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New Allies, Same Enemies

By: Felicia Tabby

Copyright 1998 By: Felicia Tabby

"Yeah, goon in the corner pocket!" Vinnie howled in triumph as he sent one of Limburger's henchmen flying into a wall.
Vinnie smiled at the unconscious form of his latest victim. In the background he could hear Throttle and Modo tearing up the fourth floor of Limburger Tower as they too were beating the crud out of Limburger's goons. The three biker mice had just finished mopping up the floor with the first group of baddies when a second group came in, armed to the teeth.
"Wow!" Vinnie cried happily. "This day just keeps getting better and better!"
He pulled out his blaster and the fight continued.

In a higher floor of the tower, Lawrence Limburger slammed a fist on his desk.
"Those Martian miscreants are coming closer! What will it take to stop those miserable mammals?!"
Dr. Karbunkle sat across the room from him watching a monitor. The screen showed the blue prints of Limburger Tower. Various colored dots showed the locations of all who were in the building.
"The mice, they're now on the fifth floor!" Karbunkle panicked.
"Blast!" Limburger cursed. "They'll ruin my tower again for sure."
Karbunkle turned back to the monitor and gasped shrilly at what he saw.
"Uh, my great cream danishness, I think we might have a problem."
"How big of a problem are we talking about here?"
"Well, uh, how many biker mice are there?"
"Three. You know that."
"Then how come I see five?"
"What?!" Limburger ran over to the monitor. "What do you mean you see five?!"
"Well you see," Karbunkle explained. "those purple dots here are our men. Our monitors pick up all Martian life forms and bring them up as red dots. And as you can see your chunkiness, there are five dots."
Karbunkle was right. There were three red dots heading up to the sixth floor and two more red dots moving around on the floor beneath them.
"They're right below us!" Limburger screeched. "Greasepit!"
The large oily goon instantly lumbered into the room.
"What can I do for yous Boss?" he asked dumbly.
"Take what ever's left of your men and irradicate those rodents- all five of them."
"Five?" Greasepit asked. "But I thought one plus two equaled three. Or was it four? Oh man, Mamma always said I'd regret dropping out of kindergarten."
"Never mind that." Limburger interrupted. "Just go downstairs and kill any Martian you find."
"Sure thing Boss." Greasepit saluted then ran towards the door.
"Wha-a-a-a!" Greasepit screamed as he slipped on his own oil puddles and slid out the door, colliding hard with the wall.
"Oh-h" Limburger groaned as he massaged his temples. "I do believe I feel a migraine coming on."

Two floors below, the biker mice had finished with the second group of goons.
"Looks like we're all done here." Throttle announced as he looked over the pile of unconscious bad guys. "On to Limburger."
The mice rode up the next flight of stairs. On the next floor they found. . .
"Nothing?!" Vinnie exclaimed in disappointment. "Awe man."
"Guess again mice." Greasepit said as he appeared with another group of goons. "It's time to put a stop to yous guys- all five of ya."
"Five?" the mice asked, looking at each other.
"Yo Greasy But," Vinnie called. "are you seeing double or something? Because there are only three mice here. On the other hand, one could never have too much of this awesome body."
Throttle and Modo shook their heads as Greasepit tried to add up the mice he saw before him to equal five.
"Ah, I give up." he surrendered. "Get those mice!"
Once more, a battle broke out in Limburger Tower.
The biker mice were quickly making short work of the thugs as they drove around on their bikes, shooting left and right. Modo aimed his arm cannon at one thug when someone shot his front tire. He lost control of the machine and both mouse and bike fell over side ways and skidded across the floor until they collided with the wall.
"What happened?" Modo wondered as he got up from his crash.
He heard more shots being fired and looked for the source. A man stood in the far doorway with a smoking blaster in his hand. He wore a biker helmet on his head, the glass eye shield covering his face.
Modo watched as the man shoot Vinnie's bike out from under him with pin point accuracy. When Throttle shot at him he skillfully dodged the laser fire in a complicated array of ducks, turns, and flips.
"Oh mama, who is this guy?" Modo thought to himself as he got back on his bike.
The man was now fighting Vinnie in hand to hand combat. His back was exposed to Throttle's view and the mouse aimed his blaster at it. But before he could pull the trigger, someone lunged into him and threw him off his bike. Throttle wrestled with his aggressor and soon received a punch to the jaw. Stunned he lay on his back as his attacker stood over him. He was surprised to notice that this one's form was definitely feminine. And, like the other fighter, a biker helmet hid her face.
Even though she now had the advantage, she took one more look at Throttle and then ran.
"Hey!" Throttle cried as he jumped to his feet and ran after her.
Behind him, Modo had reached the male fighter who had just succeeded in knocking out Vinnie.
"All right stranger, now it's my turn." Modo's eye glowed as he stepped off his bike.
He could almost see a cocky grin behind the helmet, as if the fighter was daring him to try something. Modo raised his arm cannon. But the fighter raised his gun so fast, Modo couldn't recall anything that happened afterward.
Greasepit, who was standing stupidly by the door way watching the mice get beaten, finally decided to go upstairs and tell Limburger.
On the other end of the floor, Throttle was still in hot pursuit of the female fighter. She was unbelievably fast. Throttle dove at her and managed to tackle her ankles. She fell to the ground and her chin hit the floor. Her helmet fell off, revealing a thick head of long brown hair.
"Gotcha!" Throttle smiled in triumph.
He grabbed the woman by the shoulders and turned her over on her back to get a look at her face. A female Martian mouse glared coldly back at him.
"What?!" Throttle exclaimed in surprise.
Before he could react, someone whipped off his helmet and hit him in the back of the head with a hard object. Throttle's world immediately went black.
Back by the stairs, Greasepit and Limburger came down to congratulate the biker mice's captors. But neither they nor the mice were anywhere to be found.

Modo awoke with a throbbing headache.
"Oh mama, what hit me?"
He looked around to see he was in a room with metal walls. Odds and ends of furniture and technical equipment cluttered the place. The whole setting was not unlike the Last Chance Garage.
Modo then noticed he was sitting in a chair with his wrists tied behind his back. To his left were Vinnie and Throttle, out cold and tied in the same fashion.
"Oh man, where are we?" Throttle asked as he and Vinnie came to.
"I don't know, but I bet that helmeted fighter put us here." Vinnie growled. "When I get out of here that earthling's going to be dead meat."
"Uh Vincent," Throttle interrupted. "he's not human, he's a. . ."
"Mouse." a different voice finished. "Same as you."
The biker mice looked up to see a dark brown mouse standing in the door way. He wore black biker pants with brown boots and a white shirt under a navy blue jacket. His bushy hair was a fiery orange and was kept out of his face by a red bandana tied around his forehead.
"A Martian?!" Vinnie cried.
"Wasn't there two of you?" Modo asked.
His answer was a Martian biker helmet as it rocketed into the room. It bounced off the wall near Throttle and rolled back over to the door way.
"I think that should answer your question." the brown mouse said.
A female mouse with long brown hair and metallic grey fur stormed into the room. She wore knee high black boots and a black jacket over a green blue biker suit. A gun holster hung sideways on her hips.
"Blast those Plutarkians!" she growled as she kicked at a pile of junk. "This is so frustrating! I just want to kill something right now."
She glared at the biker mice who gulped in return.
"No you don't Chass." the brown mouse said calmly as he leaned against the door way.
"I do, too." the girl mouse stomped her foot childishly and folded her arms across her chest.
"Whoa, remind me not to get on her bad side." Vinnie commented.
"Look around Vincent, we already are." Throttle whispered back.
"So what do we do with them?" the male mouse asked the female, pointing at the biker mice. "We don't have any use for them."
"Well you were the one who said we should catch the three bikers." the female said.
"How was I supposed to know they were Martians?"
"Well they're no good to us. You know what to do."
The girl mouse exited the room.
"You bet I do." the brown male mouse smiled evilly.
He approached the bound bikers from behind and pulled out a switch blade.
"Can't we work something out?" Vinnie panicked at the sight of the knife.
The mouse didn't answer and raised the blade above Throttle. Throttle closed his eyes, waiting for the painful and messy deathblow. But all he felt was the ropes around his wrists loosen.
"Huh?" he asked as he watched the mouse free Vinnie and Modo as well.
The confused Martians rubbed their wrists as the mouse came around in front of them and placed his knife back into his pocket.
"I'm Doubletake." he said.
The mice stood when they realized their captor wasn't trying to fight them any more.
"Sorry about my friend." Doubletake apologized. "She's been kind of testy lately.
"Oh?" Vinnie asked. "She having a bad day?"
"More like a bad year." Doubletake said quietly.
The sound of a blaster echoed form the other room.
"Chass." Doubletake warned.
"It was an accident, I swear." came the reply.
Curious, Vinnie poked his head into the other room. The female Martian was sitting in a chair with her feet propped up on a desk and frowning at the smoking blaster she held in her hand.
"Uh, hi." Vinnie said as he stepped into the room. "How's it going?"
The mouse stood up and put her gun away. She didn't say a word but looked placidly at the white mouse before her.
"I'm Vinnie." he tried again, holding out his hand.
The female looked at it for a second then extended her own.
"I'm Chasis."
The two shook hands.
"These are my bros, Throttle and Modo."
Chasis nodded to each in turn as Vinnie said their names.
"Your bikes are out back." Chasis said. "Doubletake will show them to you."
Chasis stayed where she was as the mice fallowed Doubletake outside. They saw their bikes chained to a tree in the sparsely grassed back yard. The three bikes roared in anger as they fought against their restraints but immediately calmed down when they saw their riders. Doubletake unchained them and the bikes rolled over to the biker mice.
"What's with Chasis anyway?" Vinnie suddenly asked as he got on his bike.
"She's been going through some tuff times." Doubletake explained with a hit of regret in his voice. "She's really not like this."
"Well, we better leave. Charley will be expecting us." Throttle said.
"Yeah." Vinnie agreed. "I'll have to come back tomorrow and use my special charm to cheer her up."
"You can if you want to." Doubletake said. "But I doubt it will help."
"We'll see." Vinnie said as he and the other mice took off in a cloud of dust.

At the Last Chance Garage, Charley sat on the couch watching t.v. when she heard the mice's bikes pull up.
"Where have you guys been?" she asked as they came in. "I expected you guys over an hour ago."
"Sorry sweetheart." Vinnie said. "We were at Limburger Tower."
"Limburger Tower?" Charley exclaimed. "What were you doing there?"
"Well, we were kind of bored ." Modo explained. "And you know, one thing leads to another."
Charley shook her head.
"You guys are the only heros I know of who will actually attack the villain before he even does something."
"That's us." Vinnie smiled proudly. "The Limburger Prevention Program."
"Or at least we were until those other mice showed up." Modo said.
"Other mice? From Mars?"
You got it babe." Vinnie said. "You'll have to come with me tomorrow when I go visit them."
"Visit? I assume at least one of these mice are female."
"Of course." Vinnie said with a wink.
"I'm coming, too." Throttle announced. "Those mice being here seems a little bit fishy to me. I say we keep a close eye on them until we find out what they're doing on earth."

The next day the three mice, along with Charley behind Vinnie, pulled up to an old square, garage like building near the edge of town. Charley got off Vinnie's bike and looked over the warehouse like building with dirt and small patches of grass for a yard.
"Hey guys." Doubletake greeted when he appeared in the doorway. "I didn't think you'd actually be coming back."
"What?" Vinnie gasped. "I'm wounded. I said I'd be back and Vinnie Van Wham always keeps his word."
"Yeah right." Charley muttered.
"Been fraternizing with the earthlings, I see." Doubletake commented when he noticed Charley.
"This is our friend Charley." Throttle introduced. "Charley, this is Doubletake."
"Hi." Charley said.
Doubletake just grinned widely at her.
"So where' the mouse I came to see?" Vinnie asked.
"Come on in guys, Chasis is right there."
Charley and the mice stepped into a sparingly furnished room. Chasis was sitting in an old faded chair. Her eyes were closed as she listened to a walkman that sat in her lap.
"Hey Chasis." Vinnie tapped her on the shoulder.
Chasis opened her eyes and jumped in surprise, momentarily forgetting the white mouse she had met the day before.
"Don't worry Chass, it's just me, your studly hero Vinnie."
"Is that so?" Chasis asked as she removed her headphones.
"Yeah. What could be finer than a ride through the city with yours truly?"
Chasis stood up and smiled sarcastically.
"Do we have a little ego problem Vinnie?"
"Little is not the word for it." Charley stated.
Chasis looked up at the earthling.
"What's this, human season already?"
Charley was startled by the question and even more unnerved when Chasis gave her a smile that seemed somehow cold and insincere.
"Chasis, this is our friend Charley." Modo said.
"How do you do?" Charley asked politely.
Chasis didn't respond. Throttle frowned at the female Martian's actions.
"Enough of this tea party chit chat." Vinnie declared, who obviously didn't notice. "Grab your bike Sweetheart and lets ride."
"I don't have a bike." Chasis replied. "I usually ride with Doubletake."
Ever the skeptical one, Throttle thought it strange. Martian mice and bikes always went together. He didn't know of a single mouse on Mars who didn't own one. Vinnie, on the other hand, didn't seem to care or notice.
"Well then you lucky lady, you get to ride with me!"
"Whatever." Chasis said as they headed out the door. "And Vinnie, don't call me Sweetheart."
"So what do we do now bro?" Modo whispered to Throttle.
"I'll go along with those two. You and Charley stay here with Doubletake and see what you can find out about these mice."
"Gotcha." Modo confirmed.
Throttle stepped out the door and mounted his bike. Vinnie and Chasis were already on Vinnie's bike with their helmets on.
"You coming with us bro?" Vinnie asked.
Throttle nodded.
"Well then, let's rock and ride!"
With the roar of engine and the squealing of tires, the mice took off down the road. As they raced through the city, Chasis remained silent behind Vinnie.
"Come on Chass, lighten up." Vinnie coaxed. "Hey, I'll show you some really fancy riding."
He took off at full speed down the street. Ahead was a large bridge over a river that was just barely lifting up as a large ship was getting ready to float by beneath it.
"Owe-howhowow!" Vinnie gave is trademark howl as he drove up the ramp the bridge made and jumped off it.
He could fell Chasis' arms tighten around his waist as they flew through the air and land on the other side. They skidded to a stop and Vinnie looked behind him to check Chasis' reaction. Charley had yelled at him a few times for trying that same stunt when she was riding with him.
"Wow, that was fun!" Chasis cried. "Hurry Vinnie, do it again before the bridge goes back down."
"You got it."
He gunned the engines and took off up the street sized ramp.
"Wha-hoo!" Chasis yelled into the wind as they sailed over the river and landed noisily on the other side where Throttle was patiently waiting for them.
"Are you two having fun?" he asked.
Vinnie could tell he was checking Chasis' reactions to make sure he wasn't scaring her or anything.
"Yeah!" Chasis said happily.
"Ready for more?" Vinnie asked.
"Yeah, lets go!"
"Right on!"
Once again they were racing throughout he city with Throttle close behind. Chasis hung on tightly as Vinnie chose the sharpest turns and the highest jumps at the fastest speeds. Chasis squealed in delight as they continued their wild ride down the high way. Vinnie suddenly found himself comparing this ride to all the many times he had ridden with Charley.
She was always the careful one and constantly yelled at Vinnie for trying these crazy stunts with her. Vinnie almost forgot what it was like to have another Martian ride with him. The feel of her fur on his, the love of danger that flowed through every Martian's blood.
Then his mind went back to another certain special bike ride he had taken a few years ago. It was the only time he ever had Harley ride with him. She usually had her own bike to ride. But Vinnie had convinced her that just one time she should ride with him. Her reactions were the same as Chasis'. He remembered her laughing and screaming as they tore up the Martian desert together. It was only one bike ride and it had been so long since he had seen her. Suddenly Vinnie missed Harley very much.
But he was soon pulled from his thought when he saw a gang of bikers standing in his way. He slowed his bike and stopped it a few feet from them. Throttle pulled up and parked beside him. The gang before them was made up of about ten college age humans. A thin young man with thick red hair stood closest to them and appeared to be the leader. The mice just stared at them for a while, unsure of what to do.
"Hey man, those were wicked moves." the red haired man suddenly spoke.
Vinnie couldn't help but smile widely at the compliment and his ego began to soar.
"The name's Rusty." the man introduced himself. "What to hang out with us? I'll show you some of my moves."
"Sure, why not. The name's Vinnie. But I doubt you could show me any moves I don't already know."
"I like your attitude." Rusty grinned. "Let's see if your bike can back up your mouth."
"You're on!"
Rusty got onto his bike and started the engine.
"Better stay here Sweetheart." Vinnie said to Chasis. "Things could get messy."
"Don't call me Sweetheart." Chasis said as she stepped off the bike and then slapped him in the back of the helmet.
"Right." Vinnie placed a hand on his helmet where Chasis hit it. "I gotta remember that."
As Chasis stepped away from Vinnie she unknowingly caught the attention of another biker who was standing next to Rusty. He was larger with a heavier build with jet black hair.
"Hey Rusty, babe at 6:00."
Rusty looked over to see his friend's appointed ‘babe'. Not bad.
"There will be time for that later." Rusty told him. "Right after I smoke this guy."
"You coming bro?" Vinnie asked Throttle.
He was tempted to but his better judgement told him that Chasis was a loose cannon that needed to be watched very carefully.
"Naw, I'll stay here."
"Suit yourself cuz." Vinnie shrugged and took off down the road with Rusty right behind him.
"Watch these moves." Rusty told Vinnie before he shot off a ramp placed in an alley that he and his friends had built.
He did a full back flip in the air and landed squarely on the ground before screeching to a stop. Rusty's friend howled and cheered as their leader took a bow. Vinnie rolled his eyes.
"My turn." he announced as he launched himself off the ramp.
Rusty's mouth fell open as Vinnie pulled a triple back flip and landed gracefully on his back tire before stopping next to him.
"Beat that." the mouse smirked.
Not to be outdone, Rusty gunned his engines and headed up the ramp.
Chasis watched the contest as she leaned against a building not far from where Throttle sat on his bike. From there, she had noticed one of the bikers with black hair had been watching her and was now walking towards her.
"Hey baby," he said. "the name's Rocko. Want to go riding with me Sweetstuff?"
He placed a large grubby hand on Chasis' shoulder and squeezed it harder than she would have liked.
"Come on sugar, ditch the show off and come ride with me."
Chasis rolled her eyes as she pushed the grimy hand off her jacket and then turned to the biker.
"First of all Rocko, if I had a name like yours, I wouldn't be announcing it in public. Secondly, that's not how to get a girl and third of all, you can go stick your head in a meat grinder for all I care."
"Whoo Rocko, she dogged you big time." one of the other bikers sneered.
"Awe, come on Cutie." Rocko tried again, placing his arm around her.
Chasis instantly slapped it away.
"Touch me again you dirty little slim bag and you'll be sorry."
Rocko's friends jeered at him again.
"Hey Rocko," one spoke up. "I bet she's really not that pretty. That's why she's wearing a helmet."
"Yeah." Rocko agreed. "I bet she's so ugly she doesn't even look human."
Before Chasis knew what was happening, her helmet was ripped off her head.
"What the?!" Rocko cried at the Martian mouse.
Rusty was ready to race up the ramp again when Rocko called to him.
"Hey Rusty, you got to come see this man."
Rusty turned to see his gang all gathered in one spot and they seemed to be looking at something. Rusty drove towards them and Vinnie fallowed curiously behind.
"Man your ugly." Rocko told Chasis. "What kind of freak are you?"
"Have you looked in the mirror lately?" Chasis shot back as she punched him squarely in the face, sending him sprawling to the ground.
Throttle had heard and seen it all and was now trying to push his way through the crowd to get to Chasis.
"What about this guy? He's probably one, too." Throttle heard someone say right before his own helmet was whipped off his head, revealing his furry features.
Rusty gasped when he saw the two Martians and turned to Vinnie, questions written all over his face.
"Are you one of them?" the human asked.
Vinnie, for the first time, did not want to cause trouble. He quickly pulled off his own helmet to show he had nothing to hide.
"I am. But see, it's cool, I'm not. . ."
He was cut off as Rusty suddenly lunged at him. His attack knocked Vinnie off his bike and two began to wrestle on the ground.
"What are you doing?" Vinnie cried out in surprise.
"Ridding the city of freaks like you." Rusty accused as he swung at the Martian.
Vinnie ducked and punched Rusty in the gut. Rusty in turn slugged Vinnie in the nose and they began and all out fist fight.
"Look!" one of the bikers announced. "That monster is attacking Rusty."
Half the group ran to help their leader while the other half was stalled as Throttle and Chasis prevented their attack.
Rusty punched Vinnie in the face and sent him flying to the ground. Vinnie's bike, suddenly sensing it's rider was in trouble, opened fire on the red haired human.
"Holy sh. . ." was all Rusty managed to blurt out when the Martian bike attacked.
"What is it?" another of the gang exclaimed, seeing the bike move on it's own.
"Just get it!" Rusty ordered as he dodged the bike's laser fire.
The two humans got on each side of the bike, both with metal bats in their hands. Vinnie's bike dodged as the first one swung at it. The second human caught the bike right in the middle with a solid blow, knocking it over onto the ground.
"Hey!" Vinnie cried as he ran to his bike's aid, but was stopped as Rusty insisted that their fight continue.
The two thugs continued their attack on the AI machine until they were lifted up into the air by the back of their shirts.
"Didn't your mamas ever teach you to play nice?" Throttle asked them.
"Stupid freak." one of them cursed at him. "We don't need your kind stinking up our city."
"Yeah, get out of here you smelly rat." the other agreed.
"Look," Throttle tried to explain. "we're here to save your city so just. . ."
"Filthy liar scum!" the first biker shot before he could finish.
That was enough to make Throttle's blood boil. He threw the humans to the ground in a fit of rage.
"We'll see who's the rat." he growled in a low and threatening voice as he lunged himself at them in a full attack.
Not far away, Chasis was facing off with Rocko once again. The two circled each other dangerously. Rocko pulled out a large knife from his jacket.
"Come one freak, let's see what color you bleed."
Rocko swug his blade at her. Chasis dodged the first blow and nailed Rocko in the jaw. Rocko lunged again and managed to slash the female Martian in the arm. Chasis gritted her teeth as pain surged from the wound. Rocko attacked again. As the knife came down, Chasis caught hold of his arm and flipped him over her head. He landed solidly on his backside.
"Stinking rat monster!" Rocko screamed at her along with a few other more colorful obsceneries.
"Meanwhile, Vinnie and Rusty's fight had taken the same toll. Vinnie stood over the fallen human and smirked.
"By the way, I won."
Rusty growled something at him before scrambling to his bike and taking off.
Throttle's fight, however, was a lot more heated as he threw all his rising anger into all that attacked him.
"Not so fast you mistake of nature."
That comment and the sound of the click of a gun made Throttle cease his battle. Throttle slowly turned around to see a biker pointing a revolver at his head.
"Come on man, shoot his head off." one of the other bikers called to his comrade.
Lighting quick, Throttle pulled out his blaster and shot the gun out of the punk's hands. The Martian lunged at him and picked him up by front of the shirt.
"Big mistake." Throttle growled as he pulled back his fist to deliver the final punch.
But a light touch on his arm prevented him from going any farther. He looked down to see Chasis.
"Let him go." she said softly. "They don't know what their doing."
The sadness in her face made him forget his anger and he dropped the punk on the ground.
"Get out of here before I change my mind." he growled at the human.
The biker hurried to comply. Soon the whole gang was retreating on their bikes. Rocko was one of the last to leave.
"Filthy stinking rats! Ugly freaks! Get out of here! You don't belong here!"
Throttle noticed he aimed his insults at Chasis but it didn't show on her face wether it bothered her.
"Hey Chass, you okay?" Vinnie asked as he lightly touched the blood seeping onto her jacket sleeve.
"Awe man." Chasis moaned, looking at her jacket and not bothering to answer the question. "I really liked this jacket. Look what that slime ball did to it."
She took off her jacket and examined the wound. The blade had gone clear through her biker suit, leaving a bloody gash in her upper arm. Luckily it wasn't deep enough for stitches. Chasis decided her skin tight biker suit would give enough pressure to handle the bleeding for now.
"I'll fix it up when we get back." she announced to no one imparticular.
Throttle tried to tell Chasis she'd better have someone look at it but was interrupted by Vinnie's cries.
"No! Look what they did to my baby!"
Vinnie gently pulled his battered bike into its wheels and inspected the damage.
"Man, Charley's going to have a field day with this. How are we going to get it back to the garage?"
"Maybe I can fix it." Chasis said as she kneeled down next to Vinnie.
"Do you know how to fix these kind of bikes?"
"You mean the ones with artificial intelligence? Oh sure. My brother had one and I was always fixing his. But without tools I doubt I can help much."
She surveyed the damage. The bike's parts were more dented than broken.
"All I have to do is reconnect some wires and that should be good enough to get you back to the garage."
Chasis started working on the bike when she felt some pressure on her injured arm. She looked to see Throttle tieing the red bandana he wore around his neck around the cut on her arm.
"What are you. . ."
"Just making a few repairs myself." Throttle answered calmly as he finished tieing it.
Chasis looked down at the red bandage and gave Throttle what only slightly passed as a smile. She then returned to her work. As Throttle watched her work, he noticed her glance at herself in the bike's rear view mirror. She visibly scowled at the reflection and turned the mirror away from her before resuming her work. Maybe Rocko's words had gotten to her more than she let on. A few minutes later she was done.
"There." she said as she stood up and carefully put her jacket back on. "That should hold until we get back."
Vinnie sat down on his bike and smiled as the engine roared to life.
"Great job Chass, thanks."
Chasis only nodded and went to retrieve her helmet.
On the ride back, Vinnie insisted that Chasis ride with Throttle to put as little stress on his bike as possible. Chasis was once again silent as they drove. Throttle could feel her arms tighten slightly around his waist and it made him think about all that had recently happened. He had tagged her as a loose canon when really, she was the one to stop him when he lost his cool. Her actions also showed that she was more sensitive than her cold mannerisms led him to first believe.
When they reached Chasis' place they could hear Doubletake, Charley, and Modo talking and laughing inside.
"Hey guys." Doubletake greeted when the three stepped in. "Have fun?"
Chasis only shrugged as she disappeared into her room and shut the door behind her.
"That good, huh?"
"It was very - interesting." Throttle said.
"Yeah bro, I have to tell you what happened." Vinnie said to Modo.
"We'll hear all about it later." Charley announced as she stood. "I really need to get back to the garage."
The mice agreed it was time to go.
"See you guys later." Doubletake called as they got on their bike and rode back to the Last Chance Garage.
"So bro, find anything about them?" Throttle asked Modo.
"Not much." Modo shrugged. "Nice guy but he didn't like to talk about what he was doing there. What about you?"
"Nothing." Vinnie said. "But you know, I think we can trust them."
Throttle didn't say anything but he silently agreed.