I am in no way at all making any money off of this story. This story is for the reading pleasure of the Biker Mice from Mars fans such as myself. I caution viewres for this story contains SEXUAL IMPLICATIONS and GRAPHIC DETAIL. So, if you don't have the stomach for this kind of visual writing, then please do not read. I apologize for the length of this story.

Ocean Beauties!!

(By: N-E-K Givan Jan.30, 1998)

Copyright 1998 N-E-K

(The setting starts as the sun rises over the Last Chance. Inside, on the beautiful and unsusally warm Saturday morning Charley and Maula were preparing a surprise getaway to the beach for the guys, seeing that they needed a vacation from Limburger. As they packed plenty of food for them to eat ((knowing how much those guy can take down)) and drinks, Maula thought of only one flaw they overlooked, the guys have nothing to swim in.)
Maula: Hey Charley, we forgot one minor thing.
Charley: Whats that Maula?
Maula: What are they going to swim in? Should we make them skinny dip?
Charley(scratching her head): Well, thats the next best thing, I know Vinnie will strip in a minute. (They both start to laugh.) SHHH!!! (remembering that the guys are still asleep): We can't let them know what we are up to.
Maula: Hey!!! Since its still very early, we can go shopping for their trunks and be back before they wake up!
Charley: Great idea, but one problem......
Maula: Whats that?
Charley: We don't know their sizes!
Maula(looking at Charley funny): And to you thats a problem? Girl, you know how they sleep, we can easily just slip into their rooms and look at the measurements on the labels and go from there.
Charley(unassured): But Maula, I've washed their clothes before and the labels are in martian sizes, how are we gonna........(remembering Maula spent three years on Mars): You do it! You can translate the numbers from martian to american sizes.
Maula: Done! Be right back.

(Maula starts up the stairs to the guys room. She quietly opens the door and sneaks a peak to see if they were still asleep. To her luck they were snoring their cute little tails off. She walks into the room as quiet as ((the earth expression)) a mouse and walked over to Vinnie, who was farthest from the door. She picked up his pants and read and translated the sizes to american size. He wore a size 36. She took it down and walked over to Throttle, who was a little closer to the door. She picked up his pants and read the label, size 36 also. She now walks over to the largest mouse in the room and the closest to the door, Modo. She picked up his pants and read the size.)
Maula(whispering loudly): SIZE 42!?!! Wow thats a big mouse. (She then examined the pants carefully and noticed that they were starting to rip in the butt area.): Poor thing is so big that his pants can't fit him right anymore.

(She put the pants down and walked out of the room. She went back downstairs and gave the measurements to Charley. Charley then hurried out of the garage and went to the nearest store.)
Maula: I hope she gets back in time before the guys wake up. Wait a minute? (she looks at her watch and takes a deep breath): Oh, its 8:30a.m, they're not due for another hour. We have plenty of time.

(15 minutes later Charley calls from a pay phone)
Maula: Hello
Charley: Yeah Maula, I have the suits.
Maula(shocked): Already?
Charley: Yeah, and I picked up some for the both of us too! There real nice.
Maula(being BAD): And revealing I hope!
Charley: Girl, you know I had to just for Vinnie! I want to see how he'll react when he sees me in this! (she starts to giggle): Just wait till you see them! Oh, the plan is to wear regular clothes over them and shock the mess out of them when we are there, cause you know what thy are going to try and do if they see what they look like before we even get there.
Maula: Yeah, tell us to stay home! Will do Charley girl.
Charley: Be there in 5 minutes!

(Maula hangs up the phone and walks into the livingroom waitng for Charley)
Maula(thinking to herself): The guys really need this relaxation trip. After all that battling with Limburger and all. (Thinking): Oh yeah, before I forget, let me pack the towels for the trip. Going to the beach without towels is like going for a tan without suntan lotion!!! Hah,..what a burn!

(She heads upstairs and directly for the bathroom linning closest for the towels. She pulls out 8 towels even though there are only the five of them, you can't be too careful. She then hears Charley pull up outside. Maule quickly brings the towels downstairs and slips them into a bag. Charley walks in with a big bag of the clothes for the guys.)
Charley: Got their suits and ours girl!! (she pulls out her and Maula's swimsuit and already can't wait to put them on.): So Maula, which one do you want to wear?
Maula: Wow girl, they both look good. You pick! It doesn't matter to me.
Charley: Okay, I'll pick this one!

(Both the girls fly into Charley's room and start to undress. Down the hall, the mice were starting to wake up from their long and satisfiying sleep.)
Throttle(rubbing his eyes
): Wow, what a morning, perfect day for the beach, what do you think bros?
Vinnie: Yeah, but one problem bros, we have no swimwear to wear.
Modo(yawning and stretching): He's got a point there Throttle. Hey, lets ask Charley if she can buy us some.
Throttle: Alright, lets go!

(They start to Charley's room.)

(Back in Charley's room, the girls are done trying on the suits. They look in the mirror and love what they see. As they rub their hands up their thighs and around their stomach they know that some heads were going to turn. Charley's suit was like a bikini with attachments on the side and almost like a G-string in the back. It was a sleek sea-green color which matched her eyes. Maula's suit was a full bathing suit, with some spaces missing. On the sides of the breast area slits that revealed her bust line, there was no covering of the stomach and the back was like a G-string just like Charley's. Suddenly they heard the guys walking towards the door. The quickly put on the clothes they were originally wearing back over the suits to make it seem like nothing was happening. They then heard the knock on the door.)
Charley: Yes?
Modo(from behind the door): Charley ma'am, are you busy?
Charley: No Modo, come on in. (She hid the bag of speedos behind her): Good morning.
All the mice: Morning Charley, Maula.
Throttle: Charley, may we ask you for a favor?
Charley: Why sure Throttle.
Throttle: Well, we were wondering, can you buy us some swim wear? We would like to go to the beach today since its so nice outside and we don't want to swim in our pants.
Modo: Yeah, since they're the only pair of pants we have.
(Charley and Maula looked at each other and then Charley threw the bag of speedos at the guys.)
The girls: Surprise!!!!! We were planning a trip for you guys today.
Vinnie(questioning): But sweetheart, how did you know our sizes?
Charley: Its a secret. Now get dressed, we'll wait for you downstairs

(At the beach, everyone is having a grand ol' time. The guys are beating each other up in the water while Charley and Maula were watching.)
Throttle(spitting water): Hey girls, aren't you getting in?
Maula: Yeah, we're about to get in now.
Vinnie: In your clothes?
Charley: You'll see.

(The girls then start to remove their clothes and their revealing suits are shown. The guys eyes were wide open seeing how much the girls were revealing. When they finished, they both walked slowly towards the water.)
Charley: Ready for that swim we were waiting for Maula?
Maula: Let's go!!!

(The girls dive into the cold refreshing water. The water to the guys however wasn't so cool anymore.)
Modo(shocked): Oh mama!! I didn't know they were uh,uh........that uh....nicely shaped!
Vinnie(fantasizing): Me neither, but I'm about to see if anything on them is fake, know what I mean? (He swims off)
Throttle: Should we stop him big fella?
Modo(being bad): Stop him, I,I,I think I may join him.
Throttle(shocked): Modo!!! I thought you were the one that never thinks that way towards women!
Modo: Oh, oh, oh, I am, just not today!! (He swims off)
Throttle(talking to himself): Well if you can't beat them, join them! (He follows behind)

Charley: Hey Maula, how deep is the water from where you are?
Maula: Since I can't feel the ground, I'd say almost 6ft. (Modo rises behind her from out of nowhere with a sinister grin on his face.)
Charley(shocked): Uh, Maula, look behind you!!
Maula(looking at Charley): Why? Is there a shark behind me? (She turns around slowly and sees a mountain of muscle and grey fur in front of her.)
Modo(in a playful voice): Lets play Dunk. (He picks her up over his head.) Are you ready?
Maula: If you don't put me down.......(she feels his left hand slide towards her butt and squeezing it tightly): Modo!! What are you doing? If you don't let me dowAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!..........(He drops her in the water)
Modo(laughing): Oops, did I touch that spot Maula ma'am? I am so sorry!(He wasn't)
Maula(rising from the water and hitting Modo in the face with her long thick hair): Try that stunt again and I'll personally make sure that you'll (grabbing his manhood) lose these, GOT IT!!!! (She looked down into the water to make sure she was grabbing the right thing since the area was so big): Thats you I'm grabbing, right? (The expression on his face made it certain): Wow, you ARE a big mouse!!!(She smiled at him at let him go): WHEWWWW (She swam off)
Vinnie(laughing at him): Hah Modo, she got you good! (Under the water Charley pulled Vinnie's speedos): Hey, what was that?
Charley(rising from the water): Wow Vin, (she slaps him on his backside) nice glutes!!!(She looked over towards Maula): Hey Maula, since Modo tested your backside, its only fair to do it back!
Modo: Oh no Charley ma'am, she already attacked me in the front!
Maula: Your right Charley!!!(She squeezes Modo's nice firm round buttocks with authority.): Girl, it's a nice one.(She sees Charley sneaking up on Throttle): Try another spot Charley girl!
Throttle(jumping in the air): Woooooow!!!!
Charley(chuckling): I give them all a 10!!
Vinnie: Yeah, well I know that if she tries that move again, she'll pay!

(Charley stepped up to Vinnie's threat, just like he planned. She squeezed his butt and tried to run to shore but Vinnie caught her with his tail.)
Vinnie: Gotcha sweetheart!! (He pulled her close and gave her a kiss that made her glad she was in water.): You wanna do that again Charley girl?
Charley(blushing): I might!
Modo: Yeah Vin, go for yours!! (He sees Maula trying to sneak to shore.): Oh no, your not leaving that easliy!(He runs to catch her, but she was already out of the water. It became a foot chase, and it seemed like Maula was winning, but Modo somehow caught up and wrestled her down to the sand as gently as he could.): Hah, I caught ya.
Maula: Yeah, you did. (She played with the back of his ear): You win. I am weak and you are strong!

(That wasn't on Modo's mind and Maula could see it. She gave him a BAD smile and rubbed noses with him.)
Modo(seducting deep voice): Yeah, and since I'm the winner, I want a reward. (He starts to kiss her on her neck and then looks at her): I stole that one. (He then flips her over so she is now on top of him and gives her a kiss that sent chills and tingles through the both of them. She now knew that he cared for her.): I win.
Vinnie and Throttle: YEAH MODO, go for yours bro!!!

(He picked her up and walked over to the rocks and all of them watched the sun set.)
Charley: Wow, we were here that long? I didn't even realize.
Vinnie(staring at her): Me neither(He now says in a romantic voice): I was too busy looking at you, doll. (He kisses her on the cheek and wraps his arm around her): We can stay for a little while longer.

The End