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One of Those Days

By Morning


VINNIE!! MODO!! THROTTLE!!," The shrill female voice unmistakably Charlie's came booming from the kitchen.

The mice immediately drop what they were doing and burst into the kitchen ready to defend her from whatever hideous foe had cause her to make such a horrendous sound.

Each falling into battle ready formation stopped to see Charley standing in front of the sink with one lone glass in her hand, her other hand on her hips, and a death stare that would drop a raging elephant in it's tracks.

OKAY WHO DID IT!?" Charley voice hissed through her tightly clenched teeth.

The three clueless mice just looked at each other not having the vaguest idea what she was talking about.

"What's the matter Charley-girl? Cheese, we thought you were being attacked by something," Throttle said as he holstered his blaster.

"Yeah Charley you just about gave us a heart attack," Vinnie added also securing his

"You people just don't get it do you? Is it too much to ask that you clean up after yourselves? I break my neck fixing those stupid machines every time you muscle heads decide you want to go play hero. You eat me out of house and home and all I ask in return is a little consideration." Charley now getting more and more tick off as she spoke waving the glass at them with each word and pacing like a caged animal.

"You think it's easy always having to be at your beckon call. Charley, fix this!*sniff* My missiles are misfiring*sniff* my lasers are off line. My bike is making a strange noise! Well I'm. SICK AND TIRED OF THEM AND YOU*sniff*." Charley added tears to her anger.

"But Sweetheart you aren't making any sense. What did we do?" Vinnie attempted to comfort her.

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT!!!! YOU DON'T MEAN IT!!!! SWEETHEART THIS AND SWEETHEART THAT!!!!!" Charley flings the glass she is holding directly at his head. Vinnie ducking just in time not to have the hurling object shatter against his head and not the wall.

Charley runs out of the room crying and babbling profusely something about men and rats.

Modo stood silently contemplating the events that had just taken place. He for some reason seemed to know more than his totally confused companions.

"What'd I do?" Vinnie stood with both his hands held up in total confusion.

"I don't know bros. this looks serious. Maybe she's sick or something? Maybe it's some sort of virus Karbunkle cooked up that only affects her." Throttle said truly concerned about their human friend.

"No Bros. it's not any type of virus but I think it is something that only effects her." Modo being more and more convinced at what was really happening to their, for the most part, sweet Charley. Noticing that at least once a month Charley seemed more irritated, easier to get upset but until this she had handled it pretty well.

"Hey Throttle remember that time when Carbine trashed those six Sandraiders by herself? Think about it." Modo smiling and cocking his head slightly to one side.

Throttle at first couldn't make the connection but as if a light went on in the attic he remember only too well.

"OhOH!uh oh." Throttle fully realising the situation.

"What? What? I still don't get it." Vinnie as clueless as ever.

"So what now?" Throttle questions the seemingly more knowledgeable older Modo.

"After we explain to the female expert here, what's going on I have a plan that just might do the trick and save our hides too." Modo put a brotherly arm around his younger partner.

"Come young Vincent let uncle Modo explain the birds and bee to you."

"Oh I got that talk already, years ago." Vinnie chuckled.

"Well maybe this time you'd better listen and learn something. " Throttle said as he punches Vinnie's arm playfully.

Charley lays across her bed achy, grumpy and floating between crying for treating the guys so badly and anger because they just didn't understand. She was just waiting for the Midol to kick in. At least she could sleep away some of the bad feeling. Before long she finally found the wonderful relief of sleep.

After about 3 hours she woke to the sound of what seemed like soft piano playing. The music was sweet, serene and she thought, "I must still be dreaming."

Curious to where it could possibly be coming from she ventured down into her garage.
Talk about shocked it was spotless. Not only that but there were flowers on the table, which by the way was impeccably set. The biggest shock of all were the sight of her guys all dress to the teeth looking like something every women in the known universe only dreams of seeing.

Charley was overwhelmed to say the least. She stood frozen afraid that if this was a dream any movement might wake her up. But as Modo took her by the hand and led her to the table she realized it was all too wonderfully real.

Too put just the right finishing touch to their surprise they each had a special gift for her.

Modo was the first to give her the beautifully wrapped packaged he'd picked out just for her.

"Charley ma am um I know we don't say it nearly enough but this is just to let you know just how important you are and how much you are appreciated." He hands her the package and kisses her sweetly on the cheek.

Charley is still speechless and now teary as she opens the package and sees it's a book of poems and sonnets.

Throttle is the next to bring his offering.

"Charley girl you know your are the world to us. We wouldn't have been able to do anything if it weren't for you." He too gives her a beautifully wrapped package accompanied by a kiss on the other cheek.

Charley is by now crying so hard she can hardly see but manages to unwrap the gift.
It's a large candle set in an elegant crystal holder. The aroma fills the air with the smell of lilac.

Vinnie is the last to give her his gift. It's a tiny unwrapped box with a plain white envelope attached.

"Don't open it until we go it's kinda personal. Modo say we should let you have some time to yourself so were gonna leave and .well."

Vinnie was actually nervous but Charley promised to wait.

After they had left Charley sat and looked around happier than she could ever remember being. They were her guys and even though she knew things would probably be back to the normal madness the next day, she would never forget this evening.

She looked at the small box Vinnie had given her. She opened the envelope and her breath stopped when she read what Vinnie had written:

I may say it a lot but when I say it to you it means something special. I thought you knew that.
You are the sweetest part of my heart. My sun raises and sets when I see your face. This is just a little something so you never forget that.

Forever Yours,

Charley 's hands trembled as she opened the small box. Inside was the small gold earring that normally found it's home in Vinnie's ear now hanging from a delicate chain. As she picked it up a pair of gloved hands covered hers. She looked up to see Vinnie standing in front of her. He brought her to her feet, took the chain from her hand and put it around her neck.

Then lifting her head he looked into her eyes.

"Charley I 'm pretty dumb when it comes to women. I can be thoughtless, tactless and just plain stupid. But when it comes to you I never want you to doubt how I feel. Or think that I don't really know how special and wonderful you are. I just never thought I had to tell you I thought you knew. Then when Modo explained how this whole PMS thing makes you so emotional. I figured you really needed to see and hear it from me."

"Oh Vinnie I .. you we.., was all she got out before he gave her mouth something much more pleasant to do. Whatever emotion upheaval she might had been feeling his kiss was the definite cure. Or at least it put it on hold for the time being.

The End