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copyrighted 1997 August 29 vixen

Outside of the Last Chance garage, in the early afternoon, Charlie was working on her truck.
The phone rings and she goes to answer the outside phone.
Hello may I please speak to Modo.
Just a Second.
Thanks Charlie....Hello.
Hey you its been awhile.
A while?..Ishiea...oh mama.... its seems like an etrenity! So are we still on for tonight?
You bet....I wouldn't miss this for the world!! I will see you around five.
Sure but I don't know if I can get away untill after six.
Thats fine see you at six. Hunny I 've gotta go .
Ok Ishiea see ya at six ..Bye babe.
Bye Modo.
He hangs up the phone and turns around to come face to face with Vinnie.
Who was that?!?
An old friend....she and I are going to go out for the night.
Really thats good. Wait!... SHE...She who?!?
You'll find out at six.
Modo goes inside.
Throttle comes throgh the doorway, looks at Modo, grins, then tells Charlie that a guy is at the door for her.
What? Who is it?
I don't know why don't you go find out.
She walks into the main room questionly and glancing back at the mice she left behind. She is a little worryed. They both are wearing evil grins and following her inside.
SURPRISE!!!! Fireworks go off and a sign drops from the rafters. Happy birthday Charlie girl! Modo hands her a large bouquet of roses.
MODO!! shouldn't have....snif.....their beutiful.
It wasn't just my idea.
Yea we all were apart of it.
Well then come here and get what's coming to you. One by One they all got a kiss and each one turned a brighter shade of red than the other.
They had a small party with a lot of crooning and cake. Modo just happened to look up at the clock . It was fifteen till six.
Oh NO I got to get ready.
Really ...oh...Thanks so much for the party and for the flowers.
Not a problem Charlie girl anytime. Charlie looks at questionly at Vinnie.
What's so important Vinnie? I have never seen Modo so nervious.
It seems he is going to go out tonight
Throttle walks back to Modo's room and goes in to help. He layed out clothes while Modo took a shower. Modo got out ,dryed off, and finished getting ready. When it dawned on him he didn't know the time. While his collone was sneaking down the hallway putting a sweet smell to the air. He came hopping down the hall putting on his boots. Throttle running along behind him.
Vinnie, Charlie, what time is it?
She should be here any minute.
A knock on the door sent him throgh the roof.
Calm down bro....Charlie will you answer the door..Vinnie will you go and get my comb?
Ok ....It'll be ok Modo.
Sure. He comes back with a comb.
Throttle and Vinnie arecombing Modo's thick grey fur and trying to calm him down.
Finishing they stood up and waited for Charlie.
Charlie reenters the room with a lady at her side.
Vinnie and Throttle were letting their eye wonder over the new guest, Mouthing Dear God.
The lady was dressed in an ankle long, ruby red dress, her long wheat colored hair was down the length of her back, her angle like smile seemed to grace her mouth , and her dark jade eyes slowly, intellegently, looking over the crowd.
The guys stood googlie eyed and speachless. Charlie rolled her eyes at the them . The lady strode across the room with a fluid like movement and broke the dead silence.
Hello Modo.
HHHELLLO Ishiea. WOW!! you look very nice. I would like you to meet Charlie, Throttle and Vinnie. Modo said as he gestured over to the crowd.
Pleased to meet you.
Like wise. All said.
Modo getting his thoghts in order, Are you ready to go?
Later guys.
Bye and it was a pleasure to meet all of you.
Charlie said good bye,waved, and turned to the guys whose mouths were still wide open.
They are a cute couple aren't they?
Yeah cute Thorttle said.
Beutiful Vinnie said.
They looked at one another with a sad look, pouty lips, and said in unison......