Never Never Land

The conclusion




Modo and Vinnie waited until the truck was well out of sight.


"Who was the fine babe, Charley girl," Vinnie asked his eyes always ready to appreciate a pretty girl.


"Nobody that would be interested in you. She's got a man," Charley shook her head amazed that even with Throttle missing, Vinnie could still think about trying to pick up a woman.


"Ignore him, Charley Ma'am, we looked everywhere, anywhere we thought he might go and nothin'. "


"Do you think somehow Limburger might have caught him? His mind wasn't really clear when he left. He and Carbine had just had an argument and he was pretty stressed out."


"Nah, if Lard Butt had him, you better believe he would have let us know. Even if he killed him, he would make sure we knew about it."


They really didn't want to admit that something serious might have happened to their friend, but reality hit with Vinnie's words.


"I hate to agree, but he's right. We really need to get Stoker and Carbine down here but they are stuck with a situation back on Mars. I just finished talking to her," Charley tried hard not to panic and keep her emotions intact.


"So what do we do in the meantime?" Vinnie sullenly asked.


"Maybe we should pay Limburger a visit just to be sure. We can sneak up and mic him.  That way we can find out anything useful without Limburger knowing anything is wrong. That's all we would need, to have fish-lips know that one of us is out there alone. You wanna come along Charley Ma'am?"


"Just try and stop me," Charley got her helmet and mounted Vinnie's bike. "Vincent, don't even part your lips about it being too dangerous. Throttle means just as much to me as he does to you guys, so button up your trap and lets ride."


 Vinnie knew when she spoke in that tone, all he had better do was follow orders. He looked at Modo and the big mouse shrugged, put on his helmet and left out of the garage with Vinnie and Charley following.


Getting to the tall yellow tower, they scaled the building across the street and shot a small microphone, which stuck to Limburger's office window. They could hear the fat, smelly Plutarkian complaining as usual, "Oh why is my life such a living torment. I don't ask for much, just a city or two. It's not like they can't build another. Those wretched Martian marmosets! Why can't I just dispose of them like the rest of their disgusting race? A vacation, that's what's in order.  I'll take a short hiatus to the mud pits of Zeldira VII and when I come back I'll have a real plan to rid me of those three pains in my posterior."


"Well, that makes it official he doesn't have him. So where do we look now?" the worry was so strong on the gray Martian's face and in his voice.


Vinnie leaned his chin down on the handlebars and watched over the edge of the building. He hadn't anything constructive to add, so he just looked frustrated out into space.


"Hey Charley Girl, isn't that your cute friend's truck down there?"


Charley looked in the direction he was pointing and sure enough, a truck identical to Morgan's was parked out in front of the office building next to Limburger tower, "I was half kidding about the CEO thing, but I guess she actually got an office job down here. I bet that's her dream man sitting on the other side. Modo let me borrow you helmet for a sec."


"Sure Charley, you think she knows somethin'?" Modo asked as he handed his helmet over to her.


"Oh no, I'm just being nosey," Charley focused the helmet so it would bring Morgan's drivers side window closer. She saw the young woman get out and someone slide over under the steering wheel. Charley couldn't make out his face since Morgan was kissing him good-bye like she was going off to war, but something was oddly familiar about the color of the one braid that hung on the man's shoulder. It was blond, not that Morgan was ever one for letting race stop her from dating someone she cared for, but it was the shade of blond that really caught Charley's attention. Not many people had that golden tan color hair; in fact she had never seen anyone on Earth with such a color. She tried to get the man's face into focus but he immediately pulled his head in and closed her dark tinted windows before leaving.


"Did you see what you wanted to, Charley?" Modo asked, taking his helmet back.


"I'm not sure. Let's get back to the garage," she mumbled something as she got back on Vinnie's bike, but they ignored her and headed back to the Last Chance.


The guys left and went back home to check, just in case Throttle showed up at the scoreboard. Charley paced for a couple of minutes then decided to wait until Morgan called to play her hunch. As wild as that hunch might be she couldn't get the feeling out of her stomach that she knew the man in the truck.


The day passed and Charley found enough work around the garage to keep her busy. Modo and Vinnie spoke to Stoker and he decided to take a chance and attempt to maneuver past the atmospheric upheaval that would make coming to Earth a real challenge. The fact that Carbine was going to come with or without him helped a great deal in his decision. With the Stalker's ship now having warp drive, the journey, providing a meteor didn't blow them out of the sky at take off, would take less then a day.


Every one would meet at the garage in the morning but Charley had to talk with Morgan before everyone arrived. Looking at her watch she impatiently tapped her finger on the crystal while watching the phone. It finally rang and Charley all but pounced on it.


She took a long breath, trying to remove the anxiousness from her voice, "Hey girl! Nah, I'm just hanging around finishing up a few things….drinks at Neo's sounds like a great idea…will Simon be joining us? I really can't wait to meet him…oh, you want to talk before I meet him? Okay… I'll meet you there in 20 minutes? Great, see you there," Charley ran upstairs and grabbed a fast shower. Then snatched a pair of black jeans and a matching tee shirt from the closet and slipped on her black riding boots, black jacket and ran a quick brush through her hair. As she was on her way out the door, Modo and Vinnie came in just enough time to hear her yell for them to wait there until she got back. She tossed on her helmet and flew out of the garage on her bike.


Morgan was already seated at a small out of the way table when Charley came in to the dimly lit club, "Hey Charlene," Morgan smiled nervously.


"Charlene, this must be serious," Charley joked, trying not to sound as uneasy as she felt, and took a seat next to her equally anxious high-school friend.


"What's the matter Mory? You weren't this nervous when we made a fool of Van Ham at the prom and that could have cost us our diplomas."


"This is a lot more serious then getting some jerk back for standing us both up at the prom. Charley, what I have to tell you is going to sound a little crazy, but I promise that what I'm going to say is the absolute truth, but you have to give me your solemn promise never to tell anyone."


The waiter brought two apple Martinis Morgan had ordered earlier, and set them down on the table as Morgan put forty dollars down on his tray and told him to keep the change. She picked up the drink and took a long sip before continuing, "Remember when we talked this morning and you asked if Simon had a tail? Well not only does he have a tail, but he is covered with gold fur and has red antenna and kind of looks like a very large mouse."


Charley picked up her drink and downed it in one gulp.


"I knew it! You think I'm insane, don't you?" Morgan was ready to walk out, sorry that she had said anything, but Charley grabbed her arm before she could stand up.


"No, I believe you. Honest, I really believe you, but it's really important that I meet him. I promise there is a reason and I'll tell you but after I meet him. You've trusted me this far. Trust me just a little further. Please, it's so important."


"Okay, but I have to call and see if it's okay with him. I told him I was telling you but I don't know how he will feel about meeting anyone."


"Sounds fair enough."


Morgan pulled out her cell phone and called her apartment, knowing that Simon was waiting for her there." Hi Sweetie, I told her and she wants to meet you…yes, I would trust her with my life and you know I wouldn't put you in any danger…okay, we'll be there in a few minutes."


 Morgan hung up and smiled at Charley, "Lets go."


They drove to Morgan's apartment and, getting to the door, her hand shook as she turned the key to enter. The room was softly lit and Charley could see Simon sitting on the couch waiting for them. Morgan walked over to him and he stood, giving her a light kiss on the cheek. She smiled and wrapped her arm around him, "Simon, I want you to meet my one of my dearest, closest friends, Charlene Davidson."


Charley stood in total shock, but after a second, smiled and held out her hand. It's nice to meet you, Simon."


There was no recognition in his eyes at all. He treated her like he'd never laid eyes on her before. To be honest, if it weren't for the glasses and his coloring, she might not have recognized this person as the wild leader of the Martian trio she'd come to love dearer then brothers.


He was calmer than she'd ever seen him and he looked totally different in the large loose fitting blue sweater and light brown khaki pants. His hair was braided in long golden robes and he even had two diamond studs where his old earrings use to be. His arm wrapped lovingly around Morgan's waist and he held her close in a secure, protective, embrace.


"I don't meet many of Morgan's friends for obvious reasons.  I'm glad she trusts you so much. If she does then I do too." He reached out to take Charley's hand and shook it warmly.


"You will never have to worry. I wouldn't do anything to hurt Morgan. She is like family. Morgan, I really have to go. I have a ton of work to do in the morning."


Oh okay. I'll just walk Charley to her bike," Morgan hugged him briefly and walked Charley out. Before leaving the saddened young mechanic turned back and looked at him. "It was really nice to meet you, Simon.  I hope you guys will be real happy."


He nodded but gave her a strange almost frightening look, "Morgan, you will be right back?"


"Yes, I'm just going to her bike. Put on something soft and romantic while you are waiting." She winked before closing the door.


Charley walked silently up the stairs. Even the music he'd chosen was different. Not loud Heavy Metal, but soft soothing jazz. She didn't know what to feel.


"Are you going to tell me what was so important that you just had to meet him?" Morgan looked at her waiting for an answer.


"After your accident, he did remember anything about his past… did he?" Charley fidgeted with her helmet.


"Yes… how did you know that?"


"I'm a great guesser. Look Morgan, I can't tell you why I had to see him, but I promise I will soon, you just have to trust me a little longer.  Can you do that?"


"You have never given me a reason not to. Okay I'll wait, but…"


"No questions. Just trust me"


"Okay, no questions."


" I'll call you tomorrow. You guys have a nice night." Charley hugged Morgan very tightly.




"No questions.  I'll see you soon," Charley put on her helmet and left.


Morgan watched her until she was out of sight then went back into her apartment.  Simon had taken all the pillows and set them in a nice pile on the floor. He lit the red candles and held his arm out for Morgan to join him. She smiled and cuddled very close to him.


"What the matter, baby?" he whispered, as he played with the small soft twist of black hair that filled her head.


"I don't know, but I'm scared," she picked up one of his long braids and softly brushed it against her cheek.


"Don't be.  I wouldn't let anything or anyone hurt you," he pledged, enfolding her in his arms.





Charley didn't know whether to cry from relief or cry from the sadness she was about to inflict on two people who were obviously very much in love. But Carbine love him too and Vinnie, Modo, Earth and Mars need him just a badly as she did. She went back to Neo's and ordered an extra, extra, dry Martini, but this one she drank very slowly. She needed time to think, time to weight everything and maybe there was some way, no one would get hurt, but she knew that was going to be impossible.



By the time she got back to the garage it was well passed one in the morning. Pulling in she saw that the guys had not left and walked up the stairs to see Vinnie snoring on her living room couch. She sighed going back down the stairs and entered the kitchen where Modo was still up waiting for her. He sat at the table surprisingly drinking a cup of coffee.


"Hey Charley, can I fix you one," he started to stand.


Charley put a hand on his shoulder and patted it gently before sitting opposite from him, "No thanks, but can I ask you something, Modo?"


"Sure I don't know if I have the answer you're lookin' for, but fire away."


"Do you ever wish you could forget about Mars, Limburger, Plutark and just go off to some planet and enjoy the rest of your life?"


The gray giant put down his cup and looked at her, "yeah, more than I like to admit. Some times I get tired of the killing and the dying and the endlessness of it all. But I guess this hard Martian head just can't leave a fight unfinished. Okay Charley, you wouldn't ask something like that unless you knew somethin'."


"I need you to come with me," she said standing and walking to his bike sitting on the back. Modo didn't question, he grabbed his helmet and got on in front of her.


"Just ride, I'll tell you where."


After a few minute they were back at Morgan's apartment. Charley put a finger to her lips indicating they had to be quiet, but motioned the big Martian to follow her. She very softly walked over to the front window and peeked through the semi closed blinds to see if they were still in the living room. Then she motion for Modo to look also. She had to quickly put her hand over his mouth so that his surprised expression wouldn't let the couple know they were being watched.


Throttle/Simon and Morgan were quietly holding each other. She was lying in his arms asleep and he cradled her protectively keeping watch, to make sure she would sleep safely.


Charley kept her hand over his mouth until they got back to his bike. "Don't say anything until we get back home."


But Charley that's Throttle why can't we just…"


"Please Modo, I don't want them to hear us. I'll explain when we get back to the garage. Let's go, please." The tortured look on Charley's face was something he couldn't argue with so he did as she asked.


They pulled up and Charley slowly removed herself from behind him and walked back into the kitchen and sat quietly at the table.


"Okay, Charley, what's going on?" Modo all but slammed his helmet down before sitting.


"He doesn't remember anything. I walked up to him and he acted like he didn't know me. He's been with Morgan practical since he left here. They had an accident and Throttle was hurt and lost his memory in the process. Morgan has been taking care of him ever since. He has a whole new life, one that doesn't include any of us."


"But we can't just leave him there. He has a life with us. What about Mars? What about Earth? What about everything he's fought his whole life to make better? Do you really think he would want us to leave him like that?"


"I don't know. For the first time since I've met him, he actually looked deeply happy and content. The man I saw holding Morgan had a good life and a bright future. I don't know if we have a right to snatch that away from him. Be honest Modo, if you had that kind of opportunity would you want to give it up?"


Charley saw the conflict immediately cover her friend's face, "I … I…," Modo slammed his flesh fist on the table and stood to walk away.


She walked up behind him and gently touched his back, "Why don't we just wait until Stoker and Carbine get here. Giving them a little more time together won't be hurting anyone."


Modo turned and looked into her compassionate green eyes and smiled, "I guess it won't," he touched her chin and walked out of the kitchen, got on his bike and left.


Vinnie came down the stairs rubbing the sleep from his eyes, "Hey, where's the big guy goin?"


"He just needed a little thinking room," Charley sighed walking past him and going to her room.


"Hey, Charley girl want some company?" Vinnie smiled giving her a little raise of his eyebrows.


She stuck her head back out of the door, " Sure Vinnie."


The shocked young Martian delightfully turned and started heading for her room.


"That's why I have a VCR," Charley rolled her eyes and slammed the door in his face.


Vinnie stood there blinking, then shrugged his shoulders and continued down the stairs to see what he could salvage out of the frig.





Morgan smiled feeling the warmth that was surrounding her. When finally opening her eyes she realized Simon was gone and she was laying in the mass of pillows alone. He had covered her with a comforter and left her sleeping. She stretched and looking down realized she had slept in her clothes again.


"Hey, Mory," Shimar called coming in the back door. "You'd better get your tail in gear before you're late for work, again."


"Oh cheese, what time is it?" she scrambled up throwing him a wave and running into her bedroom, striping of clothing and practically diving into the shower. Shimar shook his head and started the hot water for her tea.


In record time she was out and dressed grabbing her traveling tea mug and tossing things around trying to locate her truck keys.


"If you stop and take a breath you might find them," he dangled the keys obviously to get her attention.


She grabbed them and kissed him on the forehead, "but like you said, that's what you're here for. Tell Simon I'll be a little late and I love him, chou'."




At the Last Chance garage the mood was anything but pleasant. Charley hadn't slept and Modo wasn't saying much. Both sat at the kitchen table while Vinnie looked from one to the other completely baffled. He knew, no matter what he said, it was going to be the wrong thing so he just kept stuffing the breakfast Charley had fixed in his mouth.


Before long they heard the sound of regulation freedom fighter bikes coming down the street that soon pulled up into the garage. Modo and Charley exchanged anxious glances and went to greet them with Vinnie trailing behind still clueless to what was going on, but even he could tell it was serious and it had to do with their missing bro.


Even before anything was said Stoker could tell that the news wasn't good or simple, but then nothing in their lives had been for a long time, "So, what's going on?


Carbine looked at Charley's expression and her heart fell, "He's dead?" she dared to ask not able to hold the words in.


"No, no, actually he's in pretty good shape." Charley immediately stilled the frighten woman's fears.


"You know where he is, why doesn't any body tell me this stuff?" Vinnie fumed having been left out of the loop.


" Sorry Vinnie, but we just found out last night." Charley apologized knowing she really should have told him before now.


" So where is he?" Stoker asked impatiently.


"Well, Teach, its kind of complicated,"


" Complicated, how?" Carbine stood gripping her helmet.


" Look, we can't do this standing here, let go upstairs and sit and I'll explain everything," Charley suggested.


Everyone followed her to her living room and found a sit and Charley began explaining the situation. She wouldn't look at any one but keep her eyes glued to her fold hands and when she finished there was an uneasy silence.


"You mean he's fallen in love with this woman?" Carbine's voice was hurt and confused.


"Throttle didn't, but Simon did. To be honest they are, in a way, two different people," Charley tried to easy the pain showing on Carbine's face.


"Come on, Throttle's, Throttle. He might forget some stuff, but that wouldn't make him some body else." Vinnie snapped.


"I'm not physiologist and I won't even try to understand how the Martian mind works, but I think all humanoid life forms functions the same on certain levels. I think if Throttle didn't want to remember, then the memory lose would be deeper."


Carbine jumped up and was towering over Charley pointing a finger in the startled Earth woman's face, "You think Throttle wants to stay here and forget Mars, forget me?"


Stoker grabbed Carbine pulling her back by both her arms, " What's the matter with you? She's not saying it's anything personal against you, she is just trying to help us understand what might have happened."


Carbine snatched her arms away and sat back down continuing to glare at Charley, but she didn't take any offense knowing that Carbine's reactions were more out of hurt than anything else.


"Getting all bent out of shape it's going to solve anything. We have to try and figure a way to get him back without doing any further damage to him or Charley's friend. After all, who knows what would have happened to him, if she wasn't the kind of person she is," Stoker said trying to keep everyone calm. "Since you seem to be the only one who know anything about this mind mumble jumble what do you think is the best way to bring back his memory, Charley girl?"


Charley looked at Carbine and lowered her eyes, "I have to talk with you alone, Stoker."


"Okay Charley girl, you bros go ride, while Charley and I talk," Stoker voice indicated this was not a request.


"Carbine looked at the two of them and not able to hold the tears back tighten her jaws and stormed down the stairs. Vinnie again merely shrugged and Modo gave Charley an encouraging smile touching her hand before leaving.


She waited until she heard the bikes and the sound of Carbines condemning voice, leave before she dare said what she was thinking.


"Okay Beautiful, what's on your mind?"


"Stoker, you know I love you guys and I would never do anything to hurt you. But you have to understand; Morgan is as much a sister to me as Vinnie and Modo are Throttle's bros. When we graduated high school my parents were killed in a motorcycle accident. Morgan's father wanted me to go back east with them but I wanted to try and keep this place going. He gave me the rest of the money I need to do that.  She really loves him and he loves her, I don't know if it's fair to come in between that."


"Oh, I understand where you are comin' from Charley girl, but you have to think past your heart on this one. I know that boy, have since he was a baby. If he stays where he is and Earth falls because he wasn't there to stop Limburger, he wouldn't ever forgive you or himself. It's not like we want to take what he has away, but sometimes the are no happily ever afters." he said kneeling in front of her, taking her hand.


"Yeah, I guess your right," she agreed sadly. "Well, from the little psychology I know, some times if the person sees someone they had a strong emotional connection with the memory might return on it's own. It would have to be a stronger one than he and I had, because I sure didn't jolt anything when he saw me."


"That shouldn't be too hard to arranged and I think Carbine will be more than willing to help. What are you going to tell Morgan?" he gently squeezed her hand.


"The truth."







 Simon lay on his bed staring at the ruby earring Shimar had purchased for him. Even though his immediate memory wasn't functioning, things about his people and his culture were still floating around in his mind. When you wanted to spend your life with some one, you gave them a symbol of your love and devotion. Then you try and find the courage to ask if they would go along with the idea. She said that she loved him, but that didn't mean she wanted to spend the rest of her life with a memory impaired, alien, from a planet millions of miles away.


But as far as he was concerned this was his planet now and some how he'd make a good life for them both. The money he was able to make from winning the Chess tournaments and Shimar's business genius had given him a sizable income. One that would allow him to take good care of himself and a mate and…. yes, children. What about, children? Could they even have any? Would that influence her decision? No, it wouldn't. They would find a way to give them a good life too, no matter what it took. He lay for a few more minutes enjoying the beautiful morning, but hoping the day would pass quickly





Charley waited on her bike out side of Morgan's job not having the foggiest notion of how to began telling her that her life was about to be shattered. Soon a few people started coming out and before long Morgan emerged all smiles. Seeing Charley she happily approached her, "Hey Chucky, I didn't know you knew where I worked, to what do I owe this honor?"


"Morgan, I need for you to come to the garage with me." Charley's expression put a horrible feeing in Morgan's heart.




"You wanted to know why I wanted to meet Simon? I'm going to show you."


"Why can't you just tell me now?"


"Because it's better if I show you please, Mory, please."


"If it's that important than I'll come." Morgan got in her truck and followed Charley back to the Last Chance. Pulling up she saw more two helmet clad figures and additional bikes, along side the two she'd seen earlier.


Charley walked over to her truck and waited while she got out and walked her over to where the people stood, "Guys I want you to meet, Morgan. She's the person who's been taking care of Throttle."


Morgan looked at Charley puzzled, "Who's Throttle?"


"That's Simon's real name and these are his people, "Each took off their helmets as Charley introduced them, this is, Stoker, Modo, Vinnie, and Carbine."


Morgan stared at them especially Carbine, "His….no…NO!"


She ran to her truck and leaned against it burying her head in her arms. Charley walked up behind her and softly stoked her head, "I'm sorry Mory, but he has to go back to his real life. It's not fair to keep him away from it, they can help bring his memory back, help him be the person he truly is."


Morgan shook her head negatively refusing to be reasoned with. Then Carbine walked over looking apologetically at Charley and seeking her permission to speak. Charley understandingly touched the remorseful woman's shoulder and moved away from her crying friend.


"Miss, I don't know if I could do, what we are asking you to do. But it's not just you or me that is involved in this. It's the salvation of his world, yours and millions of people. We need him so desperately. I know what it is to love him, so I know what it would mean to lose him, but I'm begging that you to let us bring him back, please." Carbine looked at Charley and waited.


Morgan stood up and wiped her face taking a shaking breath before speaking, "I'll bring him back here tonight," she didn't say anything else as she slowly opened the door got in her truck and pulled off.





Simon scrambled around his apartment like a nervous bridegroom on the first night of his honeymoon.


"Yo, calm down, Fur head. What ever you do she'll love it." Shimar teased.


"Yeah I know but everything has got to be prefect. Hey Mar, I want to tell you something but it's kind of hard to explain."


"Okay which do you want to try and explain first, how you are going to marry Morgan? Or how are you going to Marry Morgan not being from this planet."


Simon shouldn't have been shock considering some of the things this remarkable young man knew and could do, but still he was, "Where did we slip up?"


"Well, my fine furry compadre, the first thing was those things on top of your head. I guess you two thought, I'd figure it was part of you so called genetic condition, please, a bit more credit ladies and gentleman. Now if my estimations are correct I would guess Mars, am I right?"


"Yeah, you got it, Morgan and I had a collision that knock my memory loose and she brought me here. I remember a few things vaguely and stuff pops in and out, but nothing to help find out how I got here or where I've been or how long.



"That explains the advanced AI on the bike and a lot of things that now makes sense, so what does happens when your memory comes back?"


Simon looked at him never really think of that being a possibility, "Won't change a thing, I'll love Morgan no matter what my life was before."


The sound of Morgan's truck pulling up stopped the conversation and Simon went to the window to call out, "Hey Gorgeous, come up for a second."


Morgan looked up at his enchanting smile and she couldn't stop the tears from falling. It wasn't fair we shouldn't they be happy, but so many things depended on taking him back. The female Martian's voiced echoed in her head, "the salvation of his world and yours, millions of people,"





She wiped her face and strengthened her resolve not to make his leaving any harder than it had to be. But she would spend just a little more time with Simon and then take Throttle home.


Walking up to his apartment she met Shimar leaving with a Cheshire cat smile on his face but he lost it seeing the expression on Morgan's, "Hey Mory, you okay, what's wrong?" he took her hand.


She smiled at him sadly, "My world just ended, I'll talk to you about it later." He let go of her hand and let her continue into the apartment.


When she opened the door the small place was filled with flowers. Simon walked over and took her in his arms and then kissed with such love and tenderness that Morgan's heart ached. He could feel her tears and pulled back to look at her, "Morgan? Why the tears?" he held her chin gently trying to look into her eyes. She looked back and removed the sunglasses from his face. She loved to watch the pink crystal lights that dance in his eyes. Could she actual face the rest of her life with out seeing them?


"Simon,… we have to talk," she whispered in an unsure, shaking voice, taking him by the hand and guiding him to sit with her on the loveseat.


"I wanted to talk to you too and since it has taken me all day to work up the courage, let me go first," he reached over to the end table and picked up a large manila envelope and handed it to her.


"What's this?"


"Well, I think opening it would probably give you a clue," he smiled


She tore off the top and shook the contents on to her lap and a piece of white paper dropped out tied in a red ribbon with a small black box was dangling from the end. She opened the box first and gasped at the beautiful ruby stud earring twinkling in her hand. He reach up and gently took her old earring out, placing it in her hand. Then replaced it with the ruby. Morgan was so shocked she didn't stop him. He took her face in his hands; " Shimar told me, what your people call what I'm about to ask, marriage. My people call it bonding, whatever the term, I want you to spend the rest of eternity with me. Will you be my life Partner?"


"Oh Simon I…I," Morgan stood letting the paper fall to the floor. She held the small box to her mouth and walked over to the window.


Simon's heart fell as he picked it up, "It okay Morgan it was a long shot. I sort of thought you might not see spending your life with some one like me as the ideal situation. But I still want you to have this. He unrolled the paper and walked over slipping it in her hand. Barely able to see through her tears she could hardly make out what it said.


"It's your gallery, I mean a place to have your gallery. Shimar helped with the legal stuff and…." his voice started to tremble.


She turned and threw her arms around him, " I love you so much, Simon, but we can't do this, not now."


Simon held her and desperately tried to understand," Why, if we love each other then, why can't we?"


"Because what we have isn't real, you aren't real." She said in a tear filled voice softly pushing him away and moving closer to the window taking a seat on the large cushioned ledge.


He sat next to her and took her face turning it toward him, "What are you talking about?"


"The guy I love, isn't who you really are? Charley knows the real you. She knows the whole you. What you are doing here and why? She knows the people who came here with you and the people who need you. All that, all of them, are a part of your real life, the life of some one named, Throttle, some one I don't know. Some one who's part of something so big I can't even try to begin to understand, but who I know needs to get back to that life. And that life doesn't include me," her hand reached up and lay gently on his, her eyes searching his to see if he understood what she had said.


Darlin' that doesn't matter, you think that if I get my past back, it will shut you out of my future? I love you and nothing is going to change that."


"Not even if that past includes a love you had before you met me, Carbine is part of your past and from what I can tell she was a strong important part. Just like, Modo, Vinnie, and Stoker."


The names made his mind jump and the familiar feeling attached to them hit him like a hammer to his chest. His heart started beating unbelievably fast and he could feel the sweat pour from his brow."


"Carbine…my …bros?" he grabbed his head. A face vaguely floated in his mind and then improved in clarity. Raven hair, smoky gray fur, dark eyes filled with hope and desperation pleading for him to return. The faces of the little boys from Morgan's tape soon morphed into full-grown faces of his life-time friends. Things whirled around slamming into his mind faster than he could process. A horror filled scream escaped his lips as he relived the death of his parent, the torture of Karbunkle's lab, and countless men women and children slaughter at the hands of the scaly green enemy.


Morgan wrapped her arms around him and pulled his head on her shoulder, " Let them in, you have to let them all come back."


"The children, why all the children. How could they murder all the children?" His voice riddled with hate, remorse and an unspeakable sorrow. Morgan held him tighter, she rocked him trying to keep from losing him to the darkness. It was worst then the Martian woman let her know. What was he seeing? What terrible things could cause any one to feel such intense emotional pain? Is this what he was protecting her world from?


As much as his subconscious struggled to keep them suppressed, more and more memories fought their way into his conscious mind. Most of his past life and all of his life to the present, Charley, Vinnie, Modo, Stoker, and most of all, Carbine, soon found their places in his mind. But no memory could replaced the love he still felt for the caring, selfless, woman holding him together, sharing in his tears. He raised his head and looked at her longingly, a heartrending smile crossed his face as he pulled her into a farewell kiss that finally ended the world they had.





They pulled up next to the Last Chance Garage and Throttle was dressed in his familiar leathers and normal accompanying attire. He reached up and took one of the diamond studs from his ear and placed it in her hand, then reached in his pocket, took the golden hoop and replaced it in the vacant spot. He took the small golden stud that would normal be next to it and also place it in her hand.


"Keep them, just to remember our time and…well just keep them. And keep this too, it looks good next to that beautiful brown skin." His hand touched the ruby earring and softly glided down her wet cheek. His finger traced her lips and he leaned over to give her one last soft endearing kiss.


She smiled and he got out of the truck to unload his bike. He began to push it to the garage entrance but stopped to look back. Morgan nodded for him to keep going and didn't waited. Her truck pulled off just as the door opened and Carbine stood anxiously not sure of what to do, with his bros standing further inside just as unsure.


"Hey there, beautiful," he smiled and she ran to him throwing her arms around his neck.


"I've missed you handsome," she whispered lost in the rapture of feeling his arms around her again.


"You okay, Rookie," Stoker asked walking over to slap him on the shoulder.


"Yeah Stok, some stuffs still a little fuzzy, but I guess it will all come back in time."


Modo and Vinnie joined in welcoming him back and Charley smiled knowing she did the right thing, but worried about how Morgan was going to deal with her lose.






Morgan walked into her dark apartment and stood at the door just looking around. It seemed so big and empty now. Soon she heard the soft humming of Shimar's chair coming in her back door.


"Your friend, Charley, called. She was real worried about you? What happened Morgan? Where's Simon?"


"He went home, I can't talk about it now, do you mind, Mar? I just need a little crying time and I promise I'll tell you every thing tomorrow."


No, I don't mind. I just wanted you to knew I'm just a floor away with both shoulders available, no waiting. I'll talk with you tomorrow."


She walked over and hugged his neck and he returned it, "Try and get some rest, okay?"


"Okay," she watched him leave and went into her bedroom. She dug into the back of her closet and pulled out an old box with, my toys, written on the top in black marker. She rummaged through her old playthings until she retrieved a small stuff fuzzy tan figure wearing a long blue robe and sporting black horn rimmed glasses. She walked back into the living room and picked up an old beloved videotape and slipped it into the VCR. She kicked off her shoes and sat watching the TV screen holding the little figure close and letting her tears fall freely.