side to side in a
gesture 'don't worry about it'.
"No worries Throttle. It's not your fault" Charlotte assured him. Modo
cleared his throat and said
"I hate to change the subject, but I'm curious. What are your names?" he
looked at Char and continued "I am assuming your name is Charlotte. From
what your sister said that is," Modo said. Charlotte nodded.
"That's right. And this is my twin sister Heidi" Char said, looking over at
her sister who still looked sad and she looked tired.
"Yeah, I can see the family resemblance." Charley grinned. Char smiled.
After about an hour of talking (Not about the tragic explosion) Char just
now noticed something. The guys kept their helmets on. Even indoors!
'Hummmmm, I wonder what their hiding?' Char said to herself as she observed
the guys. While Charlotte was looking at Throttle who was talking to Charley
and his friends, Char out of the corner of her eye she saw something flick.
She saw in again a few seconds later. She got to the point where her
curiosity couldn't hold any more so she bent down and looked under the
table. For what she saw was purely in shock. Throttle appeared to have a
tail. A slim tail that reminded her of a mouse's tail. Charlotte mouth
dropped open. She quickly put herself together when Vinnie said,
"What are you looking at?" Charlotte sat straight up and said in a cool
fashion "nothin' really, I just thought I saw a spider" Heidi cringed.
"Was there one?" she asked. She looked scared.
"Yeah, but it scurried away in a crack in the wall" Charlotte was lying
through her teeth, but she did not want any suspicions. Not now. Hopefully
not ever.

Throttle however had spotted Charlotte's sudden nervousness and leant over
to Modo.
"Do you think we should tell them about us?" Throttle asked. Modo thought
for a second then shook his head.
"Nah, that would just scare the poor darlin's more," Modo answered. The
twins full from they're meal walked to the ladies room at the back of the
restaurant as soon as they were gone Charley started talking.
"Did you guys notice the way Charlotte kept protecting Heidi it's clear
she's the stronger one of the two" Charley stated. Vinnie thought for a few
seconds and then spoke.
"I'd hate to be them from what Heidi told us in that out burst they've been
through a lot I mean they found there parents dead that's rough" Vinnie
said. No one got the chance to answer as the kids came back.
"Well we had best be getting back to the shelter maybe picking up our horses
on the way" Charlotte suggested.

The guys and Charley looked at each other then smiled. Throttle spoke up
first "How would you girls like to come and stay with us?" Throttle asked.
"Yeah, bro good idea. That shelter is way to cramped up for two lonely
girls, so come and stay with us. We'll take care of you" Modo said. His warm
smile made the girls smile. Char and Heidi looked at each other then nodded.
"Yes, ok. We will go" Char said, smiling happily. Just then a sudden thought
struck Heidi
"But what about our horses?" The guys' faces went from happy to a slight
"I dunno about the horses...." Throttle's sentence was cut off short by
Charley suggestion
"How about putting them up at my mom's house? She loves horses. She will
help you take care of them" Charley's eyes show sincerity. The twins' eyes
lit back up. "Really!? Do you think you mother would mind? I mean we don't
want to impose.." Charlotte looked at Charley. Charley kept her smile
"Naw, are you kidding? My mom loves kids and horses. She wouldn't mind.
Besides, we got the advantage" Charley's smiled turned into a knowing grin
"Actually she will invite the suggestions" Char blinked
"Yeah how Charley-girl" Vinnie asked. He had the most puzzled expression on
his face. Charley could not help but giggle
"What!?" Vinnie asked.
"Because my mom heard about the tragedy that happened to all those people.
When I tell them that we adopted two girls then she will agree without
hesitation" Charley winked at the girls. The twins smiled. Vinnie smiled
deviously "Awwww, Charley girl you are soooo good!" he said, he then
proceeded to put his arm around her but the look that came from her made him
move away like lighting. Heidi giggled. Char just grinned. Heidi then said
"Well, what we waiting for?! Lets go!" Heidi cheered. Char rolled her eyes
playfully then looked down at the guys and Charley
"My sister" she pointed to Heidi who looked truly happy "You gotta love her"
everyone laughed. After paying the food bill then returned to the bikes and
road and went to the Blacksmiths to get the horses. After getting the
horses, the guys along with their newly adopted twins, they rode with the
twins' horses to Charley's mother's house.


~~At Charley's Mom's house~~


Mrs. Davidson sat on her porch drinking coffee when the Biker Mice rode
in. Mrs. Davidson knew the bikers well and she noticed the woman with them
but she was puzzled to who were the younger girls and what was the guys
pulling horse trailers for? She got up from her rocking chair and walked
down to the driveway where Charley trotted over to her mom and said
"Hi mom! how are you??" she gave her momma a big hug.
"Oh, I'm fine dear, but just two questions....Who are the two young ladies
and what is a horse trailer with horses doing here at...." she paused to
look at her watch, it said 4:50pm in the afternoon "At almost 5 in the late
afternoon dear?" her mom finished the sentence with a look at the trailer
that held two horses.
"It's kind of of a long story mom. Why don't we all go in to the house and
discuss it over coffee"
"And rootbeer" the guys called. Char and Heidi blinked then looked at each
other and giggled. The guys, the twins and Charley were soon inside and
talking to Charley's mother who was speechless the whole time Charley
explained what happened. Mrs. Davidson sat in her favourite chair and drank
a cup of coffee. She listened closely to Charley's explanations and the
guys' claims. Finally after Charley was done and the guys were through. Mrs.
Davidson put down her coffee mug and looked at the twins
"So, dears, you would like me to put you horses up here while you live in
town with the guys and Charley?" she asked. She asked. The twins shook their
heads yes. Mrs. Davidson smiled warmly
"Oh come now. From what I understand you two know how to speak well. Please
say yes or no." she kept her warm smile and looked at the shy twins.
"Yes ma'am" Charlotte finally said.
"Yes ma'am" Heidi said too. Mrs. Davidson looked satisfied.
"There now. That wasn't so bad....was it?" she asked the twins. Charlotte
looked at her with the same smile
"No ma'am. it wasn't," she said with ease. "Well, then I guess I have no
other choice then to let then horses stay here with me I suppose" she said
with a smile that read "But I want to do it anyway" Charlotte and Heidi
looked at each other with the same bright eyes
"Thank you!" they said together with joy.
"Well, then why don't you two go and get your horses and meet me at the back
of the house with the horses and I will help get these horses of yours
settled in" she said, going to the closet in the living room for a light
sweater. The twins rushed out and got their horses. They meet Mrs. Davidson
out back near a barn-like house.
"Here is where your horses will stay. Now I expect you two to come over
once a day and help me out with your horses. Is that alright with you two?"
she said in more of an authority tone. The twins nodded their heads in
response. "Good, now go and groom you horses then come back to the house for
dinner. I'm ordering pizza" she smiled. The twins eyes said 'Yay!!' clearly.
"Ok Mrs. Davidson" Charlotte said. Heidi said the same thing. Then with a
final look, Mrs. Davidson made her way back to the house to order pizza. The
twins around 8:30pm finally finished grooming their horses thoroughly. The
horses needed it bad. They had weeks and weeks of filth and dust all over
them. "Whew! glad that over" Heidi said, putting away the dandy brush.
"Yeah, I for one hope not to do this until later tomorrow" Char said,
patting Pepper on the back. Pepper whinnied. Miss Mika snorted in response.
"Come on, let's go inside before all the pizza is gone," Charlotte said.
When they got inside the pizza was on the table and everyone was sitting at
the table full of pizza on their plates. Mrs. Davidson poked her head from
the kitchen door and smiled
"All done girls?" she asked.
"Yup, we sure are. Took longer then we thought" Heidi said.
"Well, before you eat I want you two to head down the hall and on the first
door on the left I want you to wash up, then come on and eat. And you better
hurry, the guys are hungry" she smiled. Heidi and Charlotte nodded then when
down the hall to wash up.
~~In the Kitchen
Mrs. Davidson looked at the guys and said
"So, judging by the way you guys did not remove your helmets, I'd say you
didn't tell the girls who you guys are, huh?" she said. She looked at the
guy, and judging by the silence, she guessed right.
"Well, Charley's momma were afraid we did, they would freak out. We did not
want to scare them," Modo said. Charley's mom chuckled.
"Aw, I don't think that is likely to happen. You see from what you said
they went through and watching the news about it seems to me that they are
hard to scare" she said, drinking a can of soda.
"Yeah, but Mrs. Davidson....Three Martian mice showing themselves to two
teenage girls might be a little strange" Throttle said. Charley's mother
waved her hand in a gesture of 'no way'
"Oh, nonsense!...those girls will understand. You are just underestimating
them and how well they take news, but if it makes you feel better just tell
them some other time, but no matter what I can tell they will understand."
she said it perfectly. The girls soon came to the table and ate a fair
portion of foot. Actually it's was the exact amount they are use to eating.
After everyone was done, the girls said their thanks to Mrs. Davidson. Mrs.
Davidson smiled satisfied. After dinner, they stayed for a good 4 hours. By
the time it was midnight...everyone was tired. Charley yawned
"Thank you for everything mom. You have done the girls a great big favour,"
Charley said, getting up and stretching out the stiffness.
"Yea, thanks Charley's momma" Modo said. The guys and Charley got up and
said their goodbyes to Mrs. Davidson. Char and Heidi got up half-asleep.
Heidi yawned then Charlotte. Mrs. Davidson walked over to the girls and said
"Heidi...Charlotte...you do not have to come over until you two are settled
at the you're new home." she said, giving them both a warm hug.
"Thank you Mrs. Davidson, but we can come over as soon as you want use to no
problem.." Charlotte said half asleep.
"Well, I insist on it. Go back with the guys and have a week to yourselves
to adjust to your new surroundings. I will take care of your horses until
then. I don't want no buts...just do it K," she said, giving an eyed looked
but smiling at the same time. The twins just smiled and shook their heads.
Finally after 10 minutes of saying goodbyes and a few 'I love yous' to
Charley, the guys, Charley and the twins got on the motorcycles and left for
home. The twins were going to their new home and happy about it, because
they finally have a home.

Disclaimer: We don't own the BMFM or make any money off of this piece. Heidi belongs to Day Dreamer and Charlotte belongs to Racergirl please ask if you wish to borrow them.

The Orphans Series Part 3: Adjustments

By Day Dreamer and Racergirl

Copyright. Day dreamer and Racergirl 2000, all rights reserved.

******* Dream sequence ***********

Heidi is walking through somewhere it is dark and smoky, she can feel herself beginning to choke. She stumbles over something she screams as she sees her mother face black with ash and soot and still, as still as death

****** End dream sequence ********

Charlotte falls out of bed someone had just screamed, she rushed over to her sister who was tossing, turning, sobbing and screaming. "MAMA! PAPA!" Heidi yelled tears streaming from her closed eyes. The door burst open and four sleepy but worried figures practically fell in.
"Wha..what's wrong?" Throttle asked trying to stand steady and rub the sleep from his eyes.
"It's Heidi she's having a nightmare" Charlotte said this as if it was natural. Charley came up besides her and knelt besides the bed. "Does she have them often?" Charley asked softly her hand unconsciously going to Heidi's cheek to wipe the tears away. "Yeah every night for the past month she usually calms down but sometimes I have to wake her up" Charlotte answered her eyes drooping slowly. "Mama don't go!. No!" Heidi murmured again. Charlotte sighed and gently took hold of her twin's shoulders and shook gently. Heidi's eyes flew opened she was breathing hard as she tried to determine where she was. Modo walked over and stroked her hair as she calmed down.
"Calm down darlin' it was just a nightmare you're ok now" Modo soothed. Heidi didn't do anything but smile thankfully and slide down further in to her duvet. Charlotte clambered back to bed. The guys and Charley said their good nights and turned to leave, Vinnie being the last out, made sure no one was watching and tucked the girls in. "You know girls. I know what it feels like to lose both of my parents" Vinnie said just above a whisper. Charlotte lifted up onto her elbows and narrowed her sleepy eyes from across the room. Heidi sat back up and she to narrowed her eyes.
"You do?" Heidi asked. Vinnie nodded. His fur was matted and his eyes were droopy as he narrowed his eyes at both girls. "Yeah, when I was young, and the Plutarkians had barely started to invade Mars, the Plutarkians started bombing certain areas and in one of those areas my old home was at. The blast was so quick and so lethal.... My parents didn't even know what hit them," Vinnie said. A single strand of a tear started to fall, but he quickly whipped it away and continued " When I found them, I found them in a horrible state. I buried them at a use to be forest shortly after I found them" Vinnie said sadly, like the memories was too much to bear. "Oh, how sad" Heidi said.
"Yeah, what a horrible thing. Do you have any brothers or sisters?" Charlotte asked who was now sitting up in bed. "Yeah, two brothers and one sister. But one brother is handicapped from the waist down and my brother is somewhere on Mars. No one knows were he is," he said. He looked sad, but he wanted to girls to know they were not alone. "What happened to your sister?" Heidi asked. She clutched harder to the pillow. Vinnie smiled "Awe, she is only 17 years old. She is with my aunt and Uncle Van Wham in the Mars High States," he said with a grin. Both Char and Heidi chuckled. "Oh, I see....never mind then" Heidi said while still chuckling. Vinnie just smiled and thought to himself 'These two are.....funny'. After 20 more minutes of talking the girls announced they were ready for bed. Vinnie tucked them in once again, said his goodnights and headed out the door. Char, in the darkness, said:
"Will you be alright for the rest of the night?" Heidi thought for a moment, and then said, "Yeah, I'll be fine. What time is it by the way?" she asked. Char looked at the clock next to her bed. It said 3:30am. "It's 3:30 in the morning," Char said, yawning. The sleep was finally catching up with her. Heidi yawned too then snuggled under her covered and said to Char
"Night Char"
"Night Heidi" Char said back. Both girls feel asleep and had no more dreams for the rest of the night.

~~~The Next Morning~~~

Charley woke up and threw her covers off. She looked in to the twins' room as she past both were still sleeping. Her covers and her pillows hid Heidi's whole head. Charlotte slept facing her twin. Charley shook her head and head downstairs. She walked carefully through the living room so as not to wake up the three guys sleeping on the couches. Charley opened the fridge and started a large breakfast. About 30 minutes later two very sleepy girls walked in and plonked themselves on the kitchen table. Charlotte's hand reached out immediately to the glass of orange juice on the table the bitter sweetness opening her eyelids a little more. "Morning Charley!" Heidi called rubbing sleep out of her eyes. Charley smiled then turned to Charlotte. "You wanna help me wake up the three snoring buzz saws?" Charley asked a mischievous smile on her face. Char agreed and walked out the kitchen with Charley. Heidi decided to help Charley by getting the plates out, she started opening cupboards when she got to the third one she stopped because in front of her eyes was a bottle of vodka. She heard people coming back in to the kitchen so she shoved the bottle in to her dressing gown pocket and grabbed the plates she wanted. After breakfast Heidi went upstairs to have a shower, when she took off her dressing gown she heard a 'thunk' as it hit the floor. She took out the bottle and with shaking hands unscrewed the top, she sniffed it and reeled back. 'Urgh! That's vile but this is what people do to forget things even for a while and I do want to forget' she thought taking a small sip. She gagged as it burned down her throat but when it reached her stomach it left a nice warm feeling. She took a big gulp relishing in the warmness that had been missing the last month started to fill her body. Heidi kept drinking it. Every swig she drank caused her to become more and more drunk. By the time Heidi was done she was plastered on her butt sitting on the floor next to tub in the bathroom. She looked at the room around her and started giggling. For no reason she started giggling. Charlotte, who just now was heading for the shower, heard hysterical giggling in the bathroom. When Char got in there, she saw Heidi, on the floor, holding a vodka bottle. An empty vodka bottle. Heidi looked up and saw Charlotte looking down at her with a shocked expression on her face. Heidi's head tilted back and forth and she smiled stupidly at her twin.
"I shissss! lovely day iden't it?" she said, throwing up her hands and looking awkward at her sister.
"Yeah, I guess it is" Charlotte said. She bend down and gently took the vodka bottle out her plastered sister's hand and looked it over. She sniffed it and gagged. 'Sis, I can't believe you drank this stuff' Char thought to herself. Charlotte shook head sadly and stood up. Heidi went sober for a second and grabbed Charlotte's leg. "You're not going to tell the others....are you??" Heidi looked like she was scared. "Yes, I am. I am not going to have my sister become a drunk," she said with a saddened expression on her face as she looks at her sister and remembers their poor uncle Lester. He drank himself to death. And Charlotte was not going to let that happen. Not to her sister.
"Oh please don't shis! Please!!! They will do something to me....I know it!" Heidi's eyes pleaded with Charlotte. "No they won't! Sis, they will get help for you before this drinking think becomes a nasty habit" Charlotte said, trying to break free from her sister's grip. "No please! Don't tell...Please!!!" Heidi pleaded with her sister. Tears streaming down from her eyes. Charlotte sighed heavily. Charlotte looked at the vodka bottle in her hand and sighed again.
"Alright, I won't, but just remember this sis....if they find out it will be because they found out themselves, not by me....got it. And then I will tell them, but not till then" Charlotte said, firm....more firm then she has ever been. Heidi lightened her grin and smiled sheepishly.
"Thanks...shiss" she said as she tries to get up She lost her balance and feel right into Char. Char caught her and held her up. Heidi grinned and looked at Char. "You wanna know sssomething silly, Char??" Heidi asked Char felt a stab of reluctancy "What?" Char cringed a little. "You are really pretty you know that?" Heidi fell down to the ground with a thug. Charlotte rolled her eyes. "Ok, sis....I think what you need is a cold shower" Char said. "I do?" Heidi said, looking at the tub. Heidi waved a hand and said "No way. I don't need one" then Heidi added "But you do!" she let out a fit of laughs. Charlotte rolled her eyes again and helped her sister get into the shower.

The shower took forever (Or least that is what Char thought). It, however sobered her up a little, but she was still drunk. Char had to help her get dressed. By the time Char was finished, Heidi was showing signed of sobering. "Owwwww, my head!...what happened? Who hit me?" she said, holding her throbbing head. "Don't you remember anything?" Charlotte asked supporting her sister.
"I remember drinking a little vodka and then drinking some more" Heidi said holding her head in both hands. Charlotte shook her head and grabbed the vodka bottle, "You stay here and.try not to throw up or anything" Charlotte said she ran downstairs and thanked her stars that Charley and the guys were out at the moment as she shoved the bottle in the bottom of the bin. She found her sister kneeling over the toilet, Charlotte just stood besides her holding her brown hair out of the way. Heidi too a gulp of water and groaned. "I'm never gonna touch alcohol again!" Heidi swore. Charlotte just smiled and led Heidi downstairs for a coffee.

~~~~~~~~That Evening~~~~~~~~~~~

Heidi crept downstairs it was 6:00pm, Charlotte had been keeping a close eye on her all day but had fallen asleep on the bed while the twins were playing card games. Heidi sneaked in to the kitchen and opened the fridge her hand reached for the six pack of lager on the bottom shelf; she had seen them the night before but didn't pay to much attention. Heidi opened one of them and held it towards the sky. "To the best Mom and Dad ever and they will forever be missed" She whispered to the silent house, taking a swig and this time not gagging at all.

Charlotte woke up and stretched she looked around sleepily for her sister but heard a bang from downstairs. She rushed down to the kitchen and saw her sister had over turned the table in a drunken stupor, Charlotte counted 2 empty lager cans and Heidi had another in her hand.
"Heidi how could you?" Charlotte scolded. "Easy I juscht open the fridgsche!" Heidi slurred taking another swig. Charlotte lunged at her twin managing to wrestle the can away. "Hey give thascht baschk!" Heidi yelled. Charlotte shook her head and put all the cans in the bin, she then pulled her sister to her feet and started to reach for the doorknob it pulled away from her and when she looked up she saw the towering figure of Modo. "Hi" Charlotte said timidly. Charlotte backed in to let all four of them. "What's going on?" Throttle asked he was confused. Heidi tugged on her sister's arm.
"Char I think I'm gonna be sicschk!" Heidi said before throwing up all over the carpet. Charlotte kept a tight hold on to her sister who had started giggling again. "I think you have so explaining to do" Vinnie said crossing his arms over his chest. 'Aww crud' Charlotte thought. Charlotte hung on to Heidi as Heidi made a quick break for the bathroom. While in the bathroom, Char explained exactly what happened. After 30 minutes of careful listing on the bros and Charley's part, Charley said
"Ok, how many times have she been drinking?" Charley's arms where crossed loosely, but the guys' were not. Each of them looked angry. Char didn't know whom they were angrier at. Her or Heidi. Heidi, who was now drinking water and breathing deeply, clung to Char's arm for support.
"I dunno Charley...My guess is at least two times at the most. I really can't be sure," Char said truthfully. After much lecturing and scolding.... Char said "I promise Heidi will never drink again," Char said, vowing. Heidi looked groggy, but said "I promise too. I. I will never drink again," Heidi said, stuttering her words. After the twins said that, the bros and Charley talked about it and decided to give Heidi a second chance. "Ok, we will trust you Heidi, but no more drinking, ok?" Charley said with a stern look. Heidi shook her head, but doing so make her feel really sick, which caused her to hang her head again.
"Ok" Charlotte, said.
"Okay" Heidi said, holding her stomach. So, Charley when to get coffee for Heidi and Char sat next to her sister. This was One Week Ago.........

~~~One Week Later~~~

Heidi was sober. She hated vodka and anything else that was like it. Life went back to normal (Or so they thought). Char and Heidi where in the living room that evening when the bros came in, followed by Charley. "Little Darlin's, there is something we need to talk to you about" Modo said, sitting in a seat next to Heidi. Heidi looked curious at him and so did Charlotte. "What is it Big Fella?" Char asked. Charlotte just 2 days ago started calling Modo 'Big Fella'. "Well, you might have noticed that we wear are helmets all the time, right?" Vinnie said. He had a root beer bottle in his right hand. It appeared to be half-empty. "Yeah, Heidi and I were wondering why you keep it on all the time" Charlotte said, turning down the TV volume. "Yeah, me too. I was starting wonder myself," Heidi added. "Well, there's a reason for that girls" Throttle said. "What reason?" the twins said together. The guys cringed a little. But before Throttle could answer, Charlotte said something that shocked them "Oh, let me guess......you are giant mice. Am I right?" Charlotte said, grinning halfway. The bros and Charley's mouths dropped open. "How did you know that Little Darlin'?" Modo asked.
"Yeah, how!?" Vinnie shrieked. Throttle had a shocked look, but remembering that time at the restaurant, made him think. But before Throttle could ask, Char answered and told them about the first day they meet each other and how Char Throttle's tail. She explained it all to them from A to Z. After she was done, the bros took off their helmets and for the first time, Heidi and Char saw who the bros really looked like. Charlotte just looked smug proud of herself for figuring it out. Heidi, well she was just awe struck, she went slowly up to each Mouse in turn and gently touched their faces relishing in how soft their fur was. "I would have thought you two would have run away screaming after seeing these three I tried to hit Throttle with a wrench when I first saw him" Charley said giving a little chuckle. "Oh I wasn't scared, a little surprised maybe but not scared, we've spent a week with you guys so we know what you're like" Heidi said sitting besides Modo stroking his smoke gray left arm. "Well that's not all we have to tell ya" Throttle said solemnly "We are battling an evil race of humanoid fish called Plutarkians who destroyed our home planet Mars and are trying to destroy Earth that's why we go out every day" Throttle explained. Heidi looked a little frightened at the prospect of an alien invasion but decided that these three could handle it. The girls went over to Charley's Mom's house and cleaned out the horses and took them for a ride, the twins spent the whole day there coming home quite late eager to go to bed. Charlotte collapsed in to bed and gave one fleeting glance at her twin before her eyes snapped shut. Heidi opened her eyes at the snoring of her sister and reached an arm under her pillow her fist clenching around cold glass.

Meanwhile at Limburger Plaza.

Limburger is sulking after his latest defeat. Greasepit comes in and attempts to cheer his boss up.
"Looks on the brights side Boss we has gots two mores hostage possibilities," Greasepit said while slipping over.
"What did you say dear boy?" Limburger asked slightly interested.
"I was sayings that those Mices has two new young dames at theirs place pretty ones toos!" Greasepit explained. Limburger's face lit up as he pressed the intercom, Karbunkle's raspy voice came over. "Yes your extremely whipped creaminess?" His slimy voice asked. Limburger leaned closer to the intercom. "Listen very carefully Karbunkle for I have a plot for a most sinister plan." Limburger whispered before breaking in to a menacing cackle.

Heidi was slowing brushing Miss Mika when Vinnie came in; he came in silently and made her jump.
"Sorry sweet stuff, didn't mean to scare ya, Charley sent me over to get you it's getting dark" Vinnie explained. Heidi quickly looked at her watch. "Really? It doesn't seem two minutes since Char went home to help start dinner but it's been two hours" Heidi chuckle, Vinnie did too.
"Time flies when you're thinking hard" Vinnie said. Heidi looked up at him and the light glinted in his mask for a second. "Vinnie did you ever drink, just to forget everything and just be happy?" Heidi asked curiously, Vinnie guessed she was still feeling guilty about her drinking binge.
"Sure when I first lost my parents I drank all the time, every day and night, but drinking does bad things too ya. One time I was drinking a lot and Throttle and Modo came to see me they said they were worried about me, I told them that I didn't need their help, I actually got so mad I pushed Throttle in to a wall and he whacked his head on a table. He went in to a coma and I sat by him for hours I remember I said to him 'Bro, if you wake up right now I'll never drink again' and he did and I've held on to that promise to this day" Vinnie sounded proud at the end of his story. Heidi smiled up at him as he helped her put her helmet on and drove back home.

~~~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~~

Charley was cleaning around the house; the twins had taken the Mice to a stable to teach them how to ride Miss Mika and Pepper, so Charley to get some work done. She went in to the twins' room and started to make the beds she had just picked up Heidi's pillow when something fell with a thump on the bed. Charley picked it up and shook her head sadly as she read the label it said 'Gin' and the bottle was three quarters empty.

At the stables......

"Ok guys. First this you need to know is how to be safe. Horses are not motorcycles, they are living things that respond to command, but have a mind of their own." Charlotte said to the guys who were kind of nervous about horses. "We know that Darlin', but how do you ride them?" Modo asked, observing Pepper who was contentedly watching everyone around him. He snorted softly and nudged Char's side. Char patted his neck as she continues to speak. "Well, let me tell you it's not an easy thing to get onto a horse properly. It takes strength in the legs and arms and timing. You can not just walk up to a horse at first and expect to learn right away" Charlotte said as she petted Pepper. "It took me 2 and a half weeks to get it right and over a year to get it gracefully," Char added. "Yeah, I know how that goes. It took me over a year to get this good, but I still need practice" Heidi added. Char smiled at her sister. "Awwww sis, you will" Heidi giggled. After much lecturing and plenty of safety tips, the guys started their lessons...

~~~Meanwhile back at Limburger Tower~~~

Limburger paced around his office uneasy. His next chance to get those Biker Mice from Mars was going to be tricky. He had to plain this careful, so that they couldn't mess things up for him.

His plain: To take two humans and turn them into Martian mouse traitors.
Even though his two targets where out of reach, but for now he would plain. He would carefully make arrangements to the finest detail. He vowed to himself that he would not mess this one up, because if he did...it would by the Sludge Pitts for sure. He shuddered. He knew about the Sludge Pitts. The Pitts were the worse punishment any Plutarkian could endure. He shuddered again. He then made his way to his window and looked out, still in deep deep thought. All of a sudden the door burst open and Limburger's stupid head goon comes in, tracking grease behind him. "Daaaaa boss, them mices are heading this way!" Grease Pit said, frightened. Limburger turned around, wearily and said "So what else is new my dear grease baboon?" Limburger said as he sat down in his favorite leather chair and began to rock in it. Grease Pit scratched his pointy-head "Daaaaa you don't want me to try to stop them boss?" he stood in front of Limburger with his greasy hat off.
"What's the point dear fellow? They will most likely stop your goons and blow up my beautiful tower." He rubbed his temples. He could feel a hard migraine coming on. "But da boss....them miceses....." Limburger silenced him by pounding his fist on his vary expensive desk.
"Shut up you grease bound lummox! If you want to go and attack them you will be wasting my money and your so-called time! I want to......." his sentence was stopped short by his office started to shake. "Oh by the dead mother.....," he said as his entire tower started to fall.

Meanwhile..... Three Biker Mice, along with two vary excited twins, gazed up at Limburgers Tower as it crumbles to the ground. The boys high fived each other and cheered.
"Yeah man! I never get tired of watching fish fins get his fins kicked!" Throttle said as he high fived with Vinnie. "Yeah!!! Owowowowow!! Totally extreme!" Vinnie cheered and popped a wheelie. "Well, old podgy butt will building his tower for awhile" Modo said with a smirky smile.
"Yeah!!!" the guys said together. "Bros, I am sure glad we made this small pit stop on the way home or we would have never gotten then chance today to blow up Limbutts tower" Vinnie said, his adrenaline was pumpin' now. Throttle then turned with a smiled on his face to the girls
"Now see girls, that's what we do all the time!" he said, he was just as excited as his bros.
"Ahhhhhhhhh, nice job" Char did a thumbs up gesture.
"Way cool!" Heidi cheered.
"Thank you thank you!, no autographs please!" he said, taking a bow.
"Oh mamma, Vinnie get your tail back on the ground....your ego is out for lunch" Modo said, rolling his eyes. Everybody laughed. Vinnie on the other hand, pouted. He then straightened up and laughed too. Then the bros revved up their engines and said in a loud voice:
"LETS ROCK, AND RIDE!!!" and they sped away back to the Last Chance.

~~Meanwhile back at Limburger Tower~~ (or what's left of it)

Limburger carefully got up and adjusted his once clean, now dirty suit. Then them showed his true feelings. "I've had it with those troublesome Biker rodents!!!. I am going to make them pay dearly for causing so much harm to me and my towers!" he said, he was beginning to become redder with anger by the minute. Karbunkle, Limburger's evil mad scientist, stumbled out of the debris and wheezed the usual words "Your cream goodness....shall I send for a henchman for you??" he asked, rubbing his frail hands. "NO!" Limburger shouted. Karbunkle jumped with surprise and nearly fell on a board full of nails. He sighed, then looked timidly at his over angered boss.
"But sir, what are you going to do?" Karbunkle asked. Limburger was about to grab a piece of medal and throw at Karbunkle, but he suddenly had a breakthrough. "Karbunkle" he said with a sinister grin. "Yes your creaminess??" he asked, cringing. "I want you to prepare a underground lab for the next year. Build it with the most high tech computers and advanced transportation devices." he said with the same grin as before. Karbunkle was speechless, up until his curiosity took over
"But why you highness? Don't we have that already??" he asked. "No you imbecile!.. I want the finest money can buy. Because what I have planned will solve my problems as well as Plutarks" Limburger rubbed his hands together in sheer delight. "And what plain might that be your highness?" he asked. "My dear boy I will fill in the blanks later, but now make arrangements for a new tower. And start designing an underground lab. I want everything ready for my plains," he said as his evil/smirky grinning turned into evil laugher. Karbunkle joined in. Evil laugher shot up and rose above the buildings, but Limburger didn't care. He had a plan and now he would take out those Biker Mice once and for all.

The guys and the girls all came back in to the Garage, each one was as high as a kite. It was Throttle who noticed that Charley was sitting on the couch something hidden behind her back.
"What's up Charley-girl?" Throttle asked, the others calmed down and looked towards Charley, she looked MAD! Charley didn't waste any time she turned straight to Heidi and brought out the gin bottle. "I thought we talked about this and you said you'd stop drinking!" Charley yelled. The others took one look at the bottle and stiffened, the happy mood vanished. Charlotte had a look of disappointment and betrayal, Throttle was mad, so was Modo, Vinnie looked mad too but he had a hint of regret realizing what Heidi was trying to say to him last night. They all looked to Heidi for an answer, she had a very frightened look on her face as if she expected them to hit her at any moment. After five minutes Throttle was the first to speak. "Heidi I thought we could trust you" Throttle said in a calm, disappointed voice. Heidi's face crumpled in shame and Vinnie saw she was about to cry. "Crying won't get you out of it! You've lied to us! How could you drink when ya said ya wouldn't?" Vinnie yelled. Heidi did start crying but she managed to choke out an answer.
"I don't know! I just want to forget what happened, just pretend that everything's how it used to be! I need it!" Heidi sobbed. Modo exploded. "You do not need to destroy yourself! Coz that's what you're doing, do ya hear me?!" Modo yelled grabbing on to her wrists and shaking her to make her listen. Charlotte hadn't said anything she just looked at her sister, pity drawn all over her face, the twins' eyes met for a second. Heidi saw for the first time Charlotte was in pain too. Charlotte knew her sister had seen the hurt that was rapidly growing. "Heidi, don't ya think I want to just forget too? I've often thought of throwing it all away, you don't know how many times I've seen a knife or a river and thought how easy it would be to end it all, but I didn't because I still had you!" Charlotte said shaking with the feelings that were threatening to overwhelm her body. Charlotte turned sharply and left the room her sobs clearly heard. Heidi wrenched herself out of Modo's hands and ran in the opposite direction. After the two had left Throttle sighed and sat down on the couch he put his head in his hands. "What a gigantic mess!" He muttered.

~~~~The Next Morning~~~~

Charlotte lifted her head up and shook her hair out of her eyes. Modo had found her crying in the loft last night and had explained to her that her sister had an alcohol problem and alcohol had a way of making people crazy. When Charlotte had asked if he thought they could help her, he said only if she wants to be helped. Charlotte walked in to the bathroom and looked in to the mirror the face that looked back look like a 40-year-olds instead of a 16-year-olds. 'What do you expect when ya parents are dead and ya sister's an alcoholic' She thought. As far as she knew Modo had gone to look for her and Vinnie and Throttle went to look for Heidi, Charley had stayed home to wait in case they came back. Charlotte trudged down stairs and suddenly heard someone pull in to the Garage. Throttle and Vinnie walked in holding a very angry and very drunk Heidi.
"Lemme go! Lemme go!" She was yelling. "Not until you've calmed down!" Throttle said having a job to keep a hold of the thrashing girl. The two of them frog marched her in to the kitchen and sat her down on a chair, Modo put a cup of coffee in front of her, Heidi just picked it up a threw it across the room it smashed against the wall. "Hey! Don't do that!" Vinnie yelled. Heidi growled at him. "Just leave me alone! I don't need any of ya!" Heidi yelled at him swing her fist at him. Modo caught it before it made contact. Charlotte was now fully in the room, she was shocked her sister had never acted like this even when she was drunk before, she walked up to her twin and put her hand on her shoulder. "Heidi calm down! We need to get you sober so we can talk about your alcohol problem" Charlotte said slowly. "What problem?! I don't have a problem!" Heidi yelled still trying to get up off the chair but still failing. "Yes you do! Just look at you you're a mess!" Modo yelled back. Heidi with a burst of effort threw herself off the chair knocking the three Mice over in the process. Charlotte placed herself between her sister and the door, Heidi just grabbed her by the arm and shoved her in to the wall, Charlotte cried out in pain. Heidi stopped yelling and stomping and looked at her sister. "I don't like it when you drink, tell me when you don't" Charlotte said tears brimming her eyes. Charlotte ran back upstairs and slammed her bedroom door, the four of them could her Charley trying to talk to her. Heidi turned to the Mice and said in a frightened voice.
"What just happened here?" She asked.

"We found Heidi Charley ma'am," Modo said, taking in a deep breath to calm him down.
"She was at the park drinking a big bottle of wine. We found her drunk of her butt and talking to a tree," Throttle added, sitting down. He looked worn out and so did Modo and Vinnie. Vinnie was almost asleep at the kitchen table. Charley started to shed tears and shook her head sadly. She took a deep breath and said "Guys, what are we going to do about Heidi? What she is doing to herself is going to kill her one-day. I'm afraid for her. I don't want her to throw her life away" Charley whipped away a single tear the streaked down her cheek.


Outside the door, Heidi heard their conversation loud and clear. She had stormed out earlier, but decided to get a drink of coffee, but before she so much as opened the door, them say her name made her stop in her drunken tracks. Everything she heard was true and she knew it. Her heart began to race. She started to cry, but silently. 'What have I done?' Heidi asked herself and she looked at herself. She saw that her cloths were dirty and her body was dirty as well. She does not remember how she got so dirty, but since drunk as she was she did not remember. She put both hands in her hands and screamed/cried and fell straight down to her knees. The guys and Charley jumped at the sound of screaming. They raced outside only to find that Heidi was on the ground rocking and crying hard. They raced over to her and took her in their arms.
"What's wrong Heidi?" Charley asked. Charlotte, meanwhile, jumps up from her bed and runs outside only to see her beloved twin in hysterics. She runs over to her and grabs in a loving hug. Heidi violently grabs her sister and says "I'm so sorry sis!!! Please forgive me!" she says in between hard sobbing. Charlotte strokes Heidi's back and says to her that she is going to be ok and that she is not mad. Charley puts a hand on her shoulder and tries her best to soothe a hysterical girl.
"I promise I will never touch alcohol again!" Heidi stated when she had calmed down.
"I dunno Sweet Stuff ya said that last time," Vinnie said doubtfully. Heidi glared at him and marched in to the kitchen on the table there was the bottle of wine she had been drinking she picked it up walked over to the sink and poured the remainder down the drain. Heidi turned round and bowed at the applause she was getting. "How do ya feel Darlin'?" Modo asked. Heidi's face fell as she looked at the bottle. "Like I want a drink!" Heidi said her face starting to crunch up. Throttle walked over and put his arm around her shoulders. "Don't worry we'll get you some help" He promised.

Part Four: Betrayal

Heidi teared out of the alcohol rehab clinic 'home' the word that she dreamt of and indeed she had been dreaming about them for days now, not only a chance to get back but also a chance to spend more time with her guardians. The bus journey dragged on, it seemed that Chicago would never come but finally the bus slowed down to her stop where she could already see Throttle's black Harley waiting for her. Heidi got off the bus and flew in to Throttle's waiting arms.
"Throttle! I missed ya!" Heidi said her words mingling with his fur. "I missed ya too darlin'! So did Charlotte, Vinnie, Modo and Charley! I'd prepare to be squashed" Throttle responded. Throttle let go and handed Heidi her helmet, which was black but a bit too big as Heidi, could hardly see through it. Heidi loved watching the houses go whizzing by as she held on tightly to Throttle's waist. They pulled in to the Last Chance garage; Charley, Modo and Vinnie were waiting for her. "Guess who?" Heidi said pulling off her helmet. Modo grabbed Heidi first and gave her a big hug, Charley then kissed her forehead, Charlotte pulled her in to a hard hug and finally Vinnie put her in a headlock and gave her a noogie. "So Sweet Stuff, we finally got ya back!" He said. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, squirming out of the headlock Heidi went to get it. When she opened the door a tall boy with blonde-brown hair stood there, he was about 17/18 and had the bluest eyes ever.
"Hi, does a Heidi Robertson live here?" The boy asked.
"Yes, I'm Heidi" Heidi answered.
"Oh well my name is Enrique, Ricky for short, and I think I found your wallet" He said. Heidi smiled sheepishly at the guy then she straightened up fast "Thanks, It must have dropped out of my purse" Heidi took the wallet from the guys hand. Her hand brushed his and she blushed. He just smiled a fake sweet smile at Heidi. Charlotte walks up behind Heidi, grinning and says "So sis, you ahhhh going to introduce me to your friend?" Charlotte asked, she was perfectly at ease. The boy greeted Char with a friendly handshake.
"Hi my name is Ricky, and you name is......?" he asked, his smile never leaving his face.
"Charlotte. Pleased to meet you Ricky" Charlotte said in a polite fashion.
"Pleasure is all mine," he said, still keeping his smile. Charlotte suddenly got a bad feeling about Ricky. 'Why am I having this feeling about him? He seems nice enough, but something is wrong with him, I can feel it' Charlotte thought, pretending to pay attention to him speak.

~~Meanwhile across the room~~

Throttle too was having that bad feeling. He rubbed his gin in deep thought. 'Who is this boy? A guy from Heidi's school? I don't like the look of him. The look about him gives me the chills....what is it about him that.....' his thoughts were cut off short suddenly by his bros words.
"Hey bro, you alright?" Vinnie asked. "Yeah bro, you were like in a trance a few seconds ago. What happened?" Modo asked, the Big Guy was puzzled to what his bro was so worked up about. Throttle grinned and replied "Nothing bros....just thinking random thoughts" He said, shaking off his thoughts.

Heidi stood in shock at what had happened, she had met a boy and got his number in less than ten minutes of knowing him. She was jerked from these thoughts as something big crashed in to the back of the Garage. She rushed outside and saw a space ship as the hatch opened Charlotte saw the unmistakable shape of a Mouse walk out. Throttle recognized the Mouse first.
"Carbine!!" He rushed forwards and hugged her. "How are you hot shot?" She asked tugging at his glasses playfully. She then spotted the twins standing by the door with Charley. "Uh something you forgot to tell me Throttle?" Carbine asked turning his head towards the girls.

Throttle smiled and said "Naww, I was just about to let you know. These are the Robertson Twins Charlotte and Heidi. Kids, say hi to Carbine." Throttle said. "Hi" Heidi said, kind of shyly.
"Hello Carbine" Charlotte said. She herself was kind of bashful, but choose not to show it.
"Hi girls" Carbine replied. Looking at the twins then saying Hi to Charley who was right beside the girls. Throttle looked at Charley and gave her a look that clearly said, "Can you go inside with the twins. I need to talk to Carbine". Charley nodded her head and went inside, followed by the twins who took one last look at the distant couple. "You got that look in your eyes Throttle. Like you need to tell me something, but don't know how. Well, I'll save the time...spit it out cutie" she smiled. He blinked, and then smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, well, see it's like this. Your wondering why the twins are here, right?" he asked, she shook her head. He held his breath when he saw how pretty her hair fell softly back into place on her shoulders. 'Get a hold of yourself Throttle' he swallowed. "Well?" Carbine said, still waiting for his answer. He shook his thoughts off and then continued
"Well, there is a story behind all of this....." and then he explained to her about what happened, about the bombing, how they found the twins, and basically everything. Carbine asks a few questions about what happened and the twins, and then Throttle answered them. After he was done explaining...he said "And that's the whole story from what I was told and experienced" he said.
"So, what do you want me to do?" she asked. "I need you to find out what you can. The girls have kept things secret that they have no even shown much emotion for. Especially Charlotte. She has little next to nothing shown anything that comes to grief. Can you see about her and Heidi? Ask them about the bomb and things that you feel necessary" He said, and then he added, "I tried talking to them, but they choose to be silent. Especially Charlotte. They rather forget then to talk about it." he finished. He looked truly worried. Carbine sighed "Oh Throttle, I'll see what I can do. I have 4 days, so in that period of time I can try," she said. Throttle blinked again "4 days? Are you staying down for that long?" he asked. She winked at him. "Yep, I needed a vacation...Besides, the new generators we got take their time to power back up again. 4 days to be exact, so you might say that's a bonus" she winked playfully at him. "Well then, come on...Let's get you settled in. The twins have three beds in their room. For company only" he said, helping Carbine retrieve her suitcases. After picking up Carbine's luggage, they hauled it to the twins' room. Both of the girls were already there, talking to someone on the phone and laughing. Throttle and Carbine stood in the doorway, waiting for the girls to stop talking. Char, who was not talking, noticed them first.
"Hey Throttle, sup?" Char said. Saying hi to Throttle made Heidi look towards the door. Heidi waved, and then went back to talking. But she did not talk long because Throttle told her to get off for a while. Heidi said bye to her friend and put full attention onto Throttle. "Alright girls, do you mind if Carbine stays in here for the next four days?" he asked. The twins looked at each other and agreed by body language. "Sure, that will be cool" Heidi said, smiling.
"Cool, this ought to be fun" Charlotte grinned.
"Thank you girls. So, where do I put my stuff?" Carbine asked. Char and Heidi got up and made places. "You can sleep right here across the way" pointing to the day bed across the room. "Alright" Carbine said, putting some kind of bag on the bed. Just then from outside the door came a shout. "Hey girls...hamburgers are here. Come and get it before the guys do" Charley shouted from the kitchen doorway. "Coming" both the twins shouted. So, with that the twins and Carbine went into the kitchen to eat dinner.

~~In the Kitchen~~

Over the hamburgers Heidi was telling them what happened during the 3 weeks she had spent at the rehab clinic. "Well sometimes they'd have this tough love thing where they'd show you what happens to your body if you drink and how it effects the people around you" Quick glance at Charlotte "And then they'd put a drink in front of you and dare you to take it, I took it once but that was at the beginning when I hadn't be educated more about what was in alcohol they time ya to see how long you can go with out really wanting to pick up the drink I think I made it about 45 minutes" Heidi told them. You could almost feel the pride beaming off of Vinnie as he remembered how hard it was to kick the drink for him. Charlotte told Heidi what she had missed while she was away.
"Well Pepper and Miss Mika have missed ya loads but the guys are getting better at riding they only fall off half of the time now not all of the time" Charlotte said grinning, Heidi roared with laughter, Carbine did as well at the image of the guys on horses. "You three? Riding horses? You speed freaks on horses? Oh my God!" Carbine was practically hysterical. After dinner the twins brought Carbine down to the stables to see their horses. Heidi was hugging the horses' necks hard.
"Oh God! I've missed you two bad!" She said stroking their manes. Charlotte handed the bridle to Carbine. "You want to have a go?" She asked. Carbine looked uneasy at Pepper who was alert, but content. He snored softly. "I don't know how. I wouldn't know where to begin," she said, kind of wary of Pepper. "Hey sis! where have we heard that one before" Heidi said, stroking Mika's mane and giggling. "Hummmmmmmmmm let me think.......Oh yeah, I remember....The guys said the same thing didn't they Sis!?" Charlotte said sarcastically. Carbine smiled and rolled her eyes. Placing her hands loosely on her hips, she said "Oh really? So, what is up with the guys ridding?" Carbine asked, she had a curious yet a "I still can't believe it" look.
"Really! no kidding" Heidi chimed.
"Well, ya see....Heidi and I thought it would be fun to teach those guys something they haven't tried yet." Charlotte giggled, then adds "So it goes to show ya, it's never to late to learn to ride, right Sis?" Charlotte said. "Exactly!" Heidi said. Carbine looked at both twins and the horses. She hummed to herself saying that she has decided. "Alright, I'll do it!" she said, she actually sounded excited. "Ok then, here's what you so.........." Charlotte explained. Well, that did it. Carbine was showing the proper way of ridding and made two new friends. After 5 hours of ridding, talking, and laughing, it was finally time to hit the road. It was dark and the sun was set. After the twins groomed the horses (Showing Carbine how too of course), then said their goodbyes to Mrs. Davidson and rode home. They had no idea that Limburger's crafty Chief Spy was watching them and waiting for the next move.

~~Back at the Garage~~

When the girls got home, the guys where in the den watch football. Not surprising. They did that practically every night. Heidi and Char peeked into the den to only find three vary hyper guys that are really into the current football game. Carbine, being the tallest, hovered over the twins to look for herself. The girls giggled within themselves and made their ways towards the bedroom.

~~In the Bedroom~~

Heidi, Char and Carbine each got ready for bed. Yawning and stretching out her stiff limbs, Carbine pulls off her shoes and goes into the bathroom to change. When she comes out moments later, she had a nightgown on and sweats. Her feet were covered with socks. The twins, in their nightshirts and sweats climbed into bed and said their goodnights.

~~The Next Morning~~

The bright sun beamed down onto Char's face and woke her up. When Char got up, much to her surprise Carbine was already up. 'I wonder where she went' Char said to herself. Char got up, when to the bathroom and then headed back to bed. It was way too early. Heidi was still asleep.

Meanwhile..... The only ones up in the kitchen were Throttle and Carbine. Throttle was explaining best in his words about the twins. "I swear I have tried Carbine, but the twins are reluctant to say anything about what happened and how they feel." Throttle explained. "I mean, the only real one who has show heartbreak is Heidi." he said, worried.
"But what about Charlotte?" Carbine asked, before taking a sip of fresh coffee. (You could tell she was still trying to wake up) "She is strong. To strong sometimes that it makes me wonder....." Throttle cut himself off, as if trying to avoid what he felt. "So, what do you want me to do?" Carbine asked. Throttle answered with hesitation "Could you talk to both of the twins? You know, see what's up. Especially to Charlotte. She seems the only one who thinks that being strong helps" he replied. Carbine shook her head and said "Alright Throttle, I'll see what I can do"
"Oh, and one more thing....If they do tell, could you let me know?" he asked.
"Sure, all right" she said.

~~~~At Limburger Plaza~~~~

Limburger is talking to someone that someone was standing in the shadows all you could make out was a lock of blonde/brown hair that fell over a pair of blue eyes.
"I want you my dear boy, to gain one of those two Robertson girls' trust. I don't care how you do it I just want one of the girls to have complete faith in you, both if you can manage it" Limburger told the figure. "No problem boss, just make sure my fee is paid" The shadowed person said. Limburger nodded, "Yes you will have as much power as that your heart desires" Limburger nodded. He waved his hand for the figure to go and as the spy comes out of the shadows, his chain that he is wearing as a belt glints in the sun.

Carbine had her eyes open for times when she could talk to the girls about what happened to them, but every time she mentioned it they always found a way to change the subject and Carbine was beginning to see what Throttle meant that they wouldn't talk. Carbine knew there was only one sure-fire way to get them to talk but she would have to wait until night-time.

~~That very night~~

As the twins were talking about nothing really and getting ready for bed, Carbine got ready the things needed for the vows to come. All that was needed was a knife and three pendants that read in Martian "Blood Sisters" engraved in beautiful writing. Finally, after Carbine assured herself she was ready, she called to the twins who were brushing their teeth. "Girls, can you come here please?" Char poked her head out from the bathroom. "Yeah Carbine, what ya need?" Char asked.
"I need to talk to you and Heidi..right now please" Carbine said, in a serious fashion. "Alright, be right out" Char finished from the doorway, only to emerge again a few long minutes later with Heidi not too far behind. Both girls had solemn/curious expressions on their identical faces.
"Please, sit down" Carbine pointed to the bed and the chair. Heidi took the bed and sat next to Carbine and Charlotte sat right in front of Carbine, ready and willing to listen. Carbine looked at both their faces and decided to ask them one question that would go into the heartbreaking feelings they have been avoiding for a while now. She asked them "For the past 2 days I have asked you about what happened with you girls back during and after the explosion, but you keep changing the subject. I need to know, in your own words, what happened" Carbine said with pity. She herself, felt bad for the girls, but maybe if they confessed their feelings.....they would feel better. Carbine would dig deeper. The twins looked at each other hurtfully. "Well......well......" Charlotte could not say the mere words the wanted to be free, but that something held it down. Heidi burst into tears. Her sobs were truly full with heartache. Charlotte hugged her sister and looked at Carbine with sadness in her brown eyes. Carbine saw a single tear dribble down Char's right cheek. Charlotte then began to tell her tale......

~~~Charlotte Talking~~~

"It all started on a Thursday afternoon. Heidi and I were at the Ranch that was 12 miles Northwest from Kansas City. Heidi and I were there for the usual thing.....You know, work a little to pay for ridding and getting the weekly lessons.....same ol' same ol'.....or so we thought. By the end of the afternoon around 5pm, Liza told up to get in contact of our parents, so we could get a ride home. So, we called our Mama and waited. After 20 calm minutes later, we suddenly heard something falling. Something big..... It was a massive sound that engulfed everything. The wind started to pick up and the sky darkened. When I looked up, I saw something of great mass come down. It looked like it was bigger then a football field. I assumed it to be anyway" Char paused to take a deep breath and to fight back the flow of tears that just started to weld up. She then continued, "I remember that the sound of the falling was so big that we had to yell just to understand mumbling. It was that loud!" Charlotte said that with much enthusiasm, and then she continued "Before the thing could fall on us, Liza came around the house with two horses and told up to get into the shelter right away. We said we would not get in without her and her family. She said she would return with her family as soon as she could. And with that she closed the shelter door tight and we never heard from her again, but we did find her mangled up body laying 50 feet away from her truck....Her husband was 30 feet from her. He looked just as bad. We also found their boys. They looked worse. They appeared to be by the horse stables at the time. They most likely never knew what hit them." Char by this time was in painful tears. Heidi was crying uncontrollably while gripping her crying sister. Carbine felt sorry for them before, but now she felt terrible. Charlotte Continued, "After we got away from the Ranch, we ran home to see if our parents survived. We found them...dead in our house. Papa was in the den and Mama was in the bedroom. They never knew what hit them. But the worst part about that was when we dug them out, we wanted to bury them and give them a funeral, but a mysterious man cut it off short, with a shovel. He yelled at us, we ran off....we never saw him again. After that we traveled for weeks until we came into Belton Missouri. Their we found out what other states were bombed and that is also were we found out about the Shelter in Chicago. So, from Belton, we traveled for 3 more weeks until we finally made it to Chicago. We were never so relieved. When we made it to the shelter we met the guys and Charley there. From there they took us to eat and gave us a home. And thanks to Mrs. Davidson, our horses have a home as well"

~~~Char finishes~~~

Char finished with a sigh. Her sobs had stopped...for now...but the hurt was still there. Heidi blew her noise on a tissue and sniffled. Choking back tears. "And that is the whole story Carbine. We dunno who blasted our town or the states, but we think these "Plutarkians" had something to do with it......or so the guys think" Char added. Carbine nodded and replied "Yeah, I think so too. The Plutarkians are the only race that has a bomb capable of only surface Damages,not
underground...That's why your girls survived a devastating blast. You two were underground when it happened" Carbine confirmed. A light bulb hit Char hard. "You mean, that is only why we did....we were in the shelter!....." Charlotte was shocked. Even she had to admit, this was surprising. After much discussion, Carbine had the info she wanted to confide to Throttle what he wanted to know, but Carbine's plains soon changed when Heidi and Charlotte said something that made Carbine stop in her tracks. "Carbine, do you know why we kept it a secret?" Heidi asked. "
No why?" Carbine asked. "Because we do not want to feel pain again. We did not want to ever discuss it, but we both felt if we told you, then we can trust you to keep it a secret.....Right?" Charlotte asked. Carbine was speechless. Then the blood vow came to mind. Carbine sighs and says
"Well, I have one way to make sure no one ever finds out......." Carbine knew that this was the right thing. Both girls were stumped. Carbine saw this and continued "On Mars, when a small group, such as us, want to keep a promise not to be broken.....they take the Blood Vow.....but in our case it will be "The Blood Sisters Vow". This vow, is a vow that is forever. It symbolizes trust, friendship, will, and vows. Do you girls want to take the Blood Vow?" Carbine asked, looking at Heidi, then at Charlotte. Both girls were uncertain, then both girls nodded and Char said "Yes, we do....So, how do we take the Vow" Carbine then pulled out a vary sharp knife and three pendants.
"What I will do is give you girls each a pendent and I will take one. We put on the pendants first, then with the knife, we cute a slit in our hands.....But we are not to cut both of our own...we cut one of ours, then the other one cuts the hand and visa versa. Then, we say one at time "My blood......your blood......our blood....then we hold each other hands for 30 seconds....then that is it. The Blood Vowing is complete. So you still wanna do it?" Carbine explains then asked one more time. The twins nodded then proceed.............. The vowing took a total of 5 minutes. At the end.....each girl had their hands joined and the pendants on. After the 30 seconds were up, they pulled their hands apart and treated them. After then treated their hands, Char asked, "Do we always have to wear the pendent?" Carbine shook her heads no. "Nope, we are only to wear them when we make another vow, but the never vow will only require joining hands without the bleeding part." Carbine smiled. Heidi yawned and crawled into bed. Carbine and Char did the same. They said their goodnights and went to sleep.

~~~The Next Morning~~~

Carbine walked down the stairs she glanced at the clock 'Urgh six am I've got to stop getting up at this time' she thought to herself. As she entered the kitchen she saw Throttle sitting at the table drinking some coffee. "Morning" She said as she joined him. "Very" He answered pouring her some too. As Carbine reached for the cup Throttle spotted the cut on one of her hands. "You did 'The Blood Vow'?" He asked. Carbine nodded "And? What did they say?" Throttle asked her. "I don't know if I should tell you the Blood Vow is sacred I would be breaking a time honored trust if I told you" Carbine said, Throttle sighed "But then again they told me before we did the vow" Throttle perked up as Carbine prepared to tell him what she was told. When she had finished Throttle was speechless. "Wow me and the guys have been trying to get them to talk for months and they never breathed a word, well if they think it was Plutrakians then they are the ones I am going to trust" Throttle said. "Maybe now they have told someone they can begin to cope with it" Carbine mumbled, "Maybe" Throttle answered.

~~A few hours later~~

Heidi found herself waking up to a bright sun and birds chirping. Heidi yawned and straightens the stiffness out of her limbs. Heidi then with more of a habit form, she looked up to her sister who was sound asleep in her bunk. Charlotte then stirred and yawned before opening her eyes. When she did, she saw Heidi looking up at her with a tired smile on her face. (You can tell she was trying to wake up) "Morning sis!, sleep well..." Heidi asked right before a big yawn kicked in.
"Yeah, I slept good. Better then I have in a long time" Char yawned and straighten herself. Char then hopped off the bed and made her way to the bathroom. Heidi plopped onto her bed and got to thinking about last night and what happened. She looked at her scratches and smiled. She felt like she was apart of something. Like life had meaning. She loved that feeling. Charlotte who was in the bathroom, stood in front of the mirror observing her reflection. She once saw a girl who was 16 who looked 40 because of the stress, but now she saw herself as whom she really was. A 16-year-old girl who looked like all cares were not there or never did exist. Charlotte smiled within herself and thought about how last night for the first time she let out her feelings. It felt so good to let it go instead of being the strong one for Heidi's sake. But now as she stood there in front of the mirror....She could see the stress was lifted and she was normal again. This thought made her happy.

When Charlotte went downstairs she saw her sister deep in conversation on the phone, she waited until she put the receiver down, "Who was that sis?" Charlotte asked,
"It was Ricky, we've got a date tonight!" Heidi told her, she was grinning from ear to ear and she looked as though she was walking on air, "Well I had better help you get ready!" Charlotte said,

~~~~That Night~~~~

Heidi got out of Ricky's car they had been to a romantic movie followed by a candle lit dinner at a posh restaurant, "Well Ricky, you certainly know how to treat a woman!" Heidi said tugging down the edge of the black mini dress she was wearing, "Well I only do it for very special women" Ricky answered smoothly, "Then why on Earth did I get it?" Heidi joked, Ricky laughed a short deep laugh and he gave her soft kiss on the cheek "We must do this again sometime soon" Ricky suggested, Heidi nodded and walked through the door, the soft smile that had been on Ricky's face disappears as soon as the door was shut, he reached for his cell phone, "Yeah boss? I think I'm inYes Mr. Limburger of course I'm sure I can charm any one" He whispered in to the phone.

Coming soon..Part 5 in "The Transformation Series"